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March 07, 1908 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1908-03-07

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Nehr. 7-Frsh-Soph mnetC o
ar. 7"1Ttie Colege Widow," ai- TAILORS )T 11 High Class
see wol andnight. k--~*
-hnyJFU." r RNISHERS To Merchndis
$1.0 csoe 4ustrHSp 1.0 Mac. iteJbfr -Lecture by Blis Knapp in AT EW(C 7Pular Prices
r _osa ofSarahCaswll Agell Hall under ni L atest tyleS-Re al Shoes-See Our $5 Boot
TO-~ a-Qn TO esity Chrisin Science society as Drcl ot o a -idz
' o i las t iT-s Ferry- lectures Williamsa
I Itits Fst lecture, Newbery Hall 709-711 NORTH UNIVERSITY AVENUE
- - - W seneday 'ti-rit, 7p.u
i' -- -- ((p{ p "00 ar I2Faclty cncert with Ui E U
t KN !iOsAN9S ABOL h[R[SP ierity orchsestra IlighiScho uio-O
i-ra11iun SUSPENDERS "
'las. i2 Senor lit-egineer dance at na irllpeai'de e rn'! I
THATaELPS SO ME-OpirersGiRead, S. L. A cous wsse rdnry sspedes.
Mtar. 13-D. XW. Wi. Florer's lecture ARCADEingswlsi ca' yr-s
beore teseDeusher Verein Sarah Cas AEssfolc srI s was i dl IA
we-ll Asgell Hall. Receptios and dance ~ailar. s s alated~id s wd t f
lMar. 13-Jsuior egiseesmasoer at CLUPECO SHRUNK EUARTyRgen, e -'psieri haspatmi
clrslslosss. C LAv Cusorseu '
5 CO LAR.SOfiI tevsieu ssdsitp
Mar. 3--Stesos's "Ussle Tot S i CN$ECH O 2 ET lAsr s r nd. m.
118 E. Liberty St. J. KARL MALCOLM Prop. Mir. 14-varsiy teet. ?NTT -° Ep
Matr. 14-Ilisi ssokr iriMichigan
Unisons cluhiotse.]rwY V CO SD R T N
Mtar. i-St. Patrick's lusceosn for F RY U O SD R TO
.crir girls, t Barour gyn. We offer otr new line of woolens for StItt1-q aotrefS'ttsitttir
A MS EEMSA9r. 20- University oratorical costesi 790 consisting o a complete assortment o the many shades of . .cus.bontns oe n as-h eylts npten e
.lsr. 2o-Esrgineerisrg society baqset, invite your early attention to these coice farics, altoughi your
Michigars Ijiiosn clubhouse. selections can e made up later at your pleasure. To or regular
Mar. 20--"D~e Paris auxe Pyreees," a customers we express our thanks for constant patronage, and to
lcccrre ty Prof. Louis Loiseax, of C- new friends we promise fit, fabric and price os made-to-ueasure
trlum iat triiversity, auspices of Cerle garments that will satisfy absolutely.
ALWAYS LOOK FOR MAJESTIC PENNANT Drarrrstirlre Fraincais, 8 p. um.verltsly yoursr.
________________________________FRED W. GROSS
t\ta." o-Ralplr Star -ira"Srong- 123 E. LIBERTY ST.
For the Entire Week eat.'
COMMENCING .lar. 2]-First Regiuent of Illinois
Mai I-.eas ~ Greet comipany isa "Jul. THE HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL
IIAJESTIC Mntr iss Csrsar," a2:3 p. u.; "Sie Stoops to BOSTON, MtASS.
Etroqrer,"8:5 p irm., Uiersiy Hall - wihs tie mpetiassul thetew irrrtltgs, istiherre d rter caed ert mr's re 5.51
tisissc-oouunowsuas-saiitiesrsardlerrsipm cifr t wintrit rlst restrarchsrin tste asse-
TH A R ielielg 2lar. 23--Bel Greet comrpany irs "Ro- ous benies of mediiie proaity ueulid i ths-utry.ftlttr uid
g rco wl e ttesariJrlit." hspias afford abunan t ppr tunties for c ett instrutin In mi cn e ar'nit
Presened : 91 r. 25-Adrirear by AttorneyGensusrgey COURSE FOR TiE DEGREE OF M. U.
arsl W<ae Ellis,under rrspices of 'Taft A four' yesecs ree. oeistsrbclorseof iart.litertrser-. iris rrrttsri ence
asdtw pesis ofeueeiivaent staisdig. ersts tire tress' srif5M. i. T et i e satef
I.-Overtuzre. Reitubicatnrclub, 8 p. si. the fourtis ye-r are wllsiy eeets'; they tislue ttt tr ssr tttets. geterat
"Te miediiegeerlswrgery and thespecilr liatlst'b 5rn t,-tt r ie'netishoolryear
2.W eo xn .F an i 1etIaar erenearis.\ls.26 1Hesrietta Crostaa iTh e ie ds rewt cbe . 1toeuniie 1. t9tt.
2.ess Mrs.. ra cis Wordrirtg."t rfleshos.The diploa. of the Uiesieety of flichgn is accepted fr dmistsin. ieosdeti-
New lrs.Lorig." ssan once'met ad cataluwe, aidres
3.-Eme-alyrn. Lackaye irma Dins Coeit tenne. Msr. aS -JarsrKbetlick, violiis, Newr HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL. Bstn tMas.
4-Don !$l. Mae Gordon Trio. Comedy itsNutvety tcyitst.. Whitnethiealeter.
5.-Va lers ore. 1stst ussrit at 1lMinsss .lsr. 30 Aunt 3-Ferry is-cirres. Hughs ___________________________________________
6.-The DiL nezxg DeMuths. Cotesquss eisrld anr.-st / N-sI MI
7.-The Haydlen .Family. na,,.stt Si ightWirseeArti-sta.. - A C N
8.Maeeisop. B.NOYDISCUSSES at Gag.eirAcide rart t i st
a.-Ma~~~~~Slests o eMO E N lkDCNSttSret Stre. Tusiis paable.inavnv $300teruof ter
les)R 'IDI son is.N rbiiiss . sitor a r n otwmiid Suin l s eeu s.
PRKICES:-[lingtt 5Cts, B5c, 300, 330. ussr SeslaSO. Mtineer,ea Atheris t rLeiten serice of tie Eps-s
Wednstirs an-a aturyasissiS 1W.tttstiay-sAdusit25c.thildret15C.tcpalschrcAshediinaHrris HlCtyeser- errstrenth.clarafternontPrf.rFreerreid. issy Yoarrisot talltreethtfr-
sod thericl sdepsrtmreitgave ass ii- Y U C n o -tSrn~h rm
tretig andisitrcie talk oniTh'e l
'redof Msosrn stari"ciirci6
sut r xct kowrsledge of all coiditionsaBW L N
New Whitneyr Theatre betrnthhelhadwl-eigo
aulmakan mal;kowlvede of foods uniess you supply ma-
Sat~rrda, Mar. 7Mond~.y ar. rvticlt Iepile ogt to eat aid ksowledgefo
M tnearid Nigh1t The Greatest Musical Hit all tteses iroblesic expeimetationt is sie msua at-o
Maiee__________onl_____ sy rmetosd lit will give results." TlS la wst-o
Geo. M11ohn' replenishing the energy H1I RFSI: eta e
HE Rice SAVAC F ilk. v\illanr IHall, secoid foor, at 7 o'clock expended. The human
Ut~ oiigt. Herman. engine must have fuel. ;.
J N Nii SU M M ER EM PLO Y M EN T rio S tre n g th c o m e s fro m fO N Y-Iyo ar l ok n f r su m r e - a i t g n u s o d
Aolploystert, aid a $ per day guaranrognou
JON u ill iteret you, see Mr. Phelps at Jol that s easily digested.
liffe & itznillr's, over Co-op Stat
1. YE o f _, .,_ S 0 N 6 S street. f SHREDDED WHOLE WHEAT -
* * t + ( hinc M U SI1C MarieSiller Bissell-voice placing is rich in the protids that repair the -
Cohan s G 16 R L. S airs song iterpretation. 16 The cut- daily waste of tissue and nerve force. ,r
Matinee--25C, 50C, 75C, $1.00L N 0 1S Et-lrg: boilhon111es 42. sat-t It contains all the body-building ele- j
Night-35c, 50C, 5C, $1.00, $1.50 Prices- 35c, 5Oc, 75c, $1.00, $150 if sudets wat to ar ments in the whole-wheat grain, mzad'rI
4 - ~~~~digestible by steam-cooking, src- /nelaregie rjdn n aig

__________________________________________________________________ pecia metirNsalleseNosrocesshaseverbeennledevdised ; that
sousldl be reserved in ad- os or corn as nutiiou or ;so easily oticd t as
( U whole wheat-the food of tie human rae hoc
vace 4,000 years.
For High grade XX-,t,- ~~ ~~~~~~ brekast of SHREDDED WHEAT B9 bsCI ihhtorclhikd ra iSl
W e bs Fo g GaeCa ndie s spl h nry eswoe ok
BILLIARDS BOWLING, ,LUNClIBS, that it s cmressed inodea wafer ad is
IeCemFriIcsPuheSebtFrozen Liquid COkSCNIE TBC, used ass TOAST for any meal, Instead of
CIGACram, Fr it Ice, Punc esOBhrbetswhta~fieur brad, At aligrocers.
Nut Cases. '2 Sat 31Mayad
Favos fr al Ocasins.Fany Npkis an Dolic SatedThe Natural Food Co. -
' Web'sChoolats ae Usurpsse. 19 S a r~t. 75Nrt University Ave.
O. A. MOE.



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