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December 15, 1907 - Image 7

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Michigan Daily, 1907-12-15

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\What are we reading? A friind -of
mine once Wrote an essay on this sb-
ject, in which le traced otr inubitale
fondne.ss for Hardy, Ibseni and Co. to a
few deep-lying tendecis in Our tnder-,
graduate life. I am sorry tatI ca-
tilt reproduce tis aialyss, here it
touecied so ceteery on or tessimisi,
our iconoctasmi, our tire-occpatot switt
uinpleasait socialttrolems;tbtittes-ry-
one wilt recogizie the exist eice of tte
thing hi-hatwini mind. It is tided,
quile obvious aid lihas et muc neted.
It is oie of le fit tit5 s Ihihi sti
critis seie poitwhlenitertre ii a
partiularly irtioo o odtui. Te cii
it, severely, ittr te f idisrspeteifr
all tings,"iad they dwiell onthelii iisa-
trous influenes it mutieitaibtleihavie
uipon the defeieless isouth uhotomrsie
yearly ititor hfol. Itm tot cuts-
coetiinottw with that; I aminteresedl
rather itt oseriig the typs if sttdets
it as ev-lverei- -h iwomanti, fr eam-t
tie, cwith ti tiorbidstte for"Tis f
thedUrbterv ies. ir the tmait ihoiilikes
t qutete leepigrmits in ibt tittd
wvheter after tll these folk tie aispi-
ctit as they sen.
Ask tecliu tstitinis of lhat ricetile
toletion of bokthetslRedCiiStir es,
whtau athoritemosttu i refict siitb
thins. andtersill tllt ounutetite
II ardv ior tlbseitntineven liiireout-
attic L. 13. S., bit--RCebert Li-tstevceit-
so. itre is sa fact t-suggesti i lti
oit ti aequttay f itsfriedt iag
pessimists tor scilitis, ftr ll;ta,
hatppiyorinottheiiriethtllert -it
ces at wotrk aitlttig iitstint ii ie tihi
finditheirt literary}-ii triheltinthei
greati qestionieritutu deier f odr
Eutrope anditsit see tre foredto l iri
coctltusinsirspIec t-i ieal, "ril(
stdent biody,'or tt st f tatuplie
readinitg. Oblseive fir atmimet om
favorite tautto. 1 laveinit cr
tii youtito miyierhaetsittis s toit
ityiffy le isletletttsat iitttet iti:
tHc sas ati it nr f citer-i-estdottles-
say-s, the possesor fia stye f Steen-
siniatifiishit adute.l eritsnittinttgitt-I
a cainoe. Ilet-ri-ilteittgtintstsuitcthltst
pid ttosito flimttuIas dtning end
crds ;anidiif lhe liid it-i-tt-calitsi upttn
t staireisity le-itas ittre, tes ocn
chiefy for the stie rf I eritg Lie
Ft is trie tat the- botks atpite-stnt iabit-
uatlyreaidstre ai pretty faiithful itde
t iisideals;tutu surely ciecintitner
stattit better the seretroc mn iki tis
if one calls i totatdlwht sii symboilizedri
ini the ame St-ivenisot. Ni tthtttr
ideed, ialt chaitmtits ilt ludoes ht it
u-ier st-cdid";t tutuif Steetsotandtheii
writers wtto satr his srtnttie wi rt
of the New tRomtance, tas I likit ll
uiti s Ibeettt-se ind utui t tit t
estressiot, irite rlesiatqtett, is
our owniifeelings andtidets.'they huh
s It weec lii-tmirrortapil t utoeet-
minds;ie aitsee iitetmtmlire cleal
thiatneseee iwhat te oe trtlesstittit
hi. Ausnd i i- tselitve ts, elitll
the 'figure of the- iirr ee rir in toiti
whlat the News-Romtaniet-relyisi-t
iecitliar qulity wichteltaffor;is isc
sttch pleasure itt the hook iii Steien
seat and his fiellows.
Like titlst literary- tqtalities it is ott(
wshich pertaiits party to the selteit
of material, partly- tlitheimstitte
spirit of the treatutet.
Thai spirit is ititoiler etritte frti
the aiaytica, scietiifie sirit thitie

Realisnalhas fasteiteid, as a kinti of isuper
stitlonttpoti the tmoderin tiesel.It i
essentially- the spirit of potiery-, rhiythtmic
itnaginative, isuggestive. Alt ifils
writero indeed are cottspicutottsly gifie4
ivithi the thitngice call style- hirnten
is persotialtoi idiegree; thltoottk utit
their tirt tnt as a mietdiumtiof expressiti
only but in stotie sort as atnutndii
itself, a paritof the itig to lie ix
ptressed. Speaking weitha -sronigly in
dividual accent, they break tlse coliss c
Lions it style as jauntily at they doit
life, atnd they go through their preril


Ain Aplea to Labor.
littili I ut hitte the httitgry fest-ret
That Cheops wieildedt from iii pra-
Andtlld the hate ishict front his liv-
Flashstedi tp in fre to citier to cmii-
Could I ht Ittve cthe sinw aidthte
Ott ithihthtt urtte itsatiate lash
tess fei,
-endtl tllthe hotpettos tlotediitartiies
Thtut onictigti sauntit-leutVgyps
mtighti itret-gout;-
coiltIti lt haveite i ll st iithes, -
Mli' fellottsivittldiiI fa thet tultires
XIIiii gut moit tist fe -Mtoodthatte'err
iii tlhtill their guntittatts sierr
thosesiof tintl
Conte! DI rivete dtiamnuuedu stts fitotm
Andtta t- - - -eiact-t i bon uog
,cs titilt hi- itgaietgi slf-cnstcios-
Alisorthelitiai iiit i istat wihit
- -stistitilleey g as itlighted lo
of Atl i-itt tisiihidtietf esspe.
Itts tt ittis toest yetth-etviiontoef
alflien ithluht ithe tftitltInnitt-
imuesofcturtie,-i-on-iter, sioence,
i01 Ct irut aniti le gorie. Itcitas
ihsr f tscapetat ut tXgistiiuait is
th la ut- ivliit aitu ututy iietenth
cintuturisi sugt illithur tales of 'Ms.
Rlfui-iffe- -tut I lip-limi of (Coleridge
tul hatiive Seekicnutu-ii the- sories tf
-dienvo andttittuuMr. Jose pit Cnra, i
t " t-PteterPa,"nte verlisitli-of Mr. Nill-
i:n 1 Cle th Buti t- ets IRsottance
ilfe, in itlileat-uwo trestecsfitotmtthur
5ihet-tlointg, u it-utuieu rtmatce iii
iihe CtRomanticiiIfReis-al.Itttitsihat
sitit cullrata realuiti edonsiiee;ha
i, it -ds-sssu s l sut t lt- is-ur it iiiits
lirca . ibe til otwlii sittimubilanee-at
t sI, flite titlisthuewosrl f aii reai-
t-i:;andit lookI -susfirst- ae"hi nt i
s som ivot nnhuhha is nt uteu, iinia se-e--
tionusfronts tnsh i trsansformtationu of thur
useorildihat . Thur supeurtuural fist-its
- t i stkieI-ra,smuatll cattmsfist-it; it
its u--lit - fr iusat in itatlife- ofadve-ntutute
tha is ttunrughly miudtuie, ii tipha-
d ray tat orll is extravc-agatce i
is 5 ulshruughs tudt hrught iitite stuff
n o 1fsssuie-y rai-ty. Itsi s-neilit is itn
ht"sae rotutulifthe-ysagay- andthres-
litut, ibesstngitusit -lift- itt teor
s ae buisg sie siuhoe cmnptlexe of mora
Iunt oil tprssblemst, cnenttios, dtites
Wih eit-gi uoti thurmoerntta, itt
li fe othersure, tactiontu-of whauteer or,
s ittitiavetaisuchtsof frehnies, of hi-
siin t ltiit fit- Torusrt aivetures,
n i tsi danutger, ttthisbsbudtath risky
vthinigs t gnu i-u-ry-tihere tzinc] itoiall
d uumasutre ftttes,h totkltich taetfrolic
itg wecliii te thuttiteit ttuthth unusine,
o toi ga-tt iof lift- all tatui has o ofe
inthue e %ts itfuxcitemsent, arety, the
ittsatifactiosnitofi curiusity- sntitthe roing
o it-itt, tabouci- tllnotstohi worry- sucs
-_ abuits mentuig,---tis is to tokupon
e~itetlcn tuilhutsplreof the- Nessw o
11 Memo srs, fchatrge thte, ake
lu Nt-f Arabeluia's grcens;

SoIni shut - tiutus suitdplaces,
e. tutilnthe kindltier yuars forsake
it Xli,-,umy lotsuustmy ntlkntuw.
ft os, ( 1leuniry. suit a silei,
ii No gestuire nor a uwitt-,
tuturomerfitne-ry- int a bosw.
rutwhetsoime herselfteis-er,
;sus-bitoudiud sitilly use ote.
in ' ho entitutes she diet refuse me,
tyCrel hbeautys, I shalt has-e ter! I

__ _
I f

By Donal Haines
the (that is, thtr ustly-our I kntowvauy-
thing about) is a short, rotund ite
chap nho makes igh of the burden on
his ack ie seems In have been buiht
for the position; he has a perfect ltter-
carriers physique te has, to, exactly
thur rig-ht teuperatui for the task If
he ut-asntn uocw thin first nate oh
erery- persontonuthiis route, he ue teis
ulr sthmNita simie last ustesesmstack
o-i teo great formuality- to suit Iis tate
Nohusdy kuosws hsis sut name--i st
neessary.Visit calhimtuCharleyu--shicht
Whteni hidis t bock tff,visithear him
uhfscussing thur us-tutlerwis-ilksomse are-
hueadedutchap sandrin tutnutilthurfrott
uochl waitinig lutehit tiail Charey-
allusws tat its afue surof isoru-
tg tis toneurcarries ottyitioi with
i; hre seemussreaully tbeliee tat i is,
anth to ittaleithIe sttemeuntiuthi a uea
of-a intetrest, andteltsumuerey assmetitg
ts pasiaassy tetitteuYou tuk troud
andsu discusermthat te merciry-is Ching-
ing howi-iniuthin glass utist, the custasre
seududitgucrtss istel-gray bacgrounud,
jes youuasre quite eilitgtsuccelut Csar-
hey d nudctu u y 1sit114utstntstntof
gususult abousthsesui ealthsrier
Otretmttybhe, i thes tt.ohthat atmouus-
slire t i tsobiusly- idetomteatd
Chlueny-,'kenteurprpeatioin, he iniuirs
tfter your healh. Nows there arccways
tutu iways of doitg this Whereer thur
ctsn s utom tayhats-e orgiated 1 in sure
hiati haley is liiisuoly tututlscho hus
cauugt the trie spirii of itIrtdes
nt merelyhusty "}lIttsa-yu?" i;he
cotk: heit hitditt l y ocionesuitte, tut,
wis is lit iftlegrit tutstacher risling
tutu hus peasatte ys humourousy sei-
nusle'ass XX"ctltianuthuewusdii yuu
fl-rh Ilet-seemulus haiutgtutuyourrply'
w-thu au -re-t dtl o f antuity l thus
you autin starutgituft his ivcaiabluy- cheer-
flfiatieIu it-kipoussibleid t aswser in
bsthute w an tuheinutyouutIac-c on-
fesses h latusr ielttis alt that ats
le expectedi, (Charey staightns ic
headt withtass air f relief, vicfes ift
tcongrauselatiuons,suadmistshifs suitneuhoust
conitioniuu(wshiht ueernetueus dmissini,
bsy thec n-sy) tutu tiutsite mail ag frsmi
his shotsulers
Xiii it aoudiitseittthat lhandigciii
htters es-ry thtay,- citlusutiknoitnitgihu
seuti them o sr whatud uas iiiuth ,iould
gettprelty ituntoniusuinsutime.hurNot to
Chutney Wilie Ytuuusttndlexpectant
thus-chitt, le ttu svrr fle pcage
nf ieteres slowybeitg etremuely- care-
fislt tin soserlouok anuy If youu are
uniky, he pulls out your enelohe ad
handtus i to yoimplu~iy baiurniug with
pleasurr-; if yout are mtuire tan icy,
le warunsni esthat yontautuuy exect in
he iegete ithieurfuture 1ud he ac-
compuanuuies sll this ewiuthun irf pr-
Isunit n iteres-t swhiht cnvincsees stou o
the timethaItut yosu has-c a prisaus te sset-
geriniu yoiuruemttpluy.
I liii he is atistutbhest wshuc the huti
' ))tuchalss nothlig for you.u Peraps
t ulutistbsentwteitg fur ntietueots
' addrtessedui it esusiciousy santig
handst useyocuu thuikthast ustue siti aesi
' of blu r tsitnkspitter ifit iiis are tian
dtu, tndtyosur lndidsy tits, you fee
Icrtinfilusatlymitedfusfiu pply otfpItietce
N Andsupp it doilviiitesit cutmue Ii the
face-f lithe serger tis tmtuantyou wuld-tu
rturut your uatek tutd sam thIe or as
you htnitsurr ct youir romu, butultisi
' scoutldthe inaffrotttoetCharey-
Iedittut comte ?youuineuireuumakig~
Its-aeffont to hde your udisapointimsent
And Charley ootkse it, alt interest ant
symtpaty, thenupltus sthrough his msi
agafi just to be decent, thtugh he knrew
ltso luocks ack tlbs hehudtinothing fo-
youu n hidenucthe is fially- cotuvitced
anth hatcensinced you, you uburai hfts

fun tis tkougthtessness, santutlhe took
solemn, shifts thebhamie onto the gov-
ernmuenti,hpromises to htave ft by tmor-
rr This is an old joke, this upbraidh
tug, tut youu havne done it so many- time.
thatt y-ouu tre alunost serious about it
Then hue goes mway grinnting, and you
<;-it your roomcitnintg, and his cheer
futl spirits have made such an inroad or
youur disappointmnent that you find you
dount care so much after alh, and its Ins
to ntie you whtistle cut youur wvay to chas!
To thur governmsent, Charley is onh;
trieter carrier, butt to his route, hi,

comntg is aut event, it thing fromn whichw
toi reckoin the other hours of thin uay, b
tutu anuntfaiitg source of good spiritsi
When they put a subsitute out our street
for any reason, letters become verye
prosy and matter of fat again, and we s
come eonnvinced that we might as ielh'
anite nits anyhow, and that we idont h
care much whether wr get auyletersc
or not e
( Continuue fromtapage t)- "
tr lads side, anti bent his deep, ser-h
ous eyes upon tit. Ceunhath swra-t
ethliii feet around hie suhport of thev
stoo, andu sat humped forwarti on hifs1I
elows, solidhy- saring iitite salt el- t
tins, sugar bowl, tand sicy bottle- of I
catsuupitai iereegaiheredtdiretly- he-
forehtur nis tsa n rayctarcel-y apeti-
flssy ildetir-you ?" askdthe ut -ung ,
"Where thusyouu lint"
hiuoslt? IWhat are you ditgter?t
XWhy art-it yoeuuuwo-rking ? The- young I
tuiantknit hilbrows svrely-
(Cettfacedu his iteurogatoruu. Beesuse
he' was tlling thin truthu senruse of 1
greater sef-rspec camuue uer imHe
hadtulexpectetoie. in"eshtaut off St-
utreday.Half theuclstshshuttidteiss."
X"Wher tush youawotennis
-- utrieauiCan Shops'
-Wh'tat dii yout do"
,Xctauir (Clent outldtscenthiat hut'
eas mtaking ia favoruble fusutression.
flue young nan wae sientha me ntuuuuu t
iben, takling thur aul sIf hitguaru, he'
sai sudueny, "Dciyou udrink?
"Nut" gasped Cem; but seeing the cth-
r's skeptsiisnm, correctd himisterf hy
adduitg'XWell, nodt tmuc."
'Ali, I unduestand," std the yssuug
ini, lowe-riung hiiseyidks "Xouwuere
paid off Saturday, ansi you tool-s youru
mneiysuhudibteir it alt in Nw you
are otut hesreetdoitg tftsunrtuf
thiing. .Isntthiat so?"
Withutut reuplying, Ceh ed t-ssi-c sl
hurad. On of the slosvetny-wit-resses
was moinpg at etamp rag ticer thu crms-
terccwilingassay- that'crumbtndluspt lottcl-
di f serf, preparaiorytsevntg slut
'Note look hce"' ontuinutudithur
yosunug muan, wit a greatearcnestess
rihicht Clemu at once resentted"Xouu
is watito tkeite brace Nu'ire good for
better tings than this Ihahus- to swok
for mty-icist. Yout ought htoroorkfor
Yous. Get busy and find ae job ot
ivont regret i. I ionder iwhayourn
folkssuould say' if they htee out is-rc
truetttg atother nan pay for your di-
in P"'fle young mats let tine enough
elaise for tuftswords o take effect, teut
t saldutor indlys "l'u gld]tlu tle his
do shutits, thuough. I thoec coiil11haire,
-enossughs trcat IGoodbhy iemembsern
r ishuat I saidiabout ie jhts te' rse
abtlrutly, and grutpig Clem's souldethr
expreussivey asutlfurpassed, tispeuard.
Cheta sighed it relief, nutwisthuit aset-
,isfieud expressionutof the tlipslitunthis
attentiont oukhtngs more essnta thats
rsermntus The wsituress hatt reiturd
a ihiut eglass ousaer and ia stiffly
sntcd uttinsu, fray-niheaoratey'ate
lthin egs'Thtentshule Cmiiwcasiou-
-derntg witstwas Inohfolows,-shin fetched-
ea trtay full of steamntg dises, ath ti-
gait to sidetemui off onto thin coutuer
s ini frontcof lhima as if ter positiont de-
tpueneduponuthlersped se utade When
se hatteuptie ter tray' Cehett sleu
ghimtsef for hilt retast Fit e poured
r coffee into the sucer In cool, then
ddumped the cdntents of several side
iditties onto hit plate, taustbeganHe
vale with a udignifid ack of hase,buti
rewit a quiet certainty that odetduitt

1, fonthue eat. Thin Irishi stesw,iwithi its
tidiry brownustnal and gravy, interspers-
;s it pletheifully wit pieces of potato, andu
-orange-coloredcu arintn; thehalf-sdoten
- uthfuths of bulet-like peas; the soggy-
l- mtashedu potahoes; fun stilh soggier niashs-
os ed turnips; een the fotur thick slices
tof dried-out, coarse-grained bread-pah-
a atable in Chinmucwhen spread ih th ie
pal bh uttier, nr swistued aboit ini the
a dish schickhthad contained the gravy-
Sall disappeared in due order, disappear-
-i rut cnopletely, so that one couhd tnt
is hiave toldehalth those respty, shininag
dishues had originatly hetd. Everything
y bt thur giant of water and, the coffer
is was now noisily cleared awaty by thin

,vaiirnss. Iiecesf apl-, isas set
uefo imtt, tgainst liesidr ofshichu
ucsied at little cubeu of cheese.
Surmuisiung Ilad this wsmtie fial
nurse of thec banquet, Cem ate mor
omly than ever Several nighut work-
rs, whauser toil swas in begins ad the
uoliday's dlus, wiree eaing rslls antI
roile erby, ut for them he hae neth
er eyes unor earsHe eltrliuttirly' sais-
fie mwia t utmsrl fie wsold usd pmo
idetreivt ini t o-ru him, uniut('Is i
ruts dtuly' grateful. As lhrsuckiedf=us'
asti drotsof offrr through tufs hip
e smudeuly- thosught of Iis youngstsis
em, far tanlftttittPonshtn.Hehit- lsi-
swtys rareth onturnmst.Helt'retinemu
brerd it wassChruistumaslt-ee, utso utund
woeed'w'hamtsuIthastilittle red-hecked'lnu,
sir-hairedlgirl was coonimg ouerinosuts.
W~ith tsfauctionuuhis' rletedthatlhutIis
gfts t hurthd lwa uissys hente i mte-
accrhtabise. T'tr liusit, tie ('tuft
doll,-these'Iuhad lbeent he- u' i rts-
art rdposessiosutthist-preventiltiti-
earinmgitstd sughtl Ieruunuthtitlst' st:t
mster. 'This yearsuuhuneihse-huhelitnosts-
ing. Him-felluutuus-gus-ht, uththe' itsea
ltmt he iwouuld lketohisee-- ilseize
flu' sHe wuldshgnu hunBhs-sosum IXWhy
smth?''lucre tits nthinlftg t hll i
hut-t; amdthIere' sre- siss -for te I ei'
fss hum traels, eu-sui iter.u-
l iehisfIis uusutuh wsthll his sev,
mush quittedt hi~ssatI.lut itosthur clds
andthe ike lthgTight dhun stuolit-s, uswits
thur ir ofcmealacrss221dsieref is'
XXabasshu asvcnue.ITheislouh waIsstgneu
frustmIhis gi.k e 'sth tuasto
titus n i sue tmuhe il l Isft h hi t s ad
adther frmutarIwith u stwshit-t I r
turner)thtie-muasiul'glauces-iof-ihIosuie- us te
het tasriludeotedclearlsithits f-sut
iisfacionu witchi posss sd im.suuu Freutong
he crowdesltosClithe sret hrughtu
ootst'sflomutouts tnsh'gashunisls-utisle hi
saced teuemits, trussnutwesnitulte
rtowcuf tveryouvous bhi shioputs u tiltts
thue i esii stts camutt"Bnks sPic"sAass t
ts' trtde avitsemIIutu f 1 h Laresfte
Glass f XXhismkeyu il I its usfuss lueu
Centis-asn I gg (sue nute tr uti Esey
Drinik'a is htmla itidatmutitslening
hle grertetushemfruithatiltineti
I" Hulo, pal. I 'got. 5 a q utr-u he itt
mnusmted wittu'aIe-,stsusiriisit heis-if
trifntuof i thdoortutunsuits i-is ts
tg saths o a agsier sin-
scap if ssot''.,tuturn tutustroutg, enti-
tg wavues uf thu mellt uf siis tatud
teen. "foon 'sui 5ott muss
"mopes," irettuneId(Chumswsthi n lite-i
iTe sats drouppedl his ittw-hissd archtei
thet huruss over his ticatntecis.- It t
thumtterii' 'tyu"(husped.si
-lift 'it)diner'"
l hu'hdid XX\csyginsits" Th
mimin leaned heailiy aginstfieIs it'nof
tcime' utoirostone
"Bohsston.' 'Tell y' tue! XX cut
Cemi nedahsithur oters icresuliuty
"Pullu mntes tnight. '
liii mhmal rlsmigrinneu, utsobut khalf-
hertindly. '-liicoessutuc its al: fyin
I ummulashiu' yos u tulivie 5 shuti
saidiCIemm unncrncudly.
eaitusintosmh thitute of peh st
Sue I'm gn' tBotonit' Cfirt
conu ed, dmue leigtedm tthsum etlirel-ri wss
proucnmg '"Didn't think I tes gnu'
o humus-n'roundmusher altmy lifeid
yo Yhut Ilu-wiuted a miniuteufor his l
wscirl t simk into thur other's thi
pete. Ihetuehe iplayedthif- iruumum iCarr].
hu'm ut-itu to gt a diiihtts.Fiteenut
week itsSundasy tff''
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