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March 15, 1908 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1908-03-15

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G. I. Wild Companly
Our Spring 1908 line of fine
imported and Domestic
'Is now read1r It includes all
the latest us cties Shades
andU pto.DatPtterns in
Mose Brown,
Carbou fan,
oeather Shade,
(rays and
Fancy Blue
Your 1patronage respetfulls
0. HL Wild Company
311 South State Street
Shipment of
'Mchist o'
( the new game craze ) was
quickly sold and we have jtit
recived a second and larger
one. Youll fid Mephisto
te best gale for otdoors
and idors too that you've
75c, $1.00, $1.50
Per Set
Siheehall & Co.
Student Bookstores
A. G.
The Largest Manufacturers in the World
of Official Athletic Supplies
Base Ball, Foot Bal, Golf, Lawn
Tennis, Basket Ball, Hockey
OtficiaImplemenarts tr Trck ad Fild prt
Uniorissfor clt Sport. Spadi's Hasdomsey
tIiustrated Cataogue o atl sports cotaissa-
merossugestios. Sondor it.-It'sre.
New Yorsk, Chicago, st. Lhus, SaFanisac,
litiiiia olie OcDinir. huff aio. Syrase, Pts-
buyg. J t < i i iceitason,.Cinicuat, Bslit-
more.ic Wasi ton, a. Cassicity, Otaveiand,
Nr, Oneii Oe 'i, iot-a, anada.

tManaging dilr- AcitE F. RcHet.
Business Manager-C. E. WINSTEA.
News................Hiram S. Cody.
Athletics......... ...tee A White.
Exchange.....H. John Wambold
Music and Drama ... Roy D. Welch
Women's Editor... Louise Van Voorhis
J. W. MCandless Elmer C. Adams
Russell McFarland
Geiocrge It.IHoart Leonard C. Reid
Chauncry Boucher B. G. R. Williams
Raynond Visscher
N1. B. McHugh J. IH. Prescott
A. L. Mainline Robert Mountier
Lowell J. Carr Donald L. Kinnei
Walter . Towers Louis Kraft
Lewsis TI. Knistern Roert Moreland
Pact Greer Samuel H. Morris
Otto Eingel Fred E. Goodiig
'heron P. Cooper
John F. Wur Carl H. Adam
Htarold P. Gould
Address: MCHIGAN DAILY, Press Bldg.,
Maynard Street.
Manager's Hours: 1- P. i., 7-8 P. m.
daily, except Sunday. Both phones
SUtNI)A\Y, 1tARt l,ot.
prtic te t'rce btcseenhe' liii cr
cl i-il n rlaii tve te rshm.iaii io-
'st. his i ai iecietstetiniiailacs
It isa trueepostioniiof tcaniwei
illectradiitis arcbeinig preered
sn ill le ture~sereibut ien hose
lii lio te tnisverity the, ought io
heablsishied.Whta is nre. they sto
notin i that cs erted tpisitic legisa-
111io toatig aohir 1deat, ut wsill.
if letlounue.sirtpeacifuly of Itheir ciii
rccorud. T'Itaa etusi itomdefall itoi
disuse is ustngidication iif=1' illcut -
ctisivcreidencecthtitihias srecutsi
pup s. it has citneiit s work:-ii-Ii let it
rest in eac
We\ ho' evstiiiieledin ihairit-cuttig a fisw
yasago ei rcloaihlto ser e attrasi-
tion takreiiout f the ist itfudergrad
uattt sptttsuits eolt tave
te cus tomtireintarteid? \We disnotent
toi itfer tat the freshmant blt'aqutet rctis-
tie are ill the sratie hoait attitatrillthe
sceratmtenut, tbutiweiidotiiysthaitrif
liat is foutntd to le their statue let the
sameiCfate beticheir.
Theia ttoisrn-ot cullege ets-
tht, ie wiorn-ouftrtittre. crtth
is eroeusi nte aualcusio'ets etustomsliwiltttpass itthte ptis-
ile f the stunit tat bruught temaito'.
initg. T'he stirt of oir fatier is tot
'us.Their tmtnnters ad swas of titik

tng aer-t.suitiir s;neitter aeteiir attcse-
incti srduiltheir rlsitir.
As lng as at colcge cstom is wttted
it wiltl prsreitslf; ltrtt t sosv
signsif wrerakness ttitreds alteritg
it wi-tllidie. I f we hair grownsutot of
ther hait;i rf atio gcornbred, and into
thre hirtiti f entt t ic hetibrieit let rs
stoptigus-tng crnt ttid tretar the soil
for grcowiing \isat
Toiithose f us' ihoihiveibtechletth ie
lck rsitysfor w'}'eirs or mtire the'
newis thati i thetitnd cocers re toi le
ri'ste ciitis inidted eecoragitg. T'i
gaterngsolite camusin itfront of thei
firr t eruitd to itg ilicligris
sog'reafutful sutrc f college
spirit. \Vr' havercall til ewftsoposirtrttities
sig t'h ellowiandrl te 1111i." The
fiiititt iri msinmeetingsginite frll art'
practically te.conlyi oportutnity that
miaiiy stuiitts hke rirto laststhe sitg's
If iSvrc ~rtiliIo iu iut now iand uor te ani
inis l aual nt rprtctsiec, se crllistet
oiur f rusiedsiand slg t'sntgs tetiterc
ii i i aynvrctoibec'firgittetn.
(Contioued ron tage Oe.)
liy Chise woimuses. Lecture hlls anit
mn~warc beinig itrcdinii all the pi-
f inisil cptiits
"Chiii inahs curricd tiiugh an oiumttt
reform moement th tts Esglassulto
'hame. cThesati-fiitininltg smsove lar
tce prctially uswul. T'l'egrrphsyss--
Ias ndriway s arscitg ptttitialt
ove rr tieemptir, andu iiit liy foreiguers
hult lieinativers. Cinasriitetcities tre
aii g themostactiseii ie eword. tti
pon f tonug lng Riing is scotti
"China'siisiuationi hiiivs'sr cainotiibeh
grste'iuletsrsierealzer thar.tCina is
iovuseitdltrough ,aiidI tirutghI sit a
rs ill lidass is hug. Trear'rabotit
ightthIndrieiiticitsretri-diiiyarstic sit
cie ties. IThe quc1i oilthat is Stilritg
evieryoniiii' whiiatiiwillharppenciihenictheitr
preentempess li.s. icerevoltionaiiryss
spit hte fuforeigiiers tindlit is atuii-
iath iit usiltir iTh'eirregimeirof the
aliehsafier Ithr lisr'rebellctint lwa
sh iiefuit.tCIita isas Ilootd f romtnet
eld to fieoiler randlunstpertkablieut-
ragsrpecrtdiii. Sic tets foreigts
corptionriiils lhave ginedcnt csrolt f
littersild ter cnic ssiois anletloit-
cdit hm withi no smercy to atiivses.
le. IWer' lint ow1111 aifoiot f Cintese
territiry cscepIt tlt' goundisi our ega-
tions s'nd 'upon 'Theifolishs and slit
111111ictin f oius'' exlsioln lawss'
agiais sudens andutetlt 'of thehiget'
clriesshirs ciaed sitie idistet;tut
altogieter our rs'ationsiere f te fried-
'Te at f le series f errys e-
tursati-ittbticgivecn toniigtiiinLniseriy
trall at 8 o'cock.
NOTI'CE.-Trakeni t'ytmistkle, r pair
of italis fr'omtiCsitg's dauteoe.
See our complete line of Michigan
pins, fohs and souveiirs. Haler's
Jewelry Store, 2t0 S. Main street. od

MEusic ana Drama
iUBtI05To IK'ciLtAY' I sexARBOR.
Jrin Kuttelik, tte great Bohemiatsvis-
inist, swho atpeared itt a joitt recital
with Mark Hamourg, the Russian pian-
lst, in Detroit last Decemer, will glse
arecital on Saturday evening. Marht
a8, at the New Whitney theater.
Ritelik uill Ie assisted y Miss
Berthe Roy, a niteteet year old French
girl, s solo pianist, atd Herr Luwiig
Schwsab, iis rccomnpattist for years. Mils
Roiy is said to e a isoderftl and fa-
cittingrartit, full of temeranelt atd
titisicrl itelligetice. Se is a ppil of
die trte Mrssontmtl, ofth~e Paris Coi-
serv-rtoire. andi her lpreset etgrgeteti
swithi Kutbelik is her Anericatt debtt.
ToiherirKuitelik it recital at the bertu-
iftl Ntis iWhitneythteter swill te rrare
treert to oitr cintcert-goer, whoti selomt
havi e pportnttiy ofi herrinsg a fatiocs
mtuictanin 11so0comfortale adilelegat
itt ruitioriutmt, atd rihuge housiee iill
lii doubsht greet thispoturhrrBolettiat,
wihl wiltle the last opportntity ts
herim i for at lerist three years, as
lie sails feotsVraicouvser, IB. C., to Ais-
triairntsAptrl, fiitritoitof te iortldi.
'fhere is ll thit excitemieit of a regi-
lae fisothall gatte its "Sronglterrt," te
plut i'wtic tentryIB. Iarris sill tre-
stit tRlphtStrrt oillsFridlay, 'Marth 20.
at the Neiwri- histethteater attil oue
gertiesveny it sitthe etthssirss os-c'
he eucounuitrwicslt takes tlares in the
secodst f this tlt, ferlitg' rlmsost as
if inithe srcis is t si-rutdewat itgte il-
Ietes a5sthes-go uti atid downi-thelr'gris-
ruststcintsg for this al. It i iserast
onse f the mtost trillitg smotetts sit
the esstire lit'. atileserywsihersas ects
conscededtesi'climaxr o f college realismi
as ilhowti it the sage. Adieces gu
wihl ild ne ttuiaismitouser this scese,rssu
therr is little queistionlofitthe recetionut
wih 1es1il. Strrt f/it reeitse- lure ii
"Imis satt is ur the ibesteile its
uthchtrhintas es-t'rtppererd.
'Ther'pha, ralhoughi serius ithleute,
s set u in a sbacgroundtsrlof cllege life
Coilsumbsira uniiersity, Ness-Yourk, wi-slt
irs gvenste uthosr amptllse pportuity
fr goodslcernt.genuie coedty, of
wiich "Strntghertn" is sri ts e full.
Altthouught college life ar beenuskethily
touuchedue postaint seserrl oler plate.,ttae
secondac telouf ''Strngleurt" is the r'rl
tlittg its foostal
siRxIittiiit ciss ttsxusosat' F.
Si rrontj, the qulie, sletder lifle wo-
tins si-Isislst sucessfully tdeied allloch'
andsfsltinustgsnt te Majestic ts we-ek
seecedeslthe lansosisettans rustshtec
raudience siter te lperortmaunce last
evenuing. At elery gentleman iprovef
toi us' ter ideal Apolloiad createdt suca
mserrimentss ly kissing tr laud whlen le
rscenduesh the stage to receive te gold
trie awarded hIita. Sirrotji has prvedu
soi titular that she has ess re-tgagef
fr unet seek, whenc tertosers-ill he
tertedl itby acirllt costructestarskist
Hennauing & Keels for bicycle repairing
ansd isinog tickle of all kinsl. 23-f

Globe Wernicke
.Book Case.
The kind that grows wit
your library-that will fi
practically any space - tha
can be moved one unit at
time by one person withot
distnrbing the ooks-thatit
practical, artistic, and the onl
perfect sectional ook cas
made. Fitted with non-blind
ing roller-earing doors; has,
units furnished with or with
out dtawers; aid all made i
a variety of woods and finise
adapted to any surroundings
Call and see them or send fo
catalog ro6 whi interior view
showing arrangement in li
rary, parlor, etc.
Price per section $2.50it
and up.
University Bookstore
Now is the right time tc
f fix up that Scrap Book yon'v
h een talking aout so on
'My new (smooth cover)
is he t largest ever
With photo Pres Angell
Also Special Picture R at
'with hook.
zPortwog Goods0
Eygsctseshtave ticsmeanucist
~ ncessaryunut is mut studunts c
ilate tat tiy wllwst ece an eyes
tgtas tiuati-cs c~uor asd svcee
blues'yur opttct worti dons
IARNOLD'S nwi ittt55you cots
tartubty ad garntee results. stats'
Reis. LssGrosund.,
oiptical speialist witti
WM. ARNOLD, Jeweler
mm south Main Street


For 69c
Co-Op Store.

May 13-14-15-16
-'sedesrick A. S touts, Conductor
CHORAL UNION (300 Voanes)
Albsest A. Stleiy, Casnductor
Prf1.sopea lChor-al- Work s
"Creationt" - IHaydni
"Fasts" - (ionsiu
Mrss. Corinnesa hidsr-ttirtey
Thur'sduy acid Saursday FPseninsg
Mine. EresteitrSethumaisn-bleinls,
Ccntraltou Wedt.usndFti encinsg
MisrsIJanetSpe'neer, Contralto
bi. Afternooandi Sat. Evsenisug
Mrs. EdwuritJabsns, Tenor
Thiun.,Fri.indSaRt. iEenigs
Mr. Ctaudss Cuninstgham,. Baritone
Suturstay Ev-ening
Mr. rne G. titleen. Baitione
Saturdtay Eve'niug
Mr. Herbert Wsitherupoon, Bus-
'T'hursd'ay asid Saturday Eventngs
Mr. L,De Mare, Frenech Horn
Friday Afternoons
Mr. L L.iTfenitet. Organitt
W~ednesdasy Evcnbng
Season Tickets (unrsierved) $3.
SsasonnTistiets (reservecdt $4, $5. $6
Vor Sate at
Scshool of Mussc

Oratorical Contest, March 20.
Singjle Admission - 25c
Brander Matthews, April 6
Single Admission -50Sc
Gov. John A. Johnson, .April 30
Sirngle Admiussin - 50c
RESERVED SEAT TICKETS for these three attractions $1.0(
Tickets must he securred hetween 5 and 6i P. M., Wednesday
Thursday or Friday, or, between 7 and 8 P. M. Friday of this
week at Box Office, University Hall.
Zbe !Btubcnts ' lecture tssocf atf or

._.! 1


121 Washington E. The Randall Studio, Randall & Pack,,,Props.


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