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January 23, 1908 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1908-01-23

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THE MICHIGAN DATL't_____________



G. I,. Wild Comfpally
The Largest Stock
in the City
Exclusive Styles in
For Geilemfen's Wear
Everything required for Suits,
Overcoats, Pancy Vestings, and
Trousserings, and of. high class
fabrics and special stylco.
Foil Dress Suits al
G. H. Wild Comipally
311 South State Street
For 25c
whiile they last. These
are the originsal Michsigans
Calensdars c ots ta i ni tug
about ;0 views of Anns
Arbor. We have bsst a
fewleft oiut of an edition
of 20ion
Sheehan &-Co.
Student Bookstores


Managintg difr-PAUL SCOr MOWRR.
Basinsse Manager-C. E. WINSTEAD.
Nes...........A. F. Ritchie
Athleics.....,..David F. Stevenson
Exchange. If..... . John Wambol'1
Music and Drama...Roy D. Welch
WAonen's Editor... Louise Van Voorhis
J. W. MCandless Elmer C. Adams
Russell McFarland
Hiram S. Cody George H. Hobart
Chauncey Boucher B. G. R. Willisms
Raymond Visscther
I,. C. Reid Lee A White
M. B. McHugh J. H. Prescott
A. L. Hailine Robert Mountsier
Lowell J. Carr Donald L. Kinney
WValer K. Towecs Louis Kraft
Lewois T. Kniskeru Robert Mreland
Paul Geer Sanmel H. Morris
Olio Engel Fred E. Gooding
John F. Wre Carl H. Adam
Harold P Gould
Address: MICHIGAN DAILY, Press Bldg.,
Maynard Street.
Manager's Hours: 1-2 P. i., 7-8 p. m.
daily, except Sunday. Both phones
FFCI'o-e. nAiJ,is se GROsCS.
Thec policy of the regensts of Mine
rota universiy in securing all land adja-
cnti io the canitpus for the use of iii
isitiion oight well lbe aotmie by our
oswi governing body. Proceedigs f
themoctstar-likenasure sre nosshnl
istifidcitlntposiiively called for, when
biusiniess locks arc rising ons every cro-
ne., The richly extloitable qsaliis iof
tic sudenti trse are Ibegining to lie
appreciated;anitmncewith 'deep" con-
iiircial designs arc seeking locatins
wihd the mtiwsary cannsot avoi. A
iefe ctytsterae imagination can pic
iire ite"capus teii yesrs brnce as en-
closedl oni ciery sue by the unlovely--
and decidedlycsinacaemic-faces of go-
cccv stores. There is somse excitor for
soonicsores, or evens barber sitps in
these locations, ut for grocery stores,
tiles the bscarineg houses are to moec
iion ilih camspss, there is nne. Nows is
h timen for te tUtiverity to get the
saty lroprties. They will be neede'
intiiiii.-thieyarmneded already. I.
ioildbelietiter to buy them now thon
iii isai until substantial buildings erect-i
ed iii themi ioubles the coo, or until
ite cisi is so uneasoal that, rather
itiaii buy them, the University wovolc
satter its biuildings promiscuously
aiimiiig the hollows of te opens country.
Some of iheienciors at Priieton who
in, going iii take ti the study of le-
have formeid a cisb, the tpurpose of
iihlichi is to iaeeptroninet jrists ee-
irecss the orgnizatio.

Wish tr close of the secoidi season
'if Ruigty football ui Stanford univer-
sity, Prof. Angell, chairman of the flee-
tilty committe on athletics, gives a re-<
port thatsshoixs thit this athleti sor
lis foitnd gret favor situb the facultyswlastetuns.H caisht
it is a geiebtt for pettos al
Frst of all, begitste reportasi
givent inth~e Ness York Evenine Post,
"it s lxtiile oted that the ttudets ire
ethustttiastic heliees itt the gtmtethe
sotffer of last yere Itts beome the conti
vit fthis, and lst vearscosvert htie
becotteeaiptrtisant:tutu this detite siii
ientiboty cosersatismttantd ofi ll mat-
tres oftappeal tostidntitprejudice
Rugby nas ti sort of cobnisatiott o
pink teta cmi hasketalk ifiey oere toli:l
it wseiing forced ot the steintsiss3Ii
lthe tietultytutudtanyosit w-easEtg
liol sshiiiorationmwhile footall' wseestrite
Amrcnsot ti neetn ow the exressiott of ote of te fleti
anit eflyugatltswomk p the Rtgy 'crumt' iwhen lie to see-
iiusly tsked if Rgy football isit smi
tig like btsktball. Sorrows. atti ortht
struggle foe expresointat otce, ut i
is onlweielim teetosi sympatetic
teatti mttte that ee is cattable ociixis
pressinge whiat le feels.
Thie setaors wo insa'the Citi
'fortiai-Stsnfiri'lg gene'hlies-also Ite-
ciitcetiugicethfutsiast. Te writes
1its set foteti of the total of six-t
teni football mttithes betwees the toiesiislu f l h n ie .
swhlichlhatet'cheerel otthiesi gtnes that i
whiics lookii dosstinitnthislItt-itaths
showseid te highest idegree of etusttias.
"Anbd the exitemnut oas cottitots
there were iinowerisine setts wiek
the pitayrs disetatitgled theuselses frointi
te heasio of blockedttits inttomitet
tttm tltys-s iiitedious itteruttins fetei
the taccidetle' of loss o owideantimirarel
osas titesecatlleif for geuititi- cciets
Ashsei alwre ougte h fiite as yell Ieaiers remtred ifte
the gamie, 'isitcanut cottrol te cheer-,
ieg itt Rugby hy lie sues-einitg altthe
"'The qustiontis iitetiaskeif. tHoe
didi Statfiri earts the gae? The
tanser is suffictity siple. Sittittisj
lectre lst the each coach spett the
sittoter at Vtsncover were the oah .
Rusgby tamt gave im all the assstee
itt their piiser tohep itt in letringttii
the ew gane, ttd lst summer te spett
itt Atustraliatattd Nest-Zetattt,ihere
agaitt he exerietted a mot geterotts
and sporsmsanike ]hospitality. accos-t
puying te Nesw.ZelsnduBlack" it'
their ttiur ts a giest.
"Hfe also vo-nitnters sttemnsto i thef
effect, firstly, that tmen have Inoie it
better cottdition o play- Rugby ttetithe
'coches'' game, atd, secondly, that the
men are in better shape for evenitg oorb
antd far more elastic its spirit, with
Rugby tant itnter he old ehusting
grittd of mass atndtorentm plays.
Consequentthte is its favor of Rugby.
"'ilte gttmtelis aloe.isott the apro-l
of te faclty-they tre glad to sote
the reappearantee otttefield of te
agile, gritty player iii average weight.
whto, in tie old gmee, ad enter to extl

ts a vestigisl retnusset in this-iquarter
tack's positiiot. Moiresve r the factulty
-eos thatwhile Rugy is riiighsatd nt
wsithout peril to liteth,,t is I still ai gettt-
ite sporti.and they faviior int mererly
bectitse istmaea- th irilig itercole-
giatti coneito.bhts becautse it is possible
atti trobable -that tslurgei sillibe
hlay-hd Isy thur sudsents t large as a
college gaimie; wereas or oh the res-
sosatiivaniced at Satfori for ablolish-
intg the old gamie sias that necessariy,
frioim its ntutsre. the gamie isas cofned
toi a shkel fess. iihilethsn'bulls of he
stsudent-serecreegaiedh totueiposiins
ofi 'blachue chiorus. "
dli. jhnihsiC. iBlaiik prom o-inet Chi-
cigo sattorney andilmessmsler ofi tirerioil
se-tee coimsmtissiiit, is o idelier the
tnuaitl Wasinigt's biirtday saddress-
is tUiversity alltinssslr the asiees iof
te Ilis, depasrttment. Mlr. Black, silts
ihis esusidecntiied ithso tiseuCh(icag. sue
for muansysy-srs, ixsiiper~tsonalriendil of
a stembhueof the 1.aio- fscutys.nduitwss
lsgely throusghsthis gs-ntlemnstatuue
Chicaugossitsorn-- siti- treviledhssiuun to
sisse-to R A rbr.s
Chti-IPIll . lJiC'lS
'1(1 ' A N lSFC11'ifIf
bef-oire Corellsl o ilussshils uedt
netcot nthsisnistheir idil-batcs, therc is is-
bles tos le ai ishuhicy uds-batec bewses
his untiersitiessinte use stsions,Shahl
aCortelu-ds-ie's lloisis-l iii tak upar
ini the -contest"s
'The kClusmblissa ss[caim 5555iiis o ig ithe
nesgative antuhIsuaslrssady sotensed te
srgssseessblieregistcrinug a formalssi"kick
agaist i C sthhsA. Cookt. auCrell
stdenttwus his iisisi-sshsec, asix'T-
Dasily annuncedisss-ilasiit-i-is.,isinlthe k'or-
sit-li [e-an5.
'hue argumetcsessis anes-sbyithecCo-
lstuliss deastrs, iwio..re-usos-iisosed-tois
debaste sagint sa co-dIFs-si. sic ois os:hs
A. hDeecy adisi rneusse mandsss thati
istlymsits-saske list us the(contis-o.
. Nio judsge couldisrenehr sa pefecty
fsaie decisisens iss uswomaenis ao ngssthis
_ b A udg, f curs, oul bep- ss
juicliedinus a swotmansfavio-.
P. :A iititmis sargumectmi cn't le
aswss-eedi(strosng poinst).-
a. flue iopposioisg deaterswo-ulihlie-
is he. issoo teolits-,isisioul eseu havessti
satpolgize- fr sadvsatcisg ian agumset
I. 'fl udssgei ssoultdsbehi-his hir, isi
matttrcwhatisuse si.
"No," said ai Columbeiasdeistr, I
distwttisoasl fiiasce asiomionssssthscpat-
forsts.asuchthey- till huese si hrdsltisse
iii get tee to doiti."
Ticket Sale
The Recruiting Officer
Ness us st
Wahr's and Box office
Prices 25e to $1.00

Wethavse us limsitesnumbnser of
sets of te ssomplete writings of
AbrahamussLinoln. Thurbotks ser
attractiv-ely-boundeandmput hupthis
ninte solumes.Our plinefr lt thur
entire set (including the suscrip
tion to Current Litersature for oes
year, ruttiest at $3.00) is 539 fuse
the cloths bininhug, sndsh Mon ifoethe
leatheerbiunditg. These sets sre ot
exhibitiont it eithter f ni tors
stte Si resit. i95 i55 5 -s
Law and Medical
Editiont, (jtst eceisesh -5
Stiuson's l'ractureesandis
Di. locatsioms. New Edi-
tot. Morris Anotususu,
3rd Esh.lalf esusler,
$2.50, he a 1f smioresc
These are new ooks and only
a few left.
Ca h or exchtanges yourmsa,o
Medical amd Dental Boteks
Tel 761. 326 S. Sae St.
FLargest collectioms of ordisnary
an nim uly eollectious of fue
Migan Pins
Qusalitv hest - Prices Rghth
Moichig~antamd ratSies
WM. ARNOLD, Jewler
aN S. Satus S

LD , A.G.
& s W BROS. qDA
The Largest Manufacturers in the World
of Official Athletic Supplies
Base Ball, Foot Ball, (Golf, Lawn
Tennis, Basket Ball, Hockey
Official impeets tor Trackath Field Sports
Unifoerm s r att Spots. Spalding'sHaodsomtely
Illostrated Cataogneofohllttsportmscotains nu-
mtteossugesteionsm. Senfortsit.-It'stfree.
New Yorks, Cictio . S.t.eouis, uentFrancisco,
Minnseapsx, tDeene, tuttalo.fSyracuses,P'tcs-
tuorn,tPhuiadephiaBton,.Cisncsnnati, Haiti-
more,uvams~;to, KansiaoCity. Cleveland,
New Orlenus, Detroit, :Montreal, Canada,


Dividend s
d Glet Yours

Every day one hears
people say "If I were in
cohiege again. I wonld do j
more in the line of cul-
ture. I would learn some-
thing shout music so as to
appreciate good m u s i c
when I hear it."
Students of today cer-
tainly have splendid facil-
ities for such study.
Courses in all branches
of music are given by the
best prepared instructors,
at very reasonable rates
it at the
University School of Music
Maynard Street


Cbe !Ztuaents' 9lecture 1ssociation
Season of 1907-8

Johtt Tehuple Graves
Dr. Brander Mbatthews
Leland T. Powers
Opie Read
Oratorical Contest
Open Niumber
The open number will probably be filled by
lion. Win. H. Taft

DUCED TO - - $2.00
Treasurer's Hours 5 to 6 P. M. Mondays and Thursdays

Ii' II'

I -

121 Washington, E. The Randall Studio, Randall & Pack,- Props.

Phone 598

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