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March 12, 1908 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1908-03-12

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PHI BIETA KAPPA noost havxerecceived ino cxnditions during
ELECTIONS AMAOElxis college coxurse.
If your air isaAltlxongix the iAtxclxigxxxclxaxlter of Tao
if ourhai 1Sa eta lPi is.yoxxog.lxeixng establishledt in
(Contixned fromn Page One) xxxox6 it- strexxgtlx is icing recognizexd
bother, or you have WideroxxxnJohxn H. Nead, Willianm 0. ocaslosecdsyr. lctnso
any trouble with it, Mason, Joxeph P. Clune. itxxce lbing soaght after mtore eagerly The College.
bu odOf thexe twelve men all xcece juniors eaci yeac. Men may nowtebegio tixeir Standard
bu odexcept Joseph P. Clxxnestho is a seniorstcixxhsepronttihtsepxoe
intshle xepartmenxt of mechxanical enxgi- xxixxin of striv-ixng for Tani Beta Pi, in
NHai[ Bros h nseering. The first sweek its April, penis- whiichix txcixeroii is an ecidensee of suxc-
ably April 3, these men will be initiated ccxx in lteenginering professiotn and
AT into the Michigan chsapter of else Tan ixssxtudxits.
Bet-n Pt associatiotn. Ths initiationa will Tixe insignia of thxe Taxx Beta Pi also-
QUARRY'S bse tihe occastots of a hansqtuet to beheetl ciaxtionxssi a "bsent" mxadeit is tefosrm of
thse satmscevenxing at tihe MicixigatsUtniotsnxxadseyxxcsorsaafo.
and get rlif__lboue._ac ___ o e on _s__fb
Next Monday evesinsg thsetmembhers,
xf tts chas-pter swill tenxder a receptionCIsi) CLB\tJNO
xin Barbour gymnasssiumn to tihe faculty of IRSPN POOPA
W te enginseerinsgdepartsets. Pollowcing -
___________________________________tissreceptionx a dance xiii be htel. Thtose -"No morcc Comxediy clubiperformsancsec
~ -xeiexxlthsg thse receptions andeidancec arceissyear"xx xwa steediet of tieseitt
M on~iey Lo ned sot ottly undegradusate mstseme-s, lbxxicotxtmi5tt seeintg oxfltsai clubix'Tihouxgh
On Wtehe, Dimans. Lw Bous, also ltefaculty xansdtalumnxxi mxiees oftsintentxiesonsisxxi beetn to prsoent a lighxt
OnWths DaodLa ok, Taus Beta Pi. Every twxo wecekss ee mt i tc wortk tan 'The Recsruxiing l s
nr othxer pnrsnnltproperty. cihaptiehs aadinsnsr asithue Unsionsclub-fix cer"it5somtimescl1teerxx tixe yea,th ie J s
Watchen and Jewelry repaired. toxetsls e yxxixsxcsxxeis.clubi lhxasno eisci intopoxsponealt
Bargairnsn Watches & Diamonds hosfloe- ya uiesmeig
____________ A part of the isas of stork ofxthtisxchsats- tltlextxiit \3-asrcxxts'
Office an rnsidence 331 E. Liberty 'St ie is tox havxe enginecers of tote addxress probly ~iv te -x Isitt dramsaeatty to use
AfnaxS ntttan..rbnor, dto it. Theitt icers of use local chxapler of sxxtI efiot x yaetxx xe
9.p m. Tatt Betax Pi arc astfsllos : Presxidtenxts, isthereasont atsens by Prof. Strauss
ALL anatnao c~ne-toonI.;. E t. LSittsx; rice-president, G. IB. fx itxetxt'ntas usp-y
WOhhC.WTS teler, recordting secretary, R. K. Thexttxe"x-x xxxxtnefwtaxat
IHollantd; correspsonsdinsg secretary-, C- N. effortxsswhihishase tlready ibtens orswilhene
- Rakexistaw;-treasuxrer, Mt. I.Baldinct. Ibe-madeixstie Univesily oxrganizatixons tory of the
Tau Beta ix 1wtas fiest esiablishxexdatthsite ar -xmak es it inadvi-saletforsthxe
~ f r Ieighiverxs xit- its 1883. 'teresonx Cometxsdy cissxb stosdetkeis anythx ing purchase of
4 f fr foxrisfoundsinxgteas a sdesire is affordemre.t in-hand, in
to exngxneering schxools suchisans honoraryan in llt
on all stamped goods, including society as Pi Bets Kxppa is to literary sl ICG t)X SONGSan in llt
inxsttutionxs.lTixputpose of tte associa- Ai-ElSTILL POPUARI The new
MICIG(AN PILLOW TOPS tioxn isstoxsmarkxis -xfittinxg msnxnersthsxe ad a
stho hvtatcedstx highxg reicsccotf isi.cxi Si -gonsar-es elinxg aap- andthey a
ATchlasrsip xasuder gradsits t- ho xisxtlt auxircOe ealrteporix a sale in Hats and
sALN M LEU ave edistinguxxisedthesevesu-.in xxthse etn-x013,xxx0tcspies, o f hichsshalxxe ibeess
DALIG ALEAX gixtecritsixroftesixonafter le-aving co-sold six c uda.Bsidest is, 200 of
224-226 S. State St. lege. I tots cx e r extsholarshiisxt xnoxt thx .s e ss ti*esitiosss. Coll xxxtai i i l a It
the ottly requireenxttwhsichtentetixtles - a st-siisxi xx dat-sxco-nnsc ted itt x thesopera.
mailxxxto eleteexxitothohix t is tepimaryxss\xxx eXINiss-lit alls-ar" ssill leads-,ithe
requctixsits for eltiiilty. Si-xxcx lti - ra sc, isWit all iest oi n abu evn .
CollUIege tionss xxe snecessary, foxr xaxsmansxmust be- Aboust halsf x tesxcossl r sei
its-ede sisopedxsociallty-axstxellxxasiducationx- throsusghliithexmail. Anther ealetwh
Ste s asly.lxx tisxrespet T 'ats ietasti is iit has had ssa-slsong aststidet- is e in je ti1
tt rtxt ftromxSigxssa Xi. I Itmuxsttalso. Aisnn Arsor, clasism-s thases sng-x ar
HALLERS JEWELRY STORE, 216 S. Main St. shoots- etsees whein x college of ices1- lte sest selles ie iasevr hctncle
title siuccess intthie ensginseerinxg profes- -_____________
x...xxr... ixn.C fliNJI ifSTONE WIL____________
W e c o rm e Ecnisysertdurixig lte Tiianoiiit lIE1,,U1 N JE;NI'
sieito I xai Beta IPi holds xanxannulss---
nastionassl conssentions, to shil ets riy Ist xiswxcertait teconei toi
That is axwordt xcixwe wanit youx chapter sends, xl least onetepeist- of stheits eoialss buxilig
tsixelxis5 sxiiito ytxxwhten youxnnetrSa e
015 stat-c. itioen' ttttrwtxher list. Lsst -eaxrltecoot-s-tionxsstooist s Junesoil tsim xs Theformer
,youxcoeito ibuy pxxsx - itt axp. dnugs. slaiet at Purdulxe. Next falli St I tixex planxse-si she ixdatsdsinthe I he
ritfsav x e eiption otxe atue n xxiersity still lhavse it.svailisst thes ssst tteist ecide htAT I
teephoneon-xr wxcei ssxxtoyoun is ixtx ''su Beit Pi5publtisxhes a xnaitina lix ritii .sixdvibis 1sBdt hessixesxecssa
assnee Is-ely-knosnxsxx-s "x'Ttexte it."hAitcht-satits ists xxii moe xi ttttlxbspresnt. ot again thi
East University Plharmacy i-sdt lrsaeseaec s )(tmx.xex o
ay. Unxiversity Avee. rancatrsascaeeiois\.I1 Pr. 'Ogisowncrepnd
Hi. M. ROYS, Pharmacist Glrscicwt eea aosmn oeo
xx tis unxivesity electiosissare mtdeitisr Michign rautetolex oba itnx
_______________________________________ by-ltethapter frists rece ndtastinsttSpeisakers fteritemonsiy.-No dsilite
V.* of M sutssitedt ly steteadt lsoftesifletretnt arrattgemetslhoweer-,cc e e atx it-s-t
stub-dep ~artmsenss ts iteenettxer t inde- s wideN.
Barber Shop and Bath Roomfs psrinent. Those most hglyy eow m itSI Iittxtt- 10 M5tONEYth A
Laret 8-10PFi.-s5-1lnCity the records of ltestwodk ein-esx'car- n Avs.ttnb tshd onsrecasonsable Twondoossonttxotf C
R5 . TROJANOWSKI. Prop. filly itsvestigatedi. A mtotsbeItsliib:titt s ttApply it 303- S. Sitte St. 15-20

Conklin's Self -Fillin
Fountain Pen
Sold in Ann Arbor by
... AND...
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Spring Scarf as a special introduc=
spring, we are offering a special
beautiful new Spring French four=
new correct shapes with open ends
he handsome spring coloring.
Spring Shirts make their first low~
'e beauties. The new spring styles
lCap are here for your inspection.
e, Conlin & Fiegel
f Carpets and Rugs
year will yost find prices so msutchxin youreLisor
MACK (ft Co.

L AN D 1St atctxs tix ixtihCasC atteiad Clt:i <tet:,It.t i
[OAN[ ly it sitnesstxS ttly nfetxxisx
ext oonW. J. LGOUVRIM



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be__wellto__makWoyeur foelAltionspoeasly.
WAG ERQ 6C.SnmoutSaert Tilr Sat teeNt
Cheapea th a wTannaBElectricit.457-LP. M. ZOO E.toWCsllegtMn Stree
yotosoft____glow._______Women ____for ___All __________________
GSet the best from the largest assortment. Chinese Chop-Suey Restaurant By arrying a copy of the MICHIGtAN Daily Subscriptions Now Due
Cinese Fancy Disies, American Lunches of HANDBOOiK in yor poeet. Spceefo mm-
The AN AI B03 GAS OMPANY ali kinds. eryhndghent-ent-cass for oranda, caendar, pe'iat events, University
'0Ihe.A.INiN~ a F~B JR~3... ~OIVIP. .lad C ie dsoand entemen. Caendar in this sO0pae ebook. Give away Sbsriptinnstaen y xitil.cstek, dats r
CieeadJapanese Bitta-brae. to students at the University . M. C. A. M- money rder.
lp Stairs, ont dnr S. Rustn Beoss, 314 S. State St. Miln Hall.
ST UDIO-RENTSCULER, 31i9 East Huron Street

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