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April 01, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-04-01

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The Michigan Daily



Hiaskins Praises Cross Country
Course-Wet Grounds Hinder
Baseball Practice.
The cros contry course is in ex-
cellent conitiois for early rtns atd yes-
terdays a large nttmtler of rn were
ot. Thie recent rain nde te grontd
alittle sticky-ottside of tosit so the
mnch ae coteitedltlemseles witlthGe
curls tracks' on the sie streets.
GuryIHaskins, wo recently rart agaist
('or in the gyrr, was tost favorably
,trurek:swithrMihigan's cotrse.
"I loiretnever seett a better stretch
of country- for cross cottntry turposes
tan that aota Anti Arbor. With a
little ateiti on it conl e toote to
strplass the famous ciitrse at Corell.
Any edistatteecoultI le tkentcare of.
"Anid note that yut are giigtoli seiti
cross country teatts dowri east you
ouightr to hae at least twiibundreitiers
out for eerctrn."
Director Fittatrick will continue the
policy of excusing first-year menr from
gynt worki if they oin the sqad.
"Fast anti slow squads will e sent
oiut as usual," said Capt. Rowe'nit
they will e unier the directon of sue-
sity arid CCC nmen. We don't want any
roan to kill himself, and each mats till
receive careful attention.
"tf the first-year mcii will rcinse (st
ad work they will e given every op
portunity to win not only the tlti htot-
ors anti awards, btt trw pries wriicr
are planned"
Hlaskins is of the opitioti that Crell
ail always e oe leading riatl itcrs
cotutry runirnitg atred that tttly throgi
the cultivatin f tunercassmnetciiiis-
hoape o illis-tinxtt o fall.
Coe, Ruote nit Dltisill rot be attic
to replresent is, tnt it is riporanrt that
the mren tirnttilt i ooputt mtbriers.
ItIItai-ry cdosetnmatch, ii s-hicithte
Ieut wsin doubirli ttil lie lasttirutert,
I~l andutitWalusit wonttie right to tiet
IHoa~g ardidiuy ii tiefitrals if it
doubrlles hantdbaiull toirrurncuen. As tite
scoerwiill inicte, iatseunitndLefing-
s-lI futrishedlti iery goossctulest. tn
fact at oie tie ditriglte secstrdgtrmr
ims htadltheir titpttitets liiithe rtts
Rultby- smntevery fast plyig LoeP
unit Waulshn succeededliicuttirg doter
the leadt,strictesetuly wtott te gtme
r; to 1. The first gamte wsils nt s
closete fittal soerbeinig ISto io
The fitals soldip roe irtersitg Ic
itsch, though accriiitg to doe Loel
antu \Walsht shiould itinth~e sittch. Wals
defesated IHoug ii singles, nit toell hat
it tier rLeidy, butt ini dotbles i bags fasisaigmyustth oe.W aee
the resul,rie plty sold e fast aisd
close. Hansen ad Leffingell hartenaaddterbbn o hr lc
stnd the first ard second ribboni wil
le decided by the final match whict
till proably be played Thursday after
t- iiiWrsATERPt1 euViN1iCaM.
Twentty-fie Itaselli catdidates p
tetredi for ptrctice at the fair grounrds
yesterdasy. Nittractice gareste5pl5~taye
switirthenthrus, owirg to tie ad cot-
diionsi of the groutnsds. The fair groundsd
siltle usei until tie new Ferry fiel
diamondiit is free fromr frost ans sbiiee
rolled. It is expected that by the midde
of ext week tie field will le read'
fr use.
Ornly ligt work was idtlgedinit yes
terdaty. Tire cult of the ight before
saking the field very soft, hidereti fas
play ntl it tess cilly abtite grounds
Fislditig airdibhatting practice occupie
tire greater ptrt of the timse. 'ihepitci-
ers worked ut in sweaters. The scrib

tat ittart appearance, bitt Coach Mc-
Allister, ini order to avoid any inj Pries
cefursed to start a gaine.

Lst night Barbourr gymnsiumsrrrrsias
tire scene of tn atletic exibitiorsgerr
for tie ertertainmencrt of tie facty-a-ntl
friendis of tie pariciats. Tieroie-
gramt beganuirthlarsigrand miarcinrswicr
alt the girls took part. 'iTe secorid
rnumrsber was aesthetic dancing, cnisist-
ing of tie Wildlid istzurka ainsdte
Sylhiette polka series, ly tie secodi
sndtrithirdi year girls. Te freshsmsar
"days orier" followed, aid ter camae
fenscinsg ty tietnipperlass girls. 'Tiws
freshsmart gamres ard it garse of "zig-
zag- al" by tie seriors clseithte lro-
grant proper.
Thiern followedetarsiirite Ibasebal
gamre ibetweentthecjunirsor nit sopomror
girls, restultirrg ii aivictry for te for-
mser, t16 to 14. Itt the fills ard last
irrirng lite batting y tie sophromoroe
girls ealy titled ot a victory. Tie
Mlisses Spertcer ard Cohsraresere c-
slotsiblse fr tie giod soiwirg tmadit
by thse sophromtores. Miss Stone played
is-clt fr tie jtrniors. Follinirg is tie
linrerup:Jnriors-Stonse, p.; Sletor, c.;
Hiendeersonr, i. ; I-odge, al. Pee, 31.;
Pledger, s.; H-eith, fied. Sohtomrors
--Cochrranre p.; Siencer, c.; ossner,
i.; Parry, al. ; Higgirns, 31. ; Wisi-
ttnitt. s ind irieberg,fil.
1 soriernir eiditit f Moliere's
"Lt'Av-are" will le pits tn sale at thei
tSlate' street btostk stores tdeay, tie ries
beirg fifty cents. 'lThe edititoir sas tre'
tiared for te Cerce tDrtmirtiqte ratt
'ecais, whiose miembters are 1o present the
lay ott 5bay 81 at tie Newe Witttiy.
Tire ook, sich was printed by'tie
- Arrr Arbotr Press, liss a coer of Strt-
t mrecptiler ptinted itt brownriarsdtre.
iTe t128 ages arc of iruff, delckle-egi
stiler, swithisunctrtpages. A potogra
virec tortait of Mire fosrs the
t frontispiece of tie bok. An etcig of
V'iliere s iHarpagon, tie title rle of
-L'Avre," listsbeerrrncudted. In tie
frot a re sprit lttie ms of thiotie'
rmerrber of tie Cerc eirho siill cmpsios:
tthis cast.
'ivn nunduntretd tnru fifty coies havte'
libitnirepsaretd. Of tis sirmber Soo wisli
ie usentbyithe studrters of tfrenchiit
tire diferenti dearrmentts of the Uri-
e ersiy200oisillte lit ott sies soe-
ntis, ani fifty- colies siill ie exchanitgd,
by the Creceswithr promsinetirahttrins's
iicthrughtoiut tihi'corntry.
IProf. Trueblood's class in Shakes-
spetireant reading preserthedl"RichardlHI"
Iott Mndnay anu'Itesday evenings. Prof.
r Trieblood gas-c a short talk irtodurcitg
I the ply atnd acors. There were se-
eerutl players for each part, lute the aimr
ewas o give each niember of tie class
1 ant equal amount of irk to do. Ins
nseveral of tie scenes only the girls par-
Despite the fact that the actors had
little scenery, a creditahle presentation
-wuas given. In the cltsing scene of the
splaty, whrent King Richaurdu shouts "A
I honse, a hrune, sy kingdom nfnr a
-hIrnic!" his well known wrds swee c-
swarded, for a toy horse cune flying
I thrroiugh the air frons the gallery. Both
apresentations were attenduedl by utppre-
s ciautie audniences.
itR. toI314 Attaugsci SOCAISS
- DIr. Williani E. Buh of the rhetoric
departnment spoke inn Detroit Sunday
It afternnoons on "Utopia antI Eoution."
. tHe adresseud a large sciaist auience
d t Schwankosky's hal "Tie socialist
-is tot a reoutionist," slud 1). Bohn,
s"bhie elieves that the working class

-should gel hold of the raw nmaterial and
;, mreanns of production, and use them for
tire benefit of the whole country."

Concessions Granted to Old Fa-
vorites-Vaudeville Tryouts to
be Held Saturday.
'Fle We~strnuSalson.elys Sie,
anil this-Radum anatsc- will aginrt ic
ton poupulaiuty st this yrsrCo unsty Fu.
Conscesssions were grantiedhfuse these it
traciosnsiatsianmeting'fthu ee rcsuive
commnnitee Sundsay- afernoon.s rivtileges
to opesrateimoing ptiueiicture souw- swe-e-
Thurcomitteennhar lstsdeciedi t Isser
agenrasl shuts-.ctenraly lcteuiniitie
gymsnnasiumintotswihiichinoetr -ha admuissioun
willi uheuhagedn. 'lie fensing int, saut
-ucties fromunshue-ariuns booissts still issue
ticipsate- i thill uss rciosn. Setlssinret
he pacedi sns theuruntningtruck tushwislit
he resersvediflute smsual Ie.
A lprizeuof tInn dollrs i gldlwsell
he awssarded lfuse tie est Cussnty-hlittl
raster subimrie. ismemeruof rie
cummitstere muirsuippoitedlt sisit IDe-
tit, hun geu-Isuggestiosns fous tt
till ie givnunsirpries. (lne sifthese
wilitgo t hislie is-I decoefloat isueinn
line paraenndi.nit tehus ehrnto tine'orgatuni
zationn makuinng thes t usrnnonsry- 'lie
commuritee- inill turn stntsffbe iitie
AunsArelon- Pressihudiulng inn anfIisnitys
ars n ill keeps fficshustrom to 5hu
p.in. run. y
The psusinsuins itults filtthei stii-
sille eshowuarusto be hedironhSiturdalunluy
monisu uns, Apinl 4 iRoiosms IC.As tnt
sunusualiiuamouun if nulity lists cnei c-i
shrncesdithis vearnunthur mutny dramanntic
innsdutstns tiescommritee'ha-ig tihs
show i-un chargne s evess-ry-reasuosnto be-
liesve i tht tisurodulucioun wit-ll he gre-
er,"tit grnerndtuhmorsse- hwsidering" iliun
Allkinrds sitacts ae eiric-iru iuusiesl,
sketceams, run ima inudosnnaus, itmons-
loguistss hutch-faIed artelis, tmblters.
truthlegitnia ults. htors- -iiyo-tissuiuisi
A rsnrshurnnf rue-n tie' nuwswoining sn
sui sories ntilcmpiis usoe s fisthlie
pishedstidurslting the-Iain.It shoe
thatt shersustnill sohhhn adthel t ir ner
t tliis sst fcniisnlus A saif sill
soon he' rmadse isiantruthblishied, f tst
un-i nurses'snrtingflutehisatier. IFets-
sitnstue tint s lstasnustisity shns"thus
litre, sur nwiho luss aturns tnt ainI woul
mauske ua gioudlCitaritoatlii 5souttldset'
Johtns P. iVurz e Issit int.kRent, sitA..
. Rititeue-atnies. 'Those e ssn'ae so
eldy his unfgges iesto taniy iwhlst te
surer totwrite.
Thur en'n-ih probahly hithrlien-cissnes'
of tie Clarioin, sndsultie'manargemrent
expsects ito sell st lest 1naoot curties
sliing tie funr.
Forty-tiwo Unircsity men swhoushae
graduauted fromurtlie Ansn Aror high
Ischool held a bnquiuet at te cuhtouse
Slast ight. L. P. Joceynt of tie high
schsool Itoldi of thur death nofthe lit Mi-
igan n nnrschnlsuic FootbaulIleagu' annu
tine org-rulezatiennofaunewtars sgucehics
contains Annit Arhors, Jacksosn, Basttle
Creek, Adriaun, lDetroit Cnrl, Kalmua-
izoo, GraindhRapidtus, Saginasw, ntilLan-
-msig. 'lie-nsrnunsrsip f this league
is to he on invittionnsly, ansIte
chamnpionrship is Ins Inc determrinedhupon
a percentage bhsis.
snuenne us.i'iresttns nun G1it AmQuTi.
TIhenclcinical tprfes ssosof thur mednictl
depasrtmntiguns-c unquuqeut Monduay
ngit at th l ncuhtsnse inhuono nf M.
Gilmosrie, whon lar resignedu his psitionr

in tire University honsptital. Regent Deal,
lProfessors de Nanucredle, Dock, Peter-
son, Barrett, Parker, Canfield, Breakey,
Darling, Cowie and Camp were present.

Tern corntesansnn for places ontunhe
AlpihatiNun teamrnuwhichnsiill turet tie
repirentaiveirs of thur Jffrsonian so-
ciety- ins tiecupir detes swil mini a re-
limuinruy- debate it the AlpuhatNun meet-
tg Saurdanluy night. Thur final contests
muill b heiletthe teektefollowing tie
sprinrg svacatioun. The undestiont for de-
iate is "Resolved, thast iriv-ate propety
ipntthie ight seas shorul he exuip
from capeturetinec ihm'of war."
Accousirsnneneedinn annuiour sy-
tem rn escribuedhty tie governent acnd ni
cunirr i nth by the reiseirs werecex
plissinedl annultie advntunages f thie sys-
len in srttech outiby Prof. Adasn innhiis
lecturne yesterdsay.
TChi claissificantint f oerturing x-
pensersmutd tietextosithterexplnatonnshs
usicini s-upruearediby Pena. Adass
under tie directionrouf rte intrsate
comrtnnece commnuissiosn, has reecurat-
lucis-ect ty tie United Sates gus-cn-
uent arndhisscums-eunrg discuscdby its
originattor ibefore iniigutn studeents. Inn
teter that a crrecivalrutiornf thin
strmaindiruhelectric roadssof tieUnted
Sissiesmay- he determninedupinusit ha.
ben sunrdeed that tis systemnn Ie crriei
'A issance sheet," stict Prf Adamns,
"muusihe trin ted si-hicr will cutser all
itmus sit riuense' Instis'roadnl so alil
ites ofs itincomrne,trust he' filledi out us
scsusdlng ts thur systein prscribednd tic
thu-it-ceci t ie governmnent.ItwitIlhe-
necessary- nt am-c from 2nasato a2,o us-
usry' accounts hun cutser compltuetely- tll
he ilemsundrn te generalt heads Finn
sisance,undrns hte mantrenancesof say-
tru strucnnture,wi-ll he tplce tienitin-
ternce of roadbedn, bidnugs, htunes,
kinrg tie itrackiclearnndruhlile -
ecstnts i. 'The nmainenance onut snimercnt
selts i-t tie rolling ndfti hsnng stck
of tin--nraisroahilm-tue rinoiler hads
mesrsuitditonid accountns suggestedl hu
'h Michniigarn Snich ltrs club riseh
gis iis for ty-tmirdsssionu todauy. 'lie
clical confeence mwilhbegin its met-
nun" sirn tie mrnring ti-tlProf .\arti
1. 13'Ooge s hpresiding officer. Au in
us'clock trust Sanders sill lecueoni
thus Ireer M\lunscriptcsafthetineh,
rnSin tinahCaswelcl Angell IIall
Thie afttenrnnusill tbr 'occptidl mwiii
au muittsession osithelIuc ntrdenomnina-
tional Conferetire of Church ard Gilis
Worknlers. lresident Angel swill residec.
IThe 'ModiernnLasnguage Confeence
trillasio intet st 2 :30 P u. rofs
FreickulsLithe of Albionicollg, mil
nt isehairmtan.
line Conference of Physics ard Cem-
inyytill meet rum thur Physics laoratory
lb2 ococwih Pen. N. . Smith,
sit Oliet college, ad its chairman
'en 8 prnPont Knapp, of Coumrnbia,
well lecture on "T'he Ronman Theater,"
before thie classical conference, whirls
withlhetinrsnied sen rby Prof FN
JUIr~O VESCNr noCs orICT;Res
The Junior D~eutschier Verein adopted
a conrstitutionu tandl elected nfices for
thin ensuing year yesterday afternouon
The officers are Lee A Whie, president;
Miss Wilson, vice-president; Helen
Jayne, secretary; and Hotrd ox,
Inn trderhum arrange ft onsinestn
nf arcclsentertainmnent Inn be given

bsefosre tire spring eacatiomn, thresoph ils
will told a, meeting 'T'hrsdany afternoon
at 4 o'clock, in RnnuiC. A smuoker to
be held at thre Union clubhouse is one
of the plans under consideration.

Athletic Committee Announces
List of Men Eligible to Wear
Numerals-Rules Published.
Wuithn thi:esompltriniu ofuittnduo rut-
leics y tie carnnivalh nutlst Saturdsay-
night, thie awa-srdilng of class numralcsh
frtune tin rasckcaninthaskeistballhhathltes
liar iene eidedi tuonThe'lernhs util
sotisle fusethisesm-class isigia asicfol-
'Nummiierals shallhi he- awardnedrito tie
memers cormosing mie nclass fooutbll,
basusballit, trunk annulbasketball rth armuus
mquiying fus te r'semin-finls y thur
tunis qulifyingfo timehis snm-fnaiilsn, ins
lihe seise nif miissaricles, arem-mmt those
tems remarruirninng -ligileu-fum te lst-smrims
precedsing lh iii l u ntil t
Numensrals salli in- awrduestohumms
scarious cas temuistaccording tam thur tush
'luack (rla ),snylommi sore'thin ixsetcsi;
Tire mnannges of thus'vsariours ams
shallhe incudsedhin this nnsnien
Cosntrstantns swiunninglpoits m ine un-
uialftersh-sothindonuoruninet shatll b
awardnued their clasus numraleus
('lassnmrnreals shatlhbe'mmorn mshume--
inaftprov unuide.(:
Tranckiela ty) nnurasls sitl ibs worn
tut shits nds rutamis; frsh-sopihutrck
teamsunn itistususmihale' mliin suitshirt,
jersey- sits tiltcas ; basksestall muners
Classs whse teamusnrusviolte thiesr
rueitershall 1cbe eelled romr trlandtss
athltilc econtess."
'he ba~setballnhiseriesuresultedinmutint
gnrntinng sitimumeraliss liii' followtinig
'mx) ini tgineurs (eiuarnisisns) -Wts
I t, unsnnrse,Cl'arki, ('amupsbell Nor-
mt, Wtis, ntil tiunigerTyler.
1(uo0 lass-H1sonsur, Spulduisnrg, turn
inel, Luthrti, Latssme', Eliy, adMmmi aImsn-
19in its-Webtser, Haveys, inert,
Esiasthtirin, htnsokmu-ssmu-m, W'isn-hs dmmiMn-
ager Ritharsnit.
itism nis-Pierces,, Frtame, IInnod
)rslr, Elgharmt, andM anag.ehsgr P'ec
t ics1to benostied thaltttierentry-sries
resnuedsiin numenranls fist nearly lbsestord'
teamus s sir thtiebasketltl series, tie
rOulaums-reisay-teanmn tking miepmier
sit thu Tr no hunt- ibasketballitemru. Nu-
luotwlngrentry- nent
r9m1uLills (champrtios).-CafigR an,
lHorner, Goetz, , Ljiuenhnc, tatId Main-
1908 lhas-sCollins, onslire, Witin,
IHarris, annulMatnagreD~uan.
Parmnri-Scnr, Stoffel, init, Bri-
renauntilManager Meloce
'Teste, Rrsrgi, Grahamind mlManaugr
Tenu sophonmores and thiten fresh-
in stuceeded in annexing points in the
freshu-sophs mert annulavbureensrewrehd
with thie following numralus:
Sosphoores: 1910 Lits-Bolinsack,
Arhur, Knapp, Smith, Sinffoth. 1910
Engineers-Legg, L~einsson, Myers, See,
Freshmn:ri uit tLits-Saumer, hu-
hatnhet, Ryain, Halnt 191tEnginees--
Deutunosk, Torrey, Wright, Flynn, Orsen.
irpm Law-Keck 19io Dent; titzge-
ell. t9to Pharnmi-Shrlu1911pumMed-
In speaking of tbe awarding ot these
nurals, Manager H ill of the boardl ot
dietors sithtie athletic association aids
"The comrnmitte front tie athletic aso--
ciatliosnnunsinsignia mmmladust nutmerals
rutas exanineed thur reports of tin e c-

spective class mnanagers andl has granrteed
this list of nien permission to wear the
numrals ot their respective chaises."

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