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March 20, 1908 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1908-03-20

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G. H. Wild Comfpany
Our Spring 198 line of fine
Imported and Doiestc.o
Is now ready It incdes all
the latest Novelties, Shades
and UptoDate Patterns in
Moose Brown,
Caribou Tan,
Leather Shade,
Grays and
Fancy Blues.
Your patronage respetfully
G. H. Wild Company
31I South Stae Stret
Shipment* of
'Mcp hist o'
(the new game craze) was
quickly sold and we have just
received a second aid larger
oiie You'll find Mephisto
the est game for outdoors
andtintdoos, too that you've
ever seen
75c, $1.00, $1.50
Per Set
Sheehan & Co.
Student Bookstores
_ A. G. _
-, & BROS. ..
The Largest Manfacturers in the World
of Officia Athletic Supplies
Base Ball, Foot Ball, Golf, Lawn
Tennis, Basket Bal, Hockey
OfficilatImpements for Track and Fied Sports
Uniormes ior aii Sports. Spadigs Hadomey
Ittstatd Cataogeoro aii sports contain fnu-
erie, suggrstios. Sed fr it.It's free.
New York, Obteg, St. Louis, Bee Francisco,
Milenepols, Dever, Buffaeto, Syraue, Pttt-
burg, Phlsde1pht, Bst, Cincinnti, Balti-
more, IWashleg tn, Kanoas City, Ceowoind,
Now Oresn, Detrit, Montra, Canada.

Managing- dtor-Aocoue F. RITCI
Business Manager-C. E. WINSTEAD.
News.......... ... -Hiram S. Cody
Athletics..........::...Lee A White.
Exchenge.....H Johh WVambold
Alsic and Dramna... RoyD. Welch
Women's Editor... Louise Van Voorhis
J. W. McCandles Elmer C. Adams
Russell McFarland
George H. Hobart Leonard C. Reid
Chauncey Boucher B. G. R. Williams
Raymond Vissher
X1. B. McHugh J. H. Prescott
A. L. Haimline Roert Mountsier
Lowell J. Carr Donald L. Kinney
Walter K. 'lowers Louis Kraf I
Lewis 'T. Kiskern Robert Moreland
Paul Greer Samuel H. Morris
Otto Engel Fred E. Gooding
Theron P. Cooper
John F. Wurz Carl H. Adam
Harold P. Gould
Address: MICHIGAN DAILY, Press Bldg.,
Maynard Street.
Manager's Hours: I- p. i., 7-8 p. M-
daily, except Sunday. Both phones
liRll)Y, Al ARfClHt0, 1908.
Ie wsake of le recent Ferry lcee
tres-usime iitesigg eiscussiiiis hae-
been -mii eil.\A.fiirener instriictirt
P'ekiniiioiv ersity niw stdiiyngtire.it-
clare t 10 isiimeiofthe letirersstate
mn weelikely to create all eagger-
itedimpitlresio-of-ithe Chiee peiplc.
andtit il i. tEllis twitinthe iifew
monthiichseijlite gae eer to sttiyitg
lie soicioltplitial ni religiiiis cinii-
sibliy hopie tiiexpress. ieitomte the
general temner if teiiatiiin. Ar. Otlis
is a priiiinn itt. ititist ii Pliaielthita.
and lstrtedl iut with tieintetioiin of
gaiiin g aiiunbiased toil as nearly tecut
raa psisitinsicght itti the unier-
lyiig condi itiiis wiIch iiirtmisinre
hare ito cote iiitlinI the foreign fiel:
it detemiiniig just whaiit goisi, if any.
they iseec doing. atd what~t the future of
the work might be.
Any whon heard thelseturtes can neil
hut feel that AM. Ellis sas as fair to his
subect ias i sas possibe to be, and te
eulogistic way ii whlicha lie described
Chiina's future prospects in Satrday's
lecture stowed no int of peidice. Is
the uain hieiid not attenpt to generalize
in his deiutoss s to elemental char-
acteristics. Bthttis statemeits-thich
re torogly agreed in by many travel-
ers-as to the ow- value whlica the o-
cistal pluces upntrueth tellig, te moral
virtutes nti compassioni for the weak
anid sufterintg sccemito bae bsyond cavil.
.lr. Ellis sas perfectly swilling to recog-

nize the fact that asty ate wrongftl
concusions ciiitd teidraswit by any tra--
eeiof atty cuintry Ibut le did ittsist
tat intChtintmnty standi~ards ofcot-
dc were empilhasizei swhiciar nt
here, and vice versa, atd that maty'
ideals which are emphasied by Chrisian
natioiso arc tayod the understanding
of. the orental mind. Tte story is oftet
tild of thse disingtised diplomat twho,
out first visit to Cita, togt e cold
write a whole ook sitsCiitese life atd
mnotives; bt after a year's sojourt, de-
cieid tha le-ciauld nt do jtstice to
the pieople itsaty sch way. Mr. Ellis
hanttleii his subect in a nmist lieral
fashiot, etdeaeoritg tii poittouit te
fact that foreigtn tissioaris lhte an
entirely differett set f prbtlemts to face
iii itty fireigtt contry atd thtl they
tiusit be capattble tiihutndle it itt a differ-
ett say, if the service swould te mate
efliciett.'The maitty- ciintrsts swhiclih
drwt as to te ieoples were fr tte
pitrttite of ilustrating titl fact, tn ttitus
withthte iitea f placitg itty stigtta tpoti
the peotpe; ott the cnttrury,lits' trope
sieid a most trilititt futtutre for tie Ci-
Discussint is aways eiiligttenitgati
itt this tse addiitiota ight lhs beett
throwsnt ot a stbiect wh-lict is bsegitttitg
to iteres tte sehole ciilizel woirl:
foe the fiture proges f the Far taet
ttii the iirectiin swhich it tkes sill it-
ftette,. tithintiatcentry, tewslue
wourl's thistorylbeyindth le lpossiluilty o1
compnta ~tit.The problm isteatCris-
tiantidueals gainth le controlligtplce its
these niss firics whiciIhaie tegtitto
si, ,tiii etin the ittflucec of Cristiati
peiiessoreioiintite that the woisli
ini its awsakenintgwit'll take a remtetdois
ltpforward, instead o in initg tack
into the lethatrgy frtiutictlei it was
lieof. J. B, ais reiar keitttatnice
iieiienarrestedh tuethe itetbers of
theloal "flinet" we-igsis-r 125 liiintis.
P'erhiatpstii-college uthteaticians ctut
discovercva essliw estuulishitg the fact
tt liability ito arrest it Atuti.Arboruu
varies juter-el iasltoitih' seigt
Piiiif. Cahtuetwtsill giei-e itdo
thii ''rtuvel 'Talk it the high shtool
iitiii tniutgt. IHis shject isoili
Africta. lreif. . S.Etarharitas se
f a party- of scintists whii toik at ex-
tentslee trip troiighi thetboriers of
Africa iti the iivitatioti of the heltish
goiverimetni. IHe took a large tnmber
ofi ies shuting variusucondiitis aiii!
Thse lecture was gisetsiti Sarah Ca-
sell Agell Hall soue tine ago aid
was spoken of very highly.
The Ferris Itstitute cltb held a re-
ception and datnce last ight in Barbotr
gymnasiut. The Ferris Institteoltbs
of Detroit andh Ypsilanti united swith the
Attn Arbor organization, About forty
cottples u-rc presenti.

'lop sintning is ottce more taitg the
iown, by slorm. The warmn days of last
week brought out not only the small
boy but a number of collegians swith the
little wooden top. _.A .walk down;-State
street any bight -spring afternooti re-
teals any tumber of groups of students
renewing their grammar school days.
Onr State street store reports that dr-
ig the past fesw days it has sold between
two antI three gross of topt.. The sport
is within the reach of all, for the price
of the paraphernalia ranges from but
live to tetn centis. It is suggested that
since the handball tournamett is over,
a top spinning contest be arratged.
Prizes might be offered for an '.edur-
anie," test-to determine who can keep
his top spintintg lotgest at ote try-and
for fancy spinning.
fUnuic ana Vrama
Ini these daysiof proleit playctand
itiidertt farces, thets'antotttcetmet tha
IHetrietta Crusmn is appearing s
'Peggy-''itt that udelightft .ul slu c'sttt
edty. 'Thur Cottitry Girt" smiy possibly
tie costsideredl is a telcone itttoatiot.
"The Cotttry Girl" tits bett so seldomiti
perfortmedl it recett years that very- fete
tteater-goers of tieIreccil geueratiot
are' ftmiliitrttthithi'echarumtanitdsubtle
htuimour of the cutitedy-tshict Dacid Gtr-
rick proituced th tDrtry'Late itt176.
Situce thtet its oitly impt~ortttuplreseuta-
tiiin wsieittuh by Augustint Daly, iwiti
Adati Rhutitt Ile title hrt lus Cres-
tatils qite happy- ithisticroe. s it
'iely resenmbles the carcters cie tr.
trayved int "Mitress, Nell," "Steed- Kitty
Ietairs," etc.. andh gives hetec-itnore
ipggruiit~iy' for the displuay- of er ta-
enil ts a a suomedietne tatiany f ter
Hiss Crostlituti t-lithtertuul otm-
pany of careftilly' seected latlyes.uill
applear it the Ness''White teter, out
Thutrsdaty, bh _,t6(.
BULE'TI~st'Nui~tsi uct o
it thle recentt "Bulletitt Official" of te
Alianice Fratiguise one page is gient to
he udescrilutioti of this year's lectres antI
dramuatic activities of the Cerce Dra-
titdlus' langais of the Utiversity.
'The Cercle, which as the "Bulletin"
says, "has msade most rapid progress,
altought scarcely a year old, is affiliat-
ed with the Alliance Franase, an or-
gauizaion conposed of Frenht societies
troughot te United Staes.
Meb~euers tf the Cerce Dramatiei
Frangais cin secure uBuleins"u from
Professor Beziat de Bordes, the direc-
tor of the Cercle.
Part of Se. 8, relative to riing bicy-
cles otn sidewalks:
Any person or persons caught riditg
ott any walk or any other public place
sill be, prosecuted to the full extent of,
the law. The penalty is a fine of thirty
dollars or thirty days in jail, or both.
By order of Theo. C. Apel,
123-8 Chief of Police. -

Globe Wernicke
Book Cases
The kind that growswith
yonr -library-tltat wii-ft--
practically any space- that-
can be moved one unit at. a?
time by one personi without
disturbing the booksthat is
practical, artistic, and the only
perfect sectional ook case
tuade. itted with non.n-
ing roller-bearing doors; basent unse ihowt-
ot drawers; and all made in
a variety of woods and finishes
adapted to any srroundings.
Call and see them or send for
catalog iofi wills inteior views
showing arrangement in li-
brary, parlor, etc.
Price per section $2.50
and up.
University Bookstore
Now is the right time to
fix up that Scrap Book yon'e
been talking about so lng
My new (smooth cover)
"6M" Book
is best anid largest eser
Wth photo PresAgell
Also Special Pittte Rate
with hook.
sportfng Goob'0
Ileglasses ae become suck a
nccesary nuissnce with students of
lte ttat they. will wecome n ey-
glass thtt gives comfort sd service.
Hatve your optical work done at
ARNOLD'S sd e will St you coo-
fortably and gurnee results. uietk
epirs. Leses (arond.
Optical Sieelst witt
WM. ARNOLD, Jeweler
tiaO South Main Street

For 69c
Co-Op Store

r vs Conersts
SIMay. 13-14-1:1-16"'
Frederick A. Stock, Cjonductor -
CHORAL UNION (300 Voices)
Albert A. Stanley, Conductor
Prloelpe.. Chorml Werk
" Creaton" - Haydn
"Faust" - G otnnd
_ Artists
Mto. lCorinne Rider-Kelsey
Thtursdayeand Saturday Nsveniings
Mime. Ernestine Schuman-Hetnk,
Cootralto Wed. anod Fri. Eventings
Miss Janet Spencer.Cotrelto .
Fri. Afternoon and Sat Evening
Mt. FEdwerd Joheson, Tenor
Thur,- Fri. and Set. Eveings
Mr. tCleude C~unninghams, Bsritone
Saturdey Evening
Mr. Earle G. Kilieen, Baritone
Saturday Evening
Mr. Herbert Witherspoon Boss
.Thorsday and Saturulay Evenings
Mr. L. De Mere, French Barn
Friday Afterenoo
Mr. LO. L. Reewick, Organist
Wednesday Evening
SeasonTi Tckets tunreservedt $3,
Season Tickets trmservedt 54,'$5, $6
For. Sate at
Sechool of Musica -

Oratorical Contest, March 20
Sin le Adtmission 25 Z,
Bra nder Matthews, April6
Sligle Adnmission - 500
Gov. John A. Johnson, April 30
Sinmgle Adnmision - - 50.
RESERVED SEAT TICKETS for these three attractions $1.00
Tickets must be secured between 3 and 16 P. M., Wednesday,
Thursday or Friday, or between 7 and 8 P. M. Friday of this
week at Box Office, University Hall.
the =tubentz' ecture Issocatton

121 WashIngton t. The Randall Studio, Randall & Pa ck, props.

Phone 598

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