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November 21, 1890 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1890-11-21

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r o T~ '~ s to urday, when she 'defeated the IT. ST U DETN TS' BOOKS.
' of P. by 60-0, carried consterna- BUY YOUR COLLEGE
Published Daiy (Sudays ecepted) during tion to the hearts of H~arvard sup- TEXT BOons.T L AND HME DICA L 3005
the College sear, by porters. W yllis Terry, Yale's anu hlfbc *. 81-J1NTBOSATH
TH U OM IDEEDET :)OIAIO.writes in a private letter that hie STUDENTS' BOOK STORE, STATE STREET.
conisiders the pireselit eleven the Seconid-limtid books at low prices. We are agents of Panl E. Wirt, Scott slud
Sabscriptio price $2.,50 per year, invuriubly strongest Yale ever had. The Holland fountain pens. Bargains in stationsery.
in advanceu. inle co'pies3 cens . On sale at
She h ussand Yst Office naws sd every Harnvardlfisen are tnearly all old S=T00, -
evnnaut u o'scc. Subscription ayu be players, bitt like old players else-_______________________
lefathe i eo h AI pr or.sliere lave cons'ideired tatthey rr== 7:MSIT M C IA
bloek, at Sieehas, at Stoithet's, sosswti lany -he MICHlIidGoudAN_________
Commnnicationus should reach thesofficeby siot gain a great deal by pactce"The Niagara FalsRoute."
10 A. Mi. Vifhey aire so appear the souse day. Then, tos Capt. Ctitonock has ~UERLSADR IE
Address all mastter liteded tsr publication to ii'ieeCEhsTneRAaLreaTANNTEDARD___TIMF"___
the.Managleg Edior. All business eotutn_ linge si le tabut a__great__ANDTHE
ieatiosshsiould be senttso the Buionlesostan- lelsi ht hyhaeno ad
tieer.th ' a l 5
Repori all tnegletoth iepari o1 Carriers to tebs haietIernt ly ER U ESCQ E--W ,
lbs City Circulator, W. it. O'Neil,15as taft Old.
THE U. of M. DAILY, Yale. on the other hattd, has a 'Y'aSo~ o.2i . a I
As Abu, iCintew eleveni,Ipicked aitnost enitirely Isaz~~a iS
EDITORB. fromii her last year's stubstittites___ :
H. B. SHAE. uaa. uMNAGInG EuDITOR. id sew tlttteial,-thle best kitnd """" THCE4BEST. -- .4- o 2'c. s a a
W. E. GRIFFIN .'al.A,.'T. MNGING EDITOR. of 11ti'lral, hioweverI,y if there be Seveuteent teachsers. Board witth Faruishedt2~~~
A. H. COVERT. '2. A6S'. Mu,,,asNa EuITuR: eniosgl ofit fot' sitel itiets Will itosus 2.25.per wceek. Circutlars upon appi- fi I ,all .
M. B. HAMMtND. '9uat . MANAE..rcaion. .5ngf
work.' As the eleveti is now play- P.RCER,.rsi,
W. B. O'NEILL, 'at, ASS 'T. Bas. MAtNAE. OC
R. W. DOsGHaY'92'a. Atutue. BUS. MNuAE. Isng the rush hise is very Strocng, I t Ha "
HUDS. D.SHE~s '51. it. I3 ltt, l. lost i'21)e tb', ndplays a BVD1T'OT' JILTfl4.
H.eDtiou tst1' tis. H. M. Tusat, '1. a itoesaaanLUtsJJI& ~- 1g1a u~~
E:. 0. Hols.l, sss,!1'. tL. Sotrssxset, '92. .ve'Trtble w12'wiilwid gaille, r'apid. "DEALEtRS 5r a1- ese 03wa2
.E.G.Wttimj:s:t1, '13.1. E . it s, I. asid sharp, asnd snappy, while the ET-jA -IDNERYK o l,
111011 -- - lenbehlisid the line are ijiick, i. JI/''\t , sO1r-t'
hard ruinnsers, slire tacklers, and BLANK BOOKS, ,- eCC'J.0
We pblih t-da 11t'Oilllllt- u ntlllers. Tile reslult of the ATETN DGOODS AND STUDENTS' SUPPLIES,
cation frolsbeaabase-balltentoiuslist Best lisle of FOUNT-AIN PENS in the e I C ''
cto fr m a b s-ale tui s ilteles;t. i s ~ , ai.' ~
t~t- Ir ,e m-S d. ae. I
fliat is well worth seriouls conisid-
Tiierenre certaily good reasoss
for desirinig the electioni of offi-
cers before Cltristtnas, We cani-
not pliiy the Easterni colleges aii
initerestisig gamte of foiot-hall; but
there is every reasoni to believe
that the U. of Al, cats sends a nine
east that will win tiot far fromi
half the games played.
Whets Purdue and other smiall
colleges raise entough mney to
send their teatis east, certainly
we can do as well wit oir large
attendance. Ansd if oitr dhree-
tory lack authority to snake defi-
niite arranlgemlenits because thieii'
terms lire son to expire, ani elec-
tions shoulds be held sooti enougli
to tsake the niecessary arraunge-
nments foi' the desired trip east.
rSaturday's 'Yate-Harvard Game.
Probably tile closest and11 lmost
excitir~g gamie of lie seasons will
be played Saturday at Springfield,
Mass., between Yale and Harvard.
No one feels able to foreteil the
resuit. Harvard has been the
most confident of winning, rely-,
lng on her veteran team and the,
large scores pilied up eariy in the
" season. But for the past month
Yale's improvement hafs been pite.
somenal, and her game lest Sat-
[Nosicles iniserted isntisecelumnis at thse ruse
eof rents per ine, siugle iusertion. Spesiat
rates fssr lonsger t isue attd extra lues furnished
by) susplyise at ttsis etlus a r by eotsaslt inseIt.
W.' .Ooughisy, AesistasnitiBusines laugoer.l
(o to E. B. lEall for coial.
iGruber's chocolates andsl bonl-bonis
lire the lisiest that cast be iade, pire
flavosis, tie0sadtilteratioll. TIry them.
1'. 0. N es'soom.
Nobly Black Cheviot silitit~gs *25.e00
Blaick unidressed hid Gloves-just
r'eceived. Wagner &" Co.
For fut! we will cut prices sitsBatn-
jos, Guitars, Mauidolitis, Caaes atid
Stritsgs for the same, lower thlan at
anty miusic house int Michigan. This
mneats all the words imiply. A.Wilsey,
)5 8. 4thi Avenuie, Ciiy.
NovelieAs ilt Toth Coaititngs lit Staft-
Stewart Blanjos at Wilsey's.
Batlis li0t at P. 0. Bharber Situp.
Splendsid value itt Warmi t tiseruvear
atsiitI halfHss.Wagnier' & Co.
Me~ll (Gillspie,5 Tealcher of Gitasr,
Bantjo anid AMaudollit at Clement's.
Baoy Staite stnd ether Gusitars. Banljos
anid Masudoins at Wilsey's.
Best'Strligs .atwilsey's.
Foiti t RE'T.so bte sit rooms iciely
funis,ttslbatht hot ands coldt water,
fsiunste, etc. No. 48 E. Liberty-st.
WANT11.--FifteentYoun AlMent sui
Ladies to cativass. Good pay. Atiply
at P. 0. New's Rosom at once.
WANTED.- Immediately! A first
class agenit to catnvass Annl Arbor for
Stanley's Ownt Book. Liberal comn-
mhiisstn. Apply to C. E. Decker, 9i E.
tUivNersity Ave.
LOS's-..-A pair of glasses. Finder
kiti please returns to 14 N. Thayer or to
Aztlsts oftice.
Every Saturday for Twenty W~eeks at 4 p.mn.
at'21 Souath Fifth Street, beginniug Ilav...5
Fur Teachers, Singers. and adivanced utu.
dents af the Practecal Art af Music,
Tuition,.$6.00. ORIN CADY.
Cigars and Tobacco. _________ I "
26 SO'tT 21E. S2FA2TMES'.i- ;,0 : C :0I
orain- okereSdenaryeople:
Gtiilemens, Ladies,viouths; the .5h5k 2s~
gdtssltssiio.ruinali. Acs p eteis. ^ -
tl, sua es zreoess , riasentific, 'tDaily. uStinday excepsted.
surble, coamprehbensive, ceap.
Endotrsed 1)ao,000 o siiiassalaws
es, ce)rsymen, editrs .bz sthsers 0. WC. RUGG.LES, H.W .HAYow.50{
sate ssi~g it. Send for ill'd cireu- G. P. & T. A.Chicago. Ag'tAuni iK
Ciea r otilae,.iisrng's;anochages. Prof. D. I
0. Dsowd, Scietiific Phsysal andil" _________________
Votcal Culture, o E-st 1tst,, New York. ,
J~E.A .L~L OW,1 Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
-1 Z17-Time -1C Michigan Railway. I
1 ieTable going itotaeffect, Sunday. NOe. 25
COOlItNi. LOWEST P'RICES FOtS Goinag North. I aau~Ns.Gosing SantS'
71 S FotSt. MATERIAL- 6.ctaI2
7 ottWest, - Dtroit, Mich, i 3 S
C. L..YOST, Paorstiissol. ,~~ .e
P. 13 salit 15Wahin tooSt. - . onitith A i. vI'iibu.E ,OIs.50.51fus
birst-clases5Rigs aid Stylish Saddle 1Horses i...4 02 6 40 Sanres utae'n 52 25 1us .1
toe Rire. 4 10 6 471_.....Dnee..,... 12 16 1 2"
4 31 7 05. ..Mian .....1i1 5 10
4 55 i7.27 Pittseld 1137 0 .S-"'
507 7O40i..ANN ARBORti1 S5 95""
5 ;- 7F5. '... au~ld's.~..11 i2 ss9 '-'0
5 38(6hitmorueakut11500 Si5
NO. 12 W6,32RON ST...,tHwell...7410 15' "
54.Dra.0 940 7 20.''
_____________________ ,5 9 55.uLasia......
875 61i 1 5 d O.. rt.Pluau.... 5 9try6 l3
s.f. n'a 05 10 0 20.S O wotaso.. 9 51 5dii30
111i ..'(i... 20...Feail... utS
NO. 12 W IILTsuo.ST..9 2a11 30..CaItaa........ 7.C& 5 18 5t
9 27- e11te 502.....St p s .... 7285 5
uA....9.35 12 .......eAlma.....2345 4
.. ,,t... 7P 0123.... 5 ...M.BPlasaant.... 6 45 71581
101.... 05 ...Fee llet.... 8.23.6sOn
1o1 cv.,Nv.2. oaing Nabith uoeavxsh ..uiS 55265
.. ..,EA JTEi{ 215.Lv] ~e
A' 1 12 30 .... 740.Aa Bnzona...la . .... 7-t 9 g
H. agLEawA.IISt.EY..
PRCS -- lc.AND NDTC I hsrhans LF.Ps.i,
Set o nt t P. 0. Newa s Bn. (5E0-.... AZLEWOD.] aaA gsesu.:..: 9

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