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October 27, 1890 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1890-10-27

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Ci. of -1 .Tart$yi(.
Pubished Dilty (Sunay excepted) duritn
the Cllee ar, by
tuiptionprice $ :fi er yar, nvarabl
in advanice. Sngecc~opies 3cnt.,Oi sale a
Sheeitait' antittiOil~iic ne t tant-tver
eveninig at 6 o'cock. Subcritiniayb
cet it Htheloffce of cite Ot., oeruseH
block oiaticiotti ' att stoitit's ortiith ay
of thte edtos.
Comuncationsciold reah 'thei'ofic by
'Ill A. . itheyttareHCtHopper thce anc day.
Atdres Hit motter intedted teripubiction t
the Mnging Idtor. All bHsie comuun
icatiostitoit d bc tint t to c Bhebuines Moo-
Rtepotta etttgect:on the.poftOCrrirto i
the City Ciculatotr, W. B. O'Nel.
Ann Arbor, Mich.
H. B. SHOEMAKER 'it, M-0-4OE1E5-e1..
W. E.GRIFF~I, '1.A.-. eMi..'m..agaOrn.
A. H. COVERT0.A."MA..-M10.
W. B. O'NEiLL. '1. A.. -MANo
R. W. 0 OGT e '92. A--.8-, A..CN
W. F. (tIticr. 't. -It. TiniiiS, '91.
H.0n. 1). V1,o'. "I. iH. M. itcn oci '.
itAtro SONEti, 'Q, .. 3IT Uiii'ii: , 'HA
E. L. Mtoo, 93. {(. L. S-AtN, 'd.
The result of the mlecting of te
Rugby AsociatioilSo t utrdty
hst, 'was tot calculatedito ilcrease
the enthutsiasmt for foot-bal amtong
the general body of Uniivesitv
students. By many it was sup-
posed that Rugby poceedigs
were to take a diferent tutu ii
respect to mnagentent to wati
they, had heretofore. A very
large numiber at heart iterested
in athletics at the University, btt
who had become lukewarm on the
subject through a knowledge of
the selfish spirit underlying ath-
letic managemient, decided to make
another attempt to rouse iterest
in the subject, amd to give the
associtatiotn a financial backig.
With this purpose ini view, miore
mneiy was subscribed for the
Rugby Association than for tmay
yeasrs previous, antiStiturday
found a cowd fromti tll depart-
ments tind tll ptolitictal factions
of the the University awatiting itt
Roomi A thte openiting of the miet-
ing called for the purptse of
adoptiniga constitution tamdtielctitg
officers for the ensuinig year. But
it did mnot ttke ive minuittes to dis
cover that the old clique that has
been puttimng out Rugby teans for
a ntumber of yearo ptit under the
name of (0ierity elevens, were
determined to receive no support
in way of managementtad choice
from the great body of students
who are being made tl.e subject
of sneer" front every petty college
for their inability to pitt forth
strong college teams. Wheti
tfter patiently seeing the abote
cliquietrut ill four miten ast te
officers of thtetasoiattiont,ttllttt-
telit WetP' itIde tt elect two iteit,
distingttiseelniotoily in thte itIi-
veisit buit thtroittyBouit Southletrt
nd books it tow prieso. We are agets of Ptaul E. Wirt, Scott amid
Hoelland omeitain prints. Btargatinis ini stationery.
TSTIE NI'T & CO_, - R ST7 -
-li.'ligtufotrthir i'knotwledge' of .G N~.
foot-beill, bitt whlo do itot htavittte"1Toe Niagara Falls Roots."
Ion, ' (If belontgintg to the clique,-
they were Voted down, wiht the CENTRAL STANDARD TIME.
cool deterinationi prevalent tANH;E =: I I ':uN
thtioughiout the mteetintg, of allot- It n oinefrnei h ig J1 [HS 1 1B
i-tle of the Rugby Associatioti. H
The athletic entthtusiast of LC , -HaC;
1\icligttit Univer'sity, the gms'eit " ~ .
iii somte respects anid the .stielli of---5 T H E B E ST .- - . w "
i others, of aty imstitition inoIthe Seeteenicht ettttrs. ioart iitt uistentolteit~
land, callt How sit on the fenice cioin. 91c ' co Ccoitsittt ltiit"o. Hs
aruii ~efirg~tl oiciig P. R. CLEARY, President. I' U H ' . F.s
Alichtigtiu ltbor fir Ilong hours tlt j t2ThOa~nc W+iflTT
wrest victory fromi Albion,ituntk, iDUI\LE1 fl & JOLLY
"DELRS]I'ut1bictoo, tir sitlie oilier vilitige C A -:t m ^no T I
tetamt f'omttthe recesses of Way- 3 ",j'7D "'E '/ Ci iOH.c
bac-k, while the smuall college-s of BLANK BOOKS. - 2
lmndhtaa, Btlet',Prde am ATHELET!Q GHODS AND STUDENTS' SUPPLIES. ntc ~
__________an a c ____,_ nzxsozd
Wtabashiareiti inimg Cratwfordi timd Best lite itf FOUNTAIN itE'NS inuthtte
'"Snatke- Autiesms coaclies, imith cit\'. Ice Creamt, Stia Wtater, a -c ?
221 one ease (Putrdue) scorimig six Comeetiotist olt Lunmchtes, ________
pottstis emiby te teiia hich Cigars amid Tobaicco.-
poitst~gtel, y he ea whchOYSTERIS, FEY, STEW ORt iLAIN.
defeatedits ttChiicagti last year;o C:adseu t --- t0
20t tot)0timd the yeair before 24 to 26 SOCTY 'NH S AT'I7 SWI io o H _ H
. *)Esentrip, n etr .L. DOWD'S HEALTH EXEECISER. 51tc Ie,;4 a
tiip, miot wamnted at B~uftalo or For~ratn-Wmtseraitmdemiary Popte: 'x I
Cihictigo. N otljimig to do but twait I ~z AthlterIcinvatidi. A compte +Dainoty. *Sunday excepted.
utmtil the just imndignaotionu of 1,80o)quarttlo oomtCnew, scnifiic,-
V durtble, comprtelhsive cheap. O.W. RUGGLES. H. W. lOAvES.
nglce stdns rsalie amid I..toed hi,000eoo hvicionsittoto1 0. P. & T. A. Chiicago. Ag't Aoii Arbo
a . cl nergymten, c itto & HthersI
wipes omit rorev-er the preseit Sys-nousnitSedfrl'cc-I____
irae titi u - ae~iocng'H; noachar e. Proit.iD.-
tern of athletics amid starts them it . Dowd, Scienaific Phsical:and Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
Cam a mnetwbasis. t'ocal Cuturter sto14th so., Newor ~k. Michigan Railway.
C L. r Time Tahie going intooeffect, Monday. Rae. 25
BUSINESS LOCALS.______ _______
GoBing North. o TATIoONS. Going South.
[Nt~ictes iunertet initihitetlumaniat the rat.FEC C REM ETFit M 6 .'2 .3 -
of0 ii cenmt perotine, single iseton. Special Ct ~'L)VSTiSCOFR -' . 2icCd oondTm. ieCd 0
catcH f'r lgr 1tu nI'utettndextra linestaurohh,'d JCMT iiLNo.ht.tit a d. S ailE
ity aput ing at tisi'.fHiter or hy costi mrR.B STMAE IA.iX.it. a xp it EP
Wt. DtoutghtyAtssistanatBinl~ess Manager.t 71 Fort St.. West. - Detroit, Mich. ! _.--_- -
'' P. M . A .'.'ni teArer P , . .
yrital iacSOteo'CITY LIVERY AND SALE ST ABLE. 40tO ......TOEDO...... 12 i5 mU .is
See the itititiemuse limie of Overoctits C. I.. 'tOi',T 'uuutctIcso 04 Man-tnnnitil oi
N o 3 adt 1 Ws in oauniSt.,i Ypilant.ti 4 , 6 7j.......itundeed ..... 216-tih w S 37 5- dii 1 R..... ian ..11V 1 2
Exaittimie Sttaftorid's stock of Trouser-0tortHere, in. 05 ,27. ANN tOO ii .. 1 7 9 0 ...
tu s: 51I a uth pwatrds. 5 t2.f'5....... ind ii...i1i129t1
Btuy thte Camidge Boiwi. Wagner .39 8 (6;t 10Whitmon'. take i1i0Ht8 55.
4 Co. ...r. 5 o 8 1 ....Ha burg..:: ff1 5, 8
Goto t E. It. Halt for coat. 359040 .. Duand.... 9 4 7 {ti
Dligit Class turittiiigs tat T'e/Ic'ntoI .... 8 :(1102 ..wss.... 5 63....
SitTui. 3 I ftif ... 9l? it t ithui. a...... . " I+50. ...iS
A..Bts1cat 1P. O.Barbaer SofpNOwqw it5oN1. timd-'.....S..it. l ou..,,2i 45aP
hItiunjo anidMaundtilin it C('tentt's. _________________________ 70. iOen . H0
Exr Sb.0ittoi's t.. H..2S5 .....diFael...." 3 28
Mell illepie, eachr ofGuita' NO 12it HURN ST.7.8810 4 15.....ae.....m1.o 3 o
Zia {y "' titit -r-ca r. XXttgmi-r S 72Hi... s . ..C a d-- illactte,. .... i u in
Co. 2'. tiN . 0 .... BenzB(HHH1H. ...t.7 1930H
Rhotidet'has the besttintcleainiest cal e a ' a It()0 5615 -... Fraon r~t ...-...... '& 55
TardIti'. tumroit:strict, mietr ratilroad.Saginaw DiviSion. -
t'mtdtrwear at Thie'T'o Samius.
I). It. Box Overcoats. Wagnier &t Co r Going Nortkh eaTioNS. Goig Southt.
A DeOw tml inof gooid novets for Sit_______
itay 1'inumgit Gritter's J. 0. Newshndy Vning, ass. Pa6. 5 a-
ttoiiii. October 30 j-o- --
We twitl show mnext week the hfiest I07II 7..4.0 .,Annt Anr. it...... 92
stock of Giuitars ever seeii in thus city.Ta * I~n1 !I 7 ... ... 7...Durindng.5. e
Also someO excepitiomunlly ine Baiijos.s4,5.. ii1105 .Rant Saginaw.. 8510..'.. 6
Otir Sc and io/c strinigs warranited etquatl___
to any int the city tn iy priec. Wititeys. ~ E--3.5AND 7 CENTS.I H. W. ASHLEY, A. T.PAISLEY,
2-5 South Fourtht street, Ann Arbor. PRCEuperi" OltntetndensL lien. Pnan.Ag" oni
Seats onnhate at P.O0. News Noon. GEO. It. AILEWOOD. Local Agent.

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