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January 11, 1908 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1908-01-11

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its ttC If I A~.A

G. I Wild Colmpanly
Ttie Lare st Stock
Exclusive Styles in
For Gentlemten's Wear
E verything required for Suits,~
Overcoats, Fanc'y Vestings, and
TI.roaserings, and of high class
fabrics and special sty li',.
Full Dress Suits al
G. HI Wild Coimpally
311 South State Street
A New Desk
will help yott start the
New Year right. These
are made withitatmttal
base and renmovairle cal-
etidar pads which can Ire
rettewed yearly. Makes
the Itatiest kittdlofa
2 styles at
25c and 50c
Sheehan & Co.
Student Bookstores

THE MICHIGAN DAILY. eml lo-fts dieiwrseii)I'in falvor of ai
Inatsf1r of stch istiniats riniere. WXt
fe"e i (1titoem nem society. Tiey,
I Silo igEditor -PAUL Seor Hom er.ire in a condiitiontio work and think and
Buosonesa Managei-C.IE. WtNS'eEAa. to fIrntilafir>pfis>ofaction. The is0-
teincdii idual is not.'Andithere is
. . . . . S. .A. F. Rilti erno imes'noteito ormci"lConfrence" oast
Athieo ..fis ii IS Priness ti-ofrtie' nf c ce' societies. The mart>
r~thetis...... - DvidF. Seve son i.alreadicrfitled 00(d sited most do
Fxhrng.... ft- .1.jobhs Wamfsld
.N li ani'iO taiiii.....dse l. XX cl re' 'Tr
\Vcns'c's (lit or,.... toiiisc Vaits \ooris ic n itgs t
its readers
J. WV. McCandless Elmer C. Adonis 'iiBAND
Jrh IrsF, X ir" tissefll I(arlan migh ts iledevote sa clumnri to
NItGHTfEtITORSs t tsne(ostsitiiieband. 'paisge might
Hiram S. Cody George H. lHobart offIa -iserr fir to deicriii its rnselfi
Chsatmncey Bouchler B. G. R. Williams iii it ifor tii L ruse siry . .Ilsiits idaiice
dRavrssorrst 'isieir o Il yeeinii5hitue'tieuc:sis'it
L. C. Reid Lee A W~hite iliistrsfrcistsrgigeu-
ll1.t Xli h J . 1.Pect 'Ialth oegIlagi~ n
A. L. Itainline Robert Mountsiri tl st isvied upr ito societies.
t,osvclt J.('arcr IDonald L.IKirnney yicslrill ie I n t ir x'f'srill-o clib l() act-
X riftser K. 'tsc t,oinsies rft as iti-i'tii'i ii
f1s iss 'I'.dKriskeirusn dRtier t XMosrelan
tPits11'Greer 1 Samueltl1. Gorrisr'iIg? '11II'
- - In- The sc nsf rtisen r ofii tire smoiinig
BUSINESS STAFF iii i iii1 wh ichacti.b creceid ins thre irtti-
John F. 'Wore Carl H. Adam " . , .fteeiccirie i
IHtirolitP. (Gourldn1clattidio asbe elaiyed
t i isiglt iiiastil it ft siect ir aecriail.
Address: MtICrtGANr DAtt,', Press Bldg. h cnrc a c oJohn . Fischer
Maynard Streetcnctnt. ; ir, i i s btrern ipossi-
Manager's1-ours: 1-z p. in., 7-8 P. . iiiito(li h i reHas fwhirls
daily, eacefit Sunday. Bothoplnesi ii rr r1''ti
96o"i ltl ac.ii v ieed rom Pitsbug, In(i't
r' ii i-;lir t) c tei i -1(11

'lTe aruarsl mieting of ftie "Modeirn
Larnguasge asoiationt was elt at Co-
umburis, Ohio, sir Dec. a8. The attend-
once sas larg, with western tmn pe-
domisrating. Those present from Mlich-
ganowtres Professors Scott, Effinger,
Thierne, Winkler, Straus, Tilly, IHolan-
dter, Eggert, Florer, Meger, and Bon.
>Speecs sere ads by rpresentativees
sof the iiffercirt olege, In ommoet-
ig onr thecpresidertiat address, "Thec
Genresis of Specrh," made lay'Prof. F5red
N. Scott of Mithigan, ttei"Nation"irsit
Jani. 2 says:
"Tirespeethrdesrvedt anidtreciedin-
usural attenrtionr. Whaeerviers iua lit
aitoptted ebrnrsrrt this obscure mattr,
suchsi sar, learnied, anridmetodiat di-
cirssirn, alwiays distinctly separating
heory fromrrfat sirrdtassigring us acti
its stirs weighi, cannot fail to tic (f
The addres sas frllowredi ty sa ger-
erl buisiriess mieing irswhfirroffiers
were cliteilufor esirirg year. 'The
seretary's retort regarding merhrti
waic parirrlarly' gratifing. Surcer 1902
thei ircreaiss'has heerina tiper ent
-cxNiOrZITiS ii. err's iiDA'CE:
Thei serior social comrrnitemet a
5 ocuck yesterday aternoon in Uiver-
sfi ty all. The ormittilesvtert to give
a'nrrce.Saturdiay, janr. r, attBarbouiri
gs'nniiii.ite tas slso deidedsito ae
a clans ertig ext week,tre tore to
Ie annoncr rredilater ins TthetDaiy IRe-
inch sferm aitl te chiimeniositte senior
ecammristtees sill teterd. Thte sbtjet
ofiaclassimemorial wiut e discussed,
anit a class pipe will hr selcted. A large
attendcrrire is xpected becaseof rthlie
impor rta'ncrrrofsthercmeeting.
Situdtents airNWashinigor uierissity ir
St. Loiiisserandihel areirstaement s
a stuident it Allen Sts'enrs, elitr ositheii
unes itry'puiciationi. tHIi'calledrtheii
faculty "ar hunch of asse" lbrcausrsri
thrisr atituide tfirs nsthlrteis. Utiri
heis reitstatedl tiecstudrents sill dis-
coinuriire'all satleti contests ari d ra-
maituical tand literary' soik, swit
firs e'xceptioni itstuter aecr'itainst
ra~ra.' a:-xitisc"NORKY" .SserAI.
tredtNorcros, captain ifthti famouls
is Micthigan trbrrall ei,sill cachel
tir Oregon Agriculturarl college again
this all
JoistsI, Rockefeller has recently givers
firs Uniersity of Ctiago $,tq,ooo
stkig s total of $38,95.8 he tas
given to it. Chicago's endowment is
iriw next to tHarv'rdrr's, te atter tiing
scorndritor L.elanid Stanford runiversiy.
Toir educec sirk tefore ivoiinig, see
'rider str entire lite of Parlor, Bedtrot,
fliring' sRm, Libraryard OttierFrii
treatsirpteial tprie..'Matvinr Haller's
tFnrnituireCa'eterandIDratpery' Store.

i t irs'ts nlr is . sir. l starr' tenrirt
sirs usstttt' N HE rt555555NCE have benpl cd sis n s ' sitofit'estair-
tsirse i is i ttrap iy, 5an1 firs ~ v U ies-iray frill sarf tire first
I(Il (m teC lf 'c qfuestion ii issitsber stlirs firs" rse inaret he siadredt Snrnr.
made sorcrystaslizisasisooItsis isssibe la e p rven trsiig und sass' this
eay c eih r h' inodc'sft r lear, oris tirslsirs' wi-tr'letril
-sis'c soifihyste rial sstn'rc'sionr efre' t he. 'a' vd -orn ihein rutshshilt'ofsi s'first
uit,: Ii. 5wallngrse toi taipet coit rage,5 wt l or -frte m sir sim nds asigeolorgy' sat-
i iti5iiti. i's 5 rtiit ri<isru C i ii Irf 'a,
tt fittltll r intni' uurytruse' 1t u t 5 I sir Ii li itnrsl1it irtf i i' tif. nl tin'
us sir sues-t. 'firs' rrrrsssrrits uheed s ir0'a0Iof e iues - ci t ' '.range'd
()pilio s r lsomeius' arss te'' r ustnd nee s lurs'' tfirs islls. 'truss frivte oficesio
ii 's l t ! .fistr il firstsfisiiis arehs' 1 co n tnc
fun sr n rd r ulittit tia nuber io frat--# ftth w i ofthe f rs' m
Ite s I ti hestdetsCa l t ei ' - - -
<.n ri sup n 'Is-the pronucits ofseisurious irsThe tiratin clib nt rs Thu'irsdtay-scum-
tb~i "l 5t h sitt'cnifi ru tS n tours .ii Mi stoecn ri fDiesel Institurte.
'ns it th ' e-its. srss'iati~liforlai Phildl ph tstia l ibnrry -i'chool,iw'as Ipr's-
iii-h at 5 fniifurp se. oi nn'iiu 'si ne ' istills us innadugve n 's'crs'-irg ftal s iltli-
forta~v. Th Adlpi nshe lphat t ris unets.l t
yit hav tak '- t 5up 5as a subjet 16- - - -- --
dsrbInsits,.'Aniys itsill c te Isf111 I IX tWO rLi S15f,*
r3ydso~ st))peiu t iris fir )OY'ft'()fRAISEXiTON'E'
tar he lost urnet stew 'the refo r e boyn-s
te ir oncls 'ionn sn a citti'e s innt thI X sthi c nsstarey is itl run tiii'fnlluass-
plbi.S tin nsuftrth 'tletruly tiere teiiiI iig ih ca e s'r'dasy addrie'ssedi
wis ch I they arsiusdii atthfe' sr''rsam n h e...o te Hed Studniti. nns rbXr'is.
fo m fthe prepoiindra'ting-ev'iidenuss. X1 Xliih.is
doculrw'l' ft55 iillsna'tiures'i silt bin vastut ''e r st- I ls torid thirt yoitu swuldn
tutu'o thslr ssg u'enerl uillis' whnn uit us t l-gveal ne ; la us fortr'en'fuoiy
t uflp t s ii. n du. flic t hesift i'i afte the wee dea i ttl shin I till
can rishnd .u ficiills tic ii'i ilnusOi s esll stisn mmie I turnssuck inipirch I fuo
tics pr gram. s l istiigaiuiiii. Inst Xi tu nit 1 h S01111 iterl: ndl nres thei isoties'
iansesCia icss tutsa, nSociologey c'ubr and yotruss iii Is
sill the otnil sn- nit osuits' it liSciprestis-c
or charactr by idneu-'trsctinmitsdits e- Ic atndhrammeiretdijeelry at Potters.

If y on are in 'donut
ahbott what tso gtve'yotr
fitend fot a gtft laity
a espy of our Mtschigats
Caendar It cotans
orgtisals drawings atnd
sepia prntig.Its te
hbesteever putlihshecrdi
Attn Arbtor
Price only 25c
Te Souvenit of Ants
Arbor and te 'Iliversitsv
recently ptbshedhy' tus
ts now on sale.
Price 50c
Miait s'tSthillr str's
Law and Medical
Teves Anatomy, New
Editiot,(just received. )
stitsns's Fnactur'esande
I icatitus, New Edit-
ion. Morris Anrtoitty'
3rd Ee. hlaf leather
$2.50, hi a f mroccou
These are new books andl only
a few left.
Ca-lu or exchange your us,
Medical stud Dental Books.
Tel 761. 326 S. Stale S.
Largest collection of orditnary
and thin only' collection of fie
Michigan Pins
1Quality' Best -- Prices Right
Michtigani and Frat Sires
WM, ARNOL.D, dewier
M) S ain Sr.

QP'-y A. G. 4.t IiV
pot S PAL DI N G '
The Largest Manufactsurers in the World
of Official Athletic Supplies
Base Ball, Foot Ball, (Golt, Lawn
Tennis, Basket Ball, Hockey
Offiial Imnpemtsoro Track aad Fietd Sports
Uoiformsu tor ait Sporis. Spadiag'sHanomeaaly
Iliusirated Cataloue ofnitlttsporttscoatainat ou-
meroutssugestiaons. Sendtfor iIt'stfree.
New York,Chsiago. 5t. Lmars. San l i'v'n'ico',
Minnseaolis, lessee, tuftfalo.Syrcuiise.Ptts-
burg, Pilairderlphiaf, tinsturn,. (irinmnati,Baltin
mtte, Washiingtoun, Kansas Cfry, (Cleeland,
New Orleanos, Dietroit, Monitreal, Casada.

tPortrait frames at Fosters.


I ii


Every day' one hears
preopale say "If I were in
college agaitn, I would do
store intth~e lute of cul-
tore, I xwould lsarinsouse-
thngashut music soas to
appreciate good m u a i c
when I hear it."
Students of today cer-
taiiiiy have splendid facil-
ities for such study.
Contrses in all branches
oat music are given hy the
hest prepared instructors,
at very reasonahle rates
at theo
University School of Music
Mtaysard Street

Z~be Ztubents' lecture Dassociation
Season of 1907-8

Johsn Temsple Graves
Dr. Branader Matthews
Leland T. Powers
Opie Readt
Oratorical Contest
Open Nisinber
The open number will probably be filled by
lion. Win. 1. Taft

DUCED TO - - $2.00
Treasurer's Hiours 5 to 6 P. M. Mondays and Thursdays r

SI ill _.I

121 Washington E. The Randall Studio, Randall & Pack, Props.

Phone 598

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