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March 11, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-03-11

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The Mi higanDil

Net. 1 19.

Pennsylvania College Is Latest
Possibility for Eighth Game-
Syracuse Wants Dual Meet.
Manager Bairud arrives in town yester-
day morning and is already busily en-
gaged conpluetng the schedules for the
years athletics. The tproluem of the
eighth footal gaue is occupyig a large
part of his attention. Mr. Baird uwill
leae Ilhe city again alot the first of
the month, but wiltIe ack in time to
give his attention to the teams during
the busy sring season.
Washington and Jefferson cllee has
written asking for a fotal game for
net fall. This request somsewhtat con-
plicates the determinssation sf the closing
"I understand that te stdetoty
is well pleased withs the condition of our
athletic affairs,' said Mr. Baird "Well,
I hasc mee a nottber of prominet almt-
m isnce f left Ann Aror, ad all of
them seemed tleased at our success sno
arranging attractive scedles. I think
we .ave demonostratedt beyodia dut
that we were'igt in relsltig at the
extremist:plicy of the Conference.
MMichigan reftsed 1t e radical, iter
in lierality (r reforom, anI the result'
are sfficint defese of her cndct.
The recent change in te Cnfrence
attitude sows that'they realize te js-
tice uf, or demands. I do not tik
that the Coference membster wshlo spoke
(f Micigan as ass ostructioist sas
very consistent.
"We expect son t settle te qusions
of the .final gamse. 'The imptossiility of
arranging a stisfactory (ate ssits Cor
nell practically sifts he tpossile opo-
nents douwns hi Syracuse, Neraska, and
Washinsgtto ad lJeffersoniscollege. All
of tese clleges are anuxiossso la~Iy' s
"Of corsswe ave ot ieterminiued
as yet wether it is avsisable to sed
the umensinti a tiggamse. just a sweeb
after the Penni gameu,"swhics of curs
is the tig ttig(f tte sasos. itisass-
ialy it wiould bte ass usnquatilei sccess
but tere are oter tigs ti cnidser
"Syracuse wats to play at homess. N-
braska protoseiti play at Osmaa, but
might e wiling to play at Cicago. i
we played W. anI J. it swould probably
te ere is-AnnsaArtor. 'Tese Irohlemsu
are very perpexingad casnot be de-
cidd off-hand. 'The cetire satter of
schedules mst e gose over wits Mr
Fitzpatrick and te coaches.
"We wilt probably schedule a fe
more baseball games, some of sshic
will le played here at hose to keep thi
tioys in good codiition. I beliesctata
this seasons till be higlsy successful fo
the nise. I uderstand that the pros.
pects are excellent for a strong team
and I think we has-c a schedule that wit
try their mettle."
Thle Daily is in receipt of a letter frost
a prominent athlete at Syracuse in shic
he states that a dtal track meet wit
Michigan wuld be exceedigly atrac
ive to the students there.
"It is rumored here," he swrites, "ta
there is a possibility of sheduing a da
track meet with Michigan. I don't thik
anything could hit the popular desir
nuucs oore squarely. veryose I kno
is mtsot heartily- in favor of it. Te fel
lows here were with Michigans durin
the football season, and would be might
l in favor of any kind of athletic rela
lions with her. I hope the proposition
will go through"

Manager Baird states that thse arrainge-
ment of such a meet with the New YorI
university is nt at all imspossible.
BARD nOeS NOtT FxPegeyTO afSsux.
"the rumor that I contemplate resign-
ing," says Manager Baird, "has persist-
ently popped up since I casne here ti
'take charge of athletics, and I supposi

I might as well try to settle it for good.
"While I reserve the rigt to resign
at any-stie I deemt it to miy iserest
to do. so, I has-c no itesstion,sor have
I as any time esstertained any, of resign-
inig the samagership. I ave beets forced
to- atsent misself frostsAinn Arbor cos-
sidlerably of lte, but tigs listse beets
left i isordlr issitI list-c Iees itscot-
stasis communsssicatiosnby stisil sitdsire
withs the sffice. Perhasiss1ty- absecee
gast- rise t he rmoitr, but I hsspes this
sttetcwtsill lit teiisattie iorest.
iThe sectonsi rossisitof the hadssllul
tousrnsamsenthas ects plytdtifT suitdte
drainsgs for te thirst roundsisavlist-it
readiy-benses st. As ws suppsoltises,
miost of te players whto semses to cisc
si cthasice for te campttions-htii have not
ects beatents isyet. 'Weler,Ihoseer,
551555tilt till yesterdasy semiel t cisce a
stronsg hbisfor fist Ioors, Ihadt teimi--
fortuneitos uset IHog a itdstas betent
its straiht gmises. Just at plresentl Hoag
loosks to Ibe aost the est manusof toise
left itste touirnamsientlbsthll by- virte of
Iis victosry-oser Weller asdiis all
rounsd f-a -sestwr. Its their miacses yter
day- Weller swousld lead for te tet fe
poisnts f ts'-gaitme stan t-t-nsHoag
ssousldi forg sihed-. ttHasnsenta sit-
other (f the bteter plyers eiminaisted.
Its Iis smsathswitih LefusgtsetilI ieson
the firs gamse esilyantu nsletosths~e
lu-itfolswising gamsssbs y vry- isallsusi-
Regulaitt gamies o if tlenspoitsatre
nowus- beinig tplay-e sait wil te playe
stduring the rmtaiuderf te sigles tr -
namentctt, at lest. It is Ilt titisto itsism
off the sisgles adithelistatthe sli
Iles. Esntries fits-the dulsies swis tsc
accepttedtsssil teendciiitisiteeit
The setctndi riouI etstel -s fssllow,:
uWalshs sefeatei Nels i '-?, ';-;I Its s
sidefeatiedt Weller. 15-4 5-3: tlt stilt
sefeutid 'Tpig, 4 5 36 tir
(; Gin- tyefeatesd Ryas,.15-2,' 5 - 5 - fIncgts
1 iwellsdefeaedsi Itnsen,51,1-1,1-4
I,eitdy defeated'i :Meyr, s-Gs15 -s13
1 I'h'es- drings for the ~s thi sisruissesr
Issidelast es-snig andsustltd1 ini sli
followssing sarraungmssentul Wlshvts.
Mlasslaris. Guty- ss. Leffingwvell, Vagln
ss. Litty. It tsg sress this-. 'lesthiir
rissnsdt witl uuommeunctissaftersoonss at
3:45 All miensshoslss ay ittody sossuld
bei-st nsistnd promphtly sdt.:30.
f The Mstichigans Aumsisi Ctsuts sf Ntc
York City hettdits fiftiehs -snnualt Itin-
quset at the Ihossel Astsr last Frday
ight. Abottisis hsundrdclettuiasstic
hgradtss wes-rc presets ts celetrats
ePrcsidenst Aingell'-ss-csnt-nuintshtbith-
It day,wsilie congratulsatory-leters swers
rreceivedh frostsHos. Oscar Sras, secre
-tary- of commuserce atnd labor, Presisdent
4Slsurusass of Cornell,Presisent Elo
Il of Harvard, ad PresideutIHadley o
XYae, std President N. Mi. Butler of
Columbsia. Got-ruoeHuges, ishot
a Hery' C. Poter. Prof. Clvit Thomsisu
handilothers satcshor spechles,sats
hPresident Angel thimuself ended tetro
- gramssswhtsiatlddress oftaslandttchats
,t A hearty' greeisng ronsJpans sea
drought by Dr. Y. Oo, of te Uiver
ksity of Tokio, a graduate 'of Micigat
e iHarsvartd andsMicigans tre fte onis
NAmsericassunivssersiies, le sais, h siss
-graduates liats-cbeets hrnore by beisg
st-atdceimeubers of the ruyltcablie o
-his counstry.
-Ini his closisg address President Ag
nli spoke modoestly of-Iis-work at Micth
igasn and discussed the prsent tutufu
-tare of the Unsivrsity.
k The club which gave this reception tcI
President Aigel has the snamses of busts

fvhudeMihgnmnian bu- New York City, of whomusonec-hlf arc
-enrolled memsbers. Thse officers arc
o Sterling St. John, prcsidet, ansI Etgen.eC odnsceay

County Fair Publication Asks for
Contributors-Vaudeville Try-
outs to be Held Before Recess.
Thse Cosuntsla ~sir commuititee has decid-
s-ids topublishs ts-etUniosn Custy Clarins
ditnug th(lit'I i'ssssu1astsuhas issend snehimlfits-
mer yearitis. johnstiF. N' sr.- liss)cellsap
Isiste mtatnsassgiungs-lisitrsissdItLeonardu'slC.
Rei t-slsisess sttsting0es.
Thse C~ litio ismausie dtidssedsltil t te
atfarasis shisisnt u'yte fset tt
ovr isinesthuhisndtcoeuuist otf the twos
issuses wstrut' soldI. This s-tir, us ties-u
ssill upruobablly se tsrect issues, it is ex-
pected thalits teistibrrsof coieis soldi
sill1 reacts 52.000.
The s'cossuuuiteeudsires th illttis yea's'
Claris sIis li te bsttilt asuit isuuos
tti stit Iideito1taccomiutsshthis, te
manassgemncut trill teedthsie cot-opherntion
if eveutry ssisstu t-isi s atsny abisiity
5Te.Clariois sill fsurnish allsescellet
itpotluityfsliiiall sn t s uitsof toodfaulty
indstd(st tkt--slts.' camustor sies,
suit n lst 'sltsjokets.
hos itlits sit' still trItso iste-c
55511 aii s lpossletinresgardsto tus -, suit
ltsylisetshistsnobosdsiysill wtitstus lit
isaprahdsints slit ct
isi'h s hoshstoiiusrite someths'ings
1 soul se lisert'e manaiging esditor,
thie lutesitse tssiange, orusel. F. Ritcies.
TheClauurs t i tnh s-itengrat-stthis
usesofiT hshe sly1vsboxssinthecap
Isalis andulasit hsig wichltsI isitpped us
thse tbonssasui uuarkeduiClartion"sittlit
t esteitCareit.
i,. I 1lit ((isds ille 5 su 1it (iities-htutu a ssit-l
ill list nishtiatthelieuchussiie. t'ttais
ele.I a ecidedss o ho sldi tryoutls
ls tsss t ng sunig Vacatltion.
Xlou - -seven acs still hits'i o iil. All
5thsintendingtoi st unt tfus e s'showus
arsrqustd soloify- etsuso eieer if
1this tiitiitttt assoo sposbe
1 iketches, sonsigssi r ((sieltiles ist itus
tskitdstill lit iit greast sdemandss.
1 Thie cuomuuuttestill spareicn550into~ i
tiethe sltrcti sos o f ithis'stdpssile
sirsder. lel I sll N. 'Truavis, chirmantuisofi
ts-- coittuittict, stud:
"iffty apiati nstti Havelits-elt-sitmtidil by
prinssssssesuuuamuusstlntis for p'lasces its
te shuuuw. 'Thsc odlusinug sos far its ash-
Vansseeif lt-e re-gulasrtry outs swousldI nst-
sit-sllyiteaiuon(stir elievides-cthunt tus'estill

for truth and life. Jesus regarded evil
as if it slid not exist ansywhuere, since
it 1usd so existence usnItse perfect wvork
of Gout. Ike unduerstuood the lawv is its
tiefect forums, so that evil sad ito exist-
estee for sits.'T'his is the stansdpoinst of
Churistiams Scienuce."
"Impcrincuc of Foreign Missions-
a First-H-ansd Viewm of Nost-Christiams
Pe'soplesssumit Faithus," will tie the first of
thur series if Ferryleetures givens by
Williamus'I'. Ellis it Newbierry 1-ail ti-
nighti. sle. Ellis' iunsestigationus, as a
unewspaptser mits,. of thmeumissionm field ins
the EFast save seems freely reportedh in
manusy unewspapssers smut periodicals. Sintce
hiss returns fros thie Orients hue has seems
d~evtiniig umuchsof Isis timse, twithsgreat
success, so use Laymman's Missiontary
'.ovemsenmt, addressinsg tathcrinugs mm the
east,smiddlheswest, satu south.
?M.lE.lls conismut o Annm Arbtor to
speaks srimaurily sumstime missiomnary props-
gauushs-a subjicct that us itot osly vitally
connsctdii tht ings religiosus, but has
asosibeemsressponssmitlefoe much uf the
proess strt onuly it this Orient sutin
oisu sit-u couuut s is elsl.
"'ThueAmeicanonct epsltionsif Ihe mis-
sionausry-andsuhiss lift us, ottthe sshole,
wrog," satys irlls liss "It is seldhosm
lust yost hush outs us isis painted."
Is is Mrh.Iisthisntuenthintso hell of time
truss life of tse mtissiotmny anmd of thse
false sattitudeuisnissshihteies hplacedt by
Iis idiealizinug audmir es it homse.
.lE.Itlls5is t e tliser fuseeIctures
pertininguussi stsoussin shdmssonasres.
Thsey- till hue "tress usNewsberry Halt,
tegitituig toniughti at 7 us'clock. 'T'hese'
lestures site shiesto huteis'pubictiansmthtie
yx'1l,,OFsIP XICIEN'tA
Thue -Michmigendul innter, twhich ws
tlannsuedifur Thmursdasy, lussnsot esem
definitely set furmmxlt'T'uesdasy evenming.
Tihue dinnmer still hue informasl, andmullitof
thue sipeechtes extemphoraeoteus.
hut addsitionm t use muembers if thne
casts, orehesrauthd cosmumittes, invsita-
tiuius trill hue extendsedl to Mlessrs. Ste-
svess. St. Joihns, smithScanmlans, of Detroit;
Prosf. Scoittuof use Enuglish deptartmencts,
suitProfu..iockwoodititandsh Ml. Hiowlanmd
if thur Schooisl if :Music. A mesmbter of
the coummsuittee yesterday saith that it
sol beudrto thtti dinris sot tendseredt intthe stature of a re-
nsumrautionm,suitissituattappreciation of
uhese ndtidmsu stirit whtichs characterized

All Contestants Ar.exBperienced
-Winner to Represent Michi-
gan in Intercollegiate Contest.
Michigan's eighteenth annual oratori-
cal contest is to be hel March o, as a
numbster on mte S. L. A. course. The
winnser witt represent Michigan in the
Noirthuerns Oratorical league contest.
Six orationts, of the eight submitted.
were selectcd 0il the basis of thought
andu comsposition. The judges were
Senaor Chares C. Simons, '8, 'ol, of
Detroit; Prof. Dwight E. Watkins, 'u,
of Akron, Ohio, and Rev. Reed Stuart,
of Detruoit.
Follossinug are the orators and the sub-
jects of te orationsswvhich they swill
"The Lasw of Sersice," James W. M-
Candless, 'off, '1o1.
"Hlamiton, the Nationaist," Charles
A. Ererest, 'off.
"Crimes of Partisanshitp," Steen W.
tDosvney, '08.
"Otr Dumy to the Sioux," A. M. Lasd-
mas, 'o8.
"Internuational Peace," F. B. McKay,
"Time Hope of tie Nation," Miss ri-
estine Moffet, 's.
All of these studnts ave 1ud pre
viouis expericnce and traisnimng iii public
speauking, having had work unduer Prof.
Thuomaus C. Trueblood, head of the de-
partmment of oratory tumd eocutionm. Se-
phecnmW. Dowitey'wssdelegate tIth le
I aIsuttioscltib costest andu took secondu
honours is the fials before tieItamuitons
chit, of Chicago. Last year he was a
nmemtber of te varsity debating teasm
whichi uefeatedt Chicago. James 'W. Mc-
Canduless swas a nmnber of tie winnsig
debatlingleans againstsNorthwesterns last
year Charles Everest has always takens
ass active part its class oratoricl contests.
1st inns A. sM. Lndnman represented the
'07 asw class in the Unsiversity oratorical
contest F. B. McKay took a promiet
part in puiblic speaking irste Ypsilanti
Norumalu college, winninig first hoors in
thse state intercolegiate contest sonisc
years ago. Miss Ernestine Moffet has
tie udistinctions of beling the scond girl
mm eighteens years to participate in tct
a coitest. White its the Atn Arbor high
school she was interested in oratory
The meeting of the Northern Oratori-
cal league is slated ltit year for Iowa
City. The Uiversitis of Michigan,
Wiscosnsin, Chicago, Minsnesota, North-
westernsanmd Ioswa, amd Oberlin college
with participate. To encourage interest
im public speaking and to elevate the
standard of oratory its these instittions
composing the Northern Oratorical
league, the Host Frank . Lowden, of
Chicago, established an endowment fund
of $3,5oo. The anna interest from
this sumst yields ass award of $too to the
winner of first honors in the contest and
a second prize of $o.
Tieswinier of the University contest
will lie presented with a brosnze medal
whichs is offered 'annually by the Chi-
cago alumni association, and the Kan-
Smass testimonial of $ioo. The second
honor mast will receive $0.
I"P'opocaterpillar VII," the annual mi-
sical comedy presented at Cornell, was
given with great stccess in Rochester
amd Auburn. In regarud to this presenta-
tion in outside cities, the Cornell Daily
tStun saitd: "This inuicates that Cornell
has opens to her a sew and larger field
Ffor college dramatics. Upost the success
of this venture dpended te fate of I-
ture trips, and judlging by te results

t there is little doubt that a snich more
extended trip would also prove a success
next year."

hube an unuttaumbuliersitofs-esrabl e ts.'"Itest-trk itt every mmewerus ofsi mte pro-

MAt I l' 1Il' l- ltDtihS'-
th l1 iSt I .I:\S C'sF11INCtI
IBissiSnapp, C.S.BIslectursedtinst ight
us Sitritah .stsitllAnigell Stilt out "sTe
hlingus lhistry sit ChrsistianttScuince."
Thits uni ans ents itly iledltegallery-
truss ottcupiedi hutaipastsyt shih ensue
frs Dusshseto is by ua specialscasum AIle.
Kitp uspoin usarst us flslos:
Itiis this slemenut ofshelnug ehichs
distinutttisheds Chists'sia tSiencefroststhe
prevasilinug religionussioftosday-. If the
huealinug somiteties ovtershatdowts tim e c-
ligions s inte aispeauliothue strantger, it
is becauuse ie huettssuits looketd beyond the
estee to seek te ctuse or explanation
fuse ltats-whicestermuinecs the rest ins-
issue osf Chruistianm Sciencee is its theotlogy,
tutu by wray sit applicarstionssthis theology
exiitls sasystemsiofC heaslig smithreform
necessarily msentalsantus iitlusi. We
mstss realize thast Jesus' Isealinug is spirit-
ual. 'Tha t-iltshisas givens Christians
Scienuce issuilitanei vas l ue is its ability
st explinitsatiisfatortiiy slot omnly-whast
ste itt-er isst-hiletsensbldJesus to per-
foumthue muiaces usfChsristianmuhealinig,
buit swht the rule it fuse toinug those
"Whl~en Jesuit heasl ste sick he purgeud
thesisositcaurnsalthoughts swhich snake for
diseasse tutu seath, summitleft thesisfree

As a mecetinug of tilelWomnan's Athsletie
associatlions last eveniung in Barbuour gym-
nassisums, officers wtere elected to take
echnrge of the girls' anntuual indoor meet
ho be Iseldi epril g. 'IThosechloseu nre:
Genueral mtanager,.Hl~cen Jacobi; senior
mnauger, Ellen Stark; junior muanager,
Rebecca Rankinm; freshmssantmantager,
Bertha Ammns.
At a senior athletic committee meet-
insg, also held yesterday, the basebnall
officers were elected. Miss Helens Ja-
cuhi was made captain, Miss Edith
I tughuit sub-capaint, antd Miss Constance
Fitchs manager. Alt girls interested in
bsaseblusliasee urgetd to reposrtst oncec, as
practices insue alreaudy'bcgunmmandu will
be hseld twtice a sweek.
cane. WIIUS CONFINED 13is,txgFSo.
Prof. Wilgus has beets contfined to his
siotie with a severe coldt sinsce last
'T'hiursday. He will proibably be able to
meuet isis classes bsy thse latter hart of
thse seek.
Memubers' of the Union, who have not
alreaudy signted in thue sembership hoaok,
sre requmestedl ho do so at once.

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