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December 12, 1907 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1907-12-12

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VMS ~Ve~t ~ _ I .. .l

IG. H. Wild Comipally Maerrgz ig Iifdatn -PAUL SOT 1WRR
IBusiness Manager-C. .WI 'STAI)

... -s,. , - .._.

Thi- Largest Stock
in the City
Exclusive Styles ill
For Gentlem~en's Wear
I,\ey 44 requi irted tor t sn
()v (1i anscy Vestings, and
Is t~isc inka nd of highclass-
iii lmi'41iseial style
Full Dress Suits a'
G. H. Wild Colipally
311 South State Street

\eN .............A. F. Ritcie
Athleics.......Daid F. Stcvcnson
Extchangec........1. John Vsaenhlil
Msic anidDcsam-...Roy D.NWelch
\VootcnSt rIiitoc. ...LouslcVan Voorhis
TW. McCandlens Elmer C. Adams
J01iii V. AVIstIc?
itram S. Cody George H. Hobart
Chattncey Boucher B. CG. R. Williatms
Rayoxnid Visschci
L. C. Reid Lee A White
M.B. IMct-tngls J.3 I. 'ccs Cott
A. L. Hainline Robert Mountsier
Lowell J. Car lDonald L. Kinney
\Valtcc Bi. 'toneis s L.ouis. Krafi
lxisT I. Kniserus Riobirt iAlorelawsl
Paul Grerccs. lunel U . Morris
Otu ttoit.lchl FredE. Goding
John P. Wore Carl Ht Adam
Iarould P. Gould
Address : MICHIGAN DAILY, Preos Bldg.
Maynard Street.
Manerieo's Hors: I-2r. m .. i7-8 t). m.


NN daily, except Sunday. Both phonesl>
Newest WM
P o p t la rlltlli-h).\Y, DIl;IG4ittER fi,.1iTiio '
N o v els iniili, riecenttiessage to Co'sui~s
PireisiidtRoseves~lt tousicic uipiin at
as li... cuiils ot frut leat oi sibjcct sw-hichtsahoulidirovoke c
no diis~cti'ion eenamt nong teicronii
tnti c t tnit s-stsbtehad Ibiinii party plsiains. Thescubdjecti list
see .)lii stock is be- c " ts untsiiifti ri oli
iisy a istaully addedl to lbeiig siriicdlyds.cussesd thiriiig loutniheic
'snulis te itost coutplete ihllccounttry.'Antl ievin in tisls cchiidl
oillovvun. Our lite of cii noosk, wshire. knowledlge alonic is. air.-
s itu as where all that pcrtaiso theliii
Gift looks is also except. sticlici wa-crlil,-- the unenlightenedl s-srldt
sottallh, fltic iotiattd XVe'll its nlimiem of tter hlls.,-tttc sSuject
seo(Iledtio show thsemstoa spist fit a testrial liir a thesis. heir
You . j itas to doliwith aso. anoilworks. ofiait,I
al( ith a p'oss ibileiimeans Iby wshilchsthis
liIntN mybcomec.with thle 1Estrotscsn
sainj int so ad beneficiaryiif thte
gra isers. l'rcsident Roosevealt
AT reone is t it'e tariff duyotnis
w~r~ fatie removeu.c"Si far fromt
S eha l & Co. ter ei oa ai dty I rcrso
tanwil c libfore. Congress: i the ii
liiirinofs"ilec Free Art Billl. upinIi
A.GSpeasker Cantnoni, asitu hel says andsi
A.G.strAO iras tcns~tttcc especially. siVints'w
S PAL DING de~~tco. rsi ssisa iictlriii i
K& BROS.1 reccisc(st-epresiiient's wishl.
.niu b~ ° Tthcre is certaisnly oily. one say for
The Largest Manufacturers in the World thec avsic tscutst if it isto reflrct a
of Official Athletic Supoplies ratioinal andi opetn-mtitnded as. wel.1 as. a
Base Ball, Foot Ball, Golf, Lawn
Tennis, Basket Ball, Hockey patriotic citizeishlipl. Tlte spirit ofa
Otticial tomplemients tor Teach and Fietd Spors last itsca et illumtsinated Ity eceptintg
Unifomstor alt Sports. Spatdine's Hadsomaety frssnt its rusletse thins to sw-hichi it idos.
Illstrsated Catalogeofo alt sportesueotains nu-
meros sugsstions. Send tor it.--Its free. ijury. 'This .is triiigly truein etthe
ows Nitact.5 o, t51. Lois, ai n rsesa, lircsetcas. To las-Ilclathte ao
is u ,-. Ii '55cr. lotialis. .yri'use, Pitts- RIfisillthItosameicssay' as stgar and
lir. i suilii, Isistsis. Cinsitnoti. it i-
tics. Ihal iss..tss, iiansas ('ity, t'leveland, cosffeeandI lcntap ptst aieasttre io our
Ni'uOrt sic etoissnt, aMisntreal. Canada.

tllgecetiwhichsuithow-ssiits ilills a-.
'I"an ' spoprttssttcdIt shiwsThat
tI.tcnnt t iiigui li biteenutwio o51515
ctii osssf taclwsiasslansilitanidithat1
earc tranigu.ltlridIbitfsll imsnion 55-
'Ilair importatiosho ldsbe Itenicor-
,edisn every iway." Tes American c-
risrilfrotm iro salasgldt
t fuot ashore.-ithese "i'glriss
itthave briii it th woleof lilo
ithlst him.rAmiscaatlt i uheiisI ittsill
re t pa ln .hli-itis Isis -s - -il it
ites as iin iit iitl.i I The tisgthat
lksit aptear sos is thecuslure assi
wifld, ecu sisnita ii sit itcihil
'feti soitil degree- -ll -l'ses of
tilts. Andti1 ievilytuhis isositiilit
Iilcisnisi th at -iracles 5 in i slt-
Ire, paining5 ints1acitetureist ichisili
Ii clssess of the5peopliaecccs.
titt-sicitiis painfl to adm sist lnirl
rississit isa i tss t(, i ll sito its Its bu ry'
uit i s histusIsso'51155 othi'rw5is
151 fstiliar tNtt orth i liiak o
ttiin its irent:;5worIshsout osirtvit e-tl
rite-. We k s-tis 't t -eUivrill Its
hittwtasrs] iiihe ssubctotre irs
i 'it urigenti i t ttanmlit po els s5ize~.
f itila a sutIto 11tis drsma-siaIsi
-cit forily11Llltienl-- thast itsinly a
art- Ill it s dusy 1sllilaritiui t clii
ir l idisal, 'if-e ho lls till fi-e a t-il
lllgrct. 'll 1thtilld1alithe aitatioi
ise ' Iitt tits isill not he15-lo1st cnergy.
'ra itt5Voiceci'inot555hell heardls far
-'otges pehaphs iit sltstils-
ireper ls. i a
flilt senior15casstts ptstsfs ifteni or
oetomi'tteshisnststill"w11 cll1thi
der ocaticsisstiuin rf rk
Af 1.1111(1 il tonisors.ImpsesriI"esist-
5a rug til llys situke s arsaccept
tilie eoe ah1ess lilii5555lsteisis tslsiii
flu sl metw its ,ou1appovalini
v',ry espec. Al Itsits -ia 's u i -
1.4. sis6 h.1 c. t- St I-ti
T Ill]Z(0. G, N LB IS 1IN '\.W
sigu.sFillPIcSuitv115 kissihs Iltistth
lav, 'i idnsdiisat adlThurssdaysa IItc. t,
. 12, with iii 55 5151511ti listos.amspstls
If tsappy coillegy sholls fsrthiss-leg
as. 'oissir petuction iited.sl 62-
I-and hammered jewelry at oster's.
Liltvance sssei-for l.-Iicsa Girl'
of thie-Gldenft-tVtect, 1 Isc. T, i
nou its it itt Otittcs.& Mists-ca
'tfice, 2issyBast I lsusosssSt. Prices:s
tuoa sts. $.0:orcessstas, iis.
quet.saitdifamily- circe, $.sobl
ly,$.50;s gller-s.y $1Wmansiich75.

If I/~S fOFFI-iR~fit IN
ff-islsls s fthit' draig soecit sits
urgeitos get usy T'heputtblicity -coi-
stitcsfors." uicligensl" is offering al
rizeai of 1t1llsdols for a poser to be
useisns advert~isinag tho comic opera.
The contsti is -opest to all members of
thec U'nives~sity.Thr condtilons of hilt
po rcusstest arc at fislosi
Prics. ''heicnilner(f te-cotist iill
receiu sa utis-i dollarc ill.
Juds. 'hs.-judig illn Ibhe.-six-ini
numberlu's, -sid isill his-asinsuncd ltetr.
'h'eesnscs-ssary qiualitistwtill cuints
-isllE stoicilthisaassr,t-cs of te'
judgesttpassistg statsthis meirits of act
firs. rtitic sffect. '~T- gneral
Sit- ic of the deigns ahs t rtisti
,- Itct asuiun iuti slut ii ill cunttose thlir.
Secut-it. Settinig. Thi setisg sr ue
deinsol efiomsthis soteri"Miichi-
whuisi'alichlafstrs someati ltasingst
umassesial.In isorderto sasidsholse wn-Io
havunosherud hi- pladst crite. ot-
of th ullsrecussNlfr. Kn.t s w. sill ex-
lin ltheslugs.'g-adichotus; tstctts. ins
Rousus (( , ~it sit Ial, ts iotuclock
ii t r,u-s. Nous set'tinsgssoths.r-thalnt
hwdec idlby intuat ltsattistussill
Iird. Adaptsilityuu t sstercrIist-
isg Thi s iiigntshoaul i be iin iundia or
uiaylack snl ouilats.papesr or cactI
I) is. ihulsausglosyfiishl. fTeasword
"I isligi usi a''ssy' uscmay sot formta
usr55of thus drawing ush all othr wsordst
wil be u ins typlus' a ihisied to prist
intwo itolrsuia cotilorscthemesusithit'co-
is- thecou-tttthidseshtti suitdI us
o rthiis-l s Ihes-rusiss'. 'Thi ayOi
I,, tsathlr thasn thuslat-Isntush iits'
drahi'.uui . s. it is to hut' usd-l oy asa
ntrl.Fi,.lne iI lt recprduic
'll dl;,'suiuugs shousildllev'signeduhsuitthus
hackkitha tititiusunm tlnd asaldl
emesp cntininugheut-sita'si.relt
name shand saddrss,' sills this' sssmsse
saeo ileIocsidei, hiasnded i in t ts-
sam llsime. 'hess're-sl nameiiiof thusc- s
tcsstlis sill1 lot us'e.'noswnsae-tin t ths
co ii's-Isil safcsrte jugesaveat
cho .n s is'..-r, ushosessnateusils' sap-
plar us.nushe in ussstishe p t-, Ihsowever.
HaIld'. Gouil, for the ubulsiciy
con is's, asill rc-eiveaw. sisnitgs sp isa
ands includsisng Victltctihiy jas. Slos,
at60 usa lsst 3effersn sret, or 5i2 Sotth
'iWshaswill uprsetheticgratstl orcra-
iuntakc~sstii-a-sceriattstptedl by- any'
merchantsu, stue gratest sale wshlichi will
slin ts A len-Lhcu' lohing soe today'
Dcc. ta, at o a.5in., wshcnthelienir stock
of fuss clothiing, hatasduu ~rishigs
will us' lthrownsuout the tuarkeit tobe dishi-
posedstof st amiaigly loss prices. Au
uextri fircestf hlpttsis. esgagd to mark'
luau-uhelsioca nd ouptropate fr the stlt.
'ia'it fr hus geat saingei-tt.i-id
liugins tsusosning st o oclck.
Valleys Wistctast-athlticshae-
lonsg uswsistd-dif'ferentufronti shlit youus
hsvecseetiesew'hereutc---Jusut is. Wiager
& Cu, Suls S. 3-6

if you are in doubt
about what to give your
friened for Christmas buy
a copy of our Michigan
Calendar. It contains
origiisals drawings asse
sepia printing. Its the
best ever published in
Ann Arbor.
Price only 25c
Thte Souvesnir of Anns
Arbor and the Iliversiiy'
receintly publised by tss
isonw on sale.
Price 50C
State Street AglateSSeet
Law and Medical
Tresves Anatomy, New
Edition,(just received.)
Dislocatoins, New Edit-
ion. Morris Anotosy.
3rd Etd. half leather,
$2.50, ha lf mooocco
These are new books and only
a few left.
Cacti or exchange your Law,
Medical asd Dental Books.
Tel 76. 326 S. state S.
Largest collection of ordinary
and the only collection of fine
Michigan Pins
Quality Best - Prices Righ
Michigais antd rat. Stines.
W M. ARNOLD, Jewler
i2.. Melee S.

eA r SM 'EAtlFUL

Every day one hears
people say "If I were us
college again, I would do
more in the line of cul-
ture. I would learn some-
thing about music so as to
appreciate good us u s i c
when I hear if.'
Students of today cer-
tainly hsave splendid facil-
ities for such study.
Courses in all branches
of msusic are given by the
best prepared instructors,
at very reasonable rates
at the
University School of Music
Maynardt Street


Ube !5tubents' Lecture association
Seaaon of 1907-8

Jtshi Teimple Gras-es
Dr. Brander Mattltevss
Leland T. Powers
Opie Read
Oratorical Contest
Open Number
The open number will probably be filled by
lHon. Win. H. Taft

DUCED TO - - $2.00
Treasurer's flours 5 to 6 P. M. Mondays and Thursdays


121 Washington E. The Randall Studio, Randall & Pack, Props.

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