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March 07, 1908 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1908-03-07

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SUPIFOR hT Statistics of Michigan's Smokers
SUPPLES TNCompared with Columbia's and
HOT WA TER K Yale's.
AND siismokiiig injurious to college stu-
AND(enits,01o15ittallthe (discussion about ,it
R ibb er Goods ouch )tatk? Dr. George L. ' Meylan,
phiisocat director of Columbia niver-
--AT- stv atrareccot uriestigati n in. wtiict
-ratcae 5a taken, ctaiims to bave
QU AR Y 'S cmtowo signiicaut conclusions, ttiat
cx iig oe ot affect the tiing capa-
Caya eerally supiposedl, ior does it
cceaii to bave a effeet upon the beighit
ifaniniidividoal. These results eontra-
M ~oney Loaned iettoa reat exteint tihebfinigs of
1).J. No Seaver, physical cdireetor' at
Oii Watiches, iamod.LayBox s ae.11,iln a recent series of siiailar
or otiieripersoal potO y. ,ss icredl that the use of tobaaeeo
Watches and Jeweliry repairod. : ioly ededi to stut the groswth of
Bargains to Watches & Diamonds ithe unidergradoate;,but also to retard
office at residence a331FE. Liborty St ihcir mentIal developoaent.
Anii Ariaoe. The ciinclusioiis of, these twro iieo go
9 p~8ui~O. M.,toi3oppostuie extremies, the Ciiliimbia mao
ALI, BUSiuiS CONIDENIAL, iliigiisioiiiig dilelterioiiixin the mod-
JOSEPH C. WATTS crae ev of tobiaccii,swhille laeof TYile
(0)1111sits use ini eiurfiorimi or degree.
liii Dr. George A. May seemi s tii have
trck ih atity- ieidiumi. trom lis
rclteaiiatioiis if itie freshmaonu
lsw f clas ie ascoeiio th le eiionclusiiin that
a lcc MWh i iei, but it must lie used
on all stamped gosiciiigtmoeai. eiiiilthe' iegree oflijuiry
guods, ncluding ieiriomliiisicuse idepeiids eotirely
MICHIGiAN Pi[LLOW lO PS rinlie ;oiiker'scoeiistiiutiioi.lDr. 1has
'.i it is impuiosibile for isto' get
ATliv reailly acuerate results froiii these
i.isigatiiocs the biest ire can hopie for
DARLING &C MALLEAUJX :,ecueieral concluos. But to discover
224-226 S. State St. i' effects if tobaacco, it idies us nio good
tConsidler caclassivweimustI take thiise


deemi the ise ii~f tidvuevaoff-hant,taut
liclieves it caiili e used ini iialerctixotiand ERN KS JINK
haeve noi exit effects. hut o i si edilltoIK
v~ets. its eivuges arc vciiarkalftl great, L K A E
tthoigt' 1raliiicgc itbticI ac' to FTi da tiContktin FouniianPenjust dip it in any
eliiniate these almuost citrelt. ink, press the Crescent-Filler and see it fill its own
'It all depemnds onihe cotustiteutiien of The College. tang like a camel slaking its thirst. That's all there
thse siniiker. Tlake a big hiisky filhowe, Stondad mus to it!I No dropper-no mess-no bother. Do it
and lie cain cotole ai Ieg iofttabacco. It eanywhere-any lime.
iltl tue hard to 'discixv ticit be it it. S L E
tot Incitect soimue ofithese iiiii, little FILN
chiatis, that the iuff iii a pipec is likely C SENS F LF- N EN
io kniock over. It i notivl lxioruthi "THE PEN aITH THE CRESCENT-FILLER"
iei smute;tieir ciutioc annii:istaed i canbe filledinstanittymaithiout the least inciinveiaiene You
it, NWhaicit iii lev~tei'c iitiigfor could fil itwithvui vbitc kid gloves on swthout danger of
itoger Wren is voccssiv forvtlice little soiling. Besidleo its conveniciice, is the splenid writing
flloxws ."qiualities (if the Conklin-thic pefci feecd.
teadieg deaesuuindl h o klin.Ifiours doexeuot, oder
IRCIlTl'CIC'h.\l.Cill E>1 1)1,1)?, daredtrcesD.0 ndup "I dtonIe fortuehan xi nw atilog.
SI? lit ON NI I I 1;I c?Gt cl Iti The Conklin Pen-Co., '40O Manhattan Bldgi., Toledo, Ohio


'liv tArchiiteciiiral clubini ithir ciii


ixil e l eteiio sletdtic eilicii It
off ccs yeu sicia :liii detE1. h
ecretarF.Fe i r eaure, I-".C.
Stiles; c r;eau ai a t, . .1iirs
JUIt R lO IllS S titlIt STING
lit ,iiiokic i lihe Unoi cut o is
crvxii aidu themembes fiiivi r cc
itieiiieiviccXx~h ii -s ;11(1i spc hes c . I:{>:
it. ii eli iitiii is am mb roft c.
iii ldB rn o is i hi nla m i.
Wci .I P. c I iii 1 ia r
le in ofii ass and lis iitioiifo
ltStiiiiiope c fior u me okcl
hIuse.Su rday, Mi rciii .ii. cI- t a

Just a Touch of Spring
The new Spring Scarf as a special introduc-.
tory of the spring, we are offering a special
purchase of beautiful new Spring French four=
in-hand, in new correct shapes with open ends
and in all the handsome spring coloring.
The new Spring Shirts make their first bow
and they are beauties. The new spring styles
in Hiats and Cap are here for your inspection.
Reule, Conlin& Fiegel

r College
U Steins
cclii ii tobuy irt t s ail , c cii~
ii ;z'li lcx aii iiiculii lino oii s a
East University Pharmacy
.1 ' ivtyAvu 1l'
H. M. ROYS, Phiarmaist
Barber Shop and Bath Roomfs'
Eveoeytb'.int gFirs-eitni.o
Lares hop uinn the City
J R. TROJANOWSIt. Proip. f

"etntalke thile atchiif 285 iieii,"
hu si, onig lix soiie recorids lying
tilehisles. "Oiii.iof thatunuber, 1
ye xcisay here are iiit iiore than ltventy
liiihoiuse itibcccitlxxexcess. Itowr do se
xI -wlien ai iiiais using it to excess?
thatlii's the pciiiil you uisiiaily van
. it by lis tleheart. tie doesn't neces-
vaile hve lt oirae' 'heart troule' either,
btlie:aiis ue lto have heart irritaibility.
xxiiiwibe iiiire'ocxvless tuervoxus, aiii
l i ssutgenerally xs eakeiieit."
Dri. t ay thiiiighitticattheonty xsay
tooet liii acciurcute statistics swas to
euuiuiv the seniorvs. fiiir rears after
theirfirs exainatoiionentering the
tI ivii B oigthis it swosutldtie
pihl to se jstwat effect the tuse
of obacoihadioithe Iiir systemis. TNTaum
i theiici xxetii e teexaitet wvheii
ii celiiiivi hase list:tieiginiitosmokhe. Dii
tir cvnittiiiionistobciaco cneato eehail
liitlic eftidfOthers imay have used the
\cit ecesivxelIs befor e coiiig to vial
Ii cv. Whlaiitiiliihir systemi shixowat
liiltheiwhiiie. III i iv ihixes iiot conu-


FSti Ni-Rbesidce, icc(),iii\55 lih-
tonlai Av. Cnh n ticii Ici v a 1)iC' A~t M C
IC'II S iiix. ahl ttill S. Stae S. 52
Bsblme:if youwatihexxi es Sale of Carpets and Rugs
iit basebsall goodsl, 0c Stalin1' ea
I1 tAlZ T11 Ik \l1OCt[ 1tI?' I )A III 1S Not again this your will yomu find hrices sia imtirhinyutr favor
all this week atcii tie Tluecei iiii, lus
Litertys Si. J. R. ilttaiue Prop. 12I7i 0 IO
MACK t('' Co,.
NyOiIfC1fIt S sIliA1)
Thlii carriersa' 1lis atci jstii cn re'N iii 'nfatches)Iiiiiaods. tewiley, and all
fcecl td. An rrorv i ll S r1 Sou lvR Iii11ei ;hClas i atelan Cl aie 'eur-
ii ui l ssii ici h coufidential.
b,, re'poirt'ufat iiiic othis lxii sfi .u i iioi'I(iiiiurs ii5: iito i11:30. i1ito; iito1.
1),t~'ceft Icate . P.J1t.c~rcl cct . l~ttl 14 oi t h Aviii e ;iiA oipii or;ii ie court husu .
b'1iuuitwiiifo]i dooriilsi. tI iiuusox uuthu of Cttiy Y. N. C. A. W. J. LOURIM
p sane 965to. Buiins.lO i u ,eu. _______________________________

Colorings in W1oolens for io en'se for the coming
BLAME YOURSELF If you Miss the Rowe's Laundry E LE CTRI C ITY
BA G INS I H E AT 326 N. Fith Ae
NewRGAneINS Iehh SHOEiS eA37-kSpplied to College Men V n..d
NewPhone_457_ HllPhone_467-1 Wormen for All PaarposesL'S
-36Case sSatsiday. 10 A. M. a..-d
7 Days Only 7 730 P. M. 200O ehst Wm.shirigtoxn Street
Assembliy itoiciiikA
Begnnng atrdy, eb 29WAl KING 1OO0KEEP YOVR DATES
Begnnig SturayFeb 29 Chinese Chop-Suey Restaurant ,:u i ryimic a ey it the MICHIGuiAN Daily Subscriptions Now Due
ChineselFaney tDi's ,Amerne n cbLsui ofisi IAN1i)iIoitiinmyiiuripocket. Sae or ii n-u -__
.all tinds Exverythin' fistilas foi eorand, calendar, special eetts, Uniesity
Seeie'Window'sle119n5.SMAINipST.ns taeniby malln hehk., driftore Dm6See Widowsw119 S.cAIIN '171 " aalndariinmuis pigeoboekeGivedrawte
lip Stairs, oe door sHutoiinBs,3148 Stie S. MiiianHol.




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