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March 27, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-03-27

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The Michigan Daily



NO. 133.

'10 Engineers and '10 Laws will
Fight for Basketball Honors-
Finals in Other Sports.
The annala championship athletic car-
nival is schetitted for tomorrow ight.
Plhc rogramt iitles the final fencitg
anti wrestling tmatles,lbasletialganes,
n relay races. atdigtmtnastic exercises.
'PTeconttests till einiatie8Sococh, atd
te.atlttissiott fee is =5 cetts.
(Oie Of tie features of tie eetitg
ill le the clasltetweenth ie ciattttitt
' to ctgiier tbsasktltendaoPte't
ltis. Thela~stter tra, after titttitg
thedeartmentasl hoios, edefetedth ie
phlarmtics tdecisit-lyin te ltst tf te
semii-fiuals. Te mtarelous tentm wori
of theten~tgiects is madue temthtuts fat
itttf1tispenal.Tiefits ibs eutena-
tcitgconstanttysatdl trtttkliexects to
caryof te ttlet'again.
Thec fteshmenit Iowttves. ae a c-
utariktilyg-' eamtctttOpposedi to Peck.
the thst gua-ri Otheinttercass series.
lt-lous itetted i ftssu bassets, at te
samti mettpfreienititg ttcitharmuic5 frott
cig a lit kt excettt ot foatlsod
sofresh cntr is-san-s'-gm-sstu-s'pliye
and soti set tll Tt gatttcs
certain to be ttltdid umne.
Coachs'is llisr atd aptainutlStli-
vant"csliet-p"iyestsrsyfor the first
gmtttoiffthei seasoin. liee isitteeteat
fast.t- retl-siundier "Sully'siniing
out. The bai ttetltr isstereSitch ittnd
ifuizes-tirtu fr ts cs-ol-rs, tatud Dotua-
lue auts Ic\llisr fiithtetscus
fif' 1\. XXI F\T [ULLII fOFF
Thesei-fnas o tt(,eiistlig turt-
namtit ofi ftoutu exclhltnttbouts tt-r
pull ittff ystirda yattrnoon.iT he 'is
althougithlutst sf t mmmii rs-nois -
t tse gau1e it is slt ei(t ttit itinit
I te featherwceigt t (12 his.) R. I
('ombls ticfestedl J- F. Rot ii t:07 iby
stctring a haslf-netlsttntiholltnthifs o-
11111 (3.F.011 om wh hs lsreay
won11 two1 treliminartisi i ts, sirw lirbe adi
c ns t ly w imiet C ottb's iite
liii tiltttisitu tilt-scitntifi ot
of the aftesrnttnswts it i esecn C. A.
Hanttsit itdiD. f .Ialistfbott hesvy-
wi--h'lts Forefulls at itttte otitsrtg-
g'ledto secure a1 11ol11 iiithe other.
Filty Hatisit s sccesfulin is-
cuiitg a half-nitsositbut tiesgile Parks
likthtsle "c-sp.For tie renaiitg fec
mintettsiitter srugg'"i enses, the
tmcu being"so e-ciii tatided tieither
secturcd a deciedladvstaitge dutrig
le six minutttes alotedl to each cecii.
'fTedrawstillt iicoitff Sa-trday sfter-
S Kstiisgss iholessitu trw -tby, ii the
F. XV.tWeschtdefeftedtE. ataga ii
the hesvywreighties-ct (158 his.) iii
41,35, by toptling his opoent oni his
basck lilt atleg holii std a haf-nesoi.
Kaiiagsi etered i twociates. Kanaga
eiteredl two c-ssesAtogt defeatedl
ioe ciisle will its in te Fnal eent
of the hevweihtsthis to the destiing
f a by.
In the lightweight bott (135 I.) G.
F. eyfroit won oee C.X1. eining by
a qtarter ielsoninitt1i4.eyfon will
niet . RILti, who luckily dfrew a

lire, ini the finaals.
F. WV. Welscht will tiet J. R. Roigers,
tlso a tdrsiwer of a btye, ini the middle-
wveighti class (158Slhi.). G). A. Andere-
stat failed to make aii appearance anid
coniseqenttly lost 0111 hy default..
13. Andierson aindlC. F. Stahl trill lie

the tutu-l cottestantts ittthe welew eit
ee-cte (145tlii)
'Ttefistenwresling ibitnts sheledticf ot
Satiurdasywill le cl-ss. Ittsotic i-
stnces the miens ittic beei at the Ogam -
for ai itteuttit the muost cssc lc
arc newcItnttspite ofills fit thatissomls
noicttes arc ettees, ticsecators silt
he asissired of high-class wr ithei
part of the contestnts '1Tle mel sill
teighini Saturday afttrnootn at 3 o'clod.
'Ts'eglee cluth, atnsipossiblye tiem iaitto-
liii aindl bsatjo clths, will aptpere t the
performtattee to le gitent this eetitg
at the 'Majestic thester fr teletefit of
the studientsi wlii sre itterearrest,
chargedl with riot. There tillle n
betefit tmatittee a sitlntbetnatihoutiitcc.
Es-cry- cffot is being madise by tie st-
sdetts ini charge of te sffair inoitiske
it asi successfulsi tieforiminccasitosi
'Pie regular Majestic acts for this
iteek ls be11itsitersetsrcl isedwh slits
by' the glee clisidthis tandintiand111
hsatjoi clus.ThtePitsjestic ill i tutu
tossediof Iirstlt \Mereit.the"hppyit
mitrelt" wiihumsentiertained liii Iaft
clubiwith ittiy'soies tie othe it ht;"ii
tihe Wa -ll-ce sisters mum theisitgitg'anii
Fitrs hotmttComuiing;tRointsandtil liii
toi, it tjoitiss isispictrs wiitiltheii
strintitiiim uitsic-11111 1Tle Mytstrios
Inordrt-cha ter-ttin itmybitsblil
to seccitestickets wicuh itsve beetires
duedi to ffty etst ey aveie-i-tchenctisis-
tributedi attotig tmte muinal hiscldsss
an atsity itbescrtedifrth11il ort suat
the liiixsoffic.
'Tesitistmeetig i thati-s scedultedi
for list ight wis ca lledl tff emnuaccuntmm
of ccrtin11otitlist rasetm'cuent s hain
Ali cilits presituus andmiiipetsonstlav-
mg lists emftmos itwlii itit-cplegtes
muoeyshouldtleav thit eliilists ithtiltli
pay, iniThe its chiigtn aly- offic fume
I'meiiiMsrrifetdsh tuduentpasaior f ts
Baptuist curutch, gust su iniformaltasllls
out Jatan1anduultiem issiary wit-e rues
beforec tie YV XV CA. hum Newbierry
Dalilst itvsuing Mr Merrifild'iwatst
ini thu stitotnsetics ii Japanmfisth1mes'
y-e'rs aind haitmlisuinmteresing expeei-
mues to relats hisehbganm by- compmar-
lug tmeittel-uiedhnotons of Japanmpreva-
lmtsum thitss cuntry titu tie actual sem-
ditios.s"Ihutoutrs,"its' si, "isa
desert, conmparedl to Amenic. There
sre heaintifuli spotslimt out aithoe n
s extremtely barren.su
"1Theitsnfluseneof -a foreignm scholar l
s ser gre-t Such mitsu as General,
Booths 'smith.XV .3Bryain nhd uuimmese'
infufeceuwhie tisiting Japan, y-ery-
force of harater. Exaumpe is ont-i of
tie most effiientimeunls of convtersion.
'Phe euumasis of all swise missionay-
work should b e out life, nt outfont or
This stats superintendenst of phblc hu-
structionut aill hbeoneanutex-offii tmetm-
her of the oard of regents of tie Utni-
vesty upoun the adoptiont of te net
stte cntstiuttion. 'h'is additionm ts tie
hoard is provided fr ini Secion 5 of
ArtilserXI The purpose tas to give
this superintlendntth ie salue reaitin
te University as lemum bears to oiler
state institntionsIlh-s till e ;pllowed
a voice int tll diseussions lhtmlomityue.

Ssctionu to of the tatte article nuakes
it mndtouury uponthmie legislatture to
supptort the University an othsiler stale

Outlines Structure of Accounting
System- Lecture Interrupted
by Small Boys.
mmillshesecondsofh ishutesils f 1dmir-
utestPrfmitlitmusvsC fishmitsditscuseh
the.iscm amsumm ccount oh f this crpourtionus
iwns sielulcedemuisiw smmiethoseitsn
this cstitm-sioasotahtmustsribms ilsbei-
sums pursent.ITmsec ithemisctc--it mlcosf
this itlesureuroomi foundumllitffiutmt.si
times ts hisarsthi speakerthtbecut-eisosf
t-ic s shuts' ugslut-sg shdithesomustsin1g of
this sumsall botsittpltsyiin thisuaitdhbe-
Tr-atingt- rl stt fromss thelint-t
if viewm-Of sitcounting; Pro's-f -dasittut-th
scied sithis organizaestiositofstthie-accosunuts
f thur tcomumons sastris ifist purposet5sf
s-ait n mu wuem uhich ishe- lust cinishiss w-suk
s statistisianitotuthemlintestshts com-
mere cmntssin. issoutinedultie
stmcituresitthis istmtiituu-systemmta-mit
todus he thrisese ct sets f accounuts
wic tsnakeiii suithis annuast-1atttts.
In stitidtitg"thes'ciititttsicrierts intot
of thiselti lstts-it', rescmptinmg tiit
tie sitttew iradsthusmajoitsta re still
doingm ais local uumun~s s humNw P1 ghud
thus-s-esbingmum"1ghm- t umthi st-eam
rod isehus e usteis feeiesm
mchsiteelopmenutilo01raiii tansporta-15
ton ily stamiiiwticuhiitcame tiedoui-
ussnt fetutiresabosut 180 as rced ily
taking au hypthtiltshsipillimibtweestni
tituspmitsinIs smiho-liissmgmmiiiit hbecame
acompm~le x ssteImmisthitrltmd m dhel i-
pedis. T e- he growsthu f upopulaitinm
anmithei ttiiiim mitsuientiof thi sersclstne-
lihie tteeopmentllfitthrugss-sh eight
its'trougti-lit s emhas-izuedi a
botsh alsumprtantm t gituthiand tdiffuii-
cutllobmtshtuuaddh5ing tts'comlxiy
sit this-ccuntmitnsu-- iis tlistsdseelph-
mitmichmlthumas-si tote isressmgard'iof
stitbounaielsilT he a umutditit sli-
odi of cisuiti" ani quitahm ivisin
cit-i-i'singtoend-cemste seriseusisits
si-siuisinototiositheit poatiosia
i- sisis-u- reatrpssitititisofst 5 r
f thus act smmw--it-i'ave iihetcommmissonu
this mandmi uls muhtmthsded gmuaty to
its multir," sid Proelfishsms. This
tmeasr wasu titu smusam t icsumsus-shiswemi-
sth mirme tuunten ltmus nnrst cn
issl(sumit sssetftfacititis anmuhstrs
makssigr-i-til- fistrssscono lm t mmliiito
thus'comttpextys ofthis itrstllsmll twhichm
Irf ciii afshut-hast fitsein piinhg i
unimform sy 1st f acittingmmu.
"hit esommonsust f cars iislee-
sar," ai ith tspakr It s ot d-
iral s tcmu rehanmsle this cnes.-s The'li
strrictrusng thus sue usfsanoter 1com-
musts pnys fifts enscul lsasy s lisng s
mt is otuts tack s'Wheinithu raifsfitwse
dese tiestuid mmo semsthis srs of
tilthes Now thai t bhsinssis idshll tey
eneavos'ssr humgeltusid f tsmi hecssse
of itardc tumesitihmemitite s rcently
"To gt econoummy mum rairad iopera-
tion"lh urimlthr remrkedciti smises-
stry tspecusiaimic Cxiiissmaitluiant
seepingcars re specialtutu seicsc.
All thits itroducs furtercsmsetpia-
tiosutsIt i necssaiy to semuemethsios
of eq~uitamiicedistribmuton.u3Tmc iem
sshsee f acusts imis trs tti ltse th
tireoblum em ithout emuplustssm
Prof Aash'tsirlu e cetutuecwill its tic
hutvecil tiis afternoonuuwseheiswill eis-
ttss The1t frgansiteatmusnlime lustpsescof

'Thus PhiiBtaisiKappan chaptiersit Chi-
cilgotrecentlhy initiautedh ighit stuens1
ilts of twhomut siredwmn

Time Anigel merumoialtablet tas mm-
ceihemi last uightl it SarauhmCastwell Ang-
ell lall, hbefoeca large audmietce. Mrs.
;. XW. Blatlifored, mf Chiscago, cre
sipontig secetreluy of te Womttan's
hBsssem of Miissionms of the Inuterior,-swhichm
hitatsesninmmsssuonu stse fuse te tiast
two eaysprsetedultie taleht mumaptie-
siationumof sihatmlXIls Angelha ud done
fist thusmitssionariy cuenls
"Efight years ago" thu spseakr sie,mu
mit this Angelli Bie scthooeliwes es-
tablhiussd ittPskin, China. sIt wss
timrouughm ts efforts offMrs.iAngel-itsui
this schooltwhicuhm hus dohe muto e
furtie tsithis bestesrment f ltheChiese.
meas established.
"nhummluf of myfmmvilmy mand umysef
I thanmk smut fortintitus stuisminy"s-imi
Psestidt tAgell, out -usepi-ngutik ii
hunz mussabilet. Next 1 ito sXAmugll
mieetihe ms- amm ieu tutuhe5fottueighttits
stiioary 1wk soodu tftrsmithndI scannomt
thtik sitamnu ites inmmg mpla'esufo l ths
meoil thain mutthits11me1maltll
IPrecediing mispsienutasinsmtof this tilt
letsmtciitiu addeses ier smae y Miss Ciii
tcnu mmliifm Ing lots ChumaansMith lut
Mrthuan W ideysit Fists ow,(hus limit
hiss Chiuttndeispoke ofsssitthus outdi-
msion sitthiswmmentitantelchi sumnmum Cinat
aut this:present tist. Simsolof whtu
ha eenclone mcfor thus isomencu sumitof
thus cast amumnt ou f wsm ell stohe starni-
edi. Miss XWiley hit t s onneced w siths
tie FoeFloutimnimuvestiy wthihnout thur
musrelsthoatsiasemingdomist mmthur interest
of tiemenste
'lie tDisvinity sut oill its-i banuetiui
Mol a nmuisimght t this iNlit"igasUniion.
r Frenchsmsill-act s tins utsastran
thlt site--i-etsill he H uguh l Bl, of tie
CnimiTsumi l mogsal idemitnaiysumDPnMt-s
Kie, remmcsuident mof tie 15rtfordlsmi-
mliii, smith hrm Iaton, oftisii city
hT he issmiiycub us t Ia1ntw or-
ganztion tuutlimi m s foredsuhlure summis
escsago mo itung Tilie differecntt suduets
traint- to en hs uter theolol m'histit-
minsint thi st. 1Tliis cumlistses-
deavosrmedi tuoinake this ilaitsof inlie hues-
losgicalthirmwhmiii itetinmcuitgll adh
b~sti thmslsholimtlsummitave sendeavo et
fosundmin ii ie Uiveersity-
All studenet smhumsaset iteresed iniithes
workl osf mie sutsums in-uted-tosetheus-tu-
slitmminital ite miisers i ilt- its
sill sattsuend s u es ts.
'heittsiudiousiomistereredsat 01is i
inlie swest seumary rooms uti lthetcge-
teethlibraery. Otis ilonem-sehbarriaded
bhind mia svsty mg svolumeun ut"Some-
ithing" mees mmml awy mum a ornue;thud
restiisee-nonnot oeesut-girls
Auth they mes relly wokng. "Lin
Chasuon ede Rolsanc" tv-s pushinmg Lucre-
tius' "De Rerumu Namesa"hred for flsh
place5, in1poit toef inedusty and teI
smatciniguof pmistscotldie tseuardl aoe
thus umuncingm Of peasummit ttle.
Thus slosk strikssfour!I Hurry, scf-:
lit, shuflesi, sumem go hamrsooks arc
droppme to thusfloeor-smithnots fogoteti
mu mmmc grouch rush forte iihg west swin-
mussy.I'Thee they scurryall xcept mc
of the ibarisade ndelshrilly raisstheir
voices imsries of "Let me see, to,"
"Cli, you muesuus dot-t tke tip thus wloe
wviedowtc etcitsc
Faut you guess wehat it'-ll saout?
Aim engineeingclssttlintjust een edis-
mtisscd fronthtie physical lahoratory, ande
eniginetsre all of themcisuline gcn-
TC)NIGHT-8 :15.
1 Special bentefit performn ceis th is

evtening at :Majestic tiheatcer for a
fundsto letlfend studenmts nowmuuner
anneal. Admission 50 scm-its.

Mayor Henderson Asks for Ad-
journment to See if Amicable
Agreement Could Not be Made.
Wiit Msyur J. CIeiicit'soil aper-
mg hum thue'role of eaenvrmssy this pro
losngedl exauminastionm f telie tts stint
dets inns sudenly' brosughttohueclsie
yesterday- sftsernimon umJuisices Doy
courmt sfteria setssoneof fistty-fItsecmone-
utes. L~uring lthe day Meuviti 1Hsmmer
som t l ad mwrien-ua emfuumatett elsinto
Prousecutinug iAttourty Saswymue ihih
lin askedshasm let sum suij ittitimit siftenii
misy-sicr inicesuse us: se i
tilt am1151icablegemt tmigut--ltnsit itt
reacede-miwues-en the us: hitie'ms andmihis
studen~tsllowmming iu this reuest,
Aittorneydl-Cavauu-usughs musemoi-i stitns hu
thus mosrnigsssiluion ght ac tilitiiue
of tie cases fumetwom-emst-tshe sallowed.
At this timits-theus-utoritis'objct'edi,
liut saidshamtuhut'mightagsignthties
afternoo s esssion. mu lutotui iles heums~
had a rsautll itu-ilsthins: matyor-anii
saiedthast lie' swotuld ee tils um otiu-
suitedif thisemmii may tswoldioitder ithhipse- s
cuiutions itnei se s timuliwlimT Ihisthe
matiyorn ctuild notit nths he afitiltIlsoon1
session mthu scutorsum ntnlymitbjectd
thi lie'sumtmmmminc si smfstwoweksi lit
streuusmly osuiute to t an I I i ulusm en umut
unlta2o'clthudshis tfenoseo suthuat
tie edefenus mimgt seing inst witss it
tie casc fS 'es.JtstssehDoty
ovecrruldm ismlin bjeutctuinhoweversindsit
tie exatmmiatin umult smth mitt lt in ut
untisaioulk this -afte'rnoon.m
(iituti sitstint-teys ftuthemiss se m~
an([thtmneseeutiat or uiuney isalichiad
a confernmci, smdit is udstimli odlusuthinat
wencouutntv1e1nils tils af~testson this
pusrosutors sill aukhJ3tilis tysssto tunde
thes reintmitIiuhirenstuen t.tu tverxtt
naetion.m Ihis wsill bhi accords ithuss uthus
wishm f thinsilattltsrney s adJsice DIohts
sinces'thc formeruttased l me lirst tm in-i
adsince I Jsuts istictIDluty ha~s espressedu
thlii sh mtho clear iithe casst-u sil q u'lkly
as possile.
summithie-s wats huund usovermigottuecircuitI
court fis trmmil humnlthe afternotuultthes
itterest ini this trinsaltias011theis' ems
andi mileu tilt sity h limfes hushs itritslus
thuslueiesay iothis little cutttroosmmitfewmu
students emsoult i he-stems S H.I tit et
it-is themnsexauumndhndmsithhumsicassiv
stilluteforecthes'cosurt tim-mmen it was ad-
joured.emiIfittejustice: linch ll lilt
mueum over to tie circuit court ths afinsri
noonsu, theirtil i humcmusermt cnnouut taCs
misue bmoelthie Mfay terms
Thie seniorlasmsre maksuhing geaet
preparatnsiumusfuserteir annsualsiApri fool
partsy tmm he givenmam Ganiger's, Fridaey,
April 3. As usuaollsthissesssill stil-
p11ena1 t-eis ladey'friends,aninththe liits
honoedh "Crease" swililet:kethe uplce
of prtigrans
Althoghs gisvenm y tie settorleraos
class, lhimiteane is for sll mnsmbers of
tile law- deparmuent asmithem~ic frieds
Thle fomurthm of thuseisris f saddresses
deiverecd lby professors of li-isUniver-
sity at mie lentens services of S. An-
srew's churcshi will e given- y Prof.
Rdobert M. Wenley, is Ii turs hllhismi
aftcrnoontumat 5 o'ltock 'Prof Weney

will spcak ems "Sosial 'Tradhitionm andith ie

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