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December 18, 1907 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1907-12-18

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THEJVMICHIGAN DAILY. get togethterhtsa-chii( ie nepiece 'it
. m.naterial work, andi it woill naturally get
j' tlotn to achieve snotre--to) express it self
Go H" il U lltll Ma aging ditur-PAcIL SCOTTMOWRER. int every svav. to seek satisfaction i
Business Manage-C. E. WINSTEAD. procedutres of thte cost tovel]. perltaps
mtost revoltionary, sort.
The Largest Stock ..TRS FRic i tecause the desire for a comont eat-1
in the City Nesvs. . . .A. F.' Ritehie : ing place does lie in thte course of a
of Athtletics.... ..David F. Stevenson
Exchtange.... I. John ,Wamhold general, poswerful movement in thte Uni-
\luian Drama...Roy D. Welch versily, wce helieve it is boutnd in good
EcuieSyein otsienFditr..itera or itie to hflftlled. Noscis tte time
omens ditor .. Lotise ta o onhi delethier sone lt aceris itn
A EDITORIAL STAFF- all wtays preferabtle to thte separate,
5.1 li1J. W. McCandless Elmer C. Adams scattered hoardlittg ltouses, attt swhether"
0,LJohnttV. tive ice wantit itstrotnahy etottghtto contri-
W O WL-E N NIGHT EDITORS hitte lie necessary effort. When these
H-iram S. Cody George H. Hobart thitngs. are known en shitay go to Work
F or Gretllee'sWear Chauncey Boucher B..R. Williams at.-once..
REPORTERS Ipt)-ote of thoese cttriouts paradoxes si
Everything required for Suits, L. C. Reid Lee A White life, the ttttdergraiditte catintoiv pttr-
Dvercoats, Faney Vestings, and Atl. ItMclight J. If. l'rescott elhase three shares i)f a eertaitt Ness
Trouserings, and of high class A. I. Hainline Robert Motmtsier York Exchange stork for lie same price
fabrics and special styles. Lowell J. Carr Donald L. Kinney whlichi a ChiristttaspeseaitiorfteItis girl
WValter K. Towers ots'af ct sfeitOtStater street.j
Full Dress Suits al testis T.-'ttiskerti Rohert Moreland --l-
SpecaltyPatI Frer Sttitel -I. orrs 'Die aftermath iii'lie foostbatll seaseite
Specilty Pul eer Sme I.Mri tt gel Fred E. Goolitng te pickinig of an All-Anmericanti eatt
- isfthe cause of muthsierfecer conficit,
BUSINESS STAFF titan lie gridliront revwttnessed.
G.H Wild Compally John F. Wnrz Carl H. Adam
U.Harold P. Goutld The leans art- a] a loiss to explaintshle
311 South State Street Address: MICHIGAN DAILY, Press Bldg., sadden epitlemiti of sickitess wh-lichi ias-
Maynard Street. Irohen out amngn the relatives of the

Is lay far the finest of'
thse kind ever putlished
for the price. It contains
ntearly 5o sepia engrav-
ings of campus views, fra-
ternity houses, and Ann
Arbor views, antd makes
an ideal Christmas gift
for a friend. Strongly
boxed, ready for mailing
50 cents
Sheehan & Co.
Student Bookstores
ZP 4 A. G. _
Lf aS PAL D I nG C L
MAK6 & BROS. q A.6
The Largest Manufacturers in the World
of Official Athletic Supplies
Base Ball, Foot Ball, GJolf, Lawn
Tennis, Basket Ball, Hockey
Official Implements for Track aod Field Sports
Uniforms for all Sports. Spalding's Handsomely
Illostrated Catalogue ot all sports conains so-
ameroossugestions. Seed toe it.-It's free.
New Yark, Chicao, St. Louas, Sonsraioete,
Minneapolis,Denere,Buffalo, Syracsese.Pitts-
biseg, Philadlphia, Bosstn, Ciseinnsati, Balti-
more, Washiogto, Kansas City, Clevelanid,
New Orleans, Detroit Motreal. Cansada.

Manager's Hours : I-2 p. in.,' 7-8 p. M;.
daily, except. Sunday. Both :phones
Thr Alumnus, eve diligent,. iu, the
amuitsemtenit atnd intrurtiosn sif its read-
ers, has adsded atnother dilflicult part to
its re-pertoire swhen, it untdertakes tio pie-
ttrer in a favorahle light the piosibilities
of a campilus comtmontis. Yet it is cerr-
tautnsltittately to tear the plaudsits of
viecry, fse thle circumststantces are all
auspicious stnd the fitnal outcome easy
toced iiict. The stutient mind is pe
tact-ilfor list lie sort of tiings the
AIitlunts suggests, andilbeyontd all dout
a sorttimesr will see it Isegiti to dematnd
tiemti. Ve cesice thtithe commnsity
binto thiintk about the matter of ,a
'utnirsity loiariitg Itiotse, atoll fi th iat
reaitntmake referenee ltit its-ere.
QSuite otn the side of hbsiitess econtont'
tutu thte gratification ofi the apopetite, a
restautranti under co-operative manage-
met.t littiteid lie cotstitution to a sitall
lircenit for priofits, attd required to re-
turnth le bulls of its inconse into -the
pulici accommitodations of the house.
swoauld at titte-dlast lightly on the stir,
denit-.stiperse antd give him food of -high
ijualit. Oit the otlier hand, it nay= be
tirgited that such a place,, servinig ta-n
or thireethousantd ssdeits,. wouldl'lie
far tmoire that, a gigantic hoardinig house.
Thie fart ta such a thitg-which would
litter sttmediridlilottiIwo years ago.-~-
lin e-seioaus l-acatedl today- shctws
idioat its ether character swouldi he, -asid
ii here tile choir scitetne lies in, the
coareof utregetterail desvelopmstent.- A
cottlitlil hoairdint outase is the .logical
consi-euieceiof tihe crmotntiseetisig
plice already p rtividled. The desire to

-Just thtes- tays itocre !
Michliug-ats excperieitnt wsithi the lisy
loopaitio rdl ohabeeintetly sat--
cessfl. hi stop isatne patients hits-cbkent
cutred.Peresorts isho havcc outeto Itht
hocspttal appairently hoplessly intsante
hasve left wsitstiutndmintds, or ct.less
-st is flitconsenusofioepiniutn cof sio-
leading mieicol authlorities.
liiie111a1 itcorpotratedlhtree.tttighinit
niogu,",itsaiuts -Gemoantuttives-eits.
itd untttil two yestarc agturemuiaineun triedI
itt Amuerica.Miichoigatn westhle first slate
lt proisteifor thte treatmtite of lie in-
tsan l i etiftic eautres, atttd to gis-e
lt- muetdical studlenutipractical instruiotn
itt the- care ittdlcuttecof tli enrtlally
tderatigied. 'I-(ctworh oif the institutliiin;
thouttghofiibtonte pyuarstitiration, bhas
attractedth Ie attetntionrof lthe coutrytic's
leadig utetdicillutu a-stell astheit
't-gisative todties itIftmatuy -tales. IOf
greatsignificoace i tee-etiactiontt of
the New- erkanttIlilhinoeis stale legis-
latures inttetalt opr~tiaptioofii larif
attoutosf 1tttmoneyfoia miilar hosp-1itls.
Tflu ncitttiti itof teetoedittarp cstt-
aylum is thtat of a plhe of cotnfinetttet
rallier than ott infirnoary-. Witht the so-
called itopelessly insanue espiecially. hias
the swort:of thetisychtopathicehositalj
heeni suicesttl. Reasotihits coqueredl
suplerstitioni andth hnentole a- s wellcus
the- physiciantirecogntize itsanity itsca
disease genoeralpytirablhe.
A -large inubereof patiienis aretre-teed
itt Atui:arbor. The psychuopatthic luospi-
thl co-operates it tisscetk swiththIlecvurti-
otts state asyltus.titers-beittg a ott
titutouts exchanige of patitts. Howsever,
ttanyup-aptietts are sent tdirectly to thoe;
hospital. ittdeeditmatty count-voliuntarilyp.
Thte le J~r. Williaumo lerdtaatt, pro-

fhe .iotrt it cahturisofthseucatplc01
ttu itf elecricity intheutitretmtito f
huit, da iese andistcmethotds arc-
-ill uilied. iThe alprtuis cuitchltuota-
toiein u sei-cniithepitcihoathic Iospi-
tl itre amougt he fiest itt the cutnr.
I IsguteeIplass au prominnt part in the
teamntitoffered lapthe insttutiuoThe
itses of ble paienctts are reutueul as to
e xeseette d In d rst::M eyonms
are010 di I istit ecelleutfacilitis foe-
itch 1btts ausseitdihitt moert bipro-
blct i ii hi sschopapthic 1hspital is
te itIin tllseontrytip as are, talso.itht
clitca fiulites
gl~uic anb trainr
fle Scend.ielurefermanctoti f te 'Mci
sih attu ight ith ie bight School
-udtiuimiite is t ituruedtui s l te satet
pertformantcte. -
ltitics c-ip eurchesra uthici cp-
itat-cur-l iiles iefrantches. gretlp
turirisd liii tiltinebre le*elet c-
of iits ri. its precision ofaittck itt
th ibi iltlpiertionsr.such tic the fugue
it tie etr iesatuutul itS Ptathe Na-
lie- "\iisssiah mtkitita iff siicutcta-lt
tioe aun ametur -u orcesra, ut te
liltheus- and a ci-cvlisphs-tichitile i
ci ~ules iueti-atts e li lsttplaesum curbs.
S-mueluusI . b~chsisiiii.who-hus le- organ-
izd uuaid diretedlbt thercsra, buas o-
- stplishut ia worscfer wue shiehi Its hus
riecei-il hel iiiiis .uoiauigccuiilciiuus
li ii PS NfYtU hits ,snotetti tes
Ioosofsit N -o uitgel -omethbing uort
Pyrngraphyp goods at Fosters. t
Nhisluigan sChuimt. handsudusi tlo-toiicatu
Tics hiusllS. 32 S Stie .5ii. li-ed
hinoudeli-toIiiuelicesitsthu R f.L..
ol &-C. aluduleuu diecet vfur 107-8,
tll -stctiu itt r55111/tiittinswhishuvetse10
tilescip dciuctsi, tier reiusedi busseds
list-isi iuteee-. stddress. ct., t C. T.
troitu, edu
Sitcs 858 oe have nade IWatch sRe-
paiintg cite Oi our strongest features.
Hialics Jeiwelry Sore.ou16 S.: Main
streec. od
NI iciigeiti (.ls-uiiie sis-oc ts sn, _tuf
PMcc P.in li-. 332 S. Stats Si retc
\l11~t1(aN S VtN l~sit 110K--
- Cottliig lt- so-essantutic of tt~ l
ti-lleowteand htBtiusIndilusrate-diblKp42
ie", ofii te cmus.hu-Secil hlidittyp
itc Ph-,atAls siebh-s. 32 S. Satue
S. ip u-milb.ipospai.)I -ldii
Celehratedh Mrtiut Matdoins tand
Guitars re best foenousictul cluts.
Schaebere & Sopu, 110 S. Main St. oil
Freto Isacll--t ichluiiganttpennat. at
te (is-op S ie(S-fl68ii

Ifyoun.are in doubt
about what to gmve your
friend for Chistmas buy
a- copy of Our Mcigani
Calendar. It cotains
origimals drawings and
sepia printintg. Its the
best ever ptubished itt,
-Attn Arbor.
Price only 25c
fTe Sotveiir of Annm
Arbor and the n iversityp
recently ptuhlised by tis
1isinow on sale.
Price 50c
state Eleut HMasrett
On Your Christmas List
Come in and see the mot
complete line in the State of
Prices absolutely guar-
anteed and as ow as
can be ad anywhere
wporting 30009
Largest collection of ordinary
and the only colectin of fine
Michigan Pins
Quality Best - Prices Right
Michigan aiid Fat.Stimes.
WM. ARNOLD,Jewleff
"200 0,toals S.


0HIE [NosyEtJJ1
/A1i HJ 9 UD/AMfE
THrojE U1J0 OF No00p).W SDliPE

Every day one hears
people say "If I were iin
college again, I would do
more in the line of cul.-
ture. I would learn some -
thing about msusic soasS to
appreciate good m itis i c
when I hear it."
Students of today cer.
tainly have splendid facil-
ities for such study.
Courses in all branches
of music are given by the
best prepared instructors,
at very reasonable rates
at the
University School of Music
Mayoardl Sreet

Che !Btuaeuts' ~lecturce Association
I Season of 1907-8

Johnm Temple Graves
Dre. Bransder Matthsews
Leland T. Powers
Opie Read
Oratorical Constest
Openi Numiber
The-open number will probably be filled by
Hion. Wmi. H.Taft

UCE D TO - $2.00
Treasurer's Hlours 5 to 6 P. M. Mondays and Thursdays

} .., .

_ r.. f

121 Wash~ngton E. The Ran dall Studio, Randall & Pack, Props.

Phone 598

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