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December 19, 1907 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1907-12-19

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. .........wV. w+r ____. __

G. H. Wild Company
The Largest Stock
in the City
Eclusive Styles in
For Gentlemen's Wear
Everything requied for Suits,
Overcoats, Fancy estings, and
rouserings, and of high class
fabrics and special styles
Full Dress Soits al
G. gWild Coumpany
311 South State Street
Is by far the finest of
the kind ever published
for the price It contains
nearly '5o sepia engrav-
inigs of anps views, fra
ternity houses, and Ann
Arbor vtews and nakes
an ideal Christmas gift
for a friend Strongly
boxed, ready for mailing
50 Cents
,Sheehan & Co.
Student Bookstores
S PAL n G sp__~s
The Largest Masufactirers in the World
of Official Athletic Suplies
Base -BlI Foot Ball, Golf, Lawn
Tennis, Bt8kt Ball, Hockey
Official Inplmet fo Tac ad Field Sports
Uifomss for all Sports. Spadic's Hiandoosey
Illustrated C~atoee of alt sports contains n-
useos sggesions. Sed fo it-I's free.
New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Sn Nranilco.
'Mnne pols, Heaver, Buffalo, Syracuse. Pitt-
j" burg. Phladelpha Bse, Cncinati, Bal-
more,wshig ton, Kansas City, Cevelanud,
Now Orlauetest, Motrea. Canada.

Managig Editor-PAUt. Score Mowur.
Business Manager-C. E WtINSTsA.
Nesss..A,....... .F. Ritchie
Athletics.,... David F. Sevcnson
Exchange........ . John Wambold
Miusic and Drama.....Roy D. Welch
Women's Editor.... Louise Van Voorhis
. W. MCandless Elmer C. Adams
John F. Wir
Hiram S. Cody George H. Hobart
Chatuncey Bouher B.. R. Williams
Raymond Vissher
L. C. Reid Lee A White g
M. B. McHugh J. II. Prscott
A. L. Hailine Robert Mountsier
Lowell J. ar Donald L. Kinney
Walter K. 'lowers Loiis Kat
Lcsis 'T. Kniskerts Rbert Moreland
Paul Greet Samuil1-. Morris
Otto Eogel Frd E. Gooding
John F. Wurz Carl H. Adam
Harold P. Gould
Address: MICHIGAN DALY, Press Bldg.,
Maynard Street
Manager's Hours: I-2 p. II. 7-8p. m.
daily, except Sunday. Both phones
'cii; NitI~TY ANn ,OCRoIACY.
It appears from the cotetts of a cr
cuar ditsr-ituteul y the "committee oil
s-isscarrait cfor students';n Clumtbia.
r -'-cits, ht Michigan is not tic only
Schotcs, eeenti of snallimaii-butn
biFainc and high ainhilses are is the
soi Owiig to the location of
cu-isstaiin the indtstrial :st :i )1,
there ie numbiterecss enings for the,
energetic student who brings onto its
mtakt a specialty of aiy' kitd. Durirng
the year 1906-7, sonic 79 stuiets ala'
plied icc te comittetie for woe'.Ti.
total cotioinearieid oils iniependently
anstsscwithte aidl of the comutiitce. ws'c
'Ilese statistics are iniresing o it,
ticeaulse they stoss, ill the frst place,
othsse are ot, as swe have often inag
ith e ony democratic isititutiin in
thte conitry. It also ilstrates, itt, a
mtost forcefully instructive fashion, .a
tettdency sshtict has always beets strongly
arkedin iiosic history since the early
regiime of the miei of family adi edca
tiont i ct sshicht according to the de
ciantrs a'intst wselt and monopoly,
has of iate years been competely suh-
ciii ii ITlai is the tendency of the
pebiani respectisely but decisively to
quit his mean stiton in life and, whether
tfor greater happiness or only greater
seworieui sietisr for confort and poser,
'c iuionts fs harder work, to set out for
a btcisi positinitt the social scale.
T eatest sand trei means of egresi
fromthle ot cofinemiten is coining more
, ad orescc ibeciie , to be the uier-

ity. Thtat is stfichienty proved oth~e
ottne lisitic by the greatinumttbters who
every' year coinsicfron the slts'andithue
workhoito tlt es scoos ; intc, o
thte oiler, by the audsant reports of
men in all the higher prsits who have
climbed from tie bottom, through col-
lege, to their present positions of in-
flucuce snd power. If this is true, ic
uniter itiet have good grounds for their
claims to be the "hope of democracy.'
They ao the instruments of ilitoracs'
in its best form; they' provise the opor
tity for every man In make as muco
of himseslf s he twill, or is capasle of.
It is doubtful if so tmstcl cats le said
of te'schootls in oher cotitries, d
spte their supeioity it sonic otir
'The roakiess osass Coachs Yost
"down ansdiout" adsissestrnifootial
tacked to thse-wall are non' lously jubi'
lantit estCoachs Mtrpisy'emplhasies iis
admtiirations for Micigsn. Just as if
the gods cnm'Mount Olytmpus wouldn't
le honored isi play' "ourtcteat."
Wonde of the Chitk cxswasins esi
the Syractuse itilies Iis iigails feic
guiidecroptes and steers by'saking Iis
A ommonsoustldi Ie delightftl. \W'hy
not iase it in te ness'.Menorial bild-
'fTat cones of aving a ew ean.
Thec'Mintesta Daily has te focllo-'
tog swhicht swil be of interest o Mici-i
'T'wo sholarships for American awomnt
at English univerities hae just een
annountedc. 'lhey Iac beetsissitsted
by' ue Society of Amueicait Wcctttctin
tonsdoi, ansi the holders ofttilsce scl-si
arships arc to Ie appoiteiundesthse s
autspices. of tie General Feerain f
Womnu's Clubis. 'T'he comititee of se'
leclion scoisists sftLaui Drake Gil,
least of somnsiof Batrnard college
Prof. Francs Sutre Poster, of the Uni-i
versity of'linnsoa; Ages Irwin deati
of women of Radleiffe college; Maion
Tabott, of te University' of Chicago;
.ICarey 'Thomas f Bryn Masr cl
Qie graduate scholarship sof £oo per
anini., teinable for twon years. to e held
in the Universities of Oxford,.Canmbrige
ccc Londoniwialitbe givei" (trefeece
iing given to a catdidate fros thie Dis
trict of C'oluimbia) to the caicdate who
shtall le adtidgesd mos wsc'cty'of such
academic honor.
Also one scholarship of 300 per an-
mism, tenable for three years. to e held
at an English university aptroved by' ue
committee of selecioit of the Geieral
'Federatioti of Woimen's Clsbs iwill e
>granted to ati Amtericans catdidate alo
has reached at least the edl of te sopit'
omore year's work at sotme recgizes
college wshichi grantts degree.
The cadidates for these scolarsips
insst take the regular exmitinaios givets
ini January, taoS, by' the Rhodes Scholar-
ship: Trust, in Lat, Greek smddnate
* mattes. These examnatios arc qalify

isgiist, d int cmetitiescexaminiations.
Thie schtolrsilstit be selected fromithCli A n
ictanit es oehe sticestitlly passed n
this examtiniationi.
Tsese scholarships correspond to the E x q i ilte
Cecil Rhodes scholarship for men and
sill afford atiutparaleled opportutity Gift
Inc highser education to the successful
c'andsidaes andi a great hoor-swill also If you are in doubt
flal upois ihe first American wonan aoa htt ieyu
elected to thils scholarship.
Alt uho sdesire to enter this compels friend for Christmas buy
loss itsst apiply to the chairman of the' a copy of our Michigan
coitisittee cit s'tction hefoe Jan. i Calendar. It contains
ionS origitnals drawings and
sepia printing. Its the
best ever published in
M1usik anO' ratna Aln Arbor.
Price only 25c
u: tFt55 cOilENS o rtiNiC. The Souvenir of Ants
'fTselajestics theater opens tcnight Arbor and the Uuiversily'
iti a tesfoticsesisof Belasco's "The
G~siro cthec Goclden West." 'This occa- recently published by is
Sio cisi'osi. swhichs as eess anticipated isow osnsale.
sit interstifocsstouc f this fall 'andlPrice 50c
cinter.T h thleater, justslcomptletedi, a
sier ac ttrcticcsstIcc ccosssiscid ito the
pubshluit. Is tih s pe stage sipacity 'atnd A H R 'S
equist ndthss sslue apearncea ntl 's-
ssgsissc'tot i hic assitccissis is attsr's-Bookstores
tv.- Statst"inet MinctoSteiet
Th Itlsay offeresdisisight is itesltkiacisn
sait isl likesd. It is perhapis Beascos
'r: st piec It has beett chosen by Psc-
ul}, s th etfra mrcnoea:nte composer of "Macame Bustter- G AR H L
Parscecsf utthe _prfocmance sswifind a [ B R
'ciccilyt is uaesgoosd playhouse.
"ifiNh:i.TLMUSSItEiKAlEN"La an
PIiiESEpNTiTh l 1AST NIGHT L w a d M edical
"isec tMoss iicatem," the juntior Books
ly' gisvenssy heCl'Deittscr iereirs at
tlslicicis' gy'ssisiscmnlast ight, proed Treves Anatomy, New
cc great success. Thie cast was nurde p Edition,(tst received.)
of hcnii nhcrusnttsitdici sisfall, "T Stimsoin's ractures aned
lice dciJamses, \Miss Wilmaita 'rci, (art Dilocatiots, New dit-
sGsssa ssuan S. J. I icble. ion. Morris Anotomy,
ThecstorcyocithIis cone-acu play is of 3rd Ed. half leather,
siAut Gectcuseewalo ieesliouse focr $2.50, h a 1 f miorocco
twod laehelioc iepliews. JacobhiasuitWi- $30
heslms. 'lTe'assit hecccuiug tiredh cf
ke-etinsg Ihouse' for these mci, proioses
ele lanttses luymtary ter usice These are new books and only
t~osiseceu. , TIhe brotescanntot sdecide a few left.
whiehs usnle shllsho the cuting, ciii
ctalize that c-usc of them musut take te
fatal stet; soo-rsr citIser, since their Cali or exchatge yor Law,
faiherhsatso icllted it before sying. Medical and Dental Books.
Wilhlcltifinally' offers to shots his
broterhows'le' shoulcd court Lcuiisi-eus __________________________
Hie tsaches so withtsthere istig
leit' fcc Jaciob to Iearu, saitle fially C. E. BARTHELL
wivs n. P 5 t,_ ale fecesha fits- Is-possibiities
it his muarryuig le fair neice rcccnil. Tel 761. 326 S. State St.
Afterc the pay- there stas usiue rg cs' ___________n______________
singitng of Germtan songs. Refsh-
hilt; aso swsere sersesd.
Largest collection of orditary
I TAKE 10I OMEA BO00K OF VIEWX'S and the only colectcnt of fine
--Lyndcon's esw bosk is the est eser.
Special sle of safety razors at.\set M ichigan Pins
h lg & Schisnidt's, 2o5 S. Mait. 70-7i ! FOBS AND SPOONS
'raesh r ticceisaiMic lehigeassliseatinsfoir Qualiy Best - Prces Rgtt
'I Eistliiess rot H ennsimg & Koch's Michigan atd rat Sies
Jecec yStore, it;E.hLisert. eoidt W 'M. ARNOLD, Je'wler
- Pyrography goods at Foster's. i ti e -M'susmS

... "

0 A L B E 'I'IIEAE11
T~EUaj50~ DE78DJIP~~J


Every day one hears
people say "If I were its
college again, I would do
more its the lite of cul-
ture. I would learn sonme,
thing shout music sonas ho
appreciate good im us i c
when I hear it.'
Students of today cer-
tainly have splendid facil-
ities for such study.
Courses in all branches
of music are given by the
best prepared instructors,
at very reasonable rates
at the
University School of music
Ma1ynard Street


k1b1e Stubents' Lecture Rsocation
Season of 1907-8
Johnu Tenmple Graves
Dr. Bransder Matthews
Leland T. Powvers
Opie Read
Oratorical Contest
Open Number
The open number will probably be filled by
Hion. Win.Ii. Taft
DUCED TO - - $2.00
Treasurer's Hlours 5 to 6 P. M. Mondays and Thursdays

121IW.shl~n F . The Randall Studio, Randall & Pack, props.

Phone 598

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