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May 22, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-05-22

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T'he MIichigan Daily



-NO. 172.

Barr Twirls Hard Fought2 to 0
dame-Sipcock is Expected to
Pitch Final Tomorrow.
Fortune turned and gave Michigan
the laurels yesterday. Syracse went
townt iefore the varsity witiot being
tile tn score, touglt the "M" men
found their way home twice in the nine
innings. Barr twirled, wills'aft c-
Despite tle victory it is plaist that
Miclhigain is not rtnnig alotg any lily-
strewn say in the east. Brosn was
esteetmed the lardest proposition Mc-
Allister ad to leatl iis stiad against.
If sucit is the case, iiswill betide the
varsity Saturday.
Inth ie gaume with Syracuse no score
was made till the forth, whets a lonely
run caume i, scceedied 1y ano ter, i
the eghthis 'inng.
Tie tig{ dent hsatyet to nuetrhisi
suusiu amng theaiagsnunit.,_ for itus
far he ha lid .a perfect score.
The score by innings :
Mfichigan..5. n on ton o s 0-2 tt n
Sracue.:0 0 0 0 5'n;-lio 3 f
Basteries:'Sarr isd Tit:Steins sd
guihis tietfastst aggrgaioli tat
stnll its st oppsedl aid that Wied-
nesdasil,s i iewi,, tietmost sisatioal
ever iitnt-sseif iti"sPetcytett.=
Sincock iihiptchedn tagitilcetl sll, old
lng Ciirn'tl to cileves hts iii sixtee
icisgs, iukisg isiut sto situdtrikisif
osit eeseii ine, . #yFiiba.iitremiak-
ahle tsiriis 4octsC'k gtt:a t v0agges
sWhich tislt, r the.ssssttsihcii aisili
iy Giddinsgs rssItitei it assrnt.
inthturf igtS Vt hc"rti~ t 'it dit'v
Cslwsel, stole sefolusisi1s1 :c t'lwhot~
Bele il toliicnter.
lDiiiieis crioit's d swilt AliicigaMss
only trtp'le.
Stlvssts turstei . lf e isigetfild
iig"trich of thi, gamie .4u trissmit3,00i
ooers io their feet,. t Cornell viii
dnts giisga griiirn( ecigiiio t. lh
selsrsti ttee.-dpis,the fact ilsali
cut off a.dchaten for tient to scre
nutrithe est , ttls ut nst the games
Is was int he thirteentininssg. Neihe
itle had scoredi fronstishe eighth sic
rbeling tifkf67r three lases in ,this ti)
lng. Cadwell came ip with to gnuse
asddtimel a lue fly to ideep center, i
aspot that is ordisarily g od bf0r
home ruti. Siilisass isaie a great opic
uaway otibeiyonisdte runiig tac, an
got the al juts as it was aioit to his
te ground.
Onsce when Corellavis'narttn
ig, Keley ad Dusne executed a doe
hle play which attracted soie ater
tiontsbesides stopping the run.
None of he errors in the gmse,o
whichs Michigass hailosenstilCirnels
for, resulted its scores. Th'ie score:
Cornell Au aIT o OA
Heilmn,ss.... 7 0 5 3 4
Matchseer, 3t.....7 I'5 4 3
laeligri..... .7 0 22 0
Clwell,p....7 0 024
Guile, If ........... 5 2 1 3 0
Williams, a....7 0 2 12 2
Reiber, 2b.......6 0 2 2 5
Fulton,'cf..... 5 0 2 3 0
Watson, i's...... 6 0 0 17 0

..-w - ., w w -w w --vA% 11 t.. . . t. . I l'.. . . . __. _


Sisseloh, c . 6.... 0 22230P0 fir EETDRAUS ull fied)jdge, A R.ChadleCurtis, ....P...P. rMagofof.iCrti,,P G.MaD.fi Cor-.Cor
- - - - -ical, XW. Casey ; clerk -of cosirse,. Harry
6152 1447 14 A HIPIS Hilt; assistattclerks of cosurse; W. O
H OST OF LALETES~ okasi. I utls
Two-base hits-Sisseock, Willianmss ccriR IBals .M asn
Three-ibase hits-Duisne, Ehelinsg, Gable. R. Craig, i. Post:; scorers, C. E. Bid-
Sacrifice its-Gable, Waisons Double Interscholastic Promises* to. be ridge, -:et Scsslly, Hi. Bunssdchus, LeeF
playKelev t Dune. ase on all Mos ClselyConeste-Re- iWite: Isiselrs, FloytdRoswe, lDr. G. A.
slayKehty t Dussss. Baes 05 sils ostClosly Cnteted-ec-Ilay. Siid W. Millard ;.insspectoirs, G. 'F.
-Off Caldwel , off Sitscock 2. Struck ords Expected to Go. Sisule; C. lb. tee, hi.'I.Ftos ap
'Iiil-p CstUirse -Dw2yip seokted-Church; smarsihal, A.- Schulze; assistantl
'i'isse3 :5. isiireDwyr. tteni- Prelimuinasr evens inisihit proimisetusrshals, R. 1It.Luste, Williams Was- '
ste- 3,000. to ibe oust of te assst spectascuilar int er- isii,1Isi hlrhcS .Ssai
schloastic e uets eierihl is Ferrv filt1d________
PL~tf'l''' OF ;Ootlfil~,C silt e rn of1fthis siiserssiiiis. -Contrary
Lit IA F RIAL IN i.PNIVERSh'hY i src.icihilis.lcesi i he 11KM BK T,2 AWVPR2OFE SSOR
bug preps schoolsh cisishueslsg fur blis 'it DD~lRESS R EP U 1PI CANS
fitichsigans satsssse prspiects for a place allthbse may is tse finilshs. -Onet
rifle corpssto sendsto the intercollegiate hsundsired stud fifty asusbuheso repiresenitinsg Judsge E. Fisnlay Johsn, site of thse:
ride shoeot hisbehueled at Wakitefield; tse mosstupromsinent urciaraorpl1sil- tuspremue justlices si thue Phtilippinte IS-
Mass.. sue satter parr of Junse. Severah ssissi h sllemsr slerelanssssdihformes.r secretarysfhulit
mebrstof te Riocky 'uloutitaits'clusb isndlthesdestrusctioisi sifnumeus rsi'srec- iepasrtmentutof lit'eUiversity,still hue
esteeui afternoonsisiexhpressedl tueis'is is isantiicipiased.this'incuipsal stpeaker' ustish' lastteel-
:villilusgsi tocompeste in is suchssitsesveit, Cries frothildecisivictor atsheivlg ifthue yIcr sifthur 'al ftRepubhlicatn
ndit is expuetediltstseveraul other nitncntcirst icluchsngerchoasi hl acubs, his le iselXWednesdahsy eesning,
ti slur Civtersity swillicoessnto thle trout Vsectspa' st tLningsus, Detroit Central Musy 27,ill Scotts academuy, stver Cushi-
1f isnl aumsestinug of tousle suusis-call set \j1a 0 f' vhs. Sesl' S inn ssphssrmaiscy sitsStalestuners.theisr
.pusrly- sucsoftsaerisal willnstltforce tud fiMus"u i dfib nsiss stI'strp for uewsea kers still *betilhscNBusts. .1. .War-
ftihigass to sdeclinse ihes'intvitaionof ecrdsin t i iikshe ihaIsf-msile, suit rers, vedior osithsie AnnsArbosr Nesws,
lie veastrniers. Allihh atu sis nsee ci ~ I~s tilt: dleh'igate Irus t hist tilstrict In thec
oi s-all a muetig o ftse stdents in- I 'ske Foirest igh,,swinnu iser ositheiirepubillicantionaliiuiiiconvuenioand uutihue
erectedinit rle -shoottinig. thr.hhe is , plant il s .. \V. fb. Werever. Jatmes iE.
au bei d- itih for. targetl rti vite. antash ParIhi gls irstIiin'I ii lit'Illinis in' - Iarkins,, co uty elerk, hst roisedsi toi
v'amis piced toii;ind5htoiinmuet hih i bs t sI hla sli atl -banaiis. wiill conlit'for Iselull'setil i'sslg sometiosithistpoular
liar slu ll f te sl., ul us s; ithils ,hrbigsD' tois t ii5 iistittiosii.. 'tusuist gut stisgs..
't'erearesome revxphrlincediiflemenus ).sL'.S. iscicll shipoisull I race; \in tisitorshnat55oils'fittheiisessiltis
thsongthis Rushy Moitain Iuulchib l t- theIls'seniorilrawssclats's esterdaysthos ~rn
Igihivig loi sit its hoiws siililspiiiinids
de Oe.o her umerha benIig, IDesa lt il t ll eds stsupolu tu,
lttees ,aIssmy andiei' ha simpted 's i uste. Iuislv tii 1iiiih f ormssvr .\ichsigsanu professourfr fus s lesw
us Iv_ 'sip si su itls' i i sh' st year, Il it } ve s mi s l lsis, and ISip
Iiiiiils. Msisip sothesrs cosudibesomis ex-v ,hoi r, si r omi~sung Is ll slillr. 'I hes' rio seords. Juisles'Jois on spi toke bhrieflyp 's
ulet-so s with s ithuhe spractvce.si ivi i iiIn11'i hs s~. hs sis sisudent lday itsin itsnn iArbor, tush
ha sisbeenidtilled ieig ile 1sls'i ebsilitiltititths' itgsiueaui
fIl,l, tNt ON \f I; IBERl SI iflustus11111, a shtlls lnasitf te t'hhiilie couss ur s h o'fthit
K RFtII 5111R TiI1S WEEK brendelh Phii'tllipss is dusts 'ilcptits isys ~tstem is gverisussin t iheissIlattnds.
n°loh h elii cenutrp adsis le hi'2211. fIleit s lnd1t' Jolins;oill suisci a ess'y i ters t-
- i ccs'sriisg Iii Isv'blisussitfshec fIich l si 'iv'si 5 1s u' sfil si i u' sluar sit "t he l st udhssensst s re gisai
n-he 'electioinsositooficer'ss unlhssliehis iist11 seesgoidis toIt he basck 1st Ann
egisucredlhIssnsssse insistthe nsumsbler lssof lt'iisi uh slees iil s. lv fs ts' sgsiu,' saidh Judues'Joihnsoniu in isis
r i5 rlses ini tiv'resgistreytbookslsausleash ell i esu it le ssu t tus sru instesrview uatthis.'C'suk honuse yestehrday.
islne e llss e foreis'f t h l ectio'n. s i shvdls and al f-mthb is , ishilhs.tLaks' ''I tiss '"tsus drsicfuhp sse
heetissus is niti tituta fessclussoff-every uust i iu uiiuil i'd I is.lft I spec.isalhipis ~hhis w efygrotuhs soles.'
'hiss'xpeissitsubewillnscicviii .ill5helshu
-miher30 fsiho 7I 20uslitseoutletr4alst onces.:sTh. abli 5 illhesuint g fruitshd'partmenuglI
fistsflfishan-he.signed. i thvchecksrussis-u t ssii t suusiadmisire hite new Ei neuscerivns
- I git e Iis's s'thesisathires ts se uul n s Sus Ps, si eui it sp i siis ld i ' is '''stsstts fiii eshe
p pesub ite isp uit t Isstit lit 1i1i i i sli ..reor,.5 51.a slro, if ii ttv ts suuslss' ssiesh ss
- M ayus 3up t ro lte. 7 t sy2 a. i's i ni order . hsiu us liuu s'i hss s i l's turdei of sl itoi ts. w ih iif ' Ihuws.' electiedi
uet's isli'eni-Os'lie , who can tlwsi'p hs' ut 1 bedt 5 ssiins thi s ut
sili liul tc shcti v i5ssl us hs' lssIisil stls hvsiltte dayu i ow n opo -tch ishit iJu sc w sipp sru e ysssote. ts
it siohrl vrteIsi husy is liiwtLiss cesuping .ric. Sf.,eliv' tsiuucourtco.he.NL Ci EJEIJ P hiNipN
tutumade t e t aslarghte' numsb ud1er hc 'ft aosetssieotesrsus sep ineIlnsesoito hh a
it ciit si ht he elet ionswill susc i n anchs fosis r. ii ssse'uu ass1 g svel P' nlyspssreen yes . ie "u sg
eiiiuseusiesuee. ~ ~ ~ " slu'le st hirts' suisen te setil'51te s ts sell, t u i is ihsuisc st tu




'rospective Bachelor Reprooves
Conduct of Seniors-Prof. Craig
Speaks of Ancient Tradition,
I'ile hue itor:
Thess'wsritetoftis comiuictionsuiu
iul uith uuetrit sis ind f a udresms
htst, o list ofs sbhi si'montushhuof Misy,
wsethe thi. ranqiuuitiyiof iis sumbes.
Is. ludisted'shv'Iitmsef, osinthis lasy, at
te foottosit camusstr ees.'hi'enijoy te
uolsusofi thu ragsss ansdlthe exemplahsry'
tussluse f hos.'of Iis feliiseswsho
serer hasteninsg Itioteclssses tehilhs'
suit blilted. Is.'hadsthloughtuto1reminis
lis suiteppyscontent iluingisme
hosus. His mssihsind h is.bgu ithsell'
plesanistlyip i oun those lae ldutrlesutilius
lusts surroussdsthIe 'cap altushgwne,. und
e wsussissig pothus inIsuealttness
f this'sicomponenitsofusthets.'icat
irs'- BisforehIisev-ps' Hiledicevtuies'
it styhloiissr ts, .'me slughiug, ts'e ight-
ing, sa fsw sudtipsu, ll usils gws us's
lists ailt itatethe, lifanis osf the
1or111ondus weet'brushedlcawa51 .11ult
lie percssived'ursislity. ''tsirt't'ssutred
insole stil by sen 'ior swit a cap an
til gowntl. Te followed a :1 slisi igist
withiscapa sdsnsgow. fitsi lsstys
uts.'etrippid byt a Isp st ein lg wearinlig
a1 gossni,lusts swit .ua utmepy itliliupon
lue tusads. 'hets wrsitr, withuas groan
sep upan cyig sut '"I silhen-
duresanyhing ratiherthan sttthi she
Isiall. T1hereu, 1fron1tt oppres'tve sses
ifthe shi' wnsess'Oitoust'ciiliationu, Its.
siught refuge iuslep
Butin 11seepi e.fiundst suhits asudss-
Itumed siiae. lis wssistush bya
dra ttrie s itwatief, 1a1nushpalu-
tush itsitssenuingts" it1101wa s'stittill
its besginnuig I Ie eld11itlt'hise-
ginnlinig suit ills uusut lit sa tsidh: "Ilet
us dh~ispyhus surigs'' lut Shiv'sils'
tmakhe stssuiest thec'gsitl f lie sress.
Sltsue s it woruec wih hiss'gwssn a ussmery
widowussshesiredI thte evesof1 sht storld.'
'ihe reamesusvr thenstpoachedst sultie etis
sub Iis sdressim. is'usw ihimsel'f eterng
hiv librtary cinlitmiortarbsoardsus Ianus
si bathisg sui. ie rutsforwardilus
sgnytlo fferhislscf sigossn. Biut
"himlucf" flesh tier tsblesanustchars,
sut sssupn thecampsshus, trusig citis
roomuu asi etsure roomiu- iAndut hessthe
sreaesture awouke, andvi turning t is iiseat
mtse,ssai, its a umil voice, "I sist
t-psoplecwoulsd le'snushe ti qluuete of le
cap antdshgswnt." SIOsun
N. 1.-Pru'f. Craig toduay tetets
msinutshs eciuisg Iis class ponu the
ack sit academtic ci~tisiy andsh sisrespet
sit ani asuentutradtion umaifesedin
thecosuctofsitusdisets clash as te
weler cite.
iIiCI th1sfN GRAsDiiGCufS IHIGHt
hFssont fi. Gasti, '07, titholstssectspusr-
suitg_ gradsuae workst te Uivrsity
this ear, recentslyuassedi ighest it a
comptpcitie examsinaion furstsudeut ius
Ierpeter iithe . S. consusular service,
itsank: benti 8797. DrankthBhnhu,
tuto '07, f Katnsas, passsedsh he examinaus-
tionisfuse . S.consulsuat51the stiels.
wills assaverage uoi 82.55. Gale will he
auttuced to the sffice at Pekisn, Chna,
,for whihsltsIhe with eave durisg te
TheIsre terecthiry colmpuetiors its this
examuintionlss, of swhlt iiichieen wers
iuassed,.snasking the poosrini of sit-
cessful applicaunts higher thansssusul.

of shuidnusi interpreter I a ut slsui, Jsttsuu,
uavngT gosse there last fall.,


Atu ss meecting pesteeshtup sieIsso eats-
didaste's foruit uearp sice-presidenst, H.
:\A..i'Iuicltshe ndsuhJ.K. Watsukinss, agreed
notu to sndoiup ifurther ssliciting of voses.
Thuey also requsest themi rienssto shop
all sork' intshsire fluhallY'Tic ottiercan-
diulsue, Js F: fifi'sre,'hsfgtfrftis niewn-rst
thse fietl, linsg theucehouice of, the se-
parmetu e twessIuenuthle altos-c tamsed smen.
The sentiorensginiees decidedh to posts-
souse hsavitg their picturecs takenusintil
Tfuesdasy. istuvas thoughtstitstesale
hads ot blees'sannsounsedul soonecnugh
tso savetes class tirnsouit ini full, so
they deied huowalsittil all iheunenm-
lures hash uampsle iuuctime t hearte ass-

ushlwhhil ib o ss willt us' givesitous thus
fuostirt hissssh's ssoint sibe' , ~2,an
t, 50itoin hplcig itttheus'tsuaillirer.
Varssty thulets itlsactusas ofhiis ands~
Directosr'Fitzsptrickh susil'Stsarttheus'tiu-
Thus meedt iw itl'cosstlensce 'sromptyat
-;30 asnd switl contiuue toruoiw Mssorn-
its- I uscels 'usdmssttlig tInthuescontests
lu'tlhipas suego cenits.
Ih leofficers of slurassoiastion anuud
officialts o'fthu eisItiaeras followss:
Insterscholatsstic manassger, J.'I'. Witinlug,
interschotuaticle uommuite', filsueuiMe-
Bang, WiiamssPuhollscks, Wellts Crauw-
foci: referee usndssarter, ReeeIFitz-
patrick ; annus ncsuere, Frsanisksuowel;
tnrack judsge's, . 1).P Crshamsu, ILurey L.
Coe, I harrp IHammond,,sus'.1. Weni~dellh, C.

clhubshous'e Tiuesdasy.esveniig its hinersof
Jugs' Johsonsuuof the supresne csuurhof
tile Philiuppinecs.
fill shirt wtioss havecburns inithe Philip-
pins ansusswhsoswtishstobus tentr his hiatt
islet are selicoms.c'ite soase andu ad--
tress so J. 13.Criss, p09 Soiuth Divisionu
streeIt; sson as possile.
'it it,"' /TiICRS1cXY, MAY 28
I'T'husda yflsay 28, s'hse sdlte set for'
thec tsrcscthahln of "Twelfth Night" isy
fiesrs.iilsiam, tlfmntn, 'suipportedlby
<strong cuss if well kisowns campus
,ths sibs .sew date doses null con-
duct nulls ausencuhrtaismcntstscedsuleds
fuss tis wcek.-

I -

57 3 II 18 48 4
Michigans. ABRIT itCiiA I
Sullivass, ef.... 7 0 2 4 0 0
Giddiugs, 3b...... 7 0 1 5 I 0
Melon, f...... 8 0 350 0
Weeler, rf......... 751600 o
Keley, b:...... ..7 02 3 7 0
Dunne, ..IOs........ 80o25.50.1
Paierson, ss...... s 50 0 ,I a10

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