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March 12, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-03-12

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Th Mcian Daily



'No. 1-?0.

Haskins Trains to Meet Coe Sat-
urday-Race Proves Drawing
Card for Varsity Meet.
Guy Hfaskins will arrive in town to-
day and commence final training for his
ace wills "Spider" Coc next Saturday
evening. Nuneros reports have gone
Ithat le would not be here to take
part ins the meet, but they were un-
Reserved seat tickets for the meet
will go on sale at the athletic associa-
tions office at a o'clock today. There
will be no extra charge for reservations.
The entries are open, to all the atletes
in the University, but the lists nmst be
completed by 6 o'clock this evening.
With both varsity athletes and the large
namber of iseligible freshmen competing
te meet ougt to excel that of last
week, whirls was remarkable for its ex-
The feature of the evening will be the
cotet bewee.Itaskins and Co. Sa-
kins is proably the premier middle dis-
tance runner in America, and is the
holder of the collegiate record its the
nmile run. 'this record of 4:20 4-5 swas
made ins completitin wills Co at the
easterntiercollegiate meet of last year.
Inth Ie same meet he finished first in
the half-mile event in the fast tiue of
x :57 3.Its botsescts lie ended
Indoors, hosever it is dobhtftl if the
easteeser cans excel Co. 'The varsity
record for the sile sas made by te
latter onthle gymsnasiun runing track
'Thle timse was 4:24 4-5, dangerously
near the otdoor oark estabishei by
Haskins. "Spider" is practically as good
indoors as out, and cata~ke the corners
like a straightaway. The race is to be
for tono yards, a little oer a half-mie,
and cnssidering te speed Co ias beets
showing so far tis year e has a re-
oarkably good chance to wit.
At the Nesw York Atletic clbshmneet
Tuesday ight, H-askinssswsas beaten its
te special finn yards evet by Hillman
of the N. Y. A. C. by boit Inn yards.
Thse tine was I :20 I-5.
'Te admtission to temetoe Saturday
evening will be fifty cents.
Novae DAMtE MAY LAY' IdE ",NO. 7.
Notre Dameacuiversity, wih has
been corresponding with Micigan for
sone time coscerning a football game,
nmay yet land te opens date of Nov 7.
While three or for other colleges are
trying to close for a gate, the Catholic
istitution sens to have the first call.
Suchs a gamie swold be msore tasa satis-
factory here, mosst of te rooters expect-
ing In see a xvarsity-ausnsi cotest.
Notre Damse Ias mset Ie reqtiremsetst
for a ganme. Definite news of te pros-
pective game will be published tomorrow.
The isterest it wrestlinig s groxing
daily. Last Tuesday afternoon fully
twenty-five mens turned ut to practice
.fr the tournament which will be held
its connsectonsswithi the atletc carnval
Marchs 28.
Anderson, Welsh and Parks, who have
charge of the lightweight, welterweight
and heavyweight classes respectively,
want more big smes out. "We want
heavy men who have isstetions of try-
ing for the football team," said Ander-
son. "The tricks of wrestling wii help
especially the men on the line. All men
who have ability and strength should
come ot every Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, at 4 o'clock, and get the bene-
fit of the practice and instruction. very
mast reporting will receive attention."
The semi-finals wiii be pulled off
March 21 to 23. The winners in these
will represent their respective clases,

and wrestle for University honors on
thse night of the 28th.
The championship basketball gamewxiii

also take place on the night of the car-
nival. The junior engineers and frsts
laws will oppose each other, and a good
fight is anticipated. The juniors are
very seriously handicapped by the ab-
sence of their star forwsard, Nest, whlo
was compelled to retire early is the
seres. The laxs are praticing cosist-
ently. Athsough they do nt claims vi-
tor, they purpose to gie the uplper-
classmsens a hard battle.
The handball tournamnest is nearing
a close, and withs te semsi-fials today
ensme the first of whlat should be somse
of the best miathes played oni the courts
All the players except I-oag, Walsh,
Guty and Vausgihan have beets eitiitsedt
asid as the smsn left art all players of
atbility, the costests should be fast ones.
The third rounsd resulted as folows:s
Ginty defeaedt Leffitgiell. 1-5,715,
15-t2; Walsh defeated Manlardt, ISS,
15-s1; Vaughani defeated Leidy, 15-7
As shownt by the scores, Gity ad
Leffingwell played a fast satch. The
ster tssocontests were not so good.
atouigh at tittes te losers furistihed
healthy oppositioni for the winsers.
T]'is afterstoots at 3 :30 the semit-fials
wilte platyed off, at wsiici timte I locg
sill play Vauigan,whtile' \ast ctti
Ginity' silt ouiose0i'0ic'th iler. t'ritav
bththtie wiiters adthtie losers will
plasy, so as to iecde firs, secodilitid
thirid hosors. Rititonstsstill e gie for
ttese threetplaces itt sitgles. Jst at
present IHioag Washt adGity-lionic
in carry- awacy tiese ribios, tiogt it
ssoutl te liari in guess te orerini
swhichthliesill iish.
'I'he idottbles itornamient sill le ployed
off ext is-edo aitall etries ust e
tiandtedli itoeciaely.
A cuibied memioral for ite.nioti
sas givens usserious setackcyesterday
afierstoonswhent a fews sesior mie, sup-
pnrtecd by' te majoriy' of thetwosmeti of
the class, voed to devote ithe lit mm-
orial inoiliher thon Union pturposes. 'Sis
tecisions sas reached at ue cottltsions
of a heatedi cstdlproracit tmeeiing itt
whtichs stronig feelisigsas cdislaye ott
b~oihsitles. T'he seior girls ad agreed
in suplport the cntioiittnmenorial foe
the Usiots at tteir recetstmieeiing i
Barbossr gytnasiumt, ut deserted this
satiduhess a fete of the senor men
atackeid the propositiot, adtidihemeias-
ire waus domed. I is itcesed, however,
that the qiuesioru -wil te repenedclt
the seeting next Thursday afernni.
A mtemsirialto ible sect, o tiec iliariati
gift to te esitire Universiiy-, a disiincly
lit miemioria, or a tonation to the S.nio,
were srontgvydistssetprtosindcot.
M~any exressetd decited opisioss in
faxor. of a miemtorial wshichs thee cold
see ansdlto whlihs they culd "pointsitheil
pride" whets they rettsed as aimnsi.
Others took a more utiiarians viese of
the natter and supported a pr~tical gift
After te seetisg ciprosmiesstseior
spoke as fllows: " do ot think ilsat
the actions takess by the class today sas
represesstaive of the geserl feeling.
There wot but a small sminrity of the
men of the class presett and this was
not representative. Feeling ii this sot-
ter has been aroused tn a great extent
and many of the toots wish cisc action
rescinded ansd plots to do this at te sex
Prof. Asndre Beiat do Bordes this
afternon at 4 o'clock with give readings
from Moliere's "L Misanthrope." Be-
fore deiverig the readings Prof. Beiat
will discuss the play as a classic its lit-
erature. The sutject of "e Misas-
thrope"-thse man-hater-teas taken tp
ins the Greek theater ad by Shakespeare.

Prof. Beziat will show Moliere's treat-
mntt as different from formser ones, for
lie createdi an entirely newv subject.

ME Rl::\D.

Famous Orator, Journalist and
Author Fills Engagement on
Lecture Course.
'_tiltte.humortisiti, the kittg of .Amner-
5 icn'fu-mers --hi s t stu tt eai osiitiunc-
still cit-seii ts'cinex tsberontthilkStu-
denits' iLeciture .Ass-octitin citutse to-
ntieio it- viettitig. ot nit itsi'x feet
tuu ini li.tli, atndiblitdciniii proporititon.
lie is a-. liege intellieciiially s-ihle is phiy-
sicatlly.Ile would atitria lctienionsaiv-
itheee,bui tiite platformhits pcirsont-
clity at otice foecily stopsresses his hear-
ers. S-lit reproedutctioni of the spteech,
mannitert tud t m itosphieie of chic.rural
south tnt the ruteatl west is sauth to lie
almost perfeci.
Mri e.Readi is calso aatcywisright ioftn
miecitiacility.- This is periatis his last
teipt through the swest foe scotte time, as
lie is tundee cotreact inosvelte plays fur
onie cit the lig theateicil comibines. As
a jioitrnclist.e Readi shiowedc hits abil-
ity- fioe somte yaes as a leadlitigswritee
ott onid of the Chicago netsspotters.
Strictly speaking, hits lecture is tnt a
lecture cit all, bitt ailihet-to-ieart talkc
thact stites the emuotiotis of hitsiecieres.
\VilIi,i.\X1'I'. I,"UIS OlItNS
Fl,' RY i,I THt'sisi-;SI R1ticS
WillicmiTu'I. Ellis, of the Phliaiielpiac
Cs ettitg tBulleti, opetuei the series of
Ferry- lectures lost night ini-Nessberry
Hlttl. I tIis subtject wst"Impertiinence
of Foreign MSissions-ci First-Haond Viese
of stoti-ChriistanSeoples asid Faiths:'
Ms. Elhits spokte front a journalistic
stitdittu rclattting iessby' word its-
steiad of tage.
21- instetrest itt tmissionis," soul 'She.
Chlits, -irises fromu my'isnterest intshie
itorid. Otis cinceptioni of foreignit sl-
sionss is enutiely werong ands has to be
cliaitged. Our t 'tittuhdetosward use Orienst
is Orientin i its self-scitisfactions.
"Otis chief reaisoni foe helpitng thetm
us that tihey 'ite cdifferettt frosms is. We
imaugine that because thsey weaoridifferent
clollies and hove differenst costumies, toil
ihecy needl the Gospel. S ami very stich
conviticedl that the foreignser is a niuch
m-ore sightly spectacle weithi hits cheese-
choth coxerinig thans se Sih itsAmerica.
You weill fitndi ti Chintese weaorinsg an
array of usncosfortable garmoets, as the
mcii are weaorinug here tonight.
"'T'he smissiotiary weho has Ott unsym-
paitetic, self-cestered cooception of the
seorld is utterly idisqualiiedh foe the weork
of a msissiosnary. Except see hove a
desirecInohhpreciate the otlier n-an's
viewpoinst, we canntot possibly under-
stanithbins.,Reahizing that thie uns-
Chiristians sorldthssmutch ho teach us,

ste can ossly see clearly sehsen ste see
"t hase all sy-mpattty and respect foe
thue Orienit, bitt I save sno respect for
thue white mants inthcle tEast, tiecausse of
tis atiuiutdec lits-arh thue Orienut. 'Thsrought-
it Chitihue sswhitetiaustis imsperiledi
todacy, huecauuse hue tastireatedthue Chi-
cit asif lie tail snorighc intsissstorld.
"Blooks ott the religion of thse Orient
cure swrittets by mestsho spenmtore
moniuey- for bookcs thsath ley do for trasvel.
'the workcsudo tuot accord swithth-icsituta-
tutu as it us. St is a journaulistic trop-i
sitionutatthe Orienutal beliefs are to be
_ determtinedth hy'goitug there."
'Silr EPllis thenu, frost the relatisng of
persunal epeiteeus, Isrought out four
xevil charceistics of theitin-S.hristiant
"First of cull, SIswish ho say ilac the tutu
Churistians religion hstprioduced ass it-
suifticietnt civilization. Secondly, the
1Orienut sos produced a race of meonu-
sentasiar lts. 'S'he Oriesnt can't tutuder-
standithlse American's regard for the
trueth. Its soscial struuctueis baseudons
'The selfishness and hack of cosupasiton
of the Orienutal satiotisseere then point-
cii t. 'St. Ellis' fourthisudictmient
itas clue ismmoircality of the uni-Chtristian
"SThe suit-Christian worldh does not
Lunduierstanc or u-au-t Christianity," said
MSr. Sulisits conclusion. "What iituneehs
us souse supernuraecilinswedchat wsill
huccl itstdiseaises.
'Shuis was the first of a series cuf five
lctiure s Mr. Ellis still deliver, on "Amo-
eriecasInternational Religious Obliga-
lins, fromt a journalistic Viewepoint."
'fThey swill be giventits Neswberry Halt
Eevery night foe the rest of the seek,
cusu l b egiss promptly at 7 o'clock.
' The tine atud place of the Sunday lcc-
lture xwiii be annousnced hater.
'Tle Juniorus Deistseher Verein hlucd a
buisisness meuetitug its Roomt K, University
SHall, yesterday afternoon, amid decided
lto presenit tweo Germuan ploys in She
s eat future.
Section3 of thue society weill give the
tplcty, "Eigesssinn," in about a month.
rAs the ploy is one that requires much
iecuarsisig, tryosuts wvilhbe held this
iafterinoon at 4 o'clock, in Room G, Uni-
versity Stahl. 'There are a number of
strong charactcrs in the ploy ands the
Scliubesires alhite soembers of the see-
tionsito be present at today's tryout.
'STe girls' secthon of the Vereisi wilt
give a short German farce, whichillih
be selcied by the commoittee having
charge of. She procston. T'he cast for
the farce with ahso be selected this after-
toots at the tryout. Considerable time
will be placedul pon the two productions
andh rehsearsals will comncce as soon
as thie players are selected.

Tau Beta Pi also Elects-Liter-
ary and Engineering Societies
Announce Selections.
Twsenty-four niembues of hic senior
lierry class have benselctced o the
hotorary society, Phi Bea Kappa
Namues of the seweinittues weec givers
out le lst evemnimg after the hst of a
series of specicalneetitgs othe local
chapter. 'Thiose chosens re:
Schuser C. Adamus, Elsie E. Akits, MS~ay
t,. Bakuer,SHetry 't-.Church, SHirmoS.
Cody, Rsonal S. Criti, NevciR.SDear
toff, Eeasnor Bettiuisci, SHartiee .
Dia, Lewis A. Estes, MSarore Fentonu.
David Friday, Persis AS. Goescthel, Jmues
Cs. Htarris, Francis G. Kate, Jautus W.
McCandless, SHerniao L. MSeyer, Aleid
J. Pietees, SenriettaiYS. Roscntiai, eel
S. Shively, Margaret Sttcikbride,-,johnt
H. Stoloes, O1il-sc'S. Sutuhecrandt, sbcla
i-. 'ta'tt;l anidlfromste clcss of stun7.
'ttulle K. Graeucr, suit Ilice Dt.'SMlotitc.
Thue Phi Bela Kaipa society iastorus
gasnizedu at the Colege of Willicamuanl
Mary, Williamosbureg, VSa., SDe. s, 1776,
at te beginntinsg of the Retoutionary-
is-r. t wsatfounduedifuserte ecuur
agemencut of patriots, suitschotlrshi,
stud especially of literaturse' t is thue
oltdest of the so-caledt "Greelctlee
W~ithintivtuesc-rs aotir its ftundting,
chtaptes swere establishuec H arv55teed,
Yale authbeftoreethecdoe f thu cnI
tury, at Datmtioutth.I ctnt hiaseity -
onsse acivehaites. TShec -cuer-itcts-
loguecontas nmsadadesso
srioo embers of te society.
Its 1841, at ticnsstance of the Hacrvarci
chaputer, delegates mt-, and after some
pselimisary discussion ,a cltas issuit
foe a geoeal body wehuichiconesnsect i
Saratoga onetSept 5, 1883,Deegcate
frostssiteens chapters swere presenut. A
constitutionss satioued auth provisisi
maduue foe a tnational councsil, conssing
of twenty senators, tansd deegtes sota
ecceetlig three intnumcsber fromt the sv-
eal chapters of clue tociety.
As the timie of the anti-'SMasile agi.a-
ts the secrecy of the originalu chapter
was abandonedt. 'Te motto, tanslated,
recads "Philosophiy- the Guide of Life."
fMost of te foremoist speaers of the
counry sore appeared at the ceera-
ions f the society's aoniverscres.
Amonug the senators of te "unitedi chap-
tees" durisng the years 1898-97 wee
Joseph I. Choate, L.D., Seth SLow,
L,.t), Hamilton W. Mbie, SL.tt.., Ci-
used Everett Hae, LD., Sa tessets,
tLL.D., and Betijamisn de Wltheler, LtL.
Michigan's chapter sas gantedl its
charteer ct a nieeting of the general cou-
cii helc iloutSept. 12, 907. tFormua it-
stallatioss took place itsScras Caswelli
AnsgelHall on Wednuesday Nov 13
1907. President Edwin A. Grosensor,
MSA., mode the instsalation addrhess.
According to the society's rules ut
ten per cent of te senioe clcss muay be
lected to membershiip. 'T'here cre xi'
mesubers its the preset sesior duas.
Txweny-one nembes of ts1907 ltesciy
class were elected hst y'cr std fonmaly
isitiatecd at the instalioniuu sev-lets hst
TShe Michigans chapter of S'.unSBeta
Fl, the honorary esgineering society
aonosg the insticustions of the Uitedl
Scaces, elected twelve net o its nmem-
bership at the spring election 'Fle
nanses of the new nmembhes sere gives
ho TShe Daily hst night.
The foloxwing were hiceengisees
chosen: IHarowseNoblec Davok, 'Wat-

s ots G. SHarmon, Bert G. McCarthy,
Charle. E. Stilson, BesnjamntHi. Tt'hill,
Arthur S. Brodhead, William sC.lBsh-
mue, Mark A. H~amimoncd, Theodhore W.
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