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February 12, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-02-12

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The Mitc''higan Daly
VOL. XVIII A, xAiiOR, .INfICIIGAN-W~TT$7 DAY', PEBRCA?'Y , 1908. >$o 9

prof. Scott. T~bulates the Elec-
tiouns-Dead Languges Are U-.
The reports of the fresh it class on
the eletie systent as conditcted by te
rhetoric dprtment and their tetatie
elections for their entire college corse
are eent tabtlated, in part, under te
direction of Prof. FScott, in a mannier
which brings out maty interesting facts.
fiery nember of the lass was re-
quired to fill out a blak fontm showig
the studies lie ittendedl to pursue dur-
ing his four years of college work. The
bject swas, in part, to familiarize the
uconing stttlet with te workings of
the elective systett, witt the subjects
offered in the departmetal btlletit, atd
with the psssiilities of a utivrsity
cotrse. t is believed hbytthe instrtctors
sho hate had te work in charge that
this etd a Ibeei Ahieed to a large
Whie it is unlikely tat thetsdets
will p~rsue the courses as they Iae otit
led thrns i all case, yet te tault-
jon gives anuiteresting iisiglt itto
sffat the totit lt class titks i swants
ttit do1
About s-en per cnt of thle class e-
petto study Greek, the Prpo)rtini re-
st1,ining te sattetdtritg te fotr years.
hii~heen per cent of te class are taking
I1tJin this pjear and te roportiot wiche
int nds tis tuy itwill sik grastally to
tet per cent by te stir year.1In cot-
tra kmt 11wttttttr akit gthe dead lat
guages is the popttlartyyif renhtatd
Gert-hnn, II all of te class are takitg
renh'and te aority eruetedto pur-
ue she sttdies tti l te last semleste
of titeforth year. when the "perentage
will, :,lrop arutptly t niite ter cent.
Girrnigo i3s vest mre potilar, fifty-iec
per ct taking t stuy attifswhile this
perce age faly off sigttly it stuwsntso
stdde0t fall. P'erhiaps thirty aercent of
theoigial teeter cottituit.
lhiheric is requiret f all fresttmen
dlring 'Ile tti5t' ea its4 sotte tiry-
wnepst, cent o thec class itetts to elect
it dri~ their soponore year. :bathe
manis, ritile poplar for te firs year.
whaet i~ claims forty-lie per cet f
the chs is. ik lrtlose aIlarge fier-
tiqsu of tlslibtthrsnts since bt fiften
per ent 'ttesat to pursue ftrter studies.
these 'ng largely devotees of the
higher c snmercial course.
Of the ;scieces, cenistry proves the
most =poplfar. Its stdetis vary is iium-
her fromt eent to seetteetu per cett of
the class. ;Ptysic is a close seoatd with
a high mak o'#sxt esq petcetttduritg
the seonA yedeIt.yiolgy uswile clain-
ing elvent iper cent of the cBlass as ad-
herents d4g the first year falls 'rap-
idly frotm poplritly
Te bsddisff oriators art. tpermitted
to lossons .dirssfth. e fresbisati year,
hbut ifteen W1 celittt Isf uAclasq epect
to elet eocusfin ursiqtlxte sccid year.
Mlsaic is no as ppilar but two per
ent of thee lasn euecuig .to study it.
A strange fact comnes -to ligt in con-
netiot sith poliftecal econony. While
it has, been the geeral customt for a
large. part of -the 'literary sudets to
elect econosites at the beginning of theit
secn year, te taultitos sent 'to in-
diatQ that this class tdes iot itetd t
pursitg it until the thirdyear whets the
propotiosi rises sudeity front six to
lory; per cet.f About a fifth of the
class expect to studs phil osophy though-
ount te last thee ears
Prof. Thomnas'i speakitg abot the
reporp said that he resids were a pleas-
ig .surtprise. TI ey shosed that a large

tortiop of the class hail a definite- ettd
it viewa ql4 .sPl ped a unitfiedlpton-
gram ,to that end. - He believed. that if
the tembers of tthe clt fb lloiav the
couarse they hasve axnogped out, they will

be able to look ack 911 a moune unifed
corse than the, presett seniors have e-
lected. Other-, instrutrs, while hesi-
tating ti express themselves. seem ell
satisfieid sith the results.
Thec oratorical committee met yester-
day and decided tion te time and place
for the class oratorical cottests. The
followitng is the schedule:
iW) Lts-I-.IR. Porter, David Se-
vettntin, Albert I11 Reynolds, Alfredl L.
Devos, F. B. McKay, Saturday, Feb. s5,
8:30 "a. nm., Rootti 4, Uiversity Hall
iqop lbits--R. At. McFarland, Dean .
Ryitisi, X. J. ('oga, Henry S9. Arm-
stronug, lloward larkdtll, Saturday, Feb.
t3, t a. tnt.. Rootu 24, Usiersity Hall.
Pital for tpoq lits--Feb. 17, 8 p. o.,
Rootut B, law building.
Finals for tgo lass-Wedtnesday, Feb.
tg. Roomtu I, ela bilding The cotest-
ants arc: S. Liidskli, Floyd Olds, I.
I. Fitch, R. F. Sutlter, . IB. Blbit
atid II. F. lenetl.
11310 Lits-BleinjamniuI. Ric,. Harol
I. Ratel, rnitine Moffe, If. XWrigt,
Hltuh I. adurn Ray K. Simmel, Mi-
erva a Ihge1D.1Trippleort; prelisins-
arie, Saturday. IFeb . ,7:30 p. mt.,
Room _-d, Un iersty hal fials, Fe.
20, 8 p. s. atwlstbuniling
sfura Isis-G, . C .lestpie, h. aM.
Thornsi,Herbrt it.I tcrnert, It. G.
Hays, trorge I ackard"Jr., W. J Los-
tngeu;v1ti limniettsMontday, F. 17j
4 P. in, RooamuBIlastbhissditg . i te-
seritgeOlull XXalter Duinii J. 0. rick-
ioTom Risoin, WX\.P. Tallmadge
'F;. Suitet J XVLarence prelimi-
narieis,3Tuesay Felt 17"14 p. tm5Rootu
B. latebuiilding
Finaul itto law-Feb t1.8 pI.,I..Room
I, latebuislinsg.
Fitas to8its-Felt.s2, 8 p. in,
Roosti h, lastbuilinitg.' Cotestants-
George Iutterfieldt, Harry IL. Kelley,
Geiorge Errs, F. G. Seeiso, Janmes
McCasdess, 'Sterling A.X.Leonard, sail
2A. Everest.
Prelimtiaries ip08lsi-0. F. I-oose,
louis A.XWois, A. M. Landsman, S.
Ilourtcy, Thosmas V. Biri, Wednesday.
Felt. it, 3 p. i., Rooms I, air buildig
'.F. Foote, W. ). Grimusos, Fidley,
Joh olti:. Cralet, G. F. IHammsuod, XWe-
nseday, etb. 1, 4:30 p. ti.. Rooit It,
lass- ;tiildiitg.
iuals iqeS IssFehs: 24,: 8 . i.,
4tooin IB; law tauildin.
Basehall plractice started, yesterday its
tse cage at he gyt. Quite a number
f battery messtere present atd worked
oait titnter the sipervision of Coac M-
Allister anth Capt. Sulirst. No hard
wosrk tasclnie, hoswever, te tortsbeing
cuttfited to looseiitg tip their, arm stts-
dces Following are the pitfers wht
tate areaidy reported for twork: IDot-
huie, Weler, Ticknor, Siscoc, asd c-
Clch.i. onsdXWhiple, ast years
maintstays, till be out later it he week.
S Those doing thu r eceiving were Emce
man, We~ager, Itnsley atd Roth: Prac-
tce will contisuts evey aftersuiiot front
ts 3 oclock.
X Work othle Deitster Verein play
is progressing rapitly. Reharas have
ects started. The cast, swhich nutmter
"bout ten, his not yet beets defitly
choses, bust will e amttonsced in a es
lays. The play that list been decidel
upon is Iesings"Minus von .Barn-
helmi," and it will probably begven slits-
luig the sweek preceding sping vaation.
A trip has ben platned for the vacation

and a late list already hbeen'.ecured fins
I Sagitnawv.Te Vet-emnhiss also. written
for das atTlos k4-14 if '
fnothisig de it ,liast b u decided. The
Atn Arbor production is' to be giver
at thyXhjtbi tn .. I.'0

H SITS TR UB ES Thur nitfecity library hsbcm
HASsa ell kowsu outside of Ana Arbor. The
improements made recently hae caused
Costumes Puzzle and Palm Them mich faorale commett among personsu
--R@il~i8iS re elig " 8d faniliac wills cosditiosssithtluc truii-
-R~ee~rsls Ae Beng hldnent libraries of the]Usites States.
Regularly. tIu te Januay, suumbe f ".ublic
-- ~Libraries,si mottly tulicatiot strvtu-
.Michigeda rehearsals are being ed to the adtancenet of lirary swnck.
rutthed. Mr. Scaulots sat takens hold ats article appears twhicht praises the Bii-
sigoriatsly, std principals and chortus are versity library. Itcienctally tasy facts
fndintg it tut swith a vengeanuce. Two are tauchedh tpot of wh-ihlthestsuets
rehearsals were hel yesterday. -For as a sthole are unftfuniila.
over two hoirs at qht sessioat theelati-'4 -I seems harily possille tsossne fa-
orate. stage effects aworked oust by M'r. utiiar swih thIe library of sle u ier-
-Whiteys directors were drilledh and rc- iy of :Michigans a fete years ags t
drillet isto the ysusstg actrs,'attulthinrst at-liesthatit is te5same isstitutios thasu
they- sterrudississed, to cosmse back tdtay hevisits tay when tsgoigintste li-
and go through it all otser agai rs. -Ir brary- as i is nus aranged. The lirsry
Scansjon is hadling theis like tprofes- of te t.titrsity- ceonsist, of over 2t,0Cd
sosals, paiesntly, thoroughly,uetermtised volumes ad seseral thosusadut pampsthets
that wshensshelu srtain rises out the snight andu mtagzines. Te lirarians lstomus-
of tie _26111every man of Ithemshsall 1b uetely canugetel leasets f thur sure
tester perfect. roestby- placisg Cscfurisingtswhere
AllIsae been instrutedl toshe present they'ledula postf-eihchamstosthu s-si.
at every- rehearsal antI warsed that iab- ressdisgs. I anulsnuefoih scrses se
ettee till meats dismissal. It ito1o late catalog cabises, anthuler secesary
to trifle wsith anyone not heart std suctfl tuueat a hr stulotes t-gs
in the work. Few use its ases f ener :uuitig greatly ntn ily us teslur en
gesteysubstittes suns- being udrildto-l iiisr-v,. if tesludtusbutlutousthe eutyl
take the plalce osab lsentee-s, td ecisaof slure. lac.
thle pnscipalslustsonunuerstuty. teachs 'iTe aratiosi Of thus e eaig ros
osne of ltst sevntyitt the ast is gventis q~uis- artistic aduu utsal. A frize
a numsber as he eners Iriee bleusuaialmaeuoftepnlofheLcDln
Iaat t 5herShoeol eof Music,wtees-the lsatia, tfhe atattlsuasndthe sartte-
rehearsals ae gigit, atdlauti-cs ,rss u.wstartg. t atsyuii
are~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~nn hac:lse sibi-wre saheditt srs eenut farngditla ay lutshoc'-
aecekdofadrpretotecr-srenoonyfrdslybttrenittes-. No ouse- is per-smited to see-the herthsesuallsositheluir busucesc.
rehearsals rxcept thur commssitte nmet"- lBrasuses suitale tt the suo usudigs arc
ies or mesmtbers of the dst themselves. bosh useful std ornaamsetal. usts f
M. Scanon, trho has een tstbhy-soted en totsf letrst.hare een cts sed
M, IWhlitsey ts take chage of the stag- in anios arts of tec roam.
ing of MVicligettea, has hail Years. of "Sields herig thueats (f ants f
professional euleriensc, aduthstter his thur leadisg uieritie.sre placedstat
directiont sarkedimtupuotement is already- utersalt aound i teroomst. tHeeesnts
evident,.tere si plsnt csutitstbutesto the usturuy
Butrhasl-c 111tu it-u sre of thur scese. Scersal ases f stioks
of telabuding actor just nows, especialy ae place-stnear thurcirlation stik.
if the budder' happess:,tosae the Osur caledsthse Cap stdGown t es t shrin
symph-ike focus std siren voice that swhih osists of shoies of life at thur
gel hint his job inthe chous. The tat-varous uiersities of this assetholer
of the choruss"girl' is 'stressn twithi cuunuties asudh disussionsusof p uurobem
'thorns. Mrs. Lyons, thu ropufessional twhicsonront thuesllege sat. A spe
costuer sest sere byty M. Xlhitey, hissviat case f books forte fscuty is tis
beent batsy- on the etstunes'fur the past ptayed, as is asulo sscdir f idie std
week id suste owe listtuary all itf refereues.
themtready foc their wsearers. These (his thur seondushflour secial l rusis sr
individhushtoever, do ot seem quitsetutomsuswtithsteir coletioans hvuhes-usn
eatly for them. furntished for thur graduatue stuetcs. Thur
I do't are to wear this, do 1?" mudern language oose is msost attract-
peasded a chubby chorus"girl," squirm- rvely aranged with well stockedlmater-
ing bseteent a halebone as -hersress it.
stas baeingfitted. "The gesea lirsry cntassisuoser
"Certainhy,' said Mrs. Lyonsus. tree-ourths saf thur colecionantd te
t The victims moaned nmierably. seprmnt irta iarais, whtihs are fllru
"Ohs, I ee my finish. Ouch!hIlet te fron t ilu steelk of thur general lirary.
lout a link, stuck; I ca't brathe." sre changd as ocasonu warants.
rhere does siot eem o bu sy help "As new- card catalsg, rapidly- beig
tfor it, though. The chersisudioomed. cimspleed, is pacred cntvensiety se-r
Forushat would a dainty priicesa' dress te estrasce.
ook like wsihouts a --? IHorors! Us- "Atogether thUnuiersity tub .lih-
> thinkale l igatsma nursgrtlae itself out thur res-
Incidetally te yountg "ladies ae ut cotteitiont of its lirary, stnss esta-
leartissg hs oriess ttemsusries. Dish cialy puitectisc-at tii
you, ever see a sats try- to ~ut ott iasrsssKetstsaIi ~uS
dr- s No? XWell, he goes t it s if Liraia _Kchanhs_ taf.
it usere a pair eof oven Is-gets it'strted
* bcks-prs (o h cn hok ester) uX. J. MORGAN ELCTED
bacw~rs (o e cn hok t~asir~l - R SIEN G OF COUNCIL
tpokes hsi feet throughs a lace ruffle or.
ts-pasd fsslly sticks Iis fiegrs on J araiwa buss uessru
pin hlooking ftsa sspeder buttons. f ItsJStsornwcon prlstsiet, s
-Th its-y lichigenda horist"girls , ofdtheSuena-lthue snc aestsnigttist
are g ig to have a few- assistants wshenl coustitiiossuhih us-er recently passe.
the cruciatrt i itcomies, . o~ r eisseetrtoetstu
I)EUITSCHIĀ± VEIRFud-v l fittl.S approed o he s-ped upost sttherext
XVWILL, BE ENTERTAINED sttetig These provided, its effet, ha
is_ o tetn sho is not a couci meubte
A } sectioss o the Detitcher Vs-ein ay attend a meeisg of teunc ui
I megsbgrs asill he entertainid t the Alpha -eept by invitation sun cosent fte
Ph i puse this evening. This is one of prpidgetut -Councilmesstere appontued
-a serles of, entertainent s which h ang to ,241 chlarge ofhe t 6sisaioss andt
-, bep plasned by .hgjdsirtaemers ofa Ciutiulst to de coucil froamtsthur juio

rtlucso~iety. The nate snembers arc stot classec of the sasnouts sdparnhsuts.'Thes
rin jtdgil- intt he,,invitationus, t.short ehegliojas iccusr on Feb. .1, thur usussisus-
ii nisictt programsn has beets arranged, tiopt. not later thtan Feb. T8.
t1 whijch will be followed_ by, dancing and A commnitteeas-as isnstruteed to pre-
e refreshments. The eonversaiusC durisig set resolustions st thuestrut regultar
- -the, evening. us-il!he, carried op entirely meeting wills reference to secturng uni-
in, Gjjpman_. fouptity its class elections.


le Will Fill Open Number on
S. L. A. Course-Graves Will
Lecture on Feb. 24.
Goverrnour Johson os tf Minnieusots ut
beeni secredrutohtfilt thur atest sumusuer
ott thur S. I,. I.trgramt.Ther smaasge-
menustfthe S. L. I. lusosnnunuuces
lusats joitu Temle;tG rsves, whotwuss sst
havet sokule - re utnsJsan. 24, till sek
insthesadonthelie uutitg otub ht. 24. Ns
definie dateha lst.Net btintset lust SGow
trusts Johnusosule cture,-.butsit witttesos-
lly cesisomtisse iueits .Aprtit.
Govues-luts-Johsoniutsis tites of thus-
conpiuo s uts itspliticl ittrcrlu-s
utulssy.His.successin.- iIsai veusthu .,s
has tutu-t peculir, antd Ihis triumssphs ther-
lhatse ltetI Ihimtinitoth butoadserus ielss
of na tustinal poitis Itis stousterwhel-htt
ing vicituis-.its asrubluuicanusstat,- sutk
hnts ui t s-thin imtut
Born -us- St is-tr hisus-Minn~ t-snu
of Swtedsishipartsh, JohntuAlbet-IJohtn
tos s s -sntily si:tinsestsa proucst.
htis fattercearly-dstehics tfamily, ad
us the sue oft hirteen,. Jobnoun et
setoo stoutrt-calift- tufsetrk, thugh he has
seter c esedtltshe sa sudent Ever
active int stutcl ftrs, ishbecames editr
thea -sits dem rcrairnespaphster and init
1808 wasitselectedutasste senatour. Ie utasu
atlsecleau f thur democrtui gust.
enrde-riuc nstI 55t.itot1,mentioned f-r
thet gtoternotrship. Ihowever, seeing ut
thus rstpublicans sandtiat fr tast yesr
usas extremssely ptulatr, Johsotun wsey
he repuican raniusssks sundultue-wary trusts
sts hog it udifiruhty, rnsustuee
Johnsotn tt rus.Ts hle camps~aigns hresumute
was asotuustigy srtipsi t Ind ithorough,
andt eetiotut dasy swnhitue ictr wth
aplurissty otf 7862 tithes lii Igisls-
tit s u u tree-fourthsrpublsiant,luts
hut- accomps~listhd suds evthceilets,
010 ther thiings briging aboust sa re-
-oelngofthusitsstirsuscslas, tutd
plscing thisststeuivsersity o tie
pestsde-itt ss-.uith 5its oitusbosardlof re-
hutiuiaoo Johnssonsuisasteca scond h shirt-
winc-tutuigns. giving 1193 sueehes ii
deden wee-ks I-Iis imts5he wonti hy a
pluruaiy sub 72,318 voeus. Perhlas thur
greestshsitge eaut5fIis serutnditem
, sthut-csthishsssurus tf a turranenrut
tutummsso. Isisecxturin- ovBs-
crnotr J ohnsose hadsst siti the nostoiunis
\\,sss-csuFdersationssoeubinlters sose
well Iis ability tusert- acrisis. A great
strike tastsoinered its thur uorternsirinl
regions. Johsonst w eenit straight to file
seait o ublsuse. lie lutista5persuonasl tals
wsu i t- lcsdeirr uSthur strikers sns-
wa-srneduttintuslstat ay disturasnce swoul
draws-ususie s tu uionasl gusres its bere.
Ther offiastosubthur ste cmpuatniswtren
sadmonssisherd ttoskeeu colu. IHe tolulthet
crosus sthast thelenstarts asright to qujit
work, ,a riglt to oerganize, sunduto tper-
ssaduthelrs ti t siltrk; lut snot he
rights ts preventsh a satsfrSmutworkig
ifhu liesante t slutso. This ptricie
tsr aduherudt inflexibly atusheliitrousbe
Is recent srtile thus hruuaccicirtint
"Unusionablussuy litehisdvelophedl itshisi /
slir eers ss gust r. % tehauss giedu
itt poitead digtt t sy-... XXitot se
tracting fruits Iis oetaisl atainmssets, it
sisytic ssaidshaiust the key- t Johns A.
Johntttsn's success is personatluharms.
Pteuoileclike hims, ands it is bueause he
ikes teopile. Ile- winsussitudssuiecesr be-
fur-.-he tule-sshIis monsstih. I litsiteu-It
is raisdisilue-u, sudsoftsubsets lonuttsg lik
icataursct, lusts alwasys convsincitg. lHe
gives thus imspressionssof a sats stich ii

eesdt seihout bteinug a zealout. The
masss of tpeople beeI a uonfidensce iTIsimn
thatss is utmost wusttakeatshs."

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