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December 10, 1907 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1907-12-10

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?WR WICWRtCAN !OATLV __________


. I Widom-ipally

Exclusive Styles in
01 eneue's Wear
1xii I tings aii-.
Full Dress Suis a
M0 d.H. Wild , Comipally
31 Sothitateo Street

Mlanaging IEditor-PAUL .SCOe T MWloxtx.
Busineso Manager-C. E. WINSoTA.
lt ... ..........A. V. Rithtic
lititetict.....DydIF. Steesoco
I xctiaiigc.... . t. Jono Wattitol
.Atnic andt trama.,.Ro tD. Witch
V Ot'itix tiiittr.totixc vati \xrohtcix
T. W. McCndess Elmer C Adoms
IlxiiiF A iii
Iirant SColy George H. Hobart
Chattrteey Boteler B. G. R. Williams
Rat'snd iti \ixctix
L,. C. Reid ee A White
A. L. H-ainline Robert Mountsier
Loxwel J. Carr tDoaldi L. itney
\Vaxiit lx K. 1iitv-c Ixiik Kcaft
lci 'I'. Kntit, xciiRttert Morelatnt
PauliGreer Satrtel It. xAfris
Ol t' toEngetutued . Giodig
Johit F. Wire Carl H. Adam
Ha,-rolxl 1'. (Gituld
Atddress: MICHICAN DTY, Press Bldg.,
Maynard Street.
Managers l-orxs: - s.in., -8 p. m.
daily, ecept Sunday. Both photes
li.ixaxirarxult,- itto xi icIt
he ti mpi r isttlel t tto ile
xcic aioi li la i Q in-i rout ah~t . ttlxil i
llui l 'it it xi. mten xxiniri ot ltted to
1 t''S"'se t an" 'nd t tix r Itix i itt itt
lin - S. o s tof \I-cililic C IIIII xl
re tesethe ixexixixi if isieidet: itia
Iw id o rsn te tlelolloxc-
ito f netcessiityHv ersne
xxx litxacliue itrsocl atled ig'
I: ixitI thiisttx er eet ox-linlt xi
;I " h atht udent xiihioxiii , orits itutu
elec,┬░dr -p itiuxxiNths xxel ith hi
qty-xs luxixof ipol til mt od,.i'liii .xx If i
the conixst itun o h eit .th leitc asicia - i
io heals to hetteviselet thxxxix e
liittnix'clxof ithiexxxiudentaint t theii

lxx liiihirt; tutunly cittitititti-x' thin-
S x xl iiiCoxncilxe citudeti rxpixseti-
way",It posihl ita bttermentii xii lit-
iiit piioliiit llff irx.
Th li'coinstitutioatxl rciionit xcmtsteet
ita mere iit li diussexiby tiliintot xii.
upo xattotdescxcriig xofx-x-cixxtcxxt-
to . ''ll(i, ibxardl xof ildicitsi s i ntt
boud o p.inftiislxCommititeelifiiiit
Thereciisi.noxonixtoxxthIstitixi pti t~ xx'
1}iiin ixak ncti and- -x xiixitixof studetl in i
tiie lxiii xcix v
Anivrisityc Men'siuixxt 0 xxxiii hel
latiek xi a tlitas.x it ii n
iiiilttiBllxiripieseiti ngx ove ei iiitt i-
iii i ittit Iandi colleges, werex present.
l ve of t o tiii gs-txxile xxxi ii s
ixoitita itationadteoinlgo
1 W h lxItagIi I tixtti l- eI x xx.. l-
I xxi"dogeat io xi maysoonC 1 nt
general iseh raoni

,......_ . _ _.... _ ..__ ._n , _._ _.. _._._ ..__ .. _ .. . _ . _ w_____ . . ,


At tixirgulaxrc itiixiiiixx itctitig xf
iiie Wxomain's xl hialix yestcilat, lxxwo
pariies aiidiaxxforcthcominig drxxaiaic
ciet I innidisciuxsed, thouxighx xtomiewhlat
indeiiteilx.Te ul tiiianxiuccdrcsx
patxill b-1hldilx l uainiixx. antheixre
willasohi l eapear a nht xx icc forxlii
flty. itix "xuciilxxix"Schl for itcan-it
dl"il xxiiei' gien by M's. Willixamx IIf-
ma lixtndr t uspiceixi f thelIiixgti'
} isom itiedingx. the iter. Onei o
I li tl ix OF x xI xxttxIxxIt.. ti
-c i te lti ri-t t of _litxxxii- aii
lxxxc axspi lxetueioi srgryillth

Ca xiile' ii , iittleIt iii w lg
tra p ttle 'hi5 01';xi lxtothxS - lx, l"C HNxICALtiixii-ii0x Ixl


xy ion ti out Ifromu
7i t ll( x xtimleite
xxix. Iur it he of
gook itt lxlxxiexcelpt-
lx iii-xxiy.atixi xx ii
AIt io xi ilixilto i

sous;)xx i't thxexiii lxg'h liiwhoii. lhad
[I) wix t i t li i.t
xl xiitat colleibu iixcsi-iti xbeginin
(If itilgroui)ithat wilt givi ailwwxiii li of
]i( t tb iildi tpl ong tixit it i
Gil is Itigin an tt cei h,\ol'
VY rkiforix titii descrptiveofitw
lxxii lix lid av ben tui ilt to I ii-
publ of i-Ai r iona t iti New M('xiico, ii
NN-01it m xtre of spllxx tx-c esi.l
coti-i- iii xxxi bitt-it etfurni-tut e andx in-
teior ittingxix xiii. outithxe1 raianio
as xfll- it f ),; ill, i Ittx ii Sxy
ixing (c--txeix o xtoxiia;toth
sysemif ivc ho liiiysxpiii lItliti
ll i tticwho xxiiiktsixtIday tst. i i
iit-tx cixiii liin oImpial mit-
xix-i.i ui--d itxor tso cas. ibtwen o i n1i-

tutu , Iii tiittl it I tixtititx andi
lx tr il whxichteatoitk hr
ittixi xiexiii)n(, must tno t b:dc ild, ie
itp-it thexi rapxid rwt n aurli-
xx x hruh-ng tt-itt lxx ix xxi liot
j Ilrr Ietil" aso harpy c iti ies xxh
xiii ittcc sekestheeisi ' no lac xtk.
lIhi i t ue ar no ln e flnt l
ill the biling ofchrctr cit ther
bl"i xi i aboutb ii vliii le t iltane
asmoe:ipotatthni i r ut-isias
tobte h iriscittCg niitiin xlndibe
cxxill Crxii t xitcism iofGerm l i iteirsiti
' rtors toleyrtgooispinFoster's. ncf

Evr one iuses some
visiting cards. Why not
get the best, illis as cheap
as the ordinary printed
cards. We engrave new
plate and too cards for
$1.25. If yon lave your
owen plate, 75c per toes
We do Stat ioniery
Staniping, Wedding An-
nouncements and Mono-
grain Work. G et o ur
C. [.1Sl r ARMII S[[e
Law and Medical
Treves Anatomy, New
Edition, (just received.)
Stimnsoi's Fracturesand
DIrhloxtatios, New Edit-
ios. Morris Anotony,
3rd Ed. all leather,
$2.50, hta ll iorocco
These are new books and only
a few left.
Ca-li or exclsasge your Law,
Medical asnd lDental Books.
Tel 761. 326 S. Sate St.
Largest collection of ordinary
atsd the oily collection of fine
Michigan Pins
Qualityx Best - Price Right
ichixgan anid Frat Sisses
WM. ARNOLD, Jewler
,S2 S aitiStt

ecan &Co.4
A. G. ,K>.-
& BROS. -
Tfhe argeI M vanuaausers in the W'srld
ol-isus Athletic Supplies
Base')tallIloot Ball, Golf, Lawn
lexi a,.xikt Ball, Hiockey
Oxorx iixiiiooTack ad FieldSpots
Itolo xix o xSports. Spalding' sadisomey
td ' t :of al1liisports isontainosixu-
.tt ao .tx x Sandforxit. -t'sixree,
5i. 1,Ii AtstN6 &A BROS.
-. tut, x ii '). Wit;.ii utswati raii'
ii, )Wi i xt lts~tii Chwxxi axti,-. tii-
xi i - ii. s Ciie. Clevieland,
rxx ii iix t .x iot ux uat.(xxCaada.


dI~ iI~

-H Im s
xbr mm EA\BuLuu
1J0E U. OF- M.0 J= S JOE





Cbe ztubents' 9lecturekasociation
Seasaon of 1907-8

Every day one bears
people say Il I were ins
college again, I would do
umore ino tie liuc of cusl-
tune. I wosild learts souse-
sling about mstic so as to
appreciate goutt iiliss i c
when I hear it."
Stuodents of today cer-
tainly have splenidid facil-
ities for such study.
Courses in all branches
of ninsic are given by the
best prepared instructors,
at very reasonable rates
at the
University School of Music
Msynard Stre-et


Johniss'IFelnple Gtlares
Dn. lBratidehr Miattlienvs
Lelasid T. Poweers
Opie Read
Oruatorical Contest
Open Nisuber-
The open number will probably be filled by
Hion. Wmn. H.Taft

DUCED TO - - $2.00
Treasurer's Hours 5 to 6 P. M. Mondays and Thursdays

121 ashIngaton IF. The Randall Studio, Randall &Pak Props.

P'hone 598

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