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April 08, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-04-08

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The Michigan Daily



No, 143.

NEB DIAM ND OPEN and then etired to Ferry field where,
[ inl t company with Tower, he did several
WITH CEREMONIAL lapeito great shape;esrte"r. SRN
Fizarci, "and switl aatlittle ottdoor
triting 1I o't think tiere is a man ____
Maiden Game Played at Ferry ests ostywh casetho atIi Would Substitute Tying Up"
dit aite He is improing in enutrance frRc tn -u etU i
Field Yesterday-Track Ath- anl sla sssstrsarae srnnn o okSu tSggetU -
letes Begin Outdoor Training, as swell tisi cool weather as at ay oter versa Election Day.
tieatigcnrr ohsuulfr.T acsitisal game for tle ness Ferry f swe could osly arrange assotdoor Th Stdsent Cauncil discussed at
fidaldciamondl sas ploced yesterday after- match bletseens im n dc Haskains this legtl the maatter of a suhstiute for te
oon, st ssithout somncslaows of fitting srang Ithtliskase colc settle te qaes- "rocla stntat teir smeeting last cen-
tkeemenial. hossecsec, far before a ball ion Of sueriority, I think is favor of tg. thc commiite hasmng tae taatter
wao sitcheaeal ala rsity squadaa linacatip Co. I wish Haskins coauld compete at in carge reportel that the tying p'
inthelair regalar posaitionss andsadtarted the teceasterna ite rcollegiate." sunaaseeced iltacmosnt practcal of the
baall aroandas. Barr aad Eneroth swere The trials for te fourth place u11)0n1caatets fsaamittea. Thc pau of thisl
thac batery. Iast years iaiela qarteltlah relay eanswichaelswill retresetl coaatest is to havae te tswoaclasse ar-
lDaasse, Kelley, Patrsons asai Gicdings M\ichiganat atIhe Peasssy' relays till le ragea oppsite eacsotahler aisa at atgves
wsiaa place, oandOlsons, Sullivan ana ldlalao01the 18thl, terSatrdlay Ireced- signaal atackada tie titsasaayaf ther
Whelaeler filledl the garden. lan the gamsae ig tae openig of college. Mttay anal op~poent as possile. At thaeted of a
wshiicla followaead thec sarsitycrisi, 6 Ira 3. Bohnasacka are msost lrmsiet amnsg fxdcl tie, aaesiae tyig tstaelarget
if gingr'radc wilinsgness are aof any those wsio isted Ito comptce for the nuamer'r sill wini. Ntig defisiesas
accounst, tie sarsty snshold avelose mle-raie teal position. dercieda. Te tdtail s will le arrage
thinsg oa thdets a ll, asssdasy fasslcill assert Solsd Michigasswiltl tie fosr-ssie ter srng sactsio.
thaat at teamt that is reody to lay' at all relay'sitoutthaisg to force te sae, Amosnssgaher suts stggestedl was tss
timIses ad fisll fgngrr cansbeliepcaaenel it is iposibe tat Director Fizipatrick caiesotunt ad a flag sunst sissilar t
uponi to pu11taatipte stiffest ipossible ight. wil eter test for the tw'o-ssile eetOte rcconcates, bust these cere' demsse
'li ar' asess res''alfllshof pepeandosealso. Is tisierace, as wil prblaly' e tiircticae far lihre aasssbersal stdnss
hosh regutlr aidscrubssla iy'edlstll uh se ic ithe faaas-ssile, Carael wsudtli aisg 111r1.
es'ry'sitntate f tliasternotoni. le te siastansgrs opaponetisel. 'lii 'ile FCouncalaecieapoi nt111 a Icosss
lBatr 'situ Bascrsst fassrad y acs- Ness'or'tun stitutiontsis reutetlha v oe mitle's'o lalashargof' thei I'negtititini
dlay's, eglarttselasary, wilsl,iatlicassa lou' tie) ale ts alithleiaf sssser tlastswiie'enitheii'stdenttlssad lthe ity ttl-
ad Sisciclatirled farthlar'scrubsi, sithamitstes. If titleis true as lcaalasart e siis ii regordto thas'riot t tiii'Stat
iftirtati ait e receiving sisa. Lter'in wouldl aire as hardlie carrying osilthseae.Pr'sieta MJog a ill ppaisa
tlit'gave Dohuase tooslarrt's p lates'ndsirsal it'd bheth races ansailassKeene said. mnursafa'thisscomsmistte'astoay.
liscentas'stlt lathe coaachistep'ia and as tch trien seonesa resac'r'skulelthatt ue smight A hpe'maaet reur'uofsalllUnsies'it
forasttwshile.'.N''latc'' loaed lilacRusts's'geIsecondi, ''What'tat'111?Nthinisgat actiiitee tttuder cinloa f- Ilhe'Stuens
Brsnaahta, fromi the tkin'ee ssssaw, ass tll. Just tlisaeasasoheantit. '' f'ounacil uwilhas el t itaits''. A sot
htelitais aptel teeot'e ipa~sahllhut Ne51'55ENNI eSiUT'S' 11.1tOPN tSiON. tacount ifii'tuh eet , iwithitil objec'
quaasls luasit isideliarNewrae ' Csats'l Fivie's.wlaces''151cotsteatntusix fsr sie htionsadhg''assains, eill ln eeoreda
sascher' s Ifamola~elst year."Thae'e ilturamt~tenttoseillle ls-s-thrwnoensat'Iha s'eiin'otalCoustil enii hasveilua''nsg fe'l
ists-businss sad"Mc " -Ater youastie csee (f theacations. 'The tourna-ither tiedsl oisI a recrd.
getuetie's hstheist yu'd Inls'ser iknowa'yutt isestcortarte as'socatudtolsthe esiofiTt heis'Casatc iinatesto ia sll si iseeisst
Iaiahthis-sinsassthe ig stats-leacthese aharselsdd tfts' sp~rng vasctuilssitthe presiet
All the' fouras'itscesshowised iupa sesh hy hightairs's'fesce. 'Tle rest''stcon1- sitthis Irehm iat sphomora ndist unioii
yessrday.BaIr'assiStsIicrksrhoweingsssrc steds-thttuiortaule leasstchrsi'stilshe csisse's 5iiin lterydeatmeni'50ttilnthelscaiu
res1ecilly'"good Ifaustus Ionahisue ss to is- set tijustaustie, tafordiig ass eselest lisle fastthis pupse'osathaig the faa
cind uo beaalittlewsldut hiat'ulc'' iewu 'f1tie gms. luingrue a las ectinsspre
promsese t istI aistsoIhis lesiiuo sal 'iecgrouns ws uill hliesedosufo- tie s sesas beorie'this'ariusuti a sses thas
titsasefcft eollli las atfhbisg ale'thasomsatiat mlte dursisgthe seltfews'sdays. irporass teal hysthrstsit this-i' esiecis
tae itusthisoassigts"h eatsaser this'aluTis h'lerule restrictitng te ualof te curts csistlultlons
al h itse.toatthleti assciatitoiis mecttbes'swilthhe u1. lTe eopectiveel ecstis of it
Probhabthiithe 10rttiesltist safthedueay'bsler'vie'dltitleyear'asuelst. 1aovecl asss shttlioceuassituthde ift
sals thi s' ue"etilsc'' yhss tt Patersonsi dads sac cu.reuts-s E cot tsuri. Satsuraytfter lia'essitommecemet o tstst
ad liaie' worked. il atuson sit sllsat \iWithteserlnresid msencu ouct toathistsfirt semester. Nmsiatinssfos cat
thirstad tutu bt."P"gitsi god ailyur egagedl itstie ariusasdepartmetisficaihers shill talie les'oaly'ontsi
bgleaduta'stas 'the''opp''sig ipitherofsathaleics theteeduosalsithutletic lish- Satulrdsaay preceds'iigthe dtse of eecis
thrce lash la 'ts r li downsautaneait ouse wtetishatsrouomsu iadloscaer tisPolls lre has he.suen ufrtutost 1la2i a.n
little isustanstudtersonviiscored. Of agtairemphsiz~iedh'its seth undtcoubtsedly 2. try tieshal tat le usedi
cosureeBait t asIcarughtllat firt, hiat le this'slet eterprise sitht swhictthur thecelections. 'he hbalt saduiedi
theresas tauly' isse'ousuanusalthe pla associations aill hatey itself. iBots Alatn stanhalp haeticali listosathe 'andiateis ft
snettedt the un1111It a sealy' donie, asselageryBairdi tutu tirectoar Fizpatrica rea- tie'varius tftics.
w55 atsasb t eaindsiaitoithe fcI that lie the ieed,andsonotly la sfanstuaise- 3. Vating hue rax-shalli he also'
te'mtenasre utsing their hla-suefromuthe opiate saousn t stamoey hstireleayesthetilritely' troitiithu.
muinuste utey start has play' till the gamle cossetruciutsiofte muchueueesbuil- It isthe' itetionsosattheCeunili
s ovher.5itg. tpresetig tie toe' suggesioss to t
"Cat tsc excuses,'' salethue coach.sIf ditases, loeasluisa a uiformn say fc
yssuusmaueialui error, all right; everybody CHEMICAL ENGINEERS FORM the hlig osalut clase elections ot t
soosau. But do't muake oiy' excuses. NOVEL, SOCIETY, "AtCHEMSTS" campuuasas is tsc case its all sate ele
just gct stuwnasd play harder."- ticis. The aolsitins of all party ticke
''le sell seemssto be taking him at Amnotg the eer orgasiationstla ap- is desigie to pecenet tolitical cicits
Iis word, for they are all cworking like pear i thle forthcomsisg Mihigansensitans adslll cter formus of udesirahle pol
beauers to get litio condiion for the is tie "Achenists." This is a semi- tics.
soutern trip. The varsity certainly secret society composed of uppercass- --
suks goodi this year, and, as seseral of mns in cemical egineering and in CANOEING IS OFCLAR
the felows on ihe teans have said, it is general chemical cousres. DIVERSION AT PRESEN
the est eam thte varsity has had in Thie Achenmists cwere founded y Prof. --
several years, stid tat is saying some- Bigeow of the cemsical engiseeing de- Te snny days of the past week ha
AFsissg for this yeat's team as the records parhsent. Te organzatioss is modeled rought out large susssers of casoes
sa thue past years sow. alen rof. Bigelow's society at Boston Saturday afternoon they were on tl
All f ue suens are etusisic aoust Ted, called "KS," or "PotassiumstsStl- rier its force, and ive of teis at lea
te udiamusonchvichs is intrmuls a sneary pides," wicis is ose of the isost in- cast still tloie piters sass paddig fns
perfect One. The poet of ueuie, as prtsnt clubsh in that school. Steeat Euead 'Whiite, for titl ma
Georgie Weeeler hsosbeen kiowni since Membership to te Achenists is based failedho segtiate the swift runi
he waxesd poetic at the beginning of the oss good fellowship. With te coupe- cater it the railroadl bridge. It is qi
season,sasous trod oustchainuitio11of uthue ewCenical laoratories, it a tricklo a ss 100this ioitt witotit tat
the ioriisg measusring it off asd istark- is expected to assmse a more scientific isto the cater. Nearly everyody tin
lath it. The grandustnd is receiving its caracter. At present there are sixteess hoeever, beause at te oahosse I
fiisisng cuat of paist asd cilibe itsiseissbers ithue suciety. Meetings are pavlers are sdivisel ito Class I a
shapue fosr ue first gamne playecd at ome. ihel every month. The honorary meis- Class I-those wo have sccesful
--- hers are istrtctors itscemistry it the passestis poist and tose cwho ha
'Fiss week has seess the commntsicemset Usiversiy. They are Prof. Bigeow, tred buaca or tunsed over Susd
of outdoor track worka boths for the Mr. Smeatos, Mr. Zinsisersehied, Dr. there were tens additiostoi Class I, i
cross counatry stiuadasd tose who work Hai, anu Dr. Lind. of ewhomsu wale a girl.
uto00the field. Yesterday at Ferry - There are now ninety-seves pMv
field fully secessty-five smess were atwcork, Rephlican, Htughes, Taft, Johnsson, casoes seterel t ue boathouse an

asnd at the samse Iisse a satuadi of a sun- Bryan, andu Socialist cltubsho Iave beest ossehusnudred fusr ire. All hot a few
drned asmitious distance rnsners was go- formeud at IHarvardl. Thse democrats are these were itsuse Saturday afterne,
lng over ditch andl fessce eastward of issusing at paper called thse tHatrvairdBest- andulsmy of the cassoeits paddled
town. Coe wresit out with this hunchsocraut. Ypsi, amnsg whsomsevas Prof. Van Tyi

d il
I fo
r aI
s e
t el
y '
of I


en of Saturday's accidents miht have (
tid serius edigesbut for helpng
Isoil otheIbaiks.
Somsse envalherecortdsave eesnetde
-caneists so far this spnsg. A party
Sfour cane down frons Zukey ake
tursday afternoon, a distance of at E
as tihirty-six misses, its six iours asitd
Frui. Vats Tyse, ini a talk uptont "As-ui
'teassIdeals'' iniHarrisIhal yesertay us
'aisedsAmekisscanissaistitheir tudals. lIts
ussues that Aiseicanseehiitt sore it- c
iitduality'luau asy oler itatint,iot e
itistasscissg the fact ila there sre sore A
reigsers us the Usitedl States lan i i,
ny' uther erunitry of tie eworl.
"Ihte fosrty-fve staes of lie Usnion,us
aid Prosf. Vas T''y'ne, "tere is ut oer
iilicauisuinmusiiteoesthlie horduesf fuss I
igiers. No oiler cutry tae suhsa
aniely of curhes, lut still there is umusI
se Chritiasity. There are may differc
tit lansguages reiresesntedt ia our rituals
ry, yet there ie but ose trite lasguage
ills all of these commsonsstraits, tyial ssra
ealssre formsed asoveitsnhe issaus a
'lie questsiontf wis ynIs inusg ousa
'suit thu other cunies, brosught sital
le' questionssoat origin. 'type'st seath '
ate stck to hie first settlers.
"The colonusist,"edcon iteditProf. Vat, I
Ty-se, "hatd hetincagedsipaiaitt cowetd
istricts of large foreigna cities suit usi
arivinsgimuthe ewe'lansdi lutst bee fiaceduta
to aopt lewu istls a'tushs. It
Engandsleveryonse cellostuggling forat
lad,asuethiere eas nstshenoutgh tohao
around;ihandmmt asy little' ofesee case tius-f
ohuahus' hy' imprisonmuussent sun death. hut
he Uniteud States circumstanosce cere,
different. There wales ts muchm ladl sald -
tiot enughtaortt, 5so iiits aiedit
keepures ,,any' ad pssilse tcessn, sald
themeforssusit ositusons. 7ae'sswhschuss
beens se emedtoluuserablse sers' tlerae,.
sald weilte there wereehree hundsrei casest
p unishsales'by deatahl i lsngtld, 1inVir
gusto there were limt twelve. As thee
arly settlers pushuiedh westwrardi theyhe-
camsse indtehpendsenttthey kewr sa smutces
rash government oustookeshd dowsupot
thoste inthe citieschohiash less freediohss.
"kit mnston this frot ierwseie eutaal
uand ree. 'Tilppe srhattlhrtheiea theti
te govermsent1 rciveditshepower rusts
tile peopesansmith11relity wc on tastrslledh
by use spepule. Thureisustlt sat ths wsl
peace its Ameria
"'Tieme kein'idseal governmsent is
raie ewithlouts pecaliss fle ipeple ave
ioon muuch cneno cesh inrt u xe sreneced
mues. A-kfarmesoinumthis ountury is o-
lowed inocwork out lassod tixers, wilie
its Europe ass expeinesnid toots sakes
gootd roads. Thlis is ass example of Am-
ericanssideats. Itn business the Americans
ideal is that everyone soud cose his
owrn cainisg. Thitl is ssmewhat modified
by telaor uniosns which are directly
againus the true ideal. The worst of the
Amusertcanu ideals is the desire to get rich
qunick, but this is its some way over-
shadowed by the ideal Amseican who
sacrifices msoney iterests its order to
serve his country.
"Thee Amuericasn ieatsmaseis an tents
est, candid miaim.one eho is courageous,
paiesnt, first, filet willsisdividuaity,
who thinks attes speaks in his owns fash-
loss wrhether it pleases others nr ot."
'ickets for the Deustcher. Verein's
protduction of "inhsna von Barnhen"
were put on sale at Waer's book sore
yesterday. As the first sale quite ainsm-
her of tickets were sold, but mosy good
seats sill renmain.
The sale will eontnue daily till the
evenisng of the performance, April 4,
except duriing vacation. The prices are

cesuts ; baroy, $1.oo, 5o censts; box seauts,

mily Stark Equals High and
Swing Jump Records-Mar-
garet Turner Sets New Mark.
'fle sesionerssos he itleasnual girls'
tercisss seelIby thilaghs score of itt
'potints, settl the 'aa girls fuoeing
tit 137.ThirdslatileeastenalcubIy the
ophiomoruee'c withs a tunlshfst6 -2. le-
ate oft the smsal numbuuher ost junsio girls
tereat their etieswes-rc ewithrawern.
Oatr the selet tile'ousing cup offeet
.y Dr. F. Carrowe, osatoitl, ease hre-
ctestohasthis-seniors satid great a-
As as girls' ahlticirtee, tin uwlach oe
larhosum gyimnsum sre-ordrasssbroken
mesh levi equallhes.lst evensisg's seet case
s-susatissmas. Gusily' Sain,'o msei', si-
has ngto thus-juges' meassurementtsi
ittla astel -thae, usae 4 feet 2 iches
us thus'highs jassu. Takens frustm the
si,-eird, yuu55 Slarskabrokle the ureord
at } fee's 3 1-2tinches, sclaig tie bas
wit ass ih r ltwotosar h
mdgss, IHsoutevser, schanagd itemthd
of misurment'ttt'bheforeth istevessltlbega.
lis chanumge' mithsIe'it suessary farMiss
Stak lasousalklemae tals, thus ting
heselfet t $n liihurrecsrds clshatt
madest' at 'YptsiatallNoamas ree'nstly, thus
measure'esauah emma" ly'the sanduasrs,
iald sitysalehay irrII . 'itsstrkeusocut
he stdiltsdtil stashofthe rvenrintg. It
he sueithg ajupsie eutalled at list'
recrd oflit x fetl sald proed hetar lt
Isis thi seniiors eiitheuremly ace.
;M agaretluaunteslarokesthe aoth gmt
rerdulfat30 feelsainlte Sluaut l y I 1-2
inche, aftertrumonsid sstet tasiingdurig
liar ye-tr fuss iliac eveat.
Rfeay''' titus 115511 ir'sttluh n
compouise"dIof theiks Ies hastly'Suak
ElizauStarTs s hurerBrudgemuan, oust
Carer. 'iusd.._-_4. toasts-S nSr-sis5v,1
Rops~ec stiso, ir slt; \kWilsona, se-
suits iT'orsryituirdiPitos-Fsreshmseni
29, sop~thosmot~rs5
Runasist'' laghsjump--Ei'tly Starkl, 'o,
firstussry, oheeond;l Lasses, 'u, thirds.
Hihts-4 feset 2ainchese.iPiltlS-Sasnios
31' freshmsaenaIa
Vauting--Carte, 'ASist ; Eia
Stark '08, seond;sasla Itie-cate, 'a, disia.
'lie places iltis esemtwereegirdsnlas
seniosecuseasof athisoinr eelent taunt.
Poitus----Setiortl's 219, Iehen 25, spilt-
'Iraseling rng-Itniogetuo, 'S, first;
'i'hrrey-. 'a, secondul; Wright, 'u, tird.
P~otsah-Seniotro s85I2, reshmuenm it1-2,
sphomosres 6 1-2.
Seumi-fitnuss sat 28-yardsehiu-Winnters
oft three separate hets, ituhnnm, 'O,
Whitmsanm'o Winanus 's
Finals sof aS-yamd daI s-Whitmsan,
ire; Rulioma,e second;t Wintanss,tlistd.
Pouits-Sohsaomors S8, snr 7, fresh-
Shotpui t-Tuners'o, fst; Carey, 'o,
secomss; lorohnuinurs 10 third.hDisace
-30 ft. 312 ill.,26 ft.91i., 25ft. 9 1-2
it. tPoints-Seisors 14 sophomsores .
Flyinug rngs-Brsigemans, 'O, fir-;
Stinusona, -'u, secondsi; 'Wrght, 'o, third.
Poits-Seniors 18, freshmssens16 1-,
Swinug jumnp-Wort iby Emiy Ston.
tHeigt-t, feet.
Rtelay etue-'aWtno bpsesionteams frost
sophsoore. Tisse-:55 1-5
Poinslmadoue mun ureiminsary meet-
Seniors 22, juniors 8, sophommoes6,
Owing sa he mistke its yesterdays
Daily regardinug thee meueings htie Edu-
cationeal clb, feer trnet out to te
mseetinug last umight. ieanitReetd kindy

will hire it the ue'sesday sifter raucatlion,
April ,i.

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