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January 10, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-01-10

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The Micia-Daily

Vo.. XvIII.


No. 74.

-Rooter' Says Price of Michi-
gan's Relation with West is
Dwindling Athletic Strength.
Atnti-Conference opiniot legin- to int
deiite -expresin. The wcriter of tin
fllotwitg cotmmtncicatini extlaitts hi
riaonst'ftrueiritg severattec'fcth-tl
etic relatiotstwitli tctwet
" To the Editor:
I titk tie follwitg retark tccertt
ing the Cnfereceepereetithle atti
Conference setitmietitutpoth le campusic
A ChIicago profesor rtae the retiarl'
tat tie kCfeetce catttt recede frau
it cns ertative statd by.evitg see,
gatte, a taining table, ad the withi=t
dractal'of te retroactie claise, wititait
attarett tly"troit owtlact to N filieb
gai,''twhicht wotld be at te sacriic
of Ciferentee digitit. 'lhere foe ii
iganc t tttkie.L loec it ncicit cihilc
gettletttciclntt after aitg loydtrui n
anta yeat Micigaticatntot gc cad-
atithouti thee coilcee-icttexcept' Is
prodigal--ii lhe gntileian'c tfirt eaN~rc
by btuhrig ccsiptte Ctnferetce?
Cnferencee cupiportes say thatctit,
feldlf licigat isI wetwarid , conl lic
teeanntitccplay ii tlie ccit. 'lrul cwi
cat.it ciireent it ttmuch loe of tue
ce-, atic the reaonisct itndo. I a icacr
ctie t lieigati hie cittplayii ne
cllg' ginitecte firt year cnd bIConii
fc rcee rletIe ciii tlylit fci- cc aear
thereafter. rticking cattal cf fifeei
g~nsi ,acoli leg- carer. XEcu tiocEt
caitnto ti i lies(,gcter ly ear re it
cii cais-Vcnderbilt cicind eiiiiy. 'It
theiasi-c- 0taleti gaitto Ietict lhei
tietmitedicoila tctwevegcimiscc dc freh'
trmaittye aaaittithe frehitmcn of oteiir
clleg-, aitilagainctfhelii'lgicams o
citaller ittittions. - lcreafter te icc
cicore gctescii at Ie pycl ach}er
makciniig a tocl f uearly liftgciiie Ie.
fire gradionci.'T'le let ccahliniitlic
cworlid, itpiorteilbylithebesctciatleti-
cniti coucnttleactticcdicdatage it
lack:iof c-pertecte. )h, li~CcchliYcci
ciii, iis aitaincita-ue'of MIicigii'c
itfericcrit-'to Peuiiesyitic. '
Certaily te uCnnot :lay eat cd ec
indile Ie anme rle wtitoutt beitg uhi
riit, aid icc'face ili' cpoblemn ofloct
eredh stadiingif ite trtir citesicecrc
hi-principe ie hate- Ccitecde it rifht.
Soteutc- ay te cat mtill nocitplcyitic
Penticdo(c. arimuctiand.iclAinatolics
act acccifr gattie. - It icri' citi)-rca
,ccti cc-lithctler cllegec: ecalil ot tirtl-
nately take ia- ccifthirscheilile? I
the stiatetiti i ce - dla-hecceat i
toi far, it iot ,linueaplo~ fiuttoapoahtan uatii cotice ifi
Clamupaigi, inc, cnd MIilwiuke (ri
cotmpa~rtitiv-ly disitantt
Uter Ie retroacieefeature of (oi
ferencierurile, if we Icicciliute ciurelee
by- reuring iteclciefocrteec-Ic tiettci
athlees, iclutciig(Catait Scl of le
fotball eami;ic'Rowec, Ce, fDiull icti
fleath,cf -the rcck, andTia 'cf, Kelle.
Giddig acd.Wi-del, f tilic'sealll
tcamc. Cat cie cffcrf'to o til totpcl
if the oiler idisadcantcags'
The iLittle Eight'ltat Mihigant i ia
ire. ITe eternert ae slpititiricit
face and Iclilucitoinscalaamn or Ie kickei
outi. 'iT-ey idemnid that te scuictheii
pricitleie pledceil fr aciccihittiey le
lnoiw acd ct-iniiweit jut nt euitable.
ITe cstdentsecitiet-o cfar at I
at-- blab le in acertainifromcatre-
ful iqiuiirt, it in aciiiotccvery case pe-
cisely this'cho lctcg libetweit reigicing
irbeinicg kicked out; reig, at at -all
eens get oit-if lie jprice cf relaticci
cithc the cwet is lhiuniliationc, subisonii ,ci
and dwcicdlig athletic ctregt.
A Roora.

All ,Michigan Unoni ticket sellert re-
port at cluibhousec today bietweeni a acid
6, to cetle tip accoints.

Thcc' (crel-Drinaticlce IFrncai ha-
-aiciomc that licithe' secondi tiumbleronc
tic a-sociate iemblerhip cire will bhi'
act illustraedi lectre Ice Irff I isl
blatelic, the official Alliance IPrattase
lecturer, tic be giet inic Sarah Ccsell
Anigell all cci Feb. r5. The subjet
will Ie "L'ltnperctrica Joephine."
'Te free Thurtsdaty aftertioni faculty
lec tres wcill Ie rectnecl octJan.if6,-
cce liu trof. PMcLaughuli twill spckoni
"lUn tee Iratcai." Acnusual, the
tlks Witill he1cc'guuic TalpancoHacll le-
tre roomicial.1p. m.
Thl e iiricaici Lniverig-acsciationc
deldito et s i'lot yeterday,.1'Thle tfter-
nonc se-siocntiais aliot ctirlg giect
aer colte later oat South Americcan
iiceritic coiledccatictal coidiitns.
Frt' cc-rcomcpctared iclt ur w ui-
ercuiec icii foundicltic Ie cccia otewthat
ow, liie. it wcc-t dscr ecof the
ricncitoucntriesc ctiltaor itituiltiioastbt
-ciciact ccwit tic acciticcgii- themi tlii
ac-ieit cofocrciixterietce
Procf. IBrecwter trho at receclt penc
ix tint in ttSitch cAmerica, alo ad-
Irecce e1c gathiering acd cspoke waritlt-
if tie isitiitioits of Argeitine Repui-
c, acidremciarked at the ame time oct
,he iccreaing ticimiere of South Amteri-
:aciistudientsc acc licligtmt.
-Next Dercembelcr, ct Satiago, le Pac-
Ameriicaic Ccngietcs ccfHigher Iduca-
icacaltticccill lii held'IThc expenae f
clegaec frm meicai ui-ritie
,ill1litecdeittacid iutt of $,00o alilrc-
Iicicc cc at Secrectarg- Roic'sugge-iccn,
EyCangre-cc Tle assocition ihe ccc
hcive'thae trptreccitties recogized a-
c elegaitee ccithe Li-ited PStces.
'lICce etctg cc'ciSOii twastccucpid liy
Deaiic uu'hinc paper, chicht exhatist-
ivlytreateid cclthe enrancec rciuire-
metsicfr techniical adied ttcical core-
auh fr literary ccire, te two beig
Fridauy ight thet'Aelphi literay si-
cic-ig 0111l gie thic folowing logram:rti
Paliameintarg Drill-Kelly, leader
Lighter, majritheaer; Butterfel,
mincicrit each.
Crrent Cvets-c--Nctlr.
Senattor ilattllette -Stunn citacw.
S Imiprociapttltebate-:Affirmti-, Wit-
tenbrink Gtkiceclcc; egaie, (ri-c,
IDebatce, "Reselvei, tatci ticigaic
-chculd conplehely ev eer it relatins cith
'Ii,. \etrn Cnefirutte." Affirnaie,
Jons. 'cothetill ; inegtie, Rek, i
\p~tha Nu iltcAivc'tehle folini-tg ti-
gramt ciin Satrday ight :
M\l ticcEv erybod.
Ortt cin-lfed 'cillr.
Ecac, "DtPAgell I it Life ndic
r \'crk"-LewucsXWet
1 Talk-P1 K haer
'FlkI iThfhuloicck fir to"--S W.
Sibl--D Ieani futau.
Papiher--~Abecluouc Skerk.
Debcat, iResolvecd, thatcit cw-oullbc
uwiecfor theUn tiversity- cf icligcui
to eu-cure the Cnuferece." Affirmastive,
- ).Frybrge, A. 1L. Deo; inega-
tve, Edwicarci tre, 11. L. IRotel.
Nortwehrn uniersity- -will resume'

at theopeniniig if flue seaison of tgofl
icntercollegiate football, cwhichihat he-ci
barred fur lien years. The aunnuual foot-
Sball contestc, hoiwever, will heliuiedl
toc 'thredintercollegiate games.

Hackett Enthuses Over Selection
of Comedy Club Play -Praises
N'ormaniiIlacket-u. t hit ctilllec-cureine- c
cightli Scruch Ca('cclAgell hltcl, lpro-
iuttitiuec himseclf nmaci tlceae ith celiilc
adtvtance maude Icy iPh liganccii cilleg
dramaiticsducricg thu hastchfewt teres. IHt
kdepdcially entuiacicoccaercle ('dint
edyclulib, at he cc-ti dcccof ic fcundues,
al-i th1ccfirtlehacduig cccii. lHt'sccit
"For c leong timec- Michigan wsic k- ioh
wuted incdratmtatic. '11he-Comed-y cl'-
fiirstcrodcteionwasct-tic tued icc earier
tlucncumyt-cwnuudatys lure. I cc-c- "11c
Scutpcf lPaitcr' ''hiisI acautdI plt
for ctcle cmupancic-s, ut at thil time
IHarvatec, 'k'ale'acid oulceternccuniesteleepouigpasotet hcicgch
-es irec- ru- aticscit aithit ghif c] ih
ec-erg gealt uiveityu- ho culd hepItm
foster. hutncurthceur cctuy cill titiucu1li-
tis adabci ulitie-cf acctudc'enti le i
quicklyut hthto lu-c. ihig ci' dtutct
this.ear cihi-cutben citpledl ci-. ('dnt
e cuchl isrhoing cc ie tinucg i prce-enti
tg 'Thu Recreuiig iOfficer.' Suhihitc!
give byc1ugtle Uinveritccwill d o
tcccn oangthing elec itoru reuewintg ii
ieet acid studygoflthit clsicidrhe-mau
It is cc loncg -stifri-ct such triviaitiesc
as- ' Scram of Puter' or 'The Iicatc
Secrietrg, cd I tuturtudccithemcitcc"-
s peaknucAi'cc higenda-."cu rie Hack-
ett ays ┬░lantexceedinugl glach ci
hea cthat i chdiccn is tchs tocridceie
a layofc - its t ow ccrton.cSuchu wrticr
as thitic theufinet-iOfcall forhgyiit11hc
creativ e'geniustis buchtUc t i.c-
gre-ct tpincuthIe oadvncu umacde byc Michc
gaitcu i e upwardc Icoccie ta cciiti,
-hriet'of Thes-pian."-
\l.\NYt' (fallICIES ItXVlt
Rfepoicom cintg fromcthUit'vceritt
cOl Illinois- ctate that tilst-c-ci-cimt ccf ih
stcuenc thdyis i favorce of cc eenigam
fcobllhlsc-IhuleTheIidConferecce cdl
rest'ccucticcwait-slatructei hi'voti- Cu
chelueoncger slchule lag-the hccardulo)
cocntrocl, bhitheli-faculg- cne-uc vcic erule(I
the' bcoardl andchtccthe scieii-of clhi
roaccere the vtedccwme-ticto thecOppotitmu iotinc
'Fle' Daicl oantatestthtus entimce-nt
tt-eel-s ftrlicen--ctgamucet cudthucthlieu
rechoedsentativectilliNt c e iotut.
It i is lo einielhg statedchthac t .
IHutcheuiuscf icm sittwentcctoiCh 'icgi
instrcedctoc ote for thur loigesche-
dulce, but h ilt intruticoc cc-rc- chiniged
beforeethl ceetucing andciIe vceducur lieli.
Icuriles tutimtcude acginstca ccavyce-ac-i
concwastaot ccuecri-e-t o oticuualersie.
DlireecorBird wasiccalled ccetdon cci
cutuofmlthe' ieactho ift htie-lu u
lw''hlerecwi ll ctuereforec he- nocmeeticg oi
clue'Boiarud inContrlcof Atheic, util
cccxt wece. Negotiationsc-flicethi n iutu -
gamcues cavec cud beeccuphu-ler, asc statedh
inc theaes-, acertiill tdug'e nii-cill Phi.
APnumbccher iof tickeis hit-calietdy ccii
cole1 foecle batt-cd ace 10oIe Iheld x
Mondeay eenincgi Barbuehur gmnitaiumc.
Mcore ccit-cbIeedisposceu of, hweer, ii
teter tio tincure' the succecstotathic'Ipary.
ktectc iRecid ate1wilean e anI icutJordanc
cwil1 chaperon uIcthehaty Thud range
ucetccccomcmite itdoincg cll witIhincitt
potter ha coke the eentcua soccial atccl
at fnacial succeses. :Bohc partis act1
galleywill b hueownuccucopen,.

Ticketslice the cdancecanc le obtlained
at Skinnertsacid thin Universty Y. Ph.
C. A. haiildiuog.


Walthere . Ioucueelccck, ' i t, i hiccue'
mcicce'ecocialtiticiuifolicecicbet "PMich-
igenh" hpite, Ile 011li'cul b wredcheca
teni cdollarsc offereduychehg mcci. 'fle Ioe
design, wcichlirueeucic twoicfigrest cc
clue Daisg-baltici, cit isItscait, mauck
cm ctriklig effect hcmleunpricecd icocuric
Thec'six judges umde iditidual wlc-e
it-cc, tttitiin lit lce poinutsiotheir it-t
c-lucenthreetosicondc-tilteh tcc-u hiril-c
ccid,,nit facrt. 'Twocclfltem. Pttuf.
Alert Iocukcic'ch ucund ty It.,\Wehh
judgedchsolcegy ci hic "cettinig,'' ice cii
plicabhilitygtintcopeaiele'hi. hc i
huie tild Ilhe diedtit1Kandi ccl teuci
liii li oathitarchecur iie acculdeig
brach ofl i te Iencineeringcc, linc
pase iuonth atistitteduliites ftilhit
hidra tt-cwings. cMr. ccland hutheal f thu
tic-c ciit-c printery, mndcl.PAPh Smuitht
cubihlere ocithe I thu I Kiytonci, gae(h
,o cruithngc'andculrchuccuuccu
Tiche eadigc designireceve c ty
oc ointsiii Thatii of FrankA.h P Ii
was cmc ruth ifuetnintslii,, and oneccb% h
J. Ia culuchi-cr, 'to, rc-eccivd teci
Sevciallohicsincamutt icfircu- tteruc(
Cclitt-ildtc h - my ceI ti co-rc-- signeti
ic lthe icci.nuucutjuduge-- cd teartnIcc-c
their di-gn-s ecankedh ic le- uiffee cut
cesi chio ccocdcire, tug cllig o
Harold tf' , di5i1?acc-jeffersiu
t\I lAlFNS A'cIlSlth'S hPP-i lR
Del entdIta(hr f woPhmenSP5hof
tilc-tiolt ccistteuiveifsitielat fif
dieirthirduc cfeceei Chicgo, c e
i8,to andcci ti. IDegatecfof ecuic eciu
-c usiie ttendued. Ni st p-ce-sitcoi
adresses.c cweecgiten, utchchc ce cideg
tick hitfrm f ant cc iormal dicuu-cicu.
cuggece-uch hyug-iscctionsc ariing fromuthic
cnduilcu ion f theliicc insiisiution,,u
(tut-ccf ibme--cessis ucucsheld uil ht
ocers of t thiecii-Nationalcitt luer-sorit
kCnfierence. Thine risultccltheltccitnfe
ce--cccuaucuuiu-ccwa immnageem-uentuponi cithit
flltct tg dreso lui :
1. Thatutherecu holduhille-cml
sergto liodgigtu s iiie,
residcenceuhalmt-fori tiend fcrd women
anithat inuttics- hallhs-ther-e csho ut ccl
3.Th hat t tiheIc-lf-guccrccguluut of ustu-
wctlui cicithi inalergoiupsu.
-t hts ctlifec amongcstudnsi
ccc heicn nanuceuof cl ihightandardcouc
ccsl intleetsc f tetnlt duic csiluc -ciinI of
he studentsc.
pThat ti 11c s~hihoul Iecnointr
clle-giatcc-athleic c cte-ic lfor ucwomen;u
andthaucut dramatuic- a uthsiicacl orgnizca-
iccns mt-tile-h iwttet ake d pa hrt shucl
notclgive ccluct-hf-towiipeftormandc.
i. 'Thatmithicri shouul beachoar
shuip scultandard cci igibiltg foptci-e
ptionhincuc int ueclssc atletics'; andthactc
chr hitic ld-itch hetulbcateil chcolr
chipi acid phygsicahlfinecs licr cuccnucicu-
imit in dramauittic anumuccicaiul events.
7'ITcheuceencec cc ursc ccthuther
Intue-sceroritg cuncdrccnicc incommucuend-
,lug sop~homore pu lgig.
lTce cll paintig ofi Prof. RI-Itch tI.
Bhunuker presentenidothelaw iepultartmcent
hut- hit-aciii-classt tat107 twasc hung icc
the' latwclibrarcygdulring lte('hritmnsuc-tut-
cationc. Thcpiturce ithcle wourk f
Plercg hves,o01Dctroecit, mitchitcc ie
likeness fc thelaht-tpoeorc.

Several Urge That Prohibition
Will Increase Attendance at
the University.
Ite iccucjuuuce- efom ccaumpaiccgci
nowcsnietfult tic-iliucSnci h:mc
mueetinag f P\u-luuc-uhccnight, the worcit
ha.:-been proge-lg euapilyc.- Pacc
cmciit"haveiibeen it-cti iluctiitchdoCcallc
tVtct tie ct, eachccli u u itte Ii' cicgisc
carge itfcc bodtuof cit cizen=.. . Severi
i tttlitt c -onithic- icc-c ccc cc c c -.
curedci geheuuhu
CturltStucl, c ccictt iof1they P.t .
. -uidh: "lthugh ctcI amnotI rcii
Versant of i te mcccthoual to bIect-t ,I
tutu r chic rc :Anglt cc I cci iii icthinki f i
thecu cuccucc ediimePc alPuliihe Icr taliiedi
cci ku-ht clclnth ti lciing ofic g -if (li
cil reucult igiihd-ii i c~f h ic iser
ofth ic ctici his t u cglutto h ie- a
Vital drii-citi tio dc itciudent whtherli
leisuicc favore ioftthe rpu rl tauo
moeii tapeas t ei twoticac,.u
t. It eccuclhpru-untc-i eshli n -itccIfinmicon-i
ithe ut; hrtnkingg hic- ccci htwe
tilnacl uth ig, and Iwo cul chic-utthlirii u
to cle cittitihceiumcci nnu ctuued' w i ci
. hIt oudchutc uitus iptncdccuu t-u
na ionl chl ge cgensli t 't cpi-
tch cict occivcci ndccit 'ggiric-c l iiir
lt ilak ot i hic saloon Coll cIcit icc a Ni Ph-
igumuc. icuuherucuuccc . I clii┬░ th t ;
pitbditnculcucuc-c dlii- i d insli c-ce
tet ndac c e ftet cci- -icy el
hi ich i citiWhii 160not uih idii
" '-cccnme ticeofli-i, titicwol
ucivtucdinkig -etirlyit woul d
c-cit (11'c c rc ciicc culese n dccii ati
I t iih tuinkc iuuci l:n cii ly tu
ithelreme n.cAcccrl mho ha
dcii it ciii,,I dr inkng 'abtsp ior t ic
entanc into clk etwtulbehry
lily to formc-hth chuc undrtu ecuoi-
Ctrl iara it tu'hikthtte
Ina-ii c i t i whtheuc hu prtiula
ordnoc.cutihttherec i ci dub
this etiiltelcc d agree P tt Pu.l restic c-
tion ofltli t ure, wo culd h(.uuuc .1cl,-
1 chve Pu ltte yPle, cwithth
woulcdu cdfa i in cithe erircctutu-the ii
dccl iceud itat o ciiIchttiathei law-
fls ruit cchI consid lu eetuttlec disgIte
thin tht lte ivtee- tbut citic
Itt-cexpected lccc Icuul i tu hic- ~ lc
andi ISundaclos cucing ccte
11cc' cucicu cccgu cr.uet c titheil c-cu hi
afticn'dieto i i-el- Randa~ll theilciIntrc
lice theuclsictli ure- iting-tup h1w
dirld atdiIocll ed-dciiolclra i- cc:
Thei- ci- tle,, ctihiilcecdiat,l molle to
tlace the tictnc oicth11ccclints iflcu-in,
elnircoiittiies, ccciiih i uhlcic dtea ii
Ill thue Plcigacn ic-umc.
Th1cc sophomtoure cigiumict hlcd a clanc
ucti- cl-p t-e-uhmg cl uuc aftrno n., tiiC dol-i
tltu-cwcr-c- d o a' itcccu i ba~d~e lce stu 1ill
che it, cthe ccaps li te hfootbauull tdtccii-
cce ice-aliepropreccuiat in cci 11ec.PAthlic
sscccciiationccuwasehauted.,uhe Pue
dti cclfecresenai oncuc il ti h ic hiigcuu-
ccnia itt cl tec li-uc ccuh cca it,,, next

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