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March 28, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-03-28

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The MichiganDail


No. T34.

Championship Basketball (tame
Between '09 Engineers and '10
Tlonigits atltic carnival offers an
interesting conglomeration of coitests
botht fromthtlceewptoint of te spectator
and p Iarticiant. Nearly ifty men will
conmpete for the arios athletic honors,
antd there will le no tragging of the
prugrans front start to finish. T1e nost
skilled fencers anti wrestlers, the fastest
relay tinth ie tmost stectactlar gymts-
tic terfornmers, andth ie est tggregaion,
of baskettalt layers ithle .Uiersity,
wsilt furnish the cntrtainmntit
Contrary to the stattemet itt yster-
ay's Daily, te cotestats for the bas-
kcetal ctattpionsship f the University
are the 'op cenginers antI the 'q laws.
Th~e 'o engineers swere last year's iter-
class cianpions. This tans has at lest
two mnewhoeontltd tsake a varsit'
ise if sl ciigans hati oe.
Iite fecisg cintestts Breretons aic
Hies.se.Ot yeas campsins, will te
fed hir titles agist the switiers if
teseml ina tosrnamssest. Amothgle
asiraits forse tile are ltecer, wh'so
wsea ct5iiveiste chlslasstear Loe
le, who so sownsesp ieciasilistoficiecy
withist' foils tisisspring; situ[ remsers,
th einsero f sitsexceptionasely fast andi
csely cntsitd tl ticswstils 'l"sToy"
Rs-e tter.
Isit wisrtling msssties, Ctmtbssanti
Noisttssswill cotet for fethterwsegit
hoos;Hctf ros, iwhoissosesleer-
nesin lt'elightwerigt class Ilast yeas,
tiill tme t e w firthte rchampstinsshp;
[iaotgtt siill mteti sie iwsines of te
Ii asess-'aiks nmatc, wichiewsill le heit
tsay. f''rssi'tsle'igt htiiss Bln
Andesit-tton ssndSteh iill cossipee isthr
is-cterwissgt caitssi: and iWelscs till gise
Ksisys Iis secndtitchisotfiite eve-
ing fr te ies-eciglt title.
The 'oil ltisssatdt '1isTistsiill esompet
firts-esit seclss rety csasmpioship.
'lise fre-smeaesttictsmewhalt thesiticte
f the argumsiesthavin sg lt-eesmei able
to cirlee i ltrsok i 3 25, issilCaig
is-lt'hlstsclnse 13 r-,,cnisistety. 'Ilsi
is eiualit lt'etcrd fits- assisgle' lp
onlt'e gysmittack Al Iiifthesiscalss to
3 2-5wt stismtedtetikree tf cusistecey.
'The folloingeiisste pogrm for slit
. \Vretlisig Iigliisseiglts.
2.or1 iztotatl batr t.sibiinby iegm-t-
nastice temt.
3. \Wsretlintg-F~eathierweigts.
Wr i~estling-'lileieigits.
6. Fencing.
7. Firtsstl bisksletiall gssme.
8. \'Wrstlng-Wcterieigits.
g. Fencisg.
t o. Wrestling--eays-igts.
i. Seconissilfsailiesketblsl gane.
s2. Relay race-s s fits vs. 'M8lews
The offiis siill e: Referee of basss
' keha ll g ne ntl starter tf relay Mr
Cirseal; iters, Schulz asilWiting
scorer, Cesiistacker; jdtge f eesi
lD. May.
Lce A 'White ws elected tenporar
chairaneiessof Ithe mistoneorgasization o
te juioisr sectis of telDestscer Ver
eiii at their Perst seeing heli in Uni
ersiy Hll yesterday. Miss Jayne wa
elected temsptrary secretry. '~ls or
gasizaition is aionssiis of ill the isnin
seetions of Ie Verein. A cissstitssiona
cosmmsitee wes aplointee which will re

port 'Tusesday st p o'clock, whsest a smeet-
isig of all te imembiers will lie held is
RoostsG, University Hall. Commnittee
fosr te reception aind moasagemenst o'
thse play which is In he given the weep
afier i-oration were also appointed.

"IPlut soes our esgineerisg deprt-
miensi comipare witih others its this cout-
try'" iswes askedlAir. Baker last ight.
".Of course" le asets-re, "ose canisot
msakse aisysdeisie conparisons,. isisthere
is io doubslt tints your school litre is
amsosngIte s-ry foremiost of te con-
try. Yost av-esine bhildinsg, spledidsly
equipped, its fact. some branches f it
are etter fitedl ossithinsanssy oter
school's is this constry. Yuisos h ae
as faculty eee shal ranks high, adtin i
addiiitintoi thsyou hiave autuestrit te
cortis amsosg the student oy that stels
sucecess for the twholesdepartmnst. It
is tiis last thaet relly msakes as school
what i is isid Michigansis stteifor
"Tot control he systens, nttolieci-
force comspetitio." This was itte of
te remedies for transportatiois evils
suggested by Prof. Adamis in the thire
of Iis series tf lectures yesterday after-
nooin TaeppansiFlall. IBeginnig bty
statinig the imotives for itegraion,. le
traced te roaedis trouighlthle arioust
msetodseof etosolidatisg tiltoIthe hold-
lug cmptlasies. Th'le lsle r ill le liii
sisbject f Ithe lecture iii ext 'Soituly.
Auniteresisg it ofinsforimaion st-i
brougtiglousst itsconnsectisosswis- i stisrial
Iraliroadis. "'Tere tre etween 24,OitO
aititl2,ioo tf these idstisrial railtoaus
ansilprisat'trcs," satei Prf. Ada.tlii
"Thet' teististinthle jurisdicionst of
lite commssissionsssunless they paeteicite
ini through rates. They iterfere withs
the wotrk asd havse a great ifluenes ott
the accunssts. 'Many of thens will le
incoroirated asd otiherwise cotrll.
t"Osiesf ite srosg isoies fr or-
ganizsatin is seth ite riassmay- sonte
businitess. especially the through traffic.
*Is is this that is Ihammseriig lherod
itoisasisystemt. The lpreset siuationt
results fromistle efforts of thic goen-
m sent toi cnforce coimpletiioi. It is not
ieal lut it is the nasrl result of tht
r stsggtstif le rads toi attinlth lei
Irof. Aidasms srelihe goisthlsof it-
t egratioss through three stages. First
acaeethe hliellg egecmteis; tentheis
corporatioii partershipls wh~ichs ssre lst
firt Poristof tensts, adsiall tihe lt'sittis-
lio t ruessltisiglfros the sistrcmi court
interpretailon f te SherssnsAnsti-
'Trust act, ithattrailroasiscossld its'enite
an sisyagreemeti'ss eet though titex-
"'Te fasct f cosstrol is importasn,
cislonnedl Prof. Aams. "'Tese proper
tiesIsse to le cotrolled. 'ie stolk-
hoilers givec peothsiile irctors in
these intustnto1s the officials. 'T'he cor-
poations iaeunsit luys thsticks sitd
ai ew- largc sysemus rslt. There art
three c sselois of control. First cotro
os-r te proery of which te corore-
toshasatitl; scond ctntrol ovr prop-
-ery leasetd fril oiler corporationssobh
contsracs givinglpossessiont of the prop
-erty; third, cossrol throgh owsershiti
of scuriies of other corporations. 'Thi
last is te imporant one. t is exer
cisedl among oher ways by the right t
exercise te voting rightssansd te righ
S In anme te major part of ue oarts o
directors. Trustees eslso ply iecrb
yisanportassi role."
if The lecture was closedh y poisstisg oti
-the dfficltihes arssng from nirect cuss
i- trl of seral conpasies. Several ctiss
rsgressiosal docmenits were lpassetout tc
-the class antI these till letusedl i con
,r sectioun with Mosday's lecture.
tl -
risesH-ODi tRiujjMNAtv ifts.
t-The preimoinaries for the girls' mec
ns take place this afternoost eginnisg a
s2 o'clock sharp. The events will hi

dVaulting, swing jusmp, stationary rings
lc high jiump, ropes, traveling rings, an(

Dramatic Critic Characterizes
Mansfield as Having Displayed
Dazzling Versatility.
''Richardtil'Mianstieltwould huhasse lit-ci
grests its e-very "wailks fife0. 'Itt stutsite
'if lie- had bel h'su bru ick la erli W ul
tlscaatrth oo is' c u hates a'stil
sids ther'scteilietyJ ss ' us 'SIe-is
Seintr osdued hit-Js lusie on hsu Aslals-
ued s 'Artist a dtutu . i S ra C';S
ti-c Al'ngell Ilall Ias-tutu-Ilt
''1Fr'oimitheus- rtiu w shue-us disl Forrisits-i
first trodtulthshe oautilutu yeatitsagoi
saili 'it - litittt "'thes' 'sits'sit--lsitas~ge
ties-er Ius'laced tasled r. 's'Whue-isForretst
Iis plauce;'wheiltsushutol's ditedtehe lter
shit Nvitu tostishhetilts Itruh iaus'' tRich-
s-d 'slsil, h eits' for us fift'esi
ns uss uetic w ichhae ruslueh this'Ameruticant
la eitn hit sts r f s5555j i. He ttas suie
ofi th55se whito s 's\\ ag Idte gret ilisttl-
till of this'stage'' tush lf:it eies ta
i fo n it tle' asulrtshineat pbi c
pu's' I sssssu es' whs' i ali l Iteus's.
"N]l1 tshi t ispIssuesa1dazlting ver-i
sa siity ihis . it I lis carueer astocsr
f and tt'ti't'5si's'ti'''cre st ests u suit, sts-

ueat1 the beginsning of presparaions for
lie Isadia long eandh usoie uippr lip.
atistg of greatcaleuto ass actor, adh
asiticecf extraordiary compsues. flit
upiriesie gift was iltfacity for illumiu-
natsitson ~ t H sacinig was graphi tush
usid tshouuuught iiache-sIn eus ipoilis' tus
"AS a ismit he was ussusiue as as ass
urtsts. Ilehaoi the tastes of a mass of
ivealth. His irascibility amuunstedh al-
mousst tesaudisease its Iis leter pears. tHeI
cosul sut enulre a sloth sr disorer.
'Theure'wesnosuit eiosnsswhichs wouul Iae
satisfiedsimttu except thast of absolt
kigsushsip; std lie' wouud sooun hasve tircd
f sliet. Yset lic halsl a e et straits of
tendsernesits Iis ear. Helovtsser chi-
sreus andshreliesed distress. althouusglhe
iledite siter tos le sdramateic. lHe hast
a upassionssfousussic aust the fue arts.
Its yoth ishe ashknouwnswhat it wsttit
lie' hsusgry tash its taturiy he tlice'lsts
ifortunue, andusaesmsridludsreadulof pv
es-up'csug ts himisasll iltlilt.
As, a theatricalisasager he wtis au
astsutes'busisesssmalls. Hilsusmehosdsosi
dealinug iwithsthecsyndicaes tastpeculir.
Ii one sut'case liue threateed o lpresenst
tutn Shaskesparani plays isindheCiciagos
.\ussitsuriuusuatusfifty cests easeat if le
usshustit of anyp of thur sydsicae
Iseters. 'Thec theatricalt smana sgrs usi-
uatlly' let itu seserey alone. le e-
lievedi ands autcthonitthurprincipe that
notitng stas inn good for the ubilsic.
lie idsttshcrecforithe c riticismus of
tis'( dasily Isess; thec rcognitionshe'
cravsed'sh usthast iswhichs rduces statis.
"Onus SMarhi 23, p907htluietppearduIfuse
tuhestti ttu' sitsnystassge is t se
roleshi' lieha irus stons himsfae i- s
shiet f Baeron Clesria. t±rom itast tisse
tutu he-decisuedtraspidly andsed hiutottthe
3ouh f August."
'ir.tesiset tes usroceete xpsi lastinu
'lnsusiluis delrineationss of thseec itShiss
gets caeracters -Barons thuvrira'o.
tBe 'uuusssusi, andslRichrdsuIIIl.
'fiec tressclishatdshesersuiro 5f 'Slu
IDPaily'stasff entertauuindJamues O0onl~s clh
Benuet utd susre s's, .Bike st out
informas sl sreeptuusitnadsmokeiiir it thus
Cno silu housuuse afee thei uspelsctivec
ecstures hest snlist Duing ss heueeingu
bohA'ir. Bthetustushdits hiBaseregas's
sotau slss fronts ushsch unity svaualesc
hitus serdersiusvedsi It speaintg sitye-
lustsjosurnaulism Mr.st hater situshatei
alugsu hi slsu uti s sit any uba suoins, itt
thossughutstt sht itu tissueone age-
amo sit fgoodst it bringing tprmssientsl
beflor lt'e pubilic facsswhici teresuts
lie-lire' apptreciaut.
'St. Bennsiet urisedt thur sork thast hso
bens donec' by thur Uiersit sramsatic
soties during their -ttu' sa tithaitu
they lutistgosotdcaus to ft's-i prud tof!
it-lits te haduaccmplsishesds.tHctispts
soe ie usndiscussing'te Londcon's
nessrs'spesrs frostskowsldg thichlets
obtausiedl twhile svisting its Europe ash,
'Slurotuter profesors wo responstedul
ts tossuwerr Effluger, Straus, Sadler,
andsutlotrr. TDr. Fhire outlind he
worsk of tir Dttutscher Verin and Prof.
Strausspstoke'suitthur sork of tir Cmn-
edyy cis.
's insformsal supper and satter with he
giret-onsightrib-yte jusine its in ar-
bosiur gymnasssiums at P6:3. James Wat-
kinsswsill sut as toastmaster, and Prof.
'S. P. TSily, Heens Gahle, Marguerie
ltch,asghslau, Rachel Sinclair, A. J. Al-
suit,i. Eggrn, S. Dewey asti . .
Veddeir will anwertohIis cl,

Dlurinug thur suipper, us well s for thur
lettce followusing-, Fischer's orchestra will
fsurnish music. 'Tir affair is to he thor-
osughliy inftornmal, and for those of the
chats fhoo ntnasce ganmes have heen

Burning Invective Between Jus-
tice and Attorneys Brings Trial
to Close.
I-ot wsi- ndtuustinging'isinutioniust
betweens the'attorineys for this fifteessas-
restedt studuenstushdjustice holy brught
ther examsinastiosuiofiithis'defrenants to out
abtrupit coses this afternuon sfter a se-
sint ofiort'-ce minus . Auth itter-
nss wtas onluyesllaypedi Ibp'thus-commssont
waving f shirexamuiatis onttute
sat' f thu stsudsents. 'this 5505 oly
tfter S. It. 'itrisser Ihads'bsectsboundss
user fits'trilsSitsthe is'ctiuut cura-
shosuugh' s itIsct h sdbeen swn hit es'Sister
isi takinuug situptet'inSiout ']thatshiehu
wass sitl n loe-i-' risii uiiu. IU' thisthis
tties'neitrhad thi s' cuu'titipg ator-
icy intimsatedtht ls ie-s inuiig' toscon-
ither te muayour's leter utf We-dneusday
situ lutit le listimtedtht e as essgoig
ts disemandsthiettl iifthur lifteess sut
teits behssuubisundetsslurcircuit cosurt
whuetherethei hdsep-i enuiIen sggdtithlet
rit ote sut.
Upothe pensing iupofcorst hus afer
nuson thur irst wtnuess fuserte defensse,
itdsintheexc'amiinattioni, tress cli
thu rso 'r0 ofR. 1. 1)ill, a rshtlat.
Although he testifiedthatshie hut'lutstitsru
talkisngwstlshseisters'austlistisse sof til
tau'rir u hest itd tilt'hesde ean ha tesi stlsu
suipt tuhitstheus' tssul tes''.theus- cm'-s'
ttu' demandetissi haet heue hs'bosuslso'ver.
'hss- ti55ce cqutisis'cdi tutuas quickly'
calledtthirnetie sce.ss' 'shenusChief sal
Police Atafel utsittiut tut the stand ads
'sked-utIs'tell f Ihe arresthoit Malurie
Myepres, Attruey Cvanughsuissai sial
thur- sadmuittedt lltaI peimsiuary e-
ttittttii tush saidtu ht usouser tt ex-
psedite'smaters twisltdithis prsosecutor
wuuldlelimsu inatethuaittutist if thr x-
-ttuinastioti. "I dlustSomistnostinitg," sal
tir prosesutr andulthurjussic'esllwseds
sltimt gouontuTu hur teopllehsuer se
manedtiithese examinusatitsns," cnutissud
thie rissesust uto d Isit lire' t it's
'e 'ru mts'cssIs'suiots11vfuss tlt statthese
mentst tere' usrestedi. 1t'suiotsasupfsushI
Seth it-phe srehsunu pt511frus theslir
uwotuk. I iseuu uintn t s hiet tll thitssit'n
he loutsuts tsu-esuupus v."
IHItru' S. J. Wisetrick, assscir Issue
trosecutosr 'site ssltateenSteof Sfacs
hutatroved'stost ue' issasttin suPfithe
sday's inset."S huvee insises," Its'its-ass.
''sits yspruelimtinarysp' examsiaionu to u
this staeginIthelst'hope lutS S miptle
releaitiIsed trintuhitssourt'S st' sYour
Ioo hadsu sse herdt the statseentof lfacts
us Ilyst e.stButtSi youur honosur is t
binidhoser esery mnass et this' trsesutor
astilsp-ru to u, il)(dif yousasre isa igore
thur rights ittass Asse'rictus ciien tsle
on he street shens and where he sishs,
thunt S say, Your Ioloris].thMr. Prose-
cutor, I wisht wisue ussrexamtinastions
inthiis court."
"sAccording sotoly intrpretations of
the law,"rerpliedl thu rhuosecutor, 'evry
manttiwhu otas uun hiet crow n itute
night sit'SMarhs up is lableto arrest
undsser the charge sit rioting. Thre-
fore, although S hare knuons Mr. W-
trick toe tse past theetyars, S shalt
demndstthat he, tooehabhouudover Sn
thur circuit courte."
I dnit," saidh'Wettrick, "that t was
near she croswd suauswatesre that iigt."
5,1usctheproseutitng attoreuy is not
ere fr fuethche l tuose sof carrying
sit at smaliciuous prosecutions. Just le-
cause thur officers have massd an arrest
iS itsuiot his stle duty t puss a prose-
cutions. Fuse S say t you, your hnsor,
that if thur prosecuting atorney at a
reasonsabile dosubt as to msy guil, it-is
much ht Iis uty to shieldltnussrsitotnptese-

Ieuse ussr. I twouldt hike ts knowv, your
honuor, that if thur prosecuting attornuey
Continued on Page Fane.)

it-iistswihicliipresetied twsentu-et ifl-
'ii .lhueuitdhe-tus'sussfhishhexsperiis's
withes. ulitaste:s hees s atlliprlsisit
"tush eartsu hi Is att sipuieuslencsitut
ini iui't'e-isit Iis htpls hi'essumusedtthur
rule sit royaulpy."
'r.She nett tlhue-nltstlutist-isspee-
sonasl frienship iiast hesisis1wst-sirPst
of apprscdiatliiion 'S Irs. Ihussusst's indusly
critieisnissoflhi suk. A .sinugle sets
tensce fIntsIisistier sos hIis pratiltudei
andustimatessu ofl' iii'St. ls-sssss''s abiilitp.
''H-liw thay is-ulhI ihbe if till under-cs
stoodtias yoiusthu.''
Mu'. Bneenns-i surussuuil sit-i sss-lists'
acterizathiosit tsf'SMansfild. ''le swousl
exercise asdcompeusllinugussr sonl tt rac s ti onis
whells ie h sets, althosugh hue- swalkedl
bluty, Iis ge'stures werse uncuisuih, tash
Iis rye's a-ueu' defctesu. I hretits smarkedt
ty as passionusflutex'ellenucoustdea csupu-
city fur wvork. it r couultics-cr uder-
standstwhy teveryonsetress sut udoinug settee
than Iis hurst. Life has tst maniisuy deter-
free hoaurs lute huts.(lue sesonsu's close

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