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April 24, 1908 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1908-04-24

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Managing Editr-ARCHERnl.RICIt
Busiitess Manager-C. E. WINeSTEA.
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Exchange. .. H. John Wambold
Mmic................Roy D. Welch
teama ..............Donut H. Haines
Women's Editor... Louise Van Voorhis
Russell McFarland
Rasmond-V~issclier Leonard C. Reid
M. B. McHugh J. H. Prescott
A. L. Hainline Robert Meountsier
Lowell J. Carr Donald L. Kinney
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Lewis 'T. Kniskern Robert Moreland
Patti Greer Samuel H. Morris
Otto Etngel Fred E. Gooding
Theront I. Cooper E..G. C. Wiliats
John F. Wre Carl H. Adam
Harold P. Gould
Address: MCHIGeA DAILY, Press Bldg.,
Maynard Street.
Manager's Hours: 1-2 p. sm., 7-8 p. mn.
daily, except Sunday. Both phones
FRDAY, APRIL 24, 198.
Ini regarui to the actiotn of the Ness
\Whitney theater in breakitng its contract
sithi teCer'cle Dranatite Francais,
one petinent qulsestioni suggests "itself.
1'itishotuluiniiversitv organizatiots be
subject to such titfortttate itidrattces
ssheii they tre giving perfomances for
tlle 1bcnefit of te wvhoe catpuis.Wy
ithers no suitable atditoritttnwict
mgt be at att tites uvaiabe for re-
hear tls tnd efotmances ?
le claiimis of te Cerce Francais
asd ma btsinsiess basis iwere entirey
igoedt ly ttictmaiagettett of te
WVhitines.andithtie disregart of the col-
tiesrodutnus are regariedt as good
tillers" but sworthiy ofto conieration
istin iiterferig withi a tiore trotale
If til.e xpecation", wich. friend of
,Micehigan diramiatics. hasec ffeqtt ity'c-
tresseit tre to be realized-if Ann Arbor,
is to tecoite a. center for te fostering
atit dissemiinatioti of at honest love of
eta-ssiraima atd at honorabe amition
to build uit a rains oh our owsn, we
cuat affirid to le baled by such dif-
Wihtynt lhae a theater of otte own?
In sich a ilace alt the stituts of the
fulest oportutnity fr rehearsals, e-
termeiis at itttntishedtproitctiots coli
le enjiiyed. There is scarcely any con-
ceahle additioti to the facilities of the
lUiversity tha wold so broaden and
advaiice the Untiversity tdranma. 'The
Greek theater at Berkeley is one of te
mlost famous and attractive features of

the Universit of Caiforuia slnd it is
resaonsible for a lively atd catholic en-
thtisiast. Some of te mrin sui woten
whlo ave been most closely identified
with the work of the Comeiy clb antI
sitilar organizations ave een long
contiending for jst such ais opportnity
There isa theater i Ann Arbor, welt
equipped and accessible. It is at pres-
ent idle and probably it could be se-
cured by thre University for a fair price..
The combined' efforts of all the dra-
matic clubscoultd pay for the theater
in a fesw yeses. Outright purchase by
tile regents would be an action of the
greatest advantage to the gnra ed-
cational facilities of the institutiotn. It
is to promising a plan to be given p
without att earnest effort to make it
Representatives Ifronite undercasses
niet withi Student Councilmen last night
at the clubouse, for the purpose of dis-
cussing plans for the spring contests.
It uas decided to repeat te ng-of-war
relay races, atid psts all contest of last
year, attd te conmtittee is now ntdea-
voring to' fittd a sitable stbstitute for
the rock contest, which wsas. eliminated
as untfair to bithi classes. Onuly one
sttbstitite has been fotnd tip to this
titne, and underclass nmeetings will be
held in the different departments to dis-
citss the advisabitiy of adopting it. The
plan under consideration is a tying-p
contest. Both sides line up opposite
each other, stpplied with small ropes,
attd am .a givett signal endeavor to seize
and tip,-as tany of their opponets as
pssible. Spaces sill he roped off to
contaiti the capttred men, and as soon
as a contestant is tied atd placed in
otte of these enclosuttes, he is debarred
front takitig atty ftrther part in the con-
test.-Alt tte end of a giveti time the
side boling te greatest ntmber of
captives, vwtns.
This plait has been triid at variotts
colleges, atid as it tearly- all cases
proveid successful. 'Te Stidett Cotn-
cit wshes to get opiniotns fromthle su-
denttbody-cocernitg Iis cotest, and
any objections or comtst may e
tiandeid to a Coutncilmnt.
In the last iif the facltylectures oni
".intia von Barthlrm" Prof. Max
Wittkler showed the national imitport of
tis teist aid greatest Germait comedy'
yesterday afternoot.
Prof. Winkler began by ottlinitg the
literary history of Gertiany before Les-
sings titme. He showed how the Thint-
Years' war checked Germany's deveop-
meni,etsn destroyig tmost of what hail
been accomplished.
'Germany," he said, emerged front
this calattity alttost expiring, her splet-
did achievetntts lost. National unlity
scarcely existed. The Gertmat langiage
evets had falett into decay. Gerniatty
tttrned for guidance and support to ter
stronger neightbors, especially to rance.
atid devoted her etergies to imitatioin.
"Lessing became tritly te fouder of
modern Gemtnt literature. A spiit of
unity was being evolved in German lit-

erature *blgg efore the political- unioni
wvas felt to tar necessary. The great
Germnauthttors msttbe ratnked with
Bismarck .itt the mnsilg of tmodern,
G;erttatny.. Lessing is probabaly the greait-
est of these atid his M'itttia vots Bartt-
htelni is otue of thle famous productiotis
throttgh .which -this work was accom-
"Lessing," said Prof. Winkler, in com-
mnuting ttpon tte great author, "is the
to-t nanty character in German litera-
ture. There -is- no clearer,, more vigor-
ous, or logical thinker thatn Lessitig.
He is easily the greatest scholar of li~s
age, the first example of att intellectttal
Prof.: Witnkler thets shoswed in u-hat
respects ".Minna von Bartnhelim" is tna-
tional, and hosw it emancipated thte Gee-
mutt dramta front foreigns law-i.

Racket Presses
Racket Covers
Court Markers'
Tennis Balls
Tennis Nets
Tennis Shoes
Official Tennis Guide,-.

Prof. C. L. de Mitralt, int a recent
article published itn Dee Deutche Vise
kampfer (Nesw York), extolls the prac-
tice of ditetling in Germatinitniversities
as 'about the tie-it physical and meintal
eiducatioti that a yvoitig nan cani le lput
through.' The article is. reviews-cin i
the _April Citrrent Laiteratuire tuder the
title, "T'he tEthical Value of Dulling."
The professor'stitteranlces are ini direct
contradictioti to recent reniarks of Pres-
dent Hadley of-.Yale, whlo praised Am-
erican : athletic-i.at- -the expense of the
practices _prevailing int Gertnany.
Prof. de Muralt says,: in concluding :
"A matlnwto -tas to go thtrotighi this
test repeatedly anid has to keep in pter-
fedt trimt for at least tw-i, or three yeairs,
during swhichi te must fight aityw-hiere
'froit teti to thirty duets antd be readiy
4,t anyisiomnit to go _out -gatisit ata-
versary of untknown i strengthstill, to
say the lea-itbase been able .to steaidy
his nerves. Most meti natitrallv aciquire
a giaod deal oif- dctsiont thiriotgh this.
Anid white there tmas' be obijectiinsto i
havinig a mutt's facie sift'esiyet I cats-
not hutthintihast it is prefer ihlet'oiihavue
his tents, legs, or rib' tbrokeninitstead.
I, ati therefore strotuglys of the opiiiioit
that -Germsatsdutelting! sport is iii ttduca-
tive feature at least' as valitable as Am-
ericati footbsall short,= anid tomytindtiiii
it preseits the oneC great adv-atitage over
the atierihiat it develop-i strotug iiiii-
--iditality-atid reliaiice ottsone's owti
strethi, a :feature it preset to anyi-
iluere- near the satie idegree ini foottual."
Siuge t$58 we have made W~ai -,h Re-
p airing one of our strongest fit-atures.
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street. -etuId
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Jewelry Store, 216, S. Main street. eod
See our comoplete line of Michigan
pins, fobs and souvenirs. -Huller's
Jewelry Store, .4x6 S. Main, street. rod
Advance County Fair; postcards, 5~c
each. Lyndon. 46-8

corssplet. iris _&t
University Bookstore j
All the latest Its
Kodaks and
Rent a Kodak
10c per day
[Y fi[ AS S[
Eyeglassues luaseecoeumtsuch -a
ineuessary tnuisancuei'witb :student-iof1
luite lust thcy wilt welusnue an eye-
glass thtaiesuicom-fotrtstud sees'lue..
las--vutyur opticutl tenetdune at,
AIINOL'Satd liei-will ft you cool-
fortabityotid guarateehresuhts. QuIct
Reupafirs. tLe'nse's Grunid.
Otpiu'al Specialist with -- -
WM. ARNOLD, Jeweler
22t South Main Street


:a -

11w. Cpa.rt.
Frederick A. Stock, Conductor
CHORAL UNION (300 Voleis)
Albert A. Stanley, Conductor.
Prl'raIPOI Cho0ra l WOOL
$$Creafinn" - Haydn-
"Faunt" . ousnd,
rArtl oto
Mrn. Corinne ider-Kelsey
Thursday and Saturday Hobnga
Muse. Eruestno.Scbumannleink,,
Contralto Wed. and Fri. Evwblgs
Miss JanetfSpeneer, Contralto
Fri. Afternon and Sat E*innIng
HMr. Edward Johnsn Tenor --
.Thur. Fri. and Uat. Eitenloga
Mr. Claude Curnnnbamh,Saritoee
:. Snlurdey vening
Mr. Earte Q. Killeen; Baritone
Mr ebr ihrSatrday Es ening
Hr.. Hebr ihr Bassc
Thursday aridSaturdayBE!notugs
Msl, ,L. De Mare, French lHorn -
Friday A-trosn
Mr. L. L. Henwich, Organist .
- Weansay.,Aventng
Seanon Tiecetes nrenerved) $3.
Season Tiekets (reserved}l $4y $5. $6
For Saeat -
Ro'laael of sali.

The Students'Lecture Associatloa..:-.
Thtorsday, April 30, 1908, at 8:00 Pi. M. a
R.,*rve.Swats- -«50S,
All seats will be reserved. Tickets may he secnred ate the
--Box Office,= University Hall, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday between: 5 and 6 P. M.. and Thursday between 7 nd-
-P. M. Michigan State Telephone, University Exchangeu"8.

ConOp Store


Elm - - 'LI

121 Washlnnton E.7

"New ,m

t & ac~kProp s. _Por 1,

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