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May 09, 1908 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1908-05-09

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G.H. Wild Comupany 1 I 'aa g ng I-Tditor-ARGcstFcn reI

Our Spring 98 line of fine
imported and Domestic
Is now ready. It includes all
the latest Novelties, Shades
and Up-to-Date Patterns in
Moose Brown,
Caribou Tan,
Leather Shade,
(frays and
Fancy Blues.
Your patronage respectfully
. L. Wild Comfpally
311 South State Street
A I w
The Kempshall Water-
Core is finding favor witha
golfers generally this year.
All the other good makes are
here in profusion-as well as
the famous McGregor cluhs
of which we are the sole sell-
ing agents in town.
Tennis Goods, too,
Sheehan & Co.'s
Student Bookstores
Official National League Ball
is the standard of the world. Inithe great
world's campioship gaes beween h
Chicago Nationals sd IlcroitAmericas tle.
Spaldn Leage Ball was sed. The Spalig
official National Leagae Bll is is used by
Yale, Harard Priceto and allprmnt
college trams. Th,- sodir' and sailors i the
United Staes Army and Nay use iix
lusively. in fat it is in oie ersal use where-
ever Base Ball is Played.
New Yrk, Chcago, Si. Louis, San Franisco,
ttnnepnols, Denver, Buff al, Syracuse, Pitt-
brg Phtadlpha, Boston, Cininnati, Balti-
sor, weattnan, Kansas Ciy, Cleveland,
New Olans, DetrollMontreal, Canada.

Neits... ,. Chiauncey Boocher,
Athletics ...........Lee A White,
Aiics, Ass't... C . Fi,:dridge'
Elxchange ...... Robert Mountsicr
Mousic....... Roy D. \Velch
tDrama ...i .....DonalIi. H-aines
Women's Editor.... Louise Van Voorhis
Russell McFarland
Ralymnd Visser" Leonard C. Reid
hi. B. McHogh J. H. Prescott
Lowell J. Carr. Donald L. Kinney
Walter K. Towers Lenin Kraft
tLewis T. Kniskern Robert Moreland
Paut Greer Samuel H. Morris
Otto Engel. Fred H. Gooding
'Theron P. Cooper 1. G. C. Williams
John F. Wurz Carl H. Adam
Harold P. Gould
Address: MICHIGAN DAILY,. Press Bldg.,
Maynard Street.
Manager's Hours : 1-z p. in., 7-8 p. mn.
daily, except Sunday. Both phones
SATURDAY,*,\MAY 9, ioo&t
Theate ionitIakein iy juidge Kiniie yes-
horaygives is itl iortuitylvto breathe
at sighi of relief. Addedl disgrace tlithle
Uiivitl las lbet'niaverted and ilie
spiectre of a pirisonl sentlenie for soiie
ofiourfelloivsisidens shas liennstl.-
sted h'le ineident of lthe late ri has
ccii closteidi insci a stay that sw'e liay
jutly vest for a ulolessitind eonigrtulte
0,tr'elves. 'The outconmeisa siideeid
fa votrab.lto isay tl st.,..
I turner, befotreiwe pass tbis.imatter
ity, is it lilt meeltIi thaisweslioiilil51to11
anldhke all,-illsellioty of ii.. restuts
I ligli ire it,blefoire lbe iielory iif it
is cold, atShinehoslanssas will definitely
:'1111<lig 't ltrge phan tcftf e . i tfizens
sillsssat Ithae earited a reptaltion
torIawlssnss, I tss'tyism tii 101 iientire
di~vsr'arIftrtvhle righats o ttfhiiers., We
have 15iiprlieth le tuccetssoflthe caiuse
fioirll whihowehite sotlong bieeinsawork-;
iisigtt 0otf adeutae applroplriationsl.
We thaie tdriggedi lit rntme of "ecollege
i11,11n" it hoirs aiidlhitveiiidelso01-
stltes tvleIligiilg stock otf ltetwhole
t ot i'. v wichei lltas undasill for tstmi
',ttl on t ilts'he iger of shaime.
'Te siily .ofttotntversus gusto thai
tils lpeacefiully sleeping has again baess
t stirredI liltanti liay:for somse tssie h
ea soure'of an vnc.
lIn retiritfothis se have gainuabtt-
sotilllly nitinsg. iianiially ste tire
just $i,ooo touut ofsicket. lBesiders this
the riot hasi, iiorally, cost its ianamount
netver lti e rekoiied. Theavaluie of the
imeneessasry isa regains iputlic confhi-

deisir and1retpeel is eqially isestimasbile
Tu umuSHip, se ave Iothlilg 1o shots
hut a sever ansi damlaging fsis.
Tlo sthat le colege mall11 of today
dres 1101 Wantla reesrreice of siteh
troublte is axiomataic. Wateer nay
haverberns"olleg spirit' a geleratiol
ago. when stdent bodies were nowher
fnear theier of tose of today, we at
oundergradusae are oposed 1o it. It is
0111 of harmoinysits the times and x-
presser the senimens of oily a fesw.
Must arc all again sani the brot of
their folly ansi ho~t-etddness? If the
reurygguilty parties, tie rgeauers. ad
beietiaught a1111teal tills as jtdg
Kisss in stimsaed, ii is certaina that the
et tusndergraduastse dsire awottldihuss
tess perfectly sailfie. Undr the cir-
cisalses tie ationi oaltie osrt shoisld
tae eithustiasticaly reeietd.
Btut host are arc going to preetsuchiel
occurrecst tis ilaisly Lop 1o tie
Ssuesnt Counclil. If evr tere wsani
oaporunlity for that body to "tsak
goosd" isa a rtally erious sittatio, it is
noss. Nowa is the tume for the Contail
1o shsows-thai it ass co-otaerae switaue
courtisa dalisg wih ssdnt aes. A
thorough ivstigationi of the casses and
leaders of the riot msigt hep altog tat
lss. At anvi rate ae lmust astre all
concernedlthat scassb disgraeful scese
sillle aimpsstsibiity- issthefuttr.
entRIE FR inA POT.
Thiersrichtakens by' assiserested almss-
11115ill offering a ssbstatial prierfor
liar etst ein by tinsundlegrteoar ill
a good andri hiterto muchia negleted
caise. Whlelste Inlader was provid-
sg a moeiumsa for the preentation itt
ssuchforts thaere was sone iaentive
for the pots t gir the University a
share osithteir sw'trk. T'hos wsho write
hatvrersien aritingsinises'it-edatt of
the inlader, Isi looubt, asd swttld co-
tissue to arie switoutsnotice fromsater
usiersiy illgeseral, buts eorag-
mnest andtlrs'wa rdiarsidulislem rlad wirl
triptem. As the dotisor of tie oec
hundsirdtidtllar has sait, tere is sitch
chatncer eftdeelsipisg a ipoeti geisa
bec encosr'gemsenttsitfthis iatre, bts
it dermonistrtstt thlioe whio are 0t-
itle tie caiaust io tae aissterest ill
isstlspesct llitrary efor. It sows'
tiii'litrary atpirantl ihat whtuheli'masty'
do,, if worty,sill lit'aceptes srits rie
Its tieLtisier sily'as it rseotriultioi
t ter greaness. VWt.sisscerely', trst
thati the variouis acslub 1(1sdwrtrs'swill
p resnt :1 lesstiiuerf ittaaeril worty'
itt te resard.
MDusic ant 'rama
bitH txisiOR T.sisYOR.
"HittHonor tie Maor'wsatesth-
sastialsly reeivedi by ta crowed louse
at the Whitney' last nigt. Tie lay
bersidsrprtsnting ~assextraordiinariy
large iniumibar of oaportn~itit for fea-
turetait exceptionalliy' goi of its kids.
HaItrry' Kelly as Deacon Flooi was
scretaingy fussasy, sthile TIrixic Fri-
ganzea as Katrinka delighed tie aisdi-
ence,.Tiae real of te comtany were
itniformlay' excellent trougot.

rhomoas W. Ross, test atr awhotscomae
to tile Whitnley nx Thursrday eesisg
in "Thse Traveling Saesanai" sill es-
tertain a party' of members of tie Sigma
Phi fratersnity at his performaaner here.
Mr. Ross is a colleg and fratrrnity
man himelf, ad although hr does o
wear a Signa Phi pin e has a yonsger
brother belonginig to tbr organiaionl.
lie has isvied a -ary of menrstorfi
the, sociey 1toawinsscthis trfrasnce
at the Wshiney.
Intercollegat Notes. j
Ila M. Tarbael recestly' spos etfre
thec newsppr cases at Kasars ui-
Thse first issue of a mnstly aumnusi
publication at Syrausteruniveriy tia
jist apparetd.
Six of the ise studetselctedrru t
tile Ohio state tuierrsity' caister itt Phi
Beta Kapp~aa were.ssmen.
Williamus colege is to have a geologica
building, knlowni as Clark Hal. Tie'
structure is to be of colonial design.
WIabashl ill receive $lo,ooo fromsa tie
general education boanrd of Nws York
City, provided it raissan011qualusiamoolut.
Editorssti culege Ipoblicatiostail Kn-
sas have fornicdlan5 orgaiationa kownsu
-as the Kassas Sudehns' Eitrial asso-1
Tartsfull years of stuy' i a cllege
or scietntifc schoo tre the eas csndi-
tioistfor estrascto10the medictl schiools
of Coilh issulllstls.
SigmausXi 1t Cornlsli huts julstseletd
to itsuembutershipia usfrour silytutue-s
hers. tawenty-fours'grauatestuens
act-rtntseiors, tutu uit- tlumntsus.
A demusortticelduts shir tess formuss
at Princeton for the puroe of sup
porting Jugr George Grty auPrince
151olltmnus of 'S9, isthur omsinglres-
delntial etampastign.
Thur ChiPsi muemlorital wiosasu insfl
Stagrhaelsait Cornell, it mermosry' si
thr tenlwho lost teir lites ithe ire
wshiihedut.edtheir frtternity' house,'
wrere unvesid rrcenlty.
Derr to the right of themu, tbeer ts
thue left of tem, keggedi anti i tlels,
wsn'atH touced by a party sol cemisry
studelnts tot De Pauwa, wiles tey' aisites
OH anIndianlapolis brrewery. A prfsrsor
This years gradluaiug class ainnuiuue
soloatwill noltresent the usual muatteril
gill: 10 its 0al0m a aer, btt aillattrumilt
to mlatke theun lliersity 5and1 tlumnittithu
original presentl of the larges numbsster
of life msembttershipsato tie l umntiatitsso-
ciationt ever tkensa 0111yhatgraduatig

Base Ball]
Make Your
Class Team
Get the right kind
of a Mitt and a I"lTy
Cobb Bat". The rest
will be easy.
noreptta e . t
University Bookstore
L. [. DARTN[L[
Law and Medical Bokeler
higby a iHistry o lt'e uatof
Real Peous'ruy - - $3.00
D~ItestItui.cl Ui's Cdition11 t
RihlssIeal lroetry - $3.00
Ohtsuta' Ssinisusl Peal
ltruutse ty - - - $10O
ittui ireusctins adVrs
CrimnallAtionts' - - $6.00)
tusls 2 - - - $2.00
rey-sltd's T'r}"-lly icEidence, $200
+ep't~ letYrduc,$.Ilelveu's bEsi't.'s'- - $3.0
Marstttiltst7'trptrttt ,itt. - $.00
L."te'fiC'stetttt uit . - - $2.50
Exmintionltlt. - - - $2.50
Absl suystuiisa, $650
itruiss5 'r'r ttorm ',tss, - $6.00
- . - clt - $18.00-
'isi's Q'ise 1lgines, 'vorus..$1200
tere's Pleulul Tiseaessuseis. $40
1Iltubuous's teitpuu.ultsuStuiery. $6.00
Esesditi's Surgilal Diagosi, $6.50
hatell's 1555-ittteirt
ouissulouy. - - - - $5.00
SWRtt-ciut-htrtrit'lt'Ata s nd
'et ilusulittAutotuty :1Vol., $1.00
trse~ iseass oSft Womeeu,.$6.00
Cill's itilertial DtuniOstl
an-ralnn - -$6.50
sitse's Spec-ilyhModital
Cod' tio~r 1)1",Cl h Pacs
astr..- - - -$5.00
Dicstion~aries. (i nssuuuusisets.
Law and Medical Bonkeller
Tel 761. 326 S. Sate S.
Senior Notice
Htdsts desirig usilial 1908 STEINf
will luaveodetrsattArnlds Jewelry Store.
Prina $2.50 ea~eased
Visiting Cards
Finet'st ravets'd,suat lwstlpries. Plts
stud lustcrdts $1. 25.
WM. ARNOLD, Jeweler
220 S. MAIN ST.

is the time to het youzr
Co-.Op Store,

High School Hall
May 5, 8:15 P. M.
High School Hall
Thursday Evening
May 7

As necessary as your summer °
vacation.' Pays for the loss of
edt ..rtlcles taken from your
, esidence.
For particulars enquire of
General Agents Empire State Surety Co.
50 Hammond Bldg. DETROIT, MICHI.
Phone Main 6503

W 1Wasington E. The Randall Studio, Randall &-Pack,. Props.

Phone 598

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