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April 01, 1908 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1908-04-01

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G H. Wild Compally
Our Spring 1908 line of fine
Imported and Domestic
Is now ready. It includes all
the latest Novelties, Shades
and Up-to-Date Patterns it
Moose Brown,
Caribou Ta,
Leather Shade,
Grays and
Fancy Blues.
Your patronage respectfully
G. HI Wild Comfpally
31I Sutth State Street
Before the season opens ip,
istead of waitng for the
good weater to remittd you
of it. We have the work
done by one of the best firms
inth tbcoiltry an its good
Siheelhall & Co.
Student Bookstores
A. G.
c -l SPALDING __
The Largest Manufacturers in the World
f Oficiat Athetic Sppies
Base Bal, Foot Ball, Golof, Lawn
Tennis, Basket Bal, Hockey
Officiat Iplentsetfo Track and Field Sprt
Usiformnt tor ati Sprt. Spadis's Hadsomey
ittustrated Catatngeofallt ttsprt contains n-
nmerous sgeetions. Sed tr it.-It's ree.
Now York, ieatogo, St. Lous, San Fracso,
Minttneapolis, t)ever, tutaio, Syracuse, Ptts-
burg, Phiadelpitica, Boston, Cictnant,Batit
more, Washington, tanssesCity, Ceveand,
New Orens, Dtirt, Montrea, Canada.

THE 1MICHIGAN 4 DAILY. cric tielifiti-hirneced. tIf tihen they
itt--.- ie*of the I.IIiirstty,seiwhichthotigh
If taitogic , ditot -AnCtoERF. RItxctcEi nti,ii ilypa irate orr- realty conitrolledl
Btustnessc Manager-C. E. WINSTEAD. andiifiosit-redl Iy ilie-schl, and int tso
--far a pat of ihecurricu~lu, whicy-sthould
EnrTORS _tey ite den-iethe pli rivilege? Itiis to
Nes..s- ....:--Hiram S. Cody ieth-temItt the best part of their eftica-
!athletics-------------....Lee A White ittn.It is to force them into distosie-
Exchange-.....H. Johtn 'Vambold fliistuiels. lecattse- the schtol is too
Muttsic and Drain-i -...Roy D. \Vrlch ticrirow ;ii(],boastintg-iititnate but tot
Womeet's Editor.... Louise Van Voorhcis liecelite-cer ofi a trite uiversity, still
EDtITORIAL. STAF itotffer cottgeniial1courses ito everyotie.
J. W. MclCandless Elmer C. Adams Tis sirep ittietactmuenti reminds its to f
tie counttry high schooil wsih require-
NIGHT EaITORS latugutage iw-tch iatdI offersinotiniigbit
George H. Hohart Leoniard C. Reid tatt. Wutldiitttittielittier to ele-
Chauncey Boucher B. G. R. Williams mtiti tieis-rk tdcsireid tip the "special"
Raymond Visselser intto atirieiciuiiniisuitjecittuantotiro-
scribett-i? the tie newcituleitasaplied to
REPORTERS tiolitical otices aidtoi iiathletics is cx-
M. B. McHugh J. H. Prescott ctei iiiisiiielitiiex-~ii
A. L. Hainline Robert Mountsieritietiiisicltisii-tiiytoc
Lowell J. Carr Donald L. Kinney citttii-ii spiiiaretisi t ni slikescltotite
Walter K. Towers Louis Krafi ld rt eadne h ilivk
Lewis T. Kniskcerit Rohert Moreland tice. -itsiiiitetii-ci-til
Paul Greer Samuel H. Morris li e g(tfatiii claimutais ter suits.
Otto Engel Fred E. Glooding
Theron P. Cooper CjktPSCilltlf IT t hI,;I>lI S
John F. Wurz Carl H. Adam Ts-ati-,,its- mitmters i wt ipiose ielh
Harold P. Gould iot-eriiinth- sti-uggit- for aiic-iuiittc
Address: MICHIGoAN DAILY, Press Bldg., -too ntesxt ad rf .W
Maynard Street..IGliiiccthieidt oftctheisturanuce dunirt-
Managers Hours : I-2 p. in., 7-8 p. m. cc-;iiic ticket. ie-i,, T. Sitht, cprofessor
daily, except Snnday. Both phones of clintical itegery in i, i tut eitiic
uHav AecIn the -sivithuiiairi.IFrtuk itichie.
tu--sitintdiretor oif tetthletic asso-
ciitci.Litti ~ ditatis.dtedCItoll t(borldema
itil'inew ftacutitcrute swhich, fotriits ill NQUEFT A' i. IlE0R fPP

MUetSoT cii stee;GFte irSWi iMI-Jtr6.
Charhes P.I-ktistacd. tom,till com-
pte nt- ilte swi-uniing crivc at to te
hiel ytiphe Nets EnglandiLifefurs
tssociaitnii.at 1 tstotiPay 30. ,bast
yeiar PItstattiwosi-othiittthe ihalf-milie
swimitattu diing cotess, tatd is cofi-
denittercutrpeat the peformance this
veeir. HI-i lrepreseiti Rhode Islad
il the contest, has-lngbtent swiminig
intsictcor at Neswport for several ya-ic
t iusti d till use Detroit posStr tre-
liinary-iw-ork,.andtaits on a15sethter
permtits stitt usete it unilStr lontge
swi-tnd-itispietipractice. te cllatenge
atny tutn initheUniversity- toi race front
too tardstoive lit-lsies.
XTts-i}'iAsUs- sititieocsi-uitLttsttt-t:is.
At tie regslar iseetitg f te Aco-'
lt-s iii Pitrris setinsary rosm lst
ightEProf. R I. P Wenley reat a pater
on "Paul andi Ithe Helenistice Pilosophyc
of Rfeligiont." A1ti secil tmeeting tast
itek e Pi.residientStewsarison sof Hbtihtc
cillege r eadtatipaper itni"Feeling."
fI ueic WaDama
Iiettitifttl sceeryctandugIgeop-uts ris-
opeca. te-le-t ifRi-rdariUiet- ha-.s-i-c
wriittn i.eT'Ma-oPlop-t-cf Tokio," tutu
ittiitesen t thle Newi-isituethea-lt
ter Saturdaity aft-rnoottandoet1 inttg.
lh in k tatd whiti- ptrtsoltofii pi
japatntneier--eemsto ilue i-ispot-i
of chstig ights iiiei-iatcouple Iheii,,s of
(acitte-.dilotgues-atnilstitg. Jthn,1'.
st-i-y, iitiithpoular-t-i.tceia, Willelit i
in cttile ittosedsand-titi rl. Cs.the tin-I
ager,.lis trcdci ts Ciclago,. Plc.
Sauter.tie ts-ter, is oss-netgtiatinitg
isitt, seetal astesn-thieatrictal cmiestiii
tie manttagemien t iof te hiouse. It, is
untcertinisust whentithe ittiptitit-istitt
open s-irip-utt-wheniitdeiti ili o
icACie.T iCOCTis ittSuTisci.
Pie- Facultys-oert tadv-trtise-dlfr
out- iseeik. .Iis. Stmuel PI,ck-ts-t,
is one of a tiseries f iiccs beiig
itnlip the Schtoultiofi AtusPicnutyli-n
Highc School hltl.
licitig pilled-fog fit-Ply;.
Amt tireet. Bfell phtisie 711. 37-41
T- i s tdutuhty tist of Isittitut,.20
for 25 cntis cletidt-pos-.ttacds (tll
iiiw viewis. t-ta
See our complete line of Michigan
pins, fohs and souvenirs. Haler's
jeswelry Store, 216 S. Main street. od

Globe Wernicke
Book Cases
Thte kind that grois with
yonr library-that will fit
practically any space -that
can he moved one utnit at a
tinme by one person without
disturbing the books-that is
practical, artistic, and the only
perfect sectional book case
nmade. Fitted with nonbind-
lng rollerhearing doors; base
units furnished with or with-
otut drawers; and all made in
a variety of woods and finishes
adapted to any surroundbngs.
Call and see thenm or send for
cataloug I of with inteior views
sbowinug arrangement in li-
brary, parlor, etc.
Price per section $2.50
and up.
University Bookstore
Just Received
30 Brand new (never pub-
lisded before) Views in col-
ored Postal Cards. Among
them are-.
May Festival Concert
New Squirrel Card
A Beautiful Night Winter
Push Ball Contest
Tug of War
Swing Out--and 24 others
See the new set of 20 New
Colored Cards that 1 am
selling for 25c per set.
Zporting Goos
Citosels,.s r ote us, h ia
tuuasty ntisani-tihi- siuiiti-te ts iof
lii- lut this-p.will witt-it- a ll eytti-t-
glu4"thuuat Neseisnfortandhservici.
taveyurteoptictal work sduts-at
ARNOLD's ant[u itlluti tinouputt,
ftruly anditgutautntic reuts.Qt i ck~tit
ipain. tinstes Gro iundu.
OticautlSpiit thst
WM. ARNOLD, Jeweler
0 thS SaiMeeStre

speciial shtuetus ht totkelullt iniverun-
sits atctivtt tuti ilisn ts-novecriticismu.It
us vaitutuoiisheuate i s-iitot i itfticuut-
ic~ i d ut het tilttins if tuur stntuponuu
tissertot : t ,us. siweli us t
rtniolo: tplstseciPWeconjecture tut
th utuuus-i1utt u n-th ix. ut i-ia
itaog has tuu eet n dlt isoveredi iftutun
ahleicsstandtiltherspeciltiies ittmut
ue au lames ote. -'Io exscludenstuecitalitth-
li-tic stuths-tts fromtan initstittutlion ti
portuinu. to furniushutuit n ithiteleta
ds it-iisswill situtugit , tut t an
stdetsi dattttics, journalttiismt, dtutu,
up-tue kindrueduraucthtes. is s incg fright
fullyp netru deryuuuu.
Plc titus-in indltens-ughicss-to
luciuse that spiatl studensuts -ire-ofutnliii
tmo ist atnst iniiineltual pitursuits.,tutu
th it-tutigiftedlif tllushotiruesitu, lirt.
'the~ir fauult is thtu tt-pykn h attsstututhey
wan to doh , li.andthatius-couraitgieenouughu
ht despiise -I univeti sptyidgreetwicilthis-i
c ultobtainuonlypbhientutuIrtitugtugeseuf
tutu t tht dulnssc, and.mutautlicsuof
tuatitericalulednu totu obhtructuus. This
sit uii-ttoudmsttf its I ttuatiweaitt-tu
deucidedulas to uwhattwie-preifier, tutu co
hutte.uInuouruopiihn, if this Uivericsit
could ts sucuedit, cuuuusstiuug us tll it
steiatl"cstudents, this-probhlemtutu edu
ctutiton suuwo ut- becolvedu.
litut twttu uen tasspeials, sit ctalled
dositbectauseito lute of. stork undtuer thus

I''is cratuuutui-cltubiuntl tibaueu~ut at
Barur tu,, iat till s eelutu httitcccng.
Fredersickt J. Mengerateas-utits tmtas-
ti-c. -tutdIPrtuf.h Walter IDenisotut.MPss
L~uesltl iis-utnp. u G-ennu1I. hBritton, C.
A. PeIrscp- I cutup Ph. (ttsitiiantutu ei
We'i khutig crcliotutudItohutohitss
O f spianitertuuestin ilethustudenomi-uuu
PWttIttrs iii Shts t it ites, st-his-h
ticsn t lda, are theadress. locantl
utucttisis iof the aut n - tn
utu-uthiso f theuCotut renit
At q o'click hi tts morning Proliuf. I
WI. Keseycientts thinsiession illii Hatrris
huTll swithithuspaert s i tl uco-
t i 11 i ast t, ic shts."The Is-
J. \t'.tCoitritsecretaup if thin Ires-
lip-te-ctittnIhtituid cf educti, wsilt give
"ThusClimtutuofthut liutistutultuthue
Utuvesitu :liii.- lhis tafternoon at i
It30 itnl uSarait illwtll tutu lthu-1,1uot,
Prof itt sut ttu hvitsaShutstTlieSholi
OPtitheus uussusuuutof its stuuutn,, ccniiicii
Juts 17, lIhtut colle-tgs- utill ittonfit thin
honoraryuucdetic-e f Dotoriiof Letstc
upn irf. I. M.I -VIlslt. tic. lntlep
usill go itftut (duidia, N. P.,ito klein-
Itla ht givethis uuuuuuuuuussuuuuultiuaddress
lthere J ttus up9
iet a Kodakt , Tt OC atiay.Ltup npdon.tiif

O n o lrNew Spring Monarch
Co-Op Store

Flve Cornoorta
May 13-14-15-16
Ftredertck A. Stotc,Coneductor
CHORAL UNION (300 Voices)
Albers A. Stanley, Conuctor
Ps-rnolpnc.I Choral Work
"Creation" - Itayulut
"Faust" - Gonoud
Met. tCorinne Ritder-Kelisey
Ttusarday and Saturdae Fvenings
Mine. Ernesttite Schuman-Ileink,
Coantralto Wed. atid Fri. Eveninugs
ists Janet Spencer, Contralto
Frt. Alteration and Sat Evening
Mr. Edward Jonson, Tenor
Ttuar, Fet. tcnd Sat. Evenings
Mr. Cliaude Cuanningham, Baritonne
Saturday Ecenteg
Mr. Earle GI.tKilteen, Barttone
Saturday Eveing
Mr. Hterbert iWthterspoon, Bass
Tthursday and Saturday Eventngs
Mr. L. Be Mere, Ftrenchu Horn
Frtday Afternon
Mr. L. L. Reewick, Organist
Wednesday Evening
Season Tletiets hunreservedh $3,
Senson Ttekets (reserved)l $4, $5, $6
For Sate at
School of Music

Ihe Students' Lecture Association
Brander Matthews, April 6
Singlie Admnission - - 50c
Gov. John A. Johnson, April 30
Single Admnission - - 500
Die Students' lecture Associaition

121 Washington E~. The Randall Studio, Randall & Pack, Prop's.

Phone 598

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