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November 22, 1907 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1907-11-22

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_Th __ htgan Daily

v-oL. XVIII.

No. S.

Congress will be Asked for Funds
to Establish Institution as
Planned by Washington.
The National Association of State
univ ersities. at anteeting hel last
aCtes ay in Washingoi, adopted a ee
rttnendatioii mate by a joittcemmit-
tee of the association anti of the Na
tion at'dncational associaioni that a n-
tionauniversiy he saisedl 1 at
f Congress in the Distict of Cotumiaia
te spptotedt to the government sont
tn serve as a postgraduate sehool of
colleges maintainet by the stoes. 'this
action will 1(e(1 to the bringig before
he next sessinttof Congress a itt e-
boying this recomtnedation.
The following argamnts ar d
'tnced lin favor of the estoblismtent of
totstional aiersits:
. Snech siatiiivtesity is ieedel t
comiplete and to cn rnathe edcaittionl
cstrut of the United States.
_. Such a niversitv fs need to sup-
peetthe re.courees of exi tinensi
ttons and to otffer tpp tnites fo
motic dvatced itvestigationotd rc-
eacithant arctnow oferdbiithcuti-
critics oithticconitr.
3.Suchtiatiniversity witourtids1hi
Wshintgtn,. mnt ha betnergid to
dititi i of te giiie rmtnt t, ;is eial
itt necessr.
na~ tttfitonal tu cc sit is neededritin
triter ito co-ortdinate le sctitiicisoirk
ititetiniig crriedtoiilliiitic srivral 'iii'
met dueatmeu tnts t \Washtintontsti
and is to pt titewrktiiithetdtu ol of
adiaced and adeqrtitl' utlytainetiit iiti
tio ill ldo tlt i ttiii'rtter itiltp
lose the iesthliishtingi1ofisuch a tii'
th NationalTst '.ucatiuiiitttassocito
broughttbeftier tt titdyat aoeing
il Detroit si reotrt iwhicti ias unfaitvor
attic to a ti uonalsitti ut rsit. Olyt
"levl mnciof the commititte f four
teen sigtedt the reprt.tOf these ticsvci
siners, seteniwtre ptresitets f tie
citnnectedt i stte itay iithiprisatei ii
Presidtent Jamsiii I. Agel f Mich-t
'ian,tw'onwstissitthis sti nnts iiitte,
wsas not ini accorttitee wiittis iewas55.
Previou to this Detrsit meietig, te til
swrittni ottarticle whtici tresntedthe lt
probatitle attitudie tof thetritcitial uier-
sfies (f the conttrtwistrt the Inoject
toi rittilitsti ai ntionunivertintyi.
Somite'of those whtosextressed titi-
'rlces sheinitg opposed toi this scetie
aere tti' late Without R. I-eter, tres-
dent of tte University iot Cicatgo, rs-
idett Nihiotas 'Mturray Btlter of Cittuti-
hifa, PresidenttCares Eitt of hocr
cart, sittiPresidentitJ,.C;. Seuttittiiof
iot. Andtrewv 1. Whlite, ii aniartice
writtletn iiqoo, offers stotg faotirot
argutnents. tHe beleves tttt a naitio
uniiversity wouldtittisie ottliluieuceits
utniting tlttparts iof the Ciiteit States:
that it swouldit ernie the ettutai of the
'iniversity of Berini that it wolisnt i
eveynay stpptlement iaid xiesstig
Tresitdent Jordana of Statftri urges
le tied of a nationa utiversit, He
wrote in the Forum for 1897 : "A greti
university in Anerica woldttte a school
for tte studty tfiie freedoti. A na-
tiontal iniversity it the aita f the
retpublici wotldtttrttact the free-miindeds
f alt the earth. It wotlidiraw tlttart
ofi alt lantds to the study of detocrac.
It is the necd of the nationtanaditnot tf

the nation alone, bitt of the weorlud. It
is thne ditty of the people of the uited
Sttates 1t' meet this neet. 'there is tn

t ttttictics' f si tt yompsiatut iriti IU K YA D FIXINS
thii nlie oftatonal ifs etstyit PROMISED OLD JIMY
Ict nt desctt ete tie c o
JsTame . titilker sif Colotradotid:l -Venerable Custodian of Hats and
tutioal r'it u ini tich Nsiti 'attthie
peiple 'til srest t bic fithe ttuds, 'ic1t1ihit Coats at Library Has Growing
-itc this' hurihcsss tutu stuhetts ofit, Fund.
atruesr souse f Ameiirictnismitnthantu ldetit
hie itevel' eint an uy thter iirec tiu.' , iitti it tthe hit.. f itGot. War
t ut'p igiuientilfliii' eit tinauu pcI ts t" ''stli yet s his thes sotut
uiverusity tl id hs n xrittesuyu Cea-tutu of 1i auIt t s u t i . 'is 5it e tintty ututd
csu i t'us' M le, wh a e tt itjlst -t., cs tii iis it that I. stlt Jim"i
lutthttth u ben nsid tomforufitt1111 t utu ouerIwihhsituraltkes
than affrm tie'. e '.lustsre ca t s tut th t su tclit hue uss litcit
hut no se- Jimihasusrutidetutu ill(' liray ltaik
mote the istaihm ient oitf tist ius i it 55 f h nm l fe as be
's' f thei I. ittidS tatIes' is" s rmed.uest ira is tldted1'by theap u at sof isl stt-
It e'mbracedsuh besds s'this' pressie ta5 of sciltio isheet
Meer stwo utudred's'lecuting; cotll'ges amtu Oas t''y ''a 'te's' i's ''is o 'e
OniesteSateitsitu , ii sts sihlis tru t ha th wisits spl uit oa
acit's uid t ateits snptiiuutc t tss o it itt 5 ii i n istallmetitt
publtic i i tnt tst u itt u'''tion. sittstiltmber ofufournth d corbil a p i foribiss id s
lis' ske ocr ing; is pa. hiisied( I aums aqr
dillc t ofo s's uof th litcli'slutaui c on m eudrim ,ary e h
telssed ithmselvtes a t ugi. rf --- -tut
11 i S. Wsitneyl oad it eprt
nliior a a ion i i v i tilt hits al-i i
,v;tys us e le > n .ittm a s f i
i i l sutl tristsh o fist it iti bahcts it .
\t the l t lentrofthtu es nas ttiosliti }
aut tlu t sits all th e"titlhisi ti hu
is'cil bfwsh stor il ed ts i o a-
ins. slit do t tutu t i wealthy enou
o ui t tt hil, t itti hi ch co uu' it
iroidstc ht m i t it litehut foits' t ttuth'i
tutur uttih tutuin tuhe ttuttush uit Intis
St ' fausttutu'' the sCs' 'esui ' i br ' arussut
ist.( s'ail i s t' iiit tf h d piut S t .
toi pittagteior'ta t iltituti'on'sinthe
tuhs'. \tttl isl n tintS hisuld st tussutcn sti "tta
hcsc wit a I'.ilm itu crit ati o slit
sa ~ h 11 i f t tutu'l d si 1 tt i '
t uthis pohf'ii'nt itt sustics stolil tisi
;uIr ulis sitttuitugt sluci I Is ob' t ch l
hut' ofall 'rieiuuu'su f atisluitIe uut''t u t itit ssiuss siut tu
fist'e ev ethu f ouri atg Iion tuual1 life.ussil s
tuittlla'h fitheI d unind kihsh
Afte isfel i u ir' c t ti s t hilci \ l 5 n
'Zo ino .dl arts o the stitdS' aes
hn ig tthe t lslusths ta st uuttih itfmh'Ii \ t t hu 11 s
''this'ables~hiui' f t si tif sut icuu isiots 'M' ie leisin51 theiti c litkhitomi oft he 155
ues w erus outs w'' f'uit t rsuu u tuti W(orsk fl libr n 1,t'ii . i ro sit ihstil t' sit' "tint
Sitrvi, tufsi t ld b a Sifics ktha st tu hshaIti ttitit-F r fry ya s ]Is Jss i t"le stue tn

"D~rsater platyed u riousy, tearing huge
tites in ihigan's itean tnd mtaitg iii
suoponent (Rheinchid) sent a s-ry i-
ferioc sort tof footbal player. Agait,
st center Dwxxyer easiliy andlei the wo'in-
uderfiud Schiuiz, herldued by the whoe
uest s the greatest center that ee
ited u Dtwtyer hadis little trouble itt get
tutug hattthus'btg Wov'erinec athout the
htis xw itsitch cotuutetts as thee thath
Ihe Daiy IPennsyvaiiaa, iiits isu of
Mon1 y Ntouv. it1i, seeks u toake viid
tot its reades the great ganeon Ferry'
fieldlt h ISaturay. Without rcogniz-
tg au sngleMihigan thtant xxorthy of
anii viduuhu ual rctomtarisonutxihtay of'
this Pesum pater,this easternt contemn-
listary voucsss a regret t te smual score
tutusuitdhut its teamn. Oerluoking the
fauts ittt it xia's gnneraly admniteu by
eye-wit inses thast 7tihigant uas Pent's
masteir at the neuw gamue, IlacIPenn'ts
onlty scume.cani' ottaflitke, sandutthat
Mi chigan r estlly'dhut crs thin esterners'
-ittsutlhue iiia nwstyle tilay, thuyhpa er
qute s a tys of thur gia-e: "T'hiroughu it
all uet always ell thinadvatanug.
Tretits neuierany'out ohutehrt-si-
periority aftir thur first iemuiuutes of
1)ita. Sutnd tistwha tiks'sthu.rersult alt
thiii or utsueatisfatctry is thast this victry
twis leantict ainu thus tim thatiwxtn
wtonthtruughi superior aufootbal ouath i
sogg heud."
As authority fist'siny' it' all sufiha
tat uut'uunuts, referetces sre mdtusithIrec
Piladuuephuiau snittwinNext York tpater.
'''Fley unuitein tsyitg tat therutitvser-
is-ttu shuts--utgreat suteioity tae
thur Micifgtaiaggregatiits--utu'triumputht
is computlete!"'
Utleit s id by h)'thineasteuhrnu cllege
josurnaisftsit praise tf Michignt. Btohh
ht- heplyatushehi-i'spirit ctnicuin isforc tis-
puaraging'compuson ku~utt hithat o -f thu'
Sit imastu)'catoudiaes situtuareu t stthin
Comuuedhy'clitryouts ash een-uitg tat
it tits impitissibole to gixs'any' of tuetu
si cheuste, andtiu prsimtrinaitry- meeing of
those twishing to try- for thin fourtetent
hrts wst eldt. tDiretor 1'. N. Trais
ux's? prsenithanditextpresseth himusef as
moure thattsatisfieud xwithnthe anteria at
hasndi. hBecauuse copies of thur revisdt
editioni sitthin paty tx-rclackitg, purhs
fuse in)outs counldrioth be asignetd, ut
thur nies antI audiresses of alt preent
uwere recorded anauthueuir exteriennue
Anuyosne wishingtohi at-nhis nanau
aiidded to thin list shounld see G. 11. ox
tufotre Thausnksgivimg. After that tinma
trts swill be tssignaeud adthinandi-
tdstes alloied to show their ability by
sctial reaudings fronm thin pay. Then ail
will he seeced for nurit andtu experi-
hut his itlk out "Sanitary Engiering
infuser the Etginering society' ash night
Desut Virtue C. Yaunghttn dwelt trin-
cipallhy uptont thin prevetntiont of tytuhoid
let er. "Water etpidemuis otae xxitt ex-
plcsise rapidity," hesatid, "hit thin peo-
ple dont reaize this ath it takes ai ter-
ribuhe ounbreak tot stir (thema up to sdo
thintgs. Fifty thousand people din every
year ito this country of typhoid and an-
other 45,000 are sick with it. Asite
frusnm thin humunanitariatn standptoint, thin
loss to thin iationt fromni this is lite
realizeud. Estimates msdeuhnipon thin
eairningcpaity of this sik list of half
a tmiliont itt thin aniual oss at $ino-
ooo~ooo. 'This enornmous stni is snffi-

cientuto 1 t 11ansadequnattewater supply
inn nt-reptowenaitt thin routntry iwithna
poulauthiont of 5,ono or over."

News Appreciates Law Profes-
sor's Joke When lHeSaid That
Roosevelt Should be King.
Regardinug recent outsietn esps lin
reports, to tin effet thast Proif. Dhik
it class advoctiedth It'eecioni ouftC.?,
cli asitkitug,the.is' caitgoil sy etsa
prints thin folowin'ug euitorial:
"'Fleoher day vroust'nte wsaprsu'
Wave pIroinnuce toi audispiatchi trotu
Stnt Arbour ttthus'sfundct:tutthin rsfs
5tr ittRomnuaw atittinhUniverity f
Mihtuiganithadut siguteud seioutsly listti'
hspupis i faiioin-of makinstg t'u's islitt
Rouoistevelt kinigitt thi ntsti ion sandgi-
tg butt full pour-i'oiwouc his ill.
'Ther astonuishmuent f is Iheescsii-
feelingy' iescrihued.
''Bteliei'nuug that hrewau nohi-cs
if sicollegu'e rfessors hvintg bhunt de-
lIterately' inisreipresenustedby out u'uuls--
.)risinug sudientitcortespndtuuuentli oreru
tuura tsalue sory- mtightt ht' concocouted,
het thaily ewt s-cuotehis rnst.IDrakes
iteauin uxhast hut'rueauly saidf. It tits re,
il dthe tiultiuttng recu-tutu-
'.,S:An Arbort, fic., :tN. tsu'. -'l'sthu'
Editior:yr s fu '-temark iigdtnthe .i
-ietcufnunof R'ootsvelht s kig i ts utuush
ini fetituid sa sit ttu ecssiuhbyllyty
'ass. Thureprtis inithise l'nwspapsus
thu-ti I reuieratedt this satemt: and'tut
feredulargumtsuinuaaits defeseuar ctfalse
'Pilefideaithast I or anyithstunbl
Ameiricainislthoul sobrlynt'l'irultinusuh
tfatastic. tnotitnisfatbsaurl.t Yo ius's
very trutty. Jstaiet It i. Itaus.'
"All1oitwichitgues t's usoles sthlauit
s udangseous for a nollege pro iifessrie
ilske a joke."
h'-SIER (N (lOt?1'I' S ItSTl
"Thin;uap'ecfiaion ofsitermanuitfee-
tunun ussi wholt anuut esutt hitn 's Faltt
piartictulairtutusdtelesd bs'u utt swlyit
En~tgand' 'ITesse swsrus cuonaunthus
subtane sit a tpa''readulastatniugihtb
W. I. I Iutuarthefore the Pthioogicath
society, entiteud "Than Recptuintou
SGuettu's Fas i En ugandii.'Thusr-
sios fou'this 1tty' dev'lo'mnttaind'ui
She chasrcerisicexs'pr'essns oitot puu
ot Faust as shown intiistrius liiiere
reviews formted thin lstiy'ofittsitf emit
ut-strutniltg(theatitudtsesoft Engandsut
wtrdtallttiGetrmanhltetu r e latuuteus itle-
udifferetceswticihi produtucs-dhi, his tios
ceededutoiiishots'htnic iute's geat
wour k wvssreceisvcit
"'Fhe fragutunttary- nauuresit thue- drmaus
s it wisnfirsttpublishedhwasuduisppitu
tg to the Entglish. Eveni after thinus-
,lirationt sitthur secondhrt iin 13, tey'
couldunt autphpreciaute its altutu ssic
uhoe, ut cotnuedutudIo scrch oe t
mnoral." T'his nmoraliing teunency sit
thurePnglihltmindsprovedh sigret stumtb-
ling bthuksthutrueinterpretationu. It wss
a"sonrcre sitionder thuatsFsust,atwit
scarcely a good sdees to hifs cednit, uasu
fiusly recies in ttu haed.iI'To tem
the trit e uaing, thast "aso ul tttit
strive. is ft foe further deeloptmen'ut ii
thinet worls,'was uincmprhuehesible.
"Eniglainddostunot eentuunow tiupreciaute
hFaust;I we titlst lut t thefuture fr
the greast Englishuslarittf Grmnti ht:-
' hem text netnitg sit the Phioalogiclt
societyxwitltbehueldttout 1ec. , iiwhe'n
Dr. Bhn illu 'ir eadil a litter tutu
H-treslic ramnua."

'tLNt5 its c OY-, at t'auiti.u.
On uSiunusasy eveninug at 7:530 ortclrcs,
Honuer 'F. Lane, stuperinthendehnt of thne
Boys'!IHomeu at Fsurmingtonu, with stpeak
itt theUrInitarian chaurch, on "'he Bosy
Problemt." Studenats of sociology turn
especially inuvitedutosthuesr Mr. Zane.

utusutt oftsuch ditinuctiv-e escellentce thtut
(Coninued oan Page Thrsee.)
'i't' N t= OtRAS''ORS tilSIh.STS'1'!,1:\t),
'' IiKINtD tit'1.A1.1K WEBLL
Proif. .. a.Nesvsus,lueaustositthin se-
partmeuunu t oftubliuc steintg' at Amtes
'sil turasl icoils'ge, utthoiis tutw'tratvel-
hung tipon a i cInuce couurse, visiteud this
classtinuoay' yesterdasysftertnson. At
theinvfl itationiitt Prot.'Trueblouodh, hue
soketeostheus'tutents situthe theetouf
elotueuunse, semphaizfingagis its lres intit
chuarauctesics thuesubility ho stah, thin
abliitsy hutthitnks. atnuthin abhility ttItlk.
Profi. Nest uts thistenstild fiur thet stint-
dents asielnechiosit entitleud "Jittii Jonets,
thur 1 hutulinat .Ftia iniTowvn." He re--
stpouned ith tutuof Rituling's tpaoes us

sestusty i'e tielois a Itu sit suit. It-
alt uthe i omtsecaaleo
taksinig-stie-ofttsuci suits luistuas usshownx'
hby the ease'ith hihthi cod a
hsuandlsed. 'list'uhoiuss is thiseatti sit
I aedfistthe isucl t s's eenttig"
t..SW'S' isfiIC INtl IsOtMf
TO hthh1171,' SOlON
-utu.taueusv tisuritedent ofgrouuds
t mith buiuutins uvusitedl ths'lsits ufinugm
tyesserdauto arrmange'sfothecostrusi-
luiunsumf s canop~y Iso rncloset'thnstpace
betweneiths-tau"ngsum)n hts-east sides' of
the u hiilti t in. 'tu'1nclsuit portiosnis
tdsigit'edli to erveis ua sestibulemndt
loungtuuing rootmu inwitmcli ticstmudents
s tr vay tumiulsi' n'tu h ili' atumay lt'e tiumhe
lutw(t sit itasss

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