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March 25, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-03-25

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The Michis an Daily


No. 1Ts.

American Committee Will Use
Discretion in Selecting Team
to Compete in London.
The Detroit News prints the follow-
ing anonscenent fronm Ness York re-
garding the coitdltct of the tryouts for
te Anmericani Olympttts eant:
Tliat the Amsericant comitstte cslih
is charged swith selecting the aios
teas tos represent this contry at the
Olymici gases in Londoit ext Jly'
itens to ts Ise its tiscretion iinang
the mntwshio shall retresett te United
States is eisest frott the ansosncemetsst
snt out from Newe York. Tis ani-
nottncenent is to te effect ttat the three
eliminaittionitmeets ii tis city, Ciscags
andsiSass Fesuiscsesatre tssserec imeet
isides for tte commsitte. assdltat
le commiitieshall btuessrs so obliga
totoc csve-c itnnisse r f irst Itie
fos te teas. i']'esfifiaI statseent fori
this is as fillos:
risr coctisrrscossitee swill Ise
gr'ealy ifltsesscedlis tseselectissn ofts
Amrcnteam b ty te performancise ofs
tisse esisip ling ii le risists. Tse
iysits arc.,lhowerrer, sisesel' gidsisnds
ir eisisiiti cc masrselect as sa inlic'
of the tamastnssy stlete is-Ias nabl
to omessslete ii ts, trouts, if iith
oiiosisof te risittie, Ihis sainglii
andsilaility so swarait. Thlecommiitiite
is nhu nd toisssiielect fr the teamivrce
sr aisystletewho wsis oissr comsipts-
in te tryousts.''-
Thisislrobably is doeinuoirer slits
if ineressary the ecsssmsittee cats keet fetaial thee tdesudsrs-
tle sr whoise performanscscr, swhile ter
ia s o nuht isi h ro a tir trost, would hInst bisis
suiieniimernsitio es'rie'a lce os
thetireaas.This is quiit likel- to le li
ase in ic ousrsf the es iiilliits' Cii
s-,'io 'sui Sass Facis smeests'I, -iwhens
is'esicompting slilst" rei's'ertains to h
inferio s-issIa ruleso, th si thes'hla-
'heifolloiiairls st'oiier issts~
Ths hldlhao esentyu ill1he open to lsll regiseredil asis
athlete--'oft' Mtosplians assiarstio
.\liddleil'Atlanticasissociationi. Ni-srhug
lasndslassociationt.Sosutshtatic asselia
it ision lndSiits sci Assciations of sli
Amateu :thii \lets'is'Uliionssf tlieU'stil
'Tir. ChicagoioruseCntrasitr-ousi'.sii
be openusstoiialt resgistred aiiatisi als
ts'sof l t- Cnrilassociatisn. Vestec
assssciatiuonsasiu Rockly Moluntait ssocias
tississif te l-\tatriA)tletic Uion n
te Usitedl S~tates.
'Te Sass Frsicisci or Pacifi Cost
tryousiswsill le ontori iall egistere.
amateials stlees'sosf te Pacifecassocias
tonsanu te Pcifc Nisesiest assoia
tionissf te Amtateure Ath.letic Usiots
te Uiitdl Sates.
Thle followsing is te programitsfr ts
'rscks eents-roo iseters fat (og.
ya oo) 00isetes flats 2i.Osyads)
400 mters flt (437s.tsyars);lgoo mstrc
fit 8744 yards) ; 500 is eters fls
1,6i39,5p yarids) ;in seters hurdle (in.
yarcds); 400 iseters hsirle (437.2 yards)
3200oo imeters steplechasse (,47,
yards) ie siles rnut(8Iiloetes).
Field eeits-Stansdinsg broad, stasis
itg high jumipt,.rninihg broadi isina
rinnnsg high jumsp hop, step atd jumsp
pole junsp, throw-ig the hansmer, pts
tiiig the weight, disuss , free style, II
as at Athens; javelin I., with lhe avne
lini held in te maidle.
I regsrd to te Marathiotsnuthcmittls roie ha n
these shall le heldin t coniections wit

earls of the tryouts, though probably tnr
sit the same day. The plaits for ths
Marathn runs. are to lae anussce

later. Every comspetisg athllee musts
pay i registrastions fee f $2.
Enitries close as follos:Es asstrns
trisals, May 25swihi Jamssc1;. Sllivani,
21 W'tarrfiistreet, New- Forks.N. .
Ceitral swest trialsiMasy 1, istils F
C. Browns, Chisgo A -sA, 125 Miehigsn
as-nuse. Chicaigo.
Piacific Coast tials, Msy - it-iS
S. Piexottis. 458 Gero street. Sass
Frasscisco, Calif.
The commsaittee till nt holdtia sls ii
the wsalks, jsselins free style, three-smile
tramtsracesinsilreaysraee. 'Teamis fr
relsay races still le selected liy the essis-
isittec fromithesithltes s-Isisqualify il
tse uher es-nts.
Noslrciers till le sat-sredcwis-nuers of
tes-s-ests int he eliminatsiis ion e-s, ut
thisesissmsittees-sill gie O.lymptiic diplo-
mtois heis n hiso si-s it-is uhlist. s'sonsd
The ipsrteitiy mstsseisf tsewst-s
ling s'tssurnament is--i's'hiesd ristresis
tsafternoon atss st hes'gyms. 'i''s-ise f this-ins
lssses (f mst sisits, le fcttisrsseiglis,
wieltsesrwightsissid lena-stwights, pt onis
isirsgodisotsotssiserisg thast the
miaority (f this'msnsisri's'osiues'at
th p r. 'seti e t'limsssit vs i -'i
Is this'feathesrsigt es-ss-itG. F.
eNosss ssis-ariedsill'this'onrsissIn-' h
I sto i wo sisses-sfslhoosle
dowtnsedshIis oponntsbss an itmInass
seriy- iints-s-It-co'nudss. Inhis li'scod
I ls lewts-ssfront H I. 1), lavein'i ai
hiy atsl it-ittcl ch.
This lisissis ights fitrnish''led-iths
exhiitions wiIsetsress'this'aptlusecc f
st lisecIautsss. R.V. XWelsshlwon from
I . Ieisticki seuntensecods,''sss i
~~u-igthis'srsus clincehswsichitswt-sssfr Ni
sssid I?. J. 'Waslsh. 'fits- furmuers's uuses-
s-edi n foingsssshiss opponentiion his ht k
'i 37 secons.i
e W F.Ilhaa shdiJ. i-lRll, fethsls''
-fouighst io the is'hustAtisslf hulaoter
Rothssutsu do nhdhiss mtastitt a seeonash s-l
in hss thun usohisu sustses.
Own l to i" i this'f-sett 110su isisest-sanus
s IvywighsussolconteI stsissesthitcasur'
(is hld, huh dtush ut sts- sir uthis's'casui
suust is rheaitsyihonorssipear, this'tisi
Wisnuwill westle Stura-eenn o
F- WXX XX'hh. Pait. R U deso
t usmid s. liarlistss'hisdichslitessftthes
stiesesers this vear. "W e hisses isees
I sltly tsshisd iiicae,' siiParksss'by
theusall numbsters' ofcestansits issthis
It fildt i 's'a ,it thtisc w his h ie site
1 ash owncss idraleskil.sl'.''c
ff'rlue semui-fials tiillhe uits tff TtIs
liyafternoonassas 4 olocki. ITle hiswu
'tsucceessfulh sunsfrom sesalchls will a--
sh er is thefsnls Sstssrday igh.
t- 'F'le summauusris:
1- Festereigt-G. F. Noisomsuwo'us
IffromusH. C. Randolulphs.r2 seesunuds;12. L
Comsss wontrssfroams X. S. Usalsme,5:5
is. F. HIant fromussJ. C.Roth (irlsttoit
drsaw), ses-d otu sat, 1t:6; G. F. Noisomsu
.3 fros tI. P. Msayec.,s1:55.
Weltereigt-C. F. Stahl fromussP.
is Isaker, 2:u; I.,'snsereson sfromss I. J-
at alsh, 37 sceonds.
.2 Heayweigt-. IR. Wish fruitsI..
I . Heitrick, 17 seconsds; fG. A ..XAsdersons
"6fromus X. 1E Dastis, 3 :27.
C M. Jesstnings andsaRi .I. Just. light-
us- eights, tillsmseh Tsusdasy

Thec junsiumr eungineers gasie a sutccess-
e fisuldanacinug party last erensing at Bar-
if hour gymsnasium. Fully serenty-five
is Cosuplstai en'ujoyedluse excellenst programs
)t furnishsedl hy Fischser's orchestra. Mr.
.e anad Mrs. H. B. Merrick anad Mr. and
d Mrirs. Grciffithi acted at chaperonas.

Sove HO Lcuss Iss toths Star thueater, and I1wntu
tihsre sndlasked ste liiis to disperse'"
SHOULDHAVE EEN lhe sid.s-E'ry tissestemuadle antan-
isst sushe hul be sa rush stud they
SHOT, AY SWYR uldtrylts get the mrisontersaa.


Attorneys for Defense Condemn
Sanguinary Sfentimients; Chief
Tangled on Cross Examination.
i'tstit~i itg tlt - ',,wv r d rn
thue trlil if (hi s lt ui t cs-e-'s sterdav
aifters-us sus tatedth ainthe po5liceust shottuld
O11 of the-u. litoney lusuu n ws
crosts-s-siniuu i st lists I tushand its
hum 'ourt'se if 111s 5 ics ussus'' lie s k d
lus1 t~ ,: h t thus poice listsunttheur
us tutir u'awv] it tihitcd
Itsa d ifl 1111 thas t --Itttmi- lit
tutuc ciby i ietathu1cvsthouls lihuh
fo he - ustit l ic\s ft he- lt's'' s
,'ti Is lus t -aum ' usth rml\<
slut - shard u iii illthe coure 1
li--u ttu il ii 5. w ic55 s s i i,
sire '-sit h's b n a(led le ussr.:
titu. hush t: 1 u h no , lesepu
liat' stsu i '5ii m I recors . tary
Mith, 1 nccr hdt it- suitlceted i
I ss I ut ul huh (le
mitt r w1 u it stu ensIl slon.
"I sst ttusesinwa coedt h
th h ae,\.s thus ii i 5 \- tutu s led'
"If vole \\el'c 1 ~in tsdf ral ai
a ;e, w uld oilht \ il ll" t) a tetuhe
(suilusrts s its p sonc o this
lhatst uh s wers ths wiithoug th

mus h ulestn w gistto Annststreet tter
antsouhre-Nvosodeheu ortes across ths


wal usail nms the sails to sthe jail n-nt
bloceds. I hueamrd the crowrd sasy 'Rush
's-si, sill 'elmi'"-
"Thlentsksled if hue sasharrestedl Oct-lfe
G.. hViierics, lie repalied:
"I idi. lie hadml cntered ste theaster'.
flie lh smutnuseercoaut miserIsis arni and
hue sashd sesheddt msussic onr smethiniig
ts thauteffiet iii Iis (mucket. 1-ecinns
hs-sisceuffedsanstu ak ess hisjail. I told hthe
pols's'ehto goslies e mushmrrmst all offenudrs
thief 'spfeluwuas tsnsasked if lhu e c-
olizes-seltcsitf(lie phlaintiffs ustpersnssuu
1arrestedl thuat niglut fis taekinigtpart ill
ths' disturbance.s h sisireliedl"I seent<us
iffshhesniinittmum li asssi sil
IhisIsu'cross exmination umsthsmuifgut
lito sili diffichusltis. his us massked:
(ists tutsithe sit 'Mr.i'. ei n
f M.i lus I mdon 'sno' Iis snme, hut
1 can pi~t 1i tniso uit."
Xliihatlwus 5hs-lymug
mu-st i dwnpiturs'insides'thue ths-
r5'sntit .a sucthtn(msue.mu-ens- skest C
'Soiu'i-eneiestkent sitesruss1.'
t isuhelisei-stque5-stionsedltbutths
tutuercss if d mmi uusic h iis'uiciswsusasuid
hisoisaus haml uhessarsusthed.
"Dshidthemniiian-isislmaresteduhahiv's sit
was sesuswthit'
"Itsdroppedit. 1 Ilet it lie thenres
( 1' kunisw(auythinug smore abutshit."
'e id' su sitlsak usto his it'" t
flus Idh haveiia,ittmusc'
th'isstche a trc yashts'nsums
itths bresteaiin tsthe eteuitiz. Ilt tis-
csi' examssintioin hue ieti on
lIa sut ding uimu' huitthe is' ddtssle ofXW'shsi-
ioJie trem'sinmmthur cenutersost uscroawds.
1-Smen onussus'tt he' dgi'oftintslm'ct-sut-i
ci tress thrs-tsone.They tpickedl sie o(t
''5o t.sourrests st-e umadeh' befoe
1f 1 was liii.
's 'lii tummsie le'stit M. pe chtc'uptiedi
all th t ernomiot. 'hecusrsiill h-eucolu
ustine s o uo'clockshs mri
isisoumsb ititersity, News' YoarkCitiy,
11hmsuesuhblishedulacprofaessorushipssat tin
maitsaid s to51bhi his im'ltst sf its kindu
inin ths itoant.

Economics Professor will flake
Explanation of Work of Inter-
state Commerce Commission.
This saftueroon 5trof. His-ii'sC.XAdamus
will benginmaiscurims f tesseturns 00
"Thss' rk ofthis'Intesat Cuutssnircn
Commsuuissionudsuer the- 'Twi'-nsiet St-c
hisuioof slur c." htIn o( tConsgeess
smme-nd lit secdttinitsodetus o 'isgive'
fhn cosmmissionmsulimusier ttics-uise mitc
usalshsmuiforms-us iss-uifuss-(le li-
countuus, rcs'uusaiscnch smesmorassn cutfll
cororaion sujec sto thusIntsta'scte
Cossmsmrci'e. 'hieu' tuitiiissii matlous
invuitedsl Prof. Adahmuts, -hsw h us his-nutits
statisiianu fornri-i twehity uyests, t
umsertak th his imuportantitacki. Sit'eii
iii iqift rv~ihis his het'nusengagetd
('(suti i sutisit u nim t.
''his srs o etr swill hue 'rof.
'sdamsss' fustI publichex pamnsuatistof hilt
wichii te liss eoed.ui iii le mii i sciusss
thur acecuntsing5and(suditlinus"'osathiss-g-sut
topoa ton, speills tsh-i-iasis Viils'
initendcdsupimaturssity o muss. _Smleys
lasin tiuais-'fittIis its lseitms, thesy'
msill heue' to aht ll ishissares'itters
tortuity ts illsemushthesy uill he gient
daiy- st 4dus'loin T ppan Hal sluru's
Proif.'sum sutwholuis t he eadsof it'ch-s
iganu's depum hussnlshosoiia cnm
andfinnc, hs ben a tutfrom thin
Un ivesril ii.itt mitytna w iya smeav sitf a-
tses'e. Iu xiis us'rctl if sulutfuhowutst
cs-e,ushistier hun itillreturntts-russnext
fall. lFroimispresentin iatics hsIis usotuk
withithiscommtit lssion wiiill nt:estlireulely
comsuitdnint l lueihthndrush tif ylue'
'Fle uuuuit uissiouswishsto rtasinhtssi s
ln ascpossible. Is cmiiisii(ueuuusit hiss
moassesIofiregmnis swsill ueitendhus lave,'
fir wi-ll prhsbslytil rie's ts-is untilthits
seodsmseoets tmi-cesar
'hs- Cosrn'e'rsns'of tslum'wMust' o~ial'hs
bsuilding' is tshe lso uiti dasIss'
stiin t commenesmsenutiweu'-i. his sisses'
to a'stmsiuth (ilts-dtush orsm aressit's
suisnueitng mastrisal hiothis'sit.
'shunt $ua~oo lcis'esenspint soIsar
ou thIis bsuiding, wsichel, uwheu'stmleted.'
still cust $uo,ooo. 'fun resents vso teh
1$So,su00hstowardhits costusscionhmstie
theust ui smssi s-rased esscotribhutiosfsumst-u
al'mni. Uer o conmsidheamt i t ill a
mormtgsge' bi'placsed upottnu thin ibuidinsg.
SJudsginig fruitsthur umonuelradsuy raisedl
andiithasttproamisd, si-euk siillsituotim
isis-n tobhuniscsontinsuseedon accouttof
ack of funsds.
It s sais hait iwhenu compmletdl it will
he thunfinrst buuiling, its toit of narci-
tecturenandsl mtrials, upon sathin campssus.
It itill saffordl a guoodslohctionu for thin
sut gallery,ciwhichi sill hun satusnilfrorns
thus'librsay imts it. lPicues, usts std
tablsets sill u'cusunmsonte fmous salumnusi
anud thsMusichtiganmenmssiswhimsfll itacum
Cisvi mush Spaishswamsss. 'T'here sill he
twecnturroomsh i in tshe uilinisg; sun
of thsenwilt he sedufofusecusnsi at
aumnd rchieture-' T thur basemnet tier
itill hun a5 lsrg sasse'umblhy-rooms which
still heuse-utforuclsss mietinigs smu thuuier
gsather-ings. 'hss headuasrters of this
'silumni a sssocisatiomn, summiniihUinisit
Hll, will he imento510tha newunildiu-
tug and heha furnuished iitmhsargr nit
humle-ter ccostmodationss.
The force of menutst woark on the new
dentistry buildinghisisbern trused lately
fand te constructionsis hprgrssing rap-
, Ill' Steel work sill cuumsnmtcn iwithint

- ther month, sand it is expectedl that hy
t1 Jetty ither new busilding willtarbcuaotn-
pletely finshed.

soit(htlDli. I cii isha
Chisf-fl hthu-tutu
ho listifttuu h 'tics11-

d to1 5' 1call1.
-lit sintheii-sitsum
adi lueairntudhIII muss

aufternonsm ih inthuis' iwa toti hes
ini te' si intindsmtsh lii t s-(, ha
sw rn i uuabout i ftccsemi ~ rti
' I mucus calledfrustm (t' councmil

C .:N Ni 11S lifT,' ()IX'Ci'l't7R \IFII )IN t','IFIFIFNT tiF IHU OIN.

Caneinuu-ig t ssls fuss'theinsi trrumivsr'sielust hosure. Vrstersday safie-rnoon
is iswisnmmfillsh ss-, mime ru-crute n ut m 'T'llomaiststGoul, 'of tush C. IH. Rogers.
wseatuheru'1 riugimg mmitcmlinge (mmber sisof 'opt, wrrencaptsized, suit escapedh iithm
thi' Ifragile-u--isfh. hiss-cusrri'-nt is still smduckuhinag.
sin siht thaut muts isflficultye is ex- 'Tihaisnmtre'st us canoecinug is intcresing
pserienced bliyi thoe((whurt uiempilt tin tntass nually itstshownttby thur numbearoh
thrussgh time rapidsms itstime- vicinity of thu rivmelt- s ttms ssuw huouusedulspontthue river.
mlti slht'er-hossuse. SetveraulcesonT'he ur ss tr has sums reached ontePusn-
users- sumertusrnedulati miic s ut lst tuesedredund suitmasuny store canoes sure kept
(lis andithi-r micupanms~str- rfourced to fur hire atthue boat tic-cry.

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