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March 25, 1908 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1908-03-25

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G 7 .. Wild Coilpan ll 11 'grog ditor -ARCi ER F. RI 'CHIE
Business Manager-C. E. WINSTEAD.

ils eOf fine
ISto "la s' I . tides all
th hratest Ni S51 hades
andtilpo-Da.te Patterns in
Moose Brown,
Caribou Tan,
1'e ather .$hade,
G.rays and
Fancy IBlues.
Your patroinage resptctfully
G. H. Wild Coumpany
311 South State Street
itdfact eveirythinig needed for
itsgtiiie'.cati 1)0had of ts.
't"ti irestire that the price,
theiquality, andt the design is
oust if tttocomes ftrom
Sheehan & Co's.
Student Bookstores
A. G.
Tie L tegesirVlano.acurer in the World
a' iMfd t hic Supplies
,efI 0 t.l (jolf, Lawn
5 ., ,' , it es
, 13atti-

N otts....... Hiraim S. Cody
athletics.. .......Lee A White.
Exchangr.... I.. . John WVambold'
Music oand Droaa...Ruoy D. W~elch
W~omenfs Editor. ... Louise Vats Voorhtis
J. W. McCandlesu Elmer C. Adorns
George 11. Hubart Leoniard C. Reid
Chauoncey Boocher B. G. R. Williams
Raymtntd Visschier
ii. 13. McHugh J. H. Prescott
A. L. Hainline Robert Mountsier
Lowell J. Corr Donald L. Kitnney
Walter K. ''owvers Louis ralft
Lewis . 1 Kiskerit Robten Moreloand
Patti Gree Samuel 11. Moreis
Onto 'l agel Fred E. Gooding,;
Theroit F. Cooper
John F. Wure Carl H. Adam
Hlaroldl P. Gould
Address : MICHIGAN DAILY, Press Bldg.,
Maynard Street.
Manager's Hours : I-s p. in., 7-8 p. m.
daily, except Sunday. Bulb phones
t thlisimeth en iu 1thee is'.stoimuch
>nt a toots light ''iuosletlts'osithle fail
t' eneunflair,lbut crjitismat wih
wet atel'botutndi1to tay, at' artnout sill-
picthe site tpleasedto iipulilish tlii;
e io ilIfromithItoDI lttttl K's-t'rilitiie.
>resi~t b()h sdes n ajust.llight.
wr.eliing if atheaoster stSitn Sri tr Ity
te stdent'. Sit probbly elve'ti-')'titis
wrierwit I t bodedtinidtigniontt
wli iii li been liti ite iddfile of tlii
Ine1.' si;iiad lit's'iniof tlics'studenttbtdt.
"'Iit walit a11 icelt'. oper nor11111
tl ie isti f r t teo s'todo.i t ist'nsee
ho-, tav's' iniderisikenithle jol thaist they-
di inthae osuiffthe,ts'penaltiy.
alwat '1iinig toi footi liii'bills.. 'Ithey
tii --etististuhtinoseu oet' t sthils
st111 iplttt rats' it5 asickelissipee.'lhsy
and teete it t rthiier ito see the

stpidtmintg picetires's.lisentotiaiicrstkedo
pianorat a futued vic'e. ~It ws'i
buiilt for studiett trtdet, m'aitainsiedl by
sudtitrsdeis'. tutuetrtdilmiottlstwislttl'
"Yeri selti a1stdetiliituislel to
loud1 ly or gveo t etolege yelilout fe-
quetly,'.acceonts idiffeasi'.to uwiht, ad
sinterferediiiit ue highly i'tleta
disctitrse of te getilemanitierpeter
lie was invte toioleae te all. Ite
hPut iwhtet lie gt lio the tdor lie rat
digntionttigel te 1getier iiihis judtgietii
slspd isie'ndsittn iireurithail his
scaup lidtioie11011 ai'speciali'ilpolicemat.
'Te'riotretuliesi audlboth idttes lutivt
hadithliir le-situ. Itis to blelotei t
bothill p1ofit byit.
"'It is strange ltia t ieitiwil lieinla.
college' twutsthei'espens'.o e li's-
titl, wichie s sislactlytitiofll oiler
tutuant beigs b1out'tito tgehilllasirtgs'
aire i t 'esesi't clss iill s' itwodto i
handle iyitt'exrseofgood guilt1 d
patete.undthat 'tilyimsiltsioul Is
lise'par tt" to ehut'. p Satrons. eIndeed
its everymerchant isnoisitlits tutu t
trilt s uccess I inu' si nile'si iote sg
-1'11csc.young fllow, 0a'tiltsArot
tiljts iilill cl''legeiboysandt'sha1t i
mean: j'.sit ike italltothersioithe~iattght
lorsn nistury and (isuicill o rights
ini ii th i ltilt il wiith titeap ltetesr sti
iich Panaiitititistffirwih.
w 'indmi it'l ll'ls.t i lpil'ilt
disatisges..VTestdetlts sill gt ss'hati
more whle nn Abot asagotoilwilesl
loo oiesiu0nAtstude.srtiirostesiaild'tril
Uivrs'ity'iii ll iic'soin 'iii''sitinu tg indiiout)
menll'wgh'ot)'ilii edy otrepfond111toi'
1111111'R.AT 10F {'1 JI0'10001.
'The fortrhcoming1f1.bisneft trfitrmtaceos
at ilhs Majstice iacsittsditbyie a t'
iiitiisrstsniiigiiof tl ii'stuaiion sittirer
spnsbiiies is'fsthe st utudyiirla
tio t tel i ot asesiss. Simet'slf sits
'tintidtand isinform'ed'.'cIasiuists sa
111.1 i tlst' unidi's''arr'esit itlst 11y 'their
tilt coI'lst.his' tesy' silldog th
lnuht nsh ti'listr'sitfromithsitu-ie
dsis t la1isrgs'mit esss te L'nisersits'
see ills'wee'l's' epbl''icaii tn es)I antdt
siti sus r'sis'ansdi sill sdo sibtless bei
sitw t o its ,is'.' istltes s s toere these
f ristids ,hs'ats.'sstioslyttsat hmie. Ilti
thast facti sill snt exemtithem itotfrso
sayetf isasyrs feet.fThe guilt ath
tilerettsosiboilitysisit i i woplces-
ontill ilsn151ili i lt iss Itated h toblse atit
sh urdugtyllos iniststotusttle. ath
oni tit' 'ss 'tm, thussructuretof our
ills't, sieausy oilitsototti fores.
tillts' fe'low=ssfselingiiithieve oso itsi'
moi"stuinustsandidestrtutitlit manifest-
tinitheit'vsrs'bestathintg to le foutid
ths itlef lootadise55W0 100y itosure


te lesaders twill nol psy. 11 is ithere-
fire sur duty adour priilege to 11011
besrthe afflictiontof itotreituallytutuo-
ce1n1 but lss fortute fellows. Vii piy
afew t Iittreil tdtllars ii troo of itt-
tuitils'fromsitu fets assssabl uder a
certaiut lats is mituyioor u. SMor-
suer, te harcer of the Utiesiy is
in 1011way compromised ly such n a.
bOt the, eontrary, iativclity i suci ou
'utirgenyswold btt dverise our lck
f symupty. We feel sure, if these
factssroecotsiterei, te Maiclewil
le lasgegly' patronized.
lustY GtbetiT TIlO'51t'HAt5T.
We'sasieplelasd to 'ie thait . Geet
is asait cabsisluy tdisposed toiwartlthe Ui-
v'er'ity asithiteL'niv'ersity' is twasrd tutm.
Hotwe'v'r liemaytav iie iprooket uu-
Sesu'oalie mtiti ithetil rgie plaes of
Julins tCaesar, his comiedy outSstura
night pits i' 'eery' reprtiof iisitiu
lisa Romeo1 tiandiulJuliet wssprttobbtl bte-
le ihanis st'hstall sieraaitt oesa gooi
manylt)' 5054". ntitineltserl-still o 0011
pantuseteisits ts list attuthesuctig.
ir e.Greet''.sfe t Iasit titpayiicIsis
unexpecitedlyii5but i i i i uiea tmony' uwit
ou know '.usutldosi~f hischartuter1an'd'the
mtiss of hitsartislitleusrsu. I ieire
Iurns ateritse singt hswod
la'nd'pla'sul'w'e w'shtutt moret opt' a
utsu U ii \tLPLAYi :\PfiII
lTe lstastesuofuthe annua f ils juir gls
lit'o isrt t hsttaint of1111the1 fseAri
8, st 8 p. I111111n'Sarah CisitohAttech
sll. Reheasas a its sitstanssiltesso
gssudrtheudiet titusf Is's. S'i-
lim issofuuusuu, whois i.ssitso usate sue
s'iutttuisis'tthighly fvbsu'sile restlts. Thus
nature f thIto ertai'nmieth ow steeti,
is wsithldl fromtthe press.asiti i ii-
tndasiasisureuri'se tt this'seiors'..
Sosilliesthe lestitg terformeres ae
Siss''. ititLeosniarit,.Itelent tBrale,.
Grsace Jeffries tRuthitGreole e lout
Gables'11a111RhodatSt-ir. 'hecas, loix-
situ, icludue'. a larges'numbetilts't' herIsi.ttt
'llT'e'omituitteetitcaeittur'get al5tht io
is ila' their ue5 atiosuet.
'The Uiserits' brnciof the .. t
E. I. ill ueteitigt i tomitutol.
Neut'Entgineerinug builtig tug h7:5i. 'hits
lust'c for isusionlil tli le '' letti
'rise IoladSanuford rlay'teamst brke
tieuolsrecrdetorlte lftilmuile re-
lay~ Ssatsuay isuautmetwi'ihlthut' Olymtpis
chili o SsanFaicisco. 'T.he itte wsa
n :32 2-5. Coone,.ItHussey Redl andu
It~a cuttu -h om osdtthe temu.
,LST'-Smualruwstamp~uued poese-
bousiokithiutouey adh stmptis. Rturt
tut Da~ils' office. Retrard.
Fraternity House foe Rent-Large
houe suitable for fraterisiy or club, out
Noris Ditisionustsret; itspetiousivit-
ed. til. A. J Hall, Laureise Bldg.,
ccrier Fourth aensue and Annstreet
lll phoue 758. oul
Nuitelltii uekwer flutenuteonstssale
by Alen, Main stret. 30-5

Globe Wernicke
Book Cases
The kind that gros with
youir lirat-tbat will fit
practically any space -that.
can he moved 01n0 unit at a
time by oie person without
disturbiing the book-that is
practical, artistic, ound the oly
perfect sectional ook case
nmade. Fitted with nonbind-
ing roller-bearing doors: hse
onits furnished with or with-
out drawers; aind all itade ii
a variety of woods and finishes
adapted to any surroundigs.
Call and see thent or send for
catalog ii o itt inte for views'
showiiig arraingement ho li-
brary, parlor, etc.
Price per section $2.50
and up.
University Bookstore
Now is the right timew to
fix ip that Scrap Book youve
been talkinig aott s loug.
My inew (smooths cover)
66M"' Book
is best andt largest eer.
With photo PesAigell.
Also -Slecial Picture R a te
Zporting Gooa'6
Fss'.assstutleavebeuies-11 a
necesosaynuliic ithiiilitudetsiltiof
situ' luau theyrwalitteit'ome nue or-
glasthat ,noes. toturt atilsertise.
tlare 3'111' pticatlttwork dtue.tu
ARNOLD'S antd iuhe i l t sitscn -
turtabir andh guarant''e'u'tfs. iQuikl
Repnairs.. Louse tI'rond.
Optictal Seiis~t whl
WM. ARNOLD, Jeweler
220 soth main striet

. o

'f ┬░oixt That
We have the Assortment
The CoO

May 13-14-15-16
Frederick A. Stock, fConduictor
Atlbert A. Stanley, Conuctor
P.-lraclPeO. Choral Work
"Creation" - Htaydnt
Faust" - Oausuuuuu
Mirs.tCoiinne IRider-ifeisry
Thtursday atud Satuirday ' intugs
lMau. Ernestine Schumuuan-Itint.
Contraito Wed. and Frit. Eventinigs
Miss Janet Snencer, C.ontralto
Fri. Afternoon and Sat Eventig
Mr. Edward Johnuson, Tenor
Thur, Fri. anit Sat. Evenings
Mr. Claude Cuninigham, Baritone
Saturdtay Erening
Mr. Eaole 0. IKilleet. Baritone
Saturday tEvening
Mr. herbert Withuerspoon, Bass
Thursday and Saturday Eventngs
Me. L. Dr Mare, Frencht Horn
Friday Afternoon
Mtr. L. L. Rtenwick, Or-anist
Wedinesdlay Eveaing
Season Ticbets (unreserv'ed) $3,
Season Tickets (reserved)l $4, $5, $6
For Sate at
Sohool of Mtualo


The Students' lecture Association
Brander. Matthews, April 6
Single Adrmission - - 50c
Gov. John A. Johnson, April 30
Single Admi~ssion - - 50c
The Students' Lecture Association


121 Washington Ei. The Ranzdall Studio, ,Randall .& Pack, Props.

Phone 598

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