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March 22, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-03-22

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TheM'i'chigan Daily

l'lichigan Wins Meet, 42 to 30-
Iddings Fails to Establish Gym
Record-Syracuse Scheduled.
Alichigan again proved victor over the
regimental squadl from Chicago, winning
thc meet y a -score of 42 to 3. Te
comtptetition was exceedingly close all
tlesway. No recordsswsere estalished,
though all the events swere rn in credit-
ahle ime. Iddings and Kimaltried
to reak the gym record in the pole
9 vault, ut failesd. The record is it feel
3 inches and sas esalished'tDvorak
a-few years ago.
Michigan started off weltl by taking
eight points in the shtputit The regi-
ment enterest lit one man., Carrithers,
weho was expectedl to crowd his oppo-
nents for fr1st ae, bt he failed to
reach the forty mark and scoret lowest
tf the three enteretd. Benrooksost the
event with a put of 42 feel 4 inches to
his credit ]n six tries his lowest mark
was 40 feet 2t1-2 inches. Horner ws
secotn, his heet lbteiing 40 feel 7
'thlesassent ti sVas-ons.sho ion
first in his preliminary. Joe Horner!
wonsucoundt for Michigan, anditD1eccfor
the visitors finished third. Keck was
frozen ouutilof the fials y an error of
the ijsdges.IHec sonsfirt in ithe firs!
trelimsisary against slieer Cicagoan;s
btti the sficial schss sas keepisg track
of the firsts disitsnotice himi. Isstead
tDee sas given first asdtCissisis secondl
and Keck sas left oust. The dsh sw sas
wionsis le sowevst te of tr year.
4 2-5 scondiss.
Only three sensessteres the igh husr-
sies, Huslbert asstTattssssge fsr te
Un'iviersity, ass Mscl?'assnsfor the regi-
mnst. 'helseater sat Starter Ryan's
gunsand intssisteevesst,-I Hslert isist-
isgsi clsse sesosnd. Tht't imev as 5 3-5
'Tseile-vasult.- as-as aticitsates.
went Iso the solsirs. tLts Idsigs nst
Kiimstal tmade . ii feet. Saser asltes
sell, b'ut the casge f rssssto fit Cs
itches tss is feet ssas tloss sssctsfor Iimi.
Levinsssstn isnt reasitsthe fosrsmwhlihs
wsonitheusvet for si lst swek.
Capt. Fetcher the sissy high ispsller
of the visitors faisedtso isosip sant
onsly. Kirkpatick asslndlcannifor the
regimentl snitR kestr is for Michigai
comspeted so the is ct 11The maea start-
edith-ilsthe dstsy nai l sipping015 te
dry floor a lthinswich is a a'measre
accounits fors Mc~at'asss failure toi reacts
5 fee. Krktpatrick trus the jumtp at5
feet 7 inctes R kst ast adslSmithiisfo-
lsowisg inthIesgvess orter. After winis-
iuisg the jumpat Kirkpatrick rnsth~etar
tp to5 feet g inches ad cleares it.
Merritt prosed the est man its the
quarter-muie- fnishing welt aheadl of
Larson itt 54 2-5 seconis. Director
Fitzpatrick osly entered Merritt ads
Warner antdohsscored, Warer takig
thirdl hon. At this hpoinlt the' score
stoodl 28 for~te regimet adsi26ffor
Coe attilmhsack walkes away fronm
'their olponents its the half-mile andf
scored the mich eeset eight points.
altatchet did not rusn. Wallace fin-
shed third for the militianmn. Coe
thtought he had the record and slowedl
down a little at the encd, htut when the
tme was 'asnonnced it was s1:8 --
itst 3-5 secosds over the record. Co
could have smashed it easily. B_1ohi-
stck did list distance its aot 2 :2, run-
nintg an exefedingly pretty race.
It looked at first as thougt Michigan
was going to lad the esstire score its
the mile run. Disl atd May cinched
first and second early in the race asd
left Saxtons to figt it out with Plait,

the Chicago" hoy, for third honors. He
ran a game race hut, lie puilled in abont
tswo yards hehind his opposschf~ May

tried t take first frona"Sleepy"ss the Ol"ITIP
stretch. btihle could't rsake a go sof it O I T E MAY GIVE
Keee aveKeck achalce to 'gt
ack at tihc Cicagoans wies thte call A CO IIBIED SHO
sent out for 1th relay teas.t Against
WIasson,'tDee, Larsons anldiWallac i
pitteid Keck, Ne zoeg, BotlnsasCkand C(sic ulyMnFvrIe fCs
runnig ill the order gire. Keck betittFclyMn avr de ofCs
his mumnIy us good twto yardssad gsve mopolitan Vaudeville, Though
Netzrg us goosd start fr the secondu Impossible at Present.
three latis. Netroerg fiishedabiout a
fifth f a a tapto Cisc goodh e-i n, .,.. - The ies f a cosmaooitansvaudsevile
stretcedclthisIito abostus tirdi. etertainmseit, ediorialliy-siggestet in
The criwdwnct up iitieair owhnyeterday's Daily, wsareceivedl wits
'Spider' tookc te tousehlantslstartedl out varyiig degreesof isterest by' retr-
after the acos. Eseryoneucwas howinsg setatives f te differenuttlguge iso-
for himstoisachethis san, anttid sCfor ichies. Nothiing idefisite toatsesssaid
sitzpatrick's signsalCe smight ae doe s yet, uitttaaes wilig tistkle in
it. Thec s-ay teunted si thie track actie prt if the plan is ctarridruit.
wsua us"caution,assdl te crossedtelie usroFiftBeiat its Bourestisinks ila the
ttree-qsurtrs of u atsp saeas f the ieais a godoetose avii iosred u t
Wissdy City-ite. The tinme ivas 3:03 2-5. fr the future. but sys tat the Cerce
'Te relayraersdsid litconut ill tie sm- Froais is tioiesgrosseu wits prepara-
silaetzilng of poits. Cic.s fr -L'.\iarrI u-wics it swill pv-
'iisc attenisansce was sasl assdlte sest ioni isy' 8, toconrisiier aisy scsipeo-
spectatossdecidedlycaptateti sdurisg jesit lprseit. lit'suis, howuever, "I
miost sf tile seet. hssite tuatu it cits te tkestip sex yetr,
Thte summssaries : adsuic rnoiiireasnstswhy it tsuldtt ts
Shsottsst--hhcsstsrook (i),'ftst, 42 ft Civice a success. I hai aismttewht silii-
4 It.; Hornser (M~l), seconds, 40 ft. 7 i.; lute tilt for smemb ters f te Frenc,
Carrittlers ( IR) thirs, 353 ft. 10 in. GesrmaniantdiiGtr'ek ittisrts i-sis. G'resk
Ple usesslt-Idduiings (lR) asdssimbis~altpayshaive tirs' nii seditsuta. imodellshby'
(R'), ir frfCst; Sansers'( NI ),Citird. Frencud -uGt srtiitdrmatits, tandC imy
reigt-sitfeel. iseas-a ii ~s' ive te'ucrrspsondshing
IHighitimpst-Kirkpastrick (R ),- irits cne s i tultulIngugettu snted'uto'h -
Rskestrass(;4'), se cond;tI. T. SmthltherCli
(Mi), hird. TeDe hi ertsltVc6sruittis is ithtes
'T'hirty-fives'yrdl ss-Wa'sssons(R) , 5same5stituttin s thei' resrhi scity,
first;Hornisuer' (M1, second; Dthrec,siceit hli"inn6asisiscsitlsut'uhtrts''til
third. ''imstr-:04 2-5. its lutis isd suitdiptroibstbtly dslithulig
Fussy' y-rsh igth thurles-.'Irtannthi sis er. r.I yt suttuuhu', uuhusurecnty
(R),,fist;: IIulust (M1), seconTih'aliorgantii izdteScandiainsVcei, sih
usssssge (1), 1 tird. 'Tint-:05 3-5. liii. iea assThe aisIsly soutlineduit is
Qssarter'-ssile 'utu-.Iet'itt (A,61fis-t:isisry ideinitluts I tikauitesres-
Larson s(R), second;t \Warnter (i), 1110 entrtuasiet csutlii'be tmuade'froms
thirdn Tm-us - i.I hdo not kow whustat Cle Saninahiu-
IHalf-mie listsCuss(M), firs;lBohn- sitsn Verse s~in'cd. W6e sive onusy-
stck (NJ)5.ssussecd; utaluceI(),t hid. h tlt-f iuiui's-s teshndcussl ishardly'
Time-. I st-,.cmspte ith sisstsh rectath Germuanu
Onie.stitu rusts-Dhit hI) , fist; MySlubds-'I asit sotrus',ietiher, susow smanty
(Mh), secondui PaIt stsIR) , tirdss. 'imiesaoC suits ssussssus ttu's sisy'histionissic tau-
--3 -5 n.luts I ti)theisy' wisoul he giadi to
Relay racs (11usdeu lats ip'r' tus)- ciioperatet ws it it sthotersoc sities,''
Sichigait ( Kck PNetzorg, itslisack, IFrsin1ki.Luzascretaury-ofife Clue isit-
Cias)I defeathedhFirst lf,gitsueut ("Waiusn,politantubsut, wissmuchuleai selwsthlthie
lfcD'e."uWallce Laurson).I Tlimets-3:0'oh-;.iseasntusasil tt htIis felows mem'behurs
stius siset icsi-:s;s t~Gits. wordittlulsutltutluily' te gladh ut t ilt'ti
' icign il paySyacseunv sstudtss-ust't'en tis. 'hekosmopitantius
hi chuguut itt sssy Syarssesusisssiyluts gvea'lsuit euuutaitus'st lst y'ar
tau ethis esewstashuugriudirtitusNo tis. 2.whihsisisinsut a itacia scces' s, ut
'lTe iguss'scIntrctsssonly-uauwiait tio- I9lr. isuci fee) thasut, husskut bytuhs
catiout, andushManausget' Bauirulhassissuedl iii'ligsl itiitts, s'sit t th cominastion sh iows
thu stateusuntsthasut tir gume' will he ususul us' its scry ways ucsecssiusl. thf
payed.'This iill he thai'last guusuof alsithItslanuassge ltbs, ts' UtratusMuss
te seasota for Michiguan, adsith sissthuse ucsel i tu sss stsss.sisty
exceptions of te Penusy- gmie, its out-sa l is eger t do sluthitait it cans towasri
comess' sill Ce Cle most interesitg. frfeigli rjc.OcrWlsn
'Withs the Kentuucky' State gamae te- fslsrisst teh'dtiofethe o e ntitfo
termsiued, onsly' NoreDaa esainsasthi
hu sossstt si or itiissurgnuiecaSpansi cdubsts pusirmsisel
be chdued A bfoe taed his sty'yle stmatterlbelsrs' tat suiety
'guime isill probabsly' suplathtsCita- asits irsi smerting .hsusssay' ights.
tirety arraungedlganesits Waash.
coeaInuad1 f IYIS f-ued-cxSd:tOC',t~.
Arrangemsensh ave heeronade for hOTk't(CVICRF IN WILL
dlual tenns smeaet iith Coruel, o he S''th 11A'Al'VOT Y
Fplayedl at. Feryfilsd, Saturday after- "Minnast sitsltsrshtetu," uscosatruir by
oon, "May 23. Negotiations havse ert I tessig, sissohe sagedlat te Nese
I uder way for sonic tisse, boths Cornell Whitey ite star stsr fuissie hy he
andu Michigans sesiritig the match, uittWheutirVerein. "Mfintivans-sthes
tboths wishinagto tplay.away froni)ome.hus" s us say'f lierry mitun
I toweser, s Cornell au l arecdy sche- genealtiteretwill udouttdly te en-
used to gamssat hone for next sea- .tausiusticatyreceicru. It is a play quite
t on, it wsndsecided io play here this diferenti frnt tsatt sf all oiler coneties
Sspring atd a returns-gamse at ;Ithaca in (erussits 'druaa. Gus thaut accout it
next year.isaiasi'titesuthscr'ovn-
Iast year Michigan pilayed Obelntis alwaswlcm nth - r'o -'
*~~~~~ ~~~~ Oletn nite as lyusc y s iell as fuse its sprkle, its peculiar
Itwo. year's_ agzement, Oerin will be Germiana ooring, ash its eteraining
seens here this year. Negotiations arc plot.
-also under way for several other natches-
andu in tll probability us fine schedule M'NULT'IY WILL TALK
- wilt e secured for this year's team. ON MISSIONARY WORK
* The comtpetitionC for the tenis teans
will ntouhthe sery keen, for three sA. I. Xeuty, chaiman of theStt'
iof last year's team are still intschool, dets' Missioar assciation , will de-
iand two niee of varsity caliber, who liver its addrlests at Barrci Hall at 4

- were ineligibule last year, are now able p. ilt. todsay, iinissionary swork among
1 ho play.. The ,fall' tournament also stsudlents. Mr. MscNulty is now on a
b hroughit to light several players of abil- tonr amuong the colleges. lHe comes
ity, and 'wvitlt all this material .Captain here frons Toronsto university and will
t1-bag can be counuted Ohn to. tusen osut ass speak at Obserliianasd Ohio State -next
r excellent team. week.

'lia Webster literay society hel
their ausnsua anquet stte Uniuntcu
huosue ast ight. 'hisiswas the foty-
ninthanualan ssqute of Cle socity adul
prelimuinsary- steps n-reItakens to osere
properly Cle fiftieths ansniersary of the
society at hic baquet to he held uneh
The toastmsater fr the evening wsa
It. I3. Harlan,ltar presitdent of the so-
ciety. The folowing usemsbes resondu-
eel t toasts : N. I. Andehrsont, L. M.
Letpter, F. HT. MRosert W. L. Cou-
trymansu, V. J. Tidhat,Thomasa Caty,
J. C.-lossel, 'Thomtas Becrft, KT(. '
Fooste, and Thomsas V. Bird.
Thec spirit itswihl thurMihtiganu
alsumnui are reeiving the currenut sews-
uauper couissifthicdistrbacueriofa
neeck uagoi snsownsesby' auleer Insist
I Isgh Alhen, 'o6, whichs uas nrinsts
ass official of thin MichiganUnt Lionu.
Husghu Allen, darinisg his esolege carsse,
wats usresident (fthess'Unions suit prmti-
stnte isn t isisUuivesity- affairs. lI tterhll-
ru-sisas fosllows:'
C kleveslandus, 1., Miss. u8, 110a.
I iao sendting a donttribsutionu of $500o
s unuceuss of us fuudthisget us goodu
Deroit lawyer and get us fair seal fir
use studusensiwho see arrestedh So-
dasy' ight.
Xty knouwsledlges of this'facsis limsitedh
t Cleunewspaperauc acountss, ut I kouw
fruits sy ioi-usexperiencer thatus studsents
hausissbutiassmsuchtshclster its ans Anu
Arboruncout, fory even Cle slightest of-
fenssi, s a snowbslall has on asprnsay.
Aliothatsut heumncarresed sreusualy
thur bysandsers whit tre drasggud fromu
thus edge' of te crowdt, uusully' by'the
sipecial puoliemsen. I learned tsate
Cle poice so cordially- its Aisi Achiv
hut it toosk seseral weeks doigtpolie
fr lheIV. ID. hbefore I wsusaule Ctioseak
d centslty tsuseoften.
'Te newspapher accountss this str-
itou sale thaultilhe twun oficials are
thrateing o snaileudsenusluts his thin
sworks. I shuldsh suggest that youC gt
us goodsl sats ike' Jimmusy iMlurfin,sr judsg
Keenau, sunsrsomeonu-us Mihigant umaa of
orusne-siho sill atutalusthun dase or
secure's uschange' of senue-
"L.'Avree," the comedy to le gires
Misy 8 tsp the Crece rausastiuje Fran-
dais, sill unudoutedly'lucoue of har
hust saged productiosns so far giveu. .
'T'russier, anu actor of the Theater Fran-
cais, te ational FrenchthIleter situaesd
iC Paris, iill furnishu alt the iformsa-
tions as to the costuming, scenery, ansI
genseal arrangemnts of 'LAvare" as
it is staged its France.
Preof. Andre Beziat de Hordes, direc-
scum et regisseur of the Cerce, has re-
ceivesd a letter to this itent from a
frienud, . Tiersot, awho is one of the
leading muen its the National Consera--
usry of Music andl Dramaic Arts. M.
'Tiersot, to whom Prof. Beziat wrote,
referred him to M. Trussier, who gladly
oferest to furnish all the information
that might be wished,
Under the ale directioun of Prof.
Beziat an excellently presented play may
he expected.
B eginning Monday afternoon exam-
nations, especially for first-year men who
are required' to take gym work, will e

held from 2 1o 4 o'clock daily in Direc-
toe Fitzpatrick's office. Thse hosur for
the exansination cast sow be signedL
The senior class of the tUiv'ersity of
Oregon will present as their play Ibis
year Sheridaiss's ptuuction, "The Rival'

Two Performances Presented
Yesterday - "She Stoops to
Conquer" Most Satisfactory.
The lBds Greet players see seen in
tn-i performnces ysltedy. This is
the inuith appearance of Iis conmpany
its Ants Artisteand osuse uof thin least stis-
factorcy. Their work lues ot deeat
uponusartifice but uputonssut, asd hiieta
hat is lackingCle performanatce is sot
susssfiul. Is is trie that the lckt of
trappuings s sut atways cnspsticuosusat
that usn matns' places-laces n-lier equip-
usd15 wosudsot he nostiedus'sen if pres-
entu-there arened tutu "scesnic effects"
ho muakse tCisctaingsutre covincitg.
M. Greet's vrsautility i ss noe
exepttionausltaunsIis aubility. IHe sas
seen its ists-hpdiffere'usnt ss yeterdauy,
Sark Antotyuany' bon'~uy Lussstui, std
thughs decideudly hess Greet its each, was
successful isi t. Its Cheluatter erule,
whils e lishsuits look iss' pat,Iis proaiyfte ett h hrce n
was cunsesquenty tisse acsucetable.
"She Stoopsss tuonquer" wssthes'Insre
satisfactohiry- (f ystserdauy'usClays. "Juliss
Caesar" slraggedsanstashsssuiot covic-
tug. Lines si-es'drotptesdl assdthitches
marneid than performnc. '11ere sere
planes,lhoweer., us shics thus'atisg
wais tehistsosf ansyhing tionyste-
dasy. Isthi'eatssit'taestur'alushAs-
louy's saddress the udusience's'asarruunidi
wits tsr sitsuatioun its forgstting'this
inconssistencies of hElisabethanssscstutmne
anduusubslstanutialh togas cmbuaiiatioun sat
thin ike absurduitiuss wicheldcuthu etr-
formanssce eehsnter lioit to ert.
hut thin othue play- thecomednsy'ivss
hiriuous. ('omedruy'is slur l-hI of the
Bll G retuuplayes, fr the cruditis at-
tendsing their pereformnusces-edio not ss
jare thi n sses wshens Cle audsince is ust
goodsh ususuus. Wuhen lassuced io a
funnsy scuss- thusin payingags in imnitable.
''heir stagebuhissis clevderly'aransgsd
andu this-side-laty' is hiiuuutiusuthIoug
Thucesoe l ussusoiftu sthe smp yny thas
c'hanged't iss' sitnc it t ppearantc'ses'.
Sonicue (f Cle iest sayers sun'etmissing
andsheuir places hlu tist'u en 5 enreliyts
fild thRs. tuut ViianutanuduIrests' Rooke
smsde favsorablie impruuessios. 'te cmn-
sassy plays 'Romeossuand ul Jit" .\osuiav
'her Mihiganenusianshoards ofucuonutrol
has fixedt Saturday, April 4, as Clesate
fuse thur elections Of studetutmeumbes to
thue hoarsd for next year.
TIhere are tenstsudents o le chosesn
froms the junuior classes, to act as mcii-
tiers of this oard-two frost carla of
the liuerary, las, ansi engineering tdepart
mntss, one fronm the medical depat-
ment, oune fromu the other depamnlsauts
jointly, anth two from thur fraterniies.
As Ithe so8 MSichiganensian is ging
t press and with Clue elections oly swo
weeks distant, the candidates foe next
year's nmanagement ae actively egaged
in ookitig after themirssnerests. Six mesa
have enteres the race. They are as
For msanaging editor-Chasuney S.
Houcher, 'o9; SM. B. Mcliugh, '00:;1.
D. Morgan, 'op law.
Foe business manage-Leonard C.
Reid, 'op law: William M. Casey, 'op
enginsee;A L. Hainline, 'op law.
wassauxis lOTESaS nessuwMONAY
Prelimsisaris in the wrestling contests
begin Mtonday. Alt who wish to enter

must have their nanses in by 4 o'clock
Monthay. These contests are open to
the University at large and all weestlees
are urgesd to come oust.

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