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March 12, 1908 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1908-03-12

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G. H. Wild Companly
Our Spring 1908 line of fine
Imported and Domestic
Is now ready. It includes all
the latest Novelties, Shades
and Upto-Date Patterns in
Moose Brown,
Caribou Tan,
Leather Shade,
(frays and
Fancy Blues.
Your patronage respectfully
G. LH. Wild Colipally
311 South State Street
Linen Bond
Writing Paper
andI you'll agree with us that
ft is the finest writing paper
to le had anywhere, at any
price. Comes in folded sheets
putt up i pound to the pak
age. for
2.5 cents
enivelopes 10c per package.
Sheehan & Co.
Student Bookstores0- - -
A. G. ,
Y & BROS . %
The Largest Manufacturers in the World
of Official Athletic Suplies
Base Ball, Foot Ball, Gof, Lawn
Tennis, Basket Ball, Hockey
Officat Stement orst tTrack ad Fird Sport,
UifoitrsotalliiSport. Saldiog' Hasdsoomey
IlustratedCt ataoe ro at sportcotaisnu
merous suggetions. Sedor t.-It' fre.
New York, Chcag, St. toos, Salao roriso,
'liiaeatsols, Dever. italo l, 5 yrseoe, Pils
brg, Piladalpia, Boson, Cincinati, Bati
more, Wasi-to, Kansas Ciy, Cleeand,
Now Orleans, titrol, Motrel. Canada.-

Managing liditor-Acaica F. RTCHIE.
Business Manager-C. E. WNSTlA.
Nws...............Hiram S. Codys
Athleiecs...............Lee A Whit,
Exchange .....H-. John Wambold'
Muhisic and Drama.....Ry D. Wlch
Womien's Fditor....Louise Van Voorhi
J. W. MCandless Elmer C. Adams
Russell McFarland
tGeorge I. Hobart Leonard C.Rid
Chauncy Boucher B. G. R. Williams
Raymond Vischer
li. 1B. McHugh J. H1. Prescott
A. L. Hainlir Robert Mountier
Lowell J. Crr Donald L. Kinny
Wialer K. Toswers Loafs Kraft
Lewis 'T. Kisker Robert Moreland
Pail Greer Samuel H. Morris
Otto LEgel Fred . Gooding
'fberon P. Cooper
John F. Wre . Carl H. Adam
Hlarold P. Gould
Address : MICHItGAN DAILY, Press Bldg.,
Maynard Steet.
Manager's Hours: -a- p. i., 7-8 p. m.
daily, except Sunday. Both phones
'I'll 11111),,'s litARCHI 12. 1118.-
TII dekio ofte seir literary
clas t mae te Uivrsriy a5 s whole
itlhniicissiii iwhen isit besows a met-
on~d mid incasetheoter deprsmets
wil no 55biwo scs aprojeet, 1o
imiil.. di.iisictlyliterary clss sgift,
rai(11a11 I in iiliisstvesxaioussasre
is n. intbc Icat ldgre assiubth le
offhan a~ivr erroffered. Wat
ci intl a tre meoisral is ansin-i
(Ii ofi many l hrances. sosme cof the
lcat bcoll o wics siay cotinisthle
thea ich ma t s ks te swhole layriths
alli open, tavisibstle xwaiy.
Iti, iperfescly faitr, ill tefirs 1p1ac,
to maikililisidisictionbtseen ie liter-
il nd sthe prifessionasl sdepatenssts.
I the formisser, there'ar Itwo classes,
iii 5,5c iteresseeresnatrally sisore sr
Isdivergeent , assetmsst ever remains
-oi hnis1 ii ofIshebhare si stsronsg tat
fo r isithr i tssclisss theright f au~to-
critic s i-sswa oll sutbe islerale. If
lthe girls shouiss ot sol isdly or alsost
iiil, noesid ue, and Ite tisys solidly
te uher, sassi the lsatter soussld, by
acidntlserioiriy f ssssisbers, arry
thissuei their favor, there swoul ei
Ia 1e l. sr forsial justice in te reslt
butia aciual ijustiice. T'his is for the
reso tatteauss 'sif differesse ae r
nuliet.iss'ialilr sutssesenalelto res-
srvbercisioini. Isuciescase majsorty
rule i lci iiisaiiietiial outscast. If iwe
may,. hei s ldito 0assusociiserlretl-
iie tier ini the fiest if hisory, asd
drisan illtu sraioinsfriis thereie
iii i sectionsiSof le literary classes are

iss thse samse relativie poisitionis athle
nsorthi'ssnd ssths before the CivilI war,-
swhen ievitabl 'esonibtiosoducs lsed'lcon-
flictisigpIsictiee.suts f tenssright,
wher tis mssajoitsy rssle wa s oneros assi
swhere an opressedl minority rigstly de-
manded recognitiois. 'fhe oly eqitabe
eourse, iwithiIhe lass, as with te n.
tiosn, is lise of mustial deference. Miss
riy ruile ssist le allowed, tbease Ie
eiossditions o f disagreessest ecannot le re
sioveid. 'T'heosslusiois is, that a oe
f the lterary classes is peuliar, and
whas~t it Irigs tI a15 issay btipcucliar
sait sapparenitly erratieiwitlot givisg
slificitaise for ceeshure. What Ie
class as a whlole arrives at, after a are-
fist anviass of boths setois-adsisi csieh
a anva~ss sholsisibte miadie,-ass be a-
ceptedlas these ssitiossile dccisios.
Alsoisif Itey refusssrolcomeinsse withl
iter delessrlsseiss eceplt oth leir ons
terms, their uehodusis otswihosst oad-
Wie stissk, oweser, if tlhe naure if
siemoorils iss geserl lad beess eter
eossiiereid the clssigt hasveseess fit
to itrossa-usi issisisseffort iss sisothler
sireetiosn. Atssesssorisl-for whichsyousi
ssav eosssslt te ditisarv-is siime
thisgwcseshfity omeimseoraes sr per
petatse mssemoeyof cin evesstI r ii
isdisiduls. -Nio' s iwe look iver Ie
russty essehes, assil te fosssstsiss glory-
inig ilicellar dut, l.sisilof buists remssveds
frisis Iheir pIsestasanisiseparatei frlsn
teis- s eriliionsis ichte nictse. their
eiissssissi raise eciariter-oir ss idiiei
oilher ob tjets like itese, ereeted witisi
the 1pasecaess bIy idoisg sesios wo
hopesdt ishess thy reussesi as old grads,
toi fissi at least this ose trace of their
sijiiirnsere,-see are liely lt egissti
msoralze abost human5 vnisstsiy To te
sure, ssosgift cisldl te etrsssl, tsless the
Ioulier if '62,ss'hihs is rater orsa
msetlthlanu sseful, te ossedied assessd-
less terisid f its iissis peeulir periiid
tliss. Bl ith-ilsan ss ualsssly Ilarge sisss
-wichiel is iitinabissle-expiendiedithvil
dsciiretiiin-of wshihsmssssll qiasstiies sre
pio'ailysl'e'tant-a sgift coiiishplie
Iuedwisltswusldsiome morasessisstesilsss
loe ily ltshan sssy wsheevse(sr yet
seess ee,sissd, sore tathsat~si, coi-
usessssrsse itisnticessbly ithle idistssit
fiture, whssenlepler asirlees 1hcv-cre-
tusrsedtoliidusst. \'se elieve thsstiif ie
sesior lit lsss hadssilfsly reslizedlisth si
memosrisal wose life time is osly fi,
sr lessyears relsresests, seve iswite lie
gloss is is,nsitisg so sssush s he in-
discretioits ef the purchasser,iey sigt
Issuesdeieily idifferestly
Thssws'hile sse hlssithlat hic litessry
clssasssano le sfely ritisedh frosi
oiutside els'hscasse poiitei oiut what toian
osstsidesrwouisli sees] wiser.Itt is 11-
fortsssssate stt e lit lsss did sot se'
it si. Bt sthIis is all the greter reasss
whly the isher classes, svhile graitisg
si special dispensatioin for the literar
departmsent, shoslshteisselves cmiisciie
sisns pour their ecistriuions isto a si-
gte fussd, lii prcase siiimetig really
sworthly auh permsanent. That it sotld
gii toithe Usiossis canmater f orse,-
for the Unions neeis it, asd ii ihose ide-
partmsensltIhe Utiois canite regardet
ss as trse Uniersiy isitution,switosst
violeisce to the prejudices-e inatral
and laussable ipreudices-of sex. 'We
earnestly wishc to bring tis matter to

t'e attentionsi iof sil theii scniiorels ss
of ts'proiftssiioinIaldepatie lt s. j oii
Iii~i'Itir fur iine':gifi, sigooid oinis and
<tp rm n n tii'ssssiis is.for hi ' U iersi t i ll
THi'E sit.
'ilse as ii c l f he siniorss e c-
tin lti i keti a iKI pplii diis miii''
isill idiiitls s he produtaive of wondle
and ii ii isisi iliIand i siiiii i'ases dis-
sls' aiiii'ssi uselicsi Toitihitfoiitisii-
ate'ins i iiiit be5sa id t tusvhav
men eslp is a igna''l5 1 14>i'iiii rid ithit
tis Ioloiiiiiiii ih'i n s1isill. de
git' i f resonsisibiiti i ultsti? isttsl i; '
ssitsdarIs if shial tiiii n i utur
iii ts s sss f atslh l d rdto i
hoi i satiii md vili l( si[
ofth i' s ilictm, e i e s- l tiatno
in iprso tl sis )it -lit p.eiso a
alls i K ttu's l c1''iii i Iis te i
forhon rs m m t fi t he . tii lde
siand k s ' iil iir"'. t So ]'t- lm iiih
sa Ii e ,c ti Iiii i' i t i"' m 1)h'i
Iet iip ii - it at__ if o ki r
woti t dalcC 1 i'nul cir

lii programIsis' si ' i1' tni
pre are foriiss tiii i 's 515 lt-
sTieLs i siis s-h oIsis' tra's' will5
in sit inet itp sili at 5
Me ss i "i n'l'hi , ir 5 and
Ilo t hei S i ree swell)} 5
liss is Tiisil -' is-i 5cl
li es's 11is lix li lc r 1
maeeiss'i sit]) itr g i ri s tr -
per so sin t t nt ' 1 'l
ftra.ls ''tu it 1 i \ t(, m
this, thedl rctr'5 an th5r
satsicsishicum." i
'(heW i' 1t i theilacki ()fce~is
lai's isttidhiionalssis isei
trit arIsiii o Itisit '5II'
Tis makes ll tillsrhestai 1 1tc
Cosser srincnaistw.c
Ieiza issNirahis tan
'olan i arsthesoi lp+isl
Th i re rs ra -o -ty

Globe Wernicke
The kind that grows wth
youir lrary-that wll fit
practically any space -that
can h-le'moved one unit at a'
tinme hy one person without
disturing the ooks-that is
practical, artistic, and the only
perfect sectional ook case
niade. Fitted with nonbind-
fng roller-earing doors; ase
units furanished with or with-
omt drawers; and all made in
a variety of woods and finishes
adapted to any surroundings.
Call and see thenm or send for
catalog aefi with interior views
showiing arrangement in i-
hrary, parlor, etc.
Price per section $2.50
and up.
University Bookstore
C. 11. BARIN[[[
Law and Medical Bookeller
I)Ti..h's Ailist y ittfit'e aw of
ltcssi 'tcipirty - - - $3.00
De1istishit's iEditiotn o
\5ilsliss 110111Prperty -$30
ill ushisu's itutittutot Heal
'esihts' - - - - $1.00
bihopiis's iiri', ' 505atd -Fo s,
d'tisiactiosa-- - $6.00
isS isB's triositnsl.1rcdti,'t s,
":,'I..- - - - -$12.00
", tic iitWts5 t' uitue . e $4.00
11 5 Fvth n - - $.50
c1 1 1',lt'55 t olls, 55 - $6.00
Ti tsa3othle
'is psi rastuss isi - - $2.50
Wluau c] risusiorss
Ex:" . - $2.00
itstiis, i.l. ysu - . snussi. $6.50
1 ir cyr ousicttt ,,m~e i. - $6.00
1'o m..t I_ - - - $18.00
S~inluw°s Cod for su osh., $12.00
llr.s ' itustlc'h ''uirutis, $4.00
]ti kiat shuorts eSrgery. $6.00
a'slSusrgi'al -sh t;so isi, $6.50
siluiss - - $5.00
,i Lasis-1 7Tri,'ltr ' cAtas sadt
'rs i ruu. i 'sushi s thi ss.. $18.00
t'rsss'u' sucssuecei~tst's. $6.00
l Ii c55 t'rs's tillsI ilaksiic'
usussus, - l. - $6.50
- -;'oss - - $6.50
sssisic i i7rah ti~iis' ('Itius.
:> sil5..- - - - $.oO
litistisuss ans. iICo hihttell s t",'
Law and Medical Bookseller
Tel 761. 326 S. State S.
ncsay nianewthatdntIo
laeta hynwl ecoea y-
Il orocl wrkdoea
ARNOLDSa5. e pa itno cm
20outhitn Sreta

] hi



Wiliam1 st«VcndahiQces
Albt Lsi .s oodssandst Orchs ii

More 5tylis~h
Most Stylish
Are those that buy
their S pring Shirts
The CowOlp Store

r "

March 12
Will assist at

Students' Lecture Association
j E , E AD0
King of American Funlmakers
Friday Eve iimg, Mar-ch 15, 1908,9
at 8o'clock.
University Hall
Single Admnission - 50c

121 Washington F. The Randall Studio, Randall & Pack, Props.

Phone 598

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