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December 04, 1907 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1907-12-04

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_The Mc .."il
VOL. XVIII. ANN . R , MIii fIG '\\. \VFI')\I'"S):\Y. I)I;CI'VMIIhJLR 4, zSf07. .ss

o. .

Several Students Thing That the
Graduate Director Should Not
Vote for Treasurer.
An organized catopaign agaist al-
leged evils io te Athletic association
lots resuttedi fronm the dleadlock in te
election for thte office of treasurer. The
thsree msemhers of tihe boarti of direcors
whott suipptortetd George Kelly ate alliedl
thenmseives tis cottbat existing cottdi-
sue's. Th'ley claim, its general. that lihe
gradultatte director should not he allotted
a vote itt whtat they regard as a pustely
stunt affair-thte elections of thte treas-
steer. 'They asoi state thsat tite present
contstittttio otf te associatison is archaic
uniclear ott manisy toitts, atis inadeqisatte
itt othsers.
Stpecific eidettce is addsucseud by twos
sirectores to shtsw htows the psliticalt gamie
is bteing playedl itt the sdeadlossk sitiuai
tions.' The genserail feeinig of thesmeni
sehoi tke this standss seems to isle thast
althttough csndsitiosssare sitw sit worse
thant they Issve brts its years past, yet
the' tinse liss comae tos chstnge thsest.
TCrattitisit, thtey hosldl, is so reasons fse
suppalortinig att cviii state of affairs.
Jutst whast is the position of tse 71t(11
ishot supptisedt Josepth FIleitger isno
knowsnt. Whistperstof "ntinttg buti moss-
sliingiing," andi "soree-heads"s' have ects
wcidely tpreevtient dsisig it lasts twsectsty-
A generasl statemete iif position iby
Kelly's suptttiers-Chlees Thotrntbsurghs
Dosnaldl Drusmmondss, atnsi 'llbitt C'hand-sl
lee-is as fosllos:
"The moviiemsent whtichs lias ben stt
dandt wic h wass broussght io ight by~
Me. Ifiwnseyss atrticte its yeserdhay"s
DIts is surely locasl its its imporist sits
puerpose.' It has aslttsely ntothiing is
do weithi Cosnferensce sliestits its stil
msannser, shsape sr fisrst. Its puirpoise is
tos effect stints basdly nededl chaniges it
ste conitiions of the Athlectic associaitions.
tWe heliee, amoong othse thinsgs, slitt
te gradisate directore shsosled ave sat
voice its pisrely stisenest isteress, par
ticuliarly its heinig aile to sdeterminise hy
his vote who shsould or should ot hi
the studsenat maensbers of the boarsd es
"'lThe ese of snses its sdiscosisisg thes
wvorkitngs of the associationt is ot for
ste purepose of sisigisig mues sr for thes
tpsspose of dealisig its tpersontalities, lass
for the purpose of stating its concrtet
fosrms cosnditionas wthichi have existed,
whsichs site exist, ansd whiichs stutst be.
remseslied before there cans le ai healhy'
luocal athletic sitetstiit.'
Thse foloiniig insdividuassl satemsens
save bects obtaissed:
Charsles At. Thsorssbsisgis "It kis
iseli knsosvn fasct, that fir ai utbe lie
years snseroiss politicasl sdeasls f tqtis-
tiontahle charsacter havee seect msaniisulaste
its tir Athlietic assoiciattion, autu it is witis
the endi its viesw of chanssginsg this situsa-
tions that seseral mtembiesi of tir siar
if directsrs oif the assoiatio 5555 litideis
tiliesi themuselves wiih the msoveent t(
alter sudsh csnditioiss. Wisest te' nsi-
ness sof filing te vaancy (f treassiee
of the asssciatsion caessi etsose te boat(
if direecsors thse chasiermasn adittedi iii'i
lie wits tissues obligationto i ts ie fse ass
supposrt Mr. "eitiger, andist iswess vee
es'idlent thati ass attempt wvss being; siisd
to usi te tote of the board ts sissy
solitical ohligations, its the miannser isuts
lissesd its Mlr. Dossney's article ini testes
slay's I)AIs.'. Several msessibers f the
hoard nausralliy sippossesd this aittempu
for the reason thats we believed te tisis
had souse whets te hpositiont of stOics
re'presenttives ott te hottes sout

Alsio, that v'acanscies sit ste bsoarsd sisisis
beu filed hy the vote of te studesnt ep-

suuiatvs ndntiby slestote of th DLRe
gessdlsasee sirectsse. iUndtietheprisen Sii DLER j AD.
c'ontdition,. te"gesasdsate sirte r vi 5A e
practicallysdictat;byiis v it hoshll NA V'ALAR
sit lt'e boardi, tutd sit'feel thai h ra ----
((steir ieccitr shouuldiihive n lieiHe Gives Results of
strictly sttlttqusestionis, asist(555sIlty vW hich Were M.i
ltstie shosuislists'se'sits te' i inte'hite
ssf studsesinteisflibees tso lte'saius Coti Tank Lust Year.
tesge boardess.
At. iR. Chasndlie '' "befosr's'protceevingi Profss . Ii'lsi's ii'C. S
with te ptsiiicasl situattionuithe boatdts'adsuitilis 1 st's1
(if sd siseor sat teprsents'u timesIe wish
to stte Ily postisn ll reard is'sh
let ile' sty' nt wish toits ets th's Con-'t11'0t 1itle
seene ise (ittu(htsinto s it s p ltcl man l'l Z F
freses'issuhe i sritsits lis rtsetislitis ,anes 'tfoci' n
edbt at bod I e ll Isil, I te i tse coltd t~i rslt
s'ti s''sa l e a e ,ti iise pfist rsit e. 1cicis ihih w l
s'e''siYearistilliitiits i.iIts i siles iiisit
The isy (lst hshs Itl isto lithe ii is
tstiilt'sf(slytresirri the 5 ssss ic ni'''tile
bo rd t is squetstionts list a s be efr csctl *l i
te Io r o ev rl w es a d i sjs ssiesrfroe si sel ed owas te .cl'ictyp, ri5 l
jus t v s i r os us ssght p tIfsthe(((stlllis s l c~l foits ' ': '.'
ass'ciati cstituionsilt si nt prois e I s,5;1) t t
fo sisssio e e n h ul i h,. t al frs el it seici s tltis t sls's doci sie t Iist i a f t 1 " \l : tit' s I
evt' , ' puttlsalsiiti].te tis slisireatils islC Is
is 5all impor(its thit suse itt stts .h i Il
sic~ ~ Eylits'uis. 'ft'sutiis es t' 5
is st'r i~siis i ts'.way; sbtun crthe l s en t Cil-is I ] ' ?
eihtitso o airs' itthereushue nite ;om o5' cflel '-. en;l
lie ally ssss 5(5fieiher std vilt' its site -tl e {t7et 5s ,*-'lt
titus theistisisaleilsits'
I h ts'tc sisi 's astude ti sssesris 's
elcinits is nsuitsed IIIthe ii v rs
i i'is svery siuastanedsitsitcsiean t shodhec'i s~ tintstl
iip nd'tts ma'ti itlesr i itw ithac stdent. I ettl m d lct fe
firmsly'bitv ta eer thdeint int fite 1ctrnolc =.~
'ivieci'sity s atile tos.vste fIsi 1 self hal heii 51 ~ r o
if..I. it ssssssstsitleit
l ).e P. 1)cetie'' ste'1 itiitisi situaison s (~
sits iiits' etussle5 (t(ssilertstt 51 5 isuiiste i
I os o cetes tsselists stef nis-ii move-5
iiimentssoriscousterimovemest of ai s iti Isis in cst >,tec t
naturss'e iThse rits'u' s e ps"(snthedeii istitt~erlli
sysiessi. sitmolie face' if ii, is (ts strii
fits- ssdee s'iediate 'hen 'its. Pit icaeltist ssis se
; sytm il th'eusfacteuoflit it heits ig alw icutu\ <il
si eilisthseseceilt ali catfi t iltofa m5 tot ak.si h
s eglatise ilshe. sit itulsttion s'ofsthe5Astslt is.c ud I llicy l
isssssesi.' iiasuch a ilect'
1 sgadue iector'tsiiishalhv qa rvw udhy'il '~te sit
isle es iwith l e st siisesiss iii ie is (it Atpe nhew v ,
o hoa'rd.' 'Pysitsuiicb api sonit 1telgrd- thi cns e it l o i
s- stedestocannoisttesonltesyi voteets 5 Gm-'.olyti wit
ssde tsi e s's ie i ch heiiiiiii its r isin tsi tuto sru ilrc
e its'ruessy ed t'whscans ills aisscasts 111-st its it yeis (-(is '
this'rtilctit t i'io thrt he b~' oy' intsusi Iiitc
hisiss<aeissis is'nisste teists e c ± (els o nc r tl
it sghesballt 'il's'yei ustr a ',ifssute. Myisi ssess C x 1
e retfis's atutu I sitcee 'yibeliet hati a
Y s'wss'dhOf csunisel frIssisgrasilt s itrslit
s hn i o ints ns pirs' it,('supeemlieted

I RESSES RiF l'1.'htIL'CAN C('111 II L D~S N
ITT I hencwy rgnied's R'ep isubli c sslt
U HITE leTsedNichouls hllifits'thus'min
) x eriineni s cti1 1 i cii ii" roomts (slest euiti((sout
oade ini Naval tut (0o .In.its asluty. 'h s'clib heldiits
fis c ila ees(tung Iss nightansuit ui-
i s isetwurksofithe cs' oslt ituiol si ornst-t
<<lr h s te '~lt s lijets s fus le'tsets chils is hto puit-
101M csi et- h d fti5'hespoliltialissutesi'hichi
l ;fc t f il i"lle iith -esxt ip'esiden'itiali stutu
p ' i(ii. 11sti'ospar ticua rn idthtuu' is tuo le
11m f Its iac I ' \,n 'fr ffce e ekly mtinsgs
v llbehel a d iiscussionsof poslitiessi
oral h ld poiticsitsl e itulneil. It!Ii s o
us 1csp'5 isiscsto sha t ussoliss 'ii t t s111 uadd ess
ill: liein~i stl eel'. A0 essss" eitists
if us sis itsOu(ofst_'ui-
tpcs toii pulsh te list sieseches det-
1kal t It.i l i i t1 e (t1 55 be ((s isf ie
fi~r'.illc~ bythesttushndsnatiuunal e-1
1 id i s'a i ('ls itu1 't's 5(55 st (t' iss iu
sits1Itis seIIIits .11ges
ii it ilis,(n iuugss ' sutssusi sts til acly n
'~ i a isis'
"silt ~ ~ ' m s ilug bidLI as hi al Oh, from015111 'it h-iss

r < ' i

"t il

is 11-e in thsc es' hts'lb rto yls
is 5 55in 1 s iard.adt' li',sthii'w\si
hii eyg sy' tlt1pe aanctushAssgirl
11 cses sig t, t t(isisfr m iso iharmtwis
siwtestdn tstuendsedi elass ft's-
politics Wrim r. 'slitseiclai~t si orIsis
z; one PROF .RHART ' Vih1h,
AVO 1)", hi l I 'Ri5.IN TiSIt, ONhI
tht he Prf.Hetutu S .'sst'usiit, of lt'e U ii
ii l 11Vlii - asbe securtedl us chapel lee'
itT 10.tt e t Y silntifsse (iis e ii'. li-
Osngh itAf isnJounii s 'Ws profie s s t o beii
Slinging. se 5est h lt uut bslse sf the tertm. h
ig mre seake iswe esesugn toailssiustuenty
onthsits suiject.

Students, of Columbia hold an
Exciting Convention--Pu-es-
sor Beard Originated the iea
la 'hiss'say asithe(its'lussi ts'sit
this suitsck republican i ts uiosalu cone n-s'
tio tsh l u ytstudLtnts o C lt'li
t i rit.i vc us usCits lss h;. 5 fs I
ofs Ncw "oii asit'uti'fd fort
coni estnes, -Ittl ctnkiiti t i 5isit,
convetion wai oriinate 1,y Prof
Char'leis . iteuishof t s' (hI ((lii ' of
plit isil siencs t ou mba n ie
((tests ste' ts i oltcst itrane
s tttdelegti'nst iii S t S t i s ((('(itt
samongsithe'gssiis sss th eurig t I ..i
'sts. hU'nusualiner' t k 1 isp ', ;
trn ho t theu iesissuty iian Id I ' is i
ft' ts ive d si udrdits isus slolls 1.
hcct'iistcs'frui hev ou tts . ' . 'hsss
ue'stutu Nti,'oiatushecetied istutiolst
to h l eeisuos tadccut luts il
saese''o1 hesilsuoted.si
ie t ate si ins tets'rI slut 155L
lo i snteetisites sinst un st
wekuesetoalcnti ons k' c 5 sue
omme hded fussr usnom sin tso us Itsthe
meanustimtuu'this ucommsituse itichar, of
st'h e onventionss pu us hedI I us' i us
f the "''L ni on sittut hlls t d
party uir''a. 'his pIt rha' ss svto u
'toe this tess ' fAe vros ttus-
i s eld, asdill st foth suthe hut istorisi
ascsdiaes ison imeto I tm ,lso
th o m itte ''Iha, i iss pstrs an
br ssashi sto lus th is '' tionsusssutu e
st e sicge tessi 'si' his us' h
lust 01((1tit' idsussusususus o(tit c I sui liii's
'ruse gestsi ntretam nte ti I usus
iut nl ly'smI n m'eisnhueuss i ' 'ussss iterus
lniir"diithis'servce(lin o hemst
prs u t'i 'ut d l uuhuntial1 s isis s i'
NessYorks tae Hos . io, i) If
hoou f tif, foreus e int, v russ Cus
na ionlcnenins ad 5 mn o Olt
pid this posision sof ch si a atheis t s
(ald st hitscstes ofuste ii uats
suit tutu' tutviilg u i i ,fi n
ans3,TIItt'e, Luittuhi it I' Isi
isis5, toIsu see s f 3 .<uthl I us'i- ly
z3 nd Ia 'llte 32 olt'
Ills m nta ' I L -
t hus li t ltists(1 hus if s di i
sushio~u :a~~aie ~
su:1bshi sbIandss
sTe' suuuuy'e leum itset'andush it~

nuasemsyhut.stthe hisriltitioftthe
"Ms5ittse sinwll heouthne'dihtouuur et1
si. t the uy' sisy'behue' adlat ight esus;ily.

Il' Sit


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,... ,_ r .'s
> r
." .

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- t
1 C'

('iii. 5 5 'iAVA su;1 ; s us si,.?

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