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November 19, 1907 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1907-11-19

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?UE )(ICR!C6AW At Ly

Before and after the gatme
G ilbets
L owneys
Carner -ta - a:t t dN. sr.At St
Money Loaned
On Watcties, Diamaon ds, LawaBooksa
or other personal proprty.
Watches ad Jewelry repaired.
Bargains in Watchea & Diamonds
Office at resiteace 331 Ei. Liberty Si
Ann Arbsar.
Hours: t11:30a. m.,Ito 1:30iand 7 t
5 p..
Watch JFob
weih Feaot[tali lis-hats in
P'rice 25 cnts
224-226 . Sate St.
S tems
Ciea -ato Hiit
Clean aso Fi
The Beat Fountaaina Pens
Eiver mar at Any Price.
East University Pharmacy
Sl.utivrsity Atess-.
Bel i5ihoarOiie 41 Ho e iliac s74.E ilie-
V. ofM.
Barber Shop aild Bath Roomfs'
Earythas First-nleaas
Largest Shn~rnia Ihe City

Prof. Henry C. Adams Discusses
Work of Interstate Commerce
"Wthatcver sadjustmecnt is madte of our
commterce rllteins, niutiatbic made iii
xiew oflste fact that the iinausitry of
trialspoertationailssdetvetepedt witlhout rr-
f~ltoisastate laws . The greatness iii
scmmcerce pays iii regacditolithe politictat
jsarisaticti liii sf the resptiveatest."
Satich is the opitniuonagivea ly Prof.
li er C. Adtaiis wlieqoestioned ini
rgaildItosathe iworla:iof the tnterstate
(ioltia r Csaoiaaion.
:This dtoessillt mean, tossever, that*
tie fedleral guovernmoetmsta teccssaeil
rsaiiie elutsiecontrolt over railwaya'
ut s tter initerstate cortporationts. The
trasltemista s imuichsa protitemcitt petiti-
cat sciee at of itidustrial retluiremnt.
lcfsseconestceaditig tht thec federal gee-
caiseitssoouad asasumce full jureisdtictiona
woldt le twelltoiiiask wahat other
lioi l t istsible.,
\Vic, faor extamiplt,' says Ml r. Aamats,
cnfiinga thelieltustrattiotottcrailways.
Ald stlthe Interstate Comtttmerce Cota-
issotnlaecetth ~e staite comtimissions tic
..,envies farte te iinreatigsationt of fealerat
te-,tiscis of Isocsilrather thanagenteral
iiest,ssa anby mectic tf teils ecin-
sita5 Isachu sstlishtedlexert a coni-
as it;ilusence tuponittheomasicner tan
hIcsls-tateln tttttilsstts admatiisiter the
sass (siltconerredl specnithetmtb11-state
vs'?'t'his is tierety asu tggestiont,laut
at poal liia idelet it paresenats is cute that
la ll act pla ceiltad ina comptarisonicwith
widtesal osia yet fturthear etccntratioan
pltclaspower itstie.lihansaof thy
cealsgovernmtaent. It is interestsing
rtdnssof Michtigatn tto retirtier
gat aso11methinag if this satassregardi-
s wthlsflavorlay thatamoutats jurist arid
-s.chtirtisat fth le. Interstate Corn-
erca Ciassisisoi, Judgtae Ciotay.
..'tshrsea a asks 51g55 thereasellstdlill
,t lsissgtsssaaonventtionttof sisate estit
)asst ssriststio ittrs anal tnitny af tha
-,,smlberastantiresetlexptresseat views
i hsarmonyts with lie caose suggestin.
lheir criticismaosatfedalitconrtrotas
lits s ltl nregarntois itaing from thea
ats thse-ri-a-sntil- deriveat fromthitsti
I sinsaa,latsut atssothattiha- ragardedat
lasts94 ssboly of men itasattieqoal to thre
Is.mais tsatsouldtae Ia-dae upon it.
111,11;yicaels aristeaatat they tile tap
rpdythsat asne btort-tfstyinisotatld
s uablatslaianstdle theti. Ita avery
soritliits tsey swoutalli e aswampti- e wtt
r a stasdttlesa-at tttercsswtotld tot Its
-luc beittIea-tsaif suchta atriblasa
--til t nthe sitser tandta, twhentw-srta-
talinsun~isn Nvithahl~c ocsat state catiti-
a isos nthoseilic-aesstatresalty na-
- *sssl imprtsriance- iasotld esttb-efora-

tthe nationral econmmissions atndt all local
casea couldt te deviated taythe tocal
athtorities. Thsus mtatter ssaould he
htandsledl withi motre despatch anal the
local conmmissiotts coutd look apter the
-msatler much maore elosety than could
a distant federal body.
"This asmtild not only distribate the
pea-er maore evenly, but it would place
the federal goaverinmeut in the position
-oaf an overseer withaout transferring the
fundtiamenstal powsers n0ow in possession
of the states. This plan is more of a
frst steandaai ought to lei edu, at least,
b efore citylucre rasdical measure is
tsrtoposedl. If foundru ffstlicienat, anal it is
genterally btelievedtat it would he, thenl
no further acien woutld he necessary ;
taut if riot, it wouatlldthenc be necessary
tsa lake upt the tlat of complete fetderal
Pref. Adlamts' vsit to Aim Arbcor is
store of tascial thant a business trip.
It asill tie shatrt, as Isis duaties ini ccti-
sectionrawatts the iterstate commnaissiont
are sirdurous arid pressinig. Bittlie still
has a great interest itt Michigan affairs,
aadwe saain terviewved his first qutestion
seas conacerning the progress andalcon-
dlitioin oasi Tets: AIY.
tlis itaterest int the Michigan Untion's
parogress awas very evident. Stieaking
iii this lie saidl; I aria rot ale to keep
closely it touch swithaateUnioin'spro-
gress tad it watt ta the greatest satis-
faciotoattmte to see hoss well atid how
far the platnt las progressed. It as
cery gratifyitig to see the hope crystal-
iced itato t elubhatoutse, eten if tetapor-
ary, astd a-ithlirthe aded ipulse givent
isa studeuts by thishomei it ought to be
bsst a short times-atntil thev long toped
fair perant qartters iaitt Iecsssured.
T[u sat it seemns tis M~ichrigana Union
statsta-ill tilt that tig gap in thte social
tife of the Unive-sty anal it will give
tach studtent atn opporttatity to maeet htis
feltos that coualdlntite1 effected lby
ay othaer plait. It is gaoinag to bte cit
ost the greatest beneafits to thy Utniver-
sity socisat tife anda I think it a-ill fill a
at tat weta avae face a long time tdc-
! 'oreal."
TFltIiela l ?tssvtta of NatlaastHIis-
torysat Chticagos protited $430c,000 Iby a
tacitlsaot v-aenes-t t lisa- ay judge- Cast-
Sing. 'uThe taoney as piaidlay tilte t
Iasalt Field tathlea trustees of the
tasstna trier ito thedaste af tiltse-ill,
va lickacottaiated s aaequest afi$tt,oeat~ooo
isw alias tttitutioni. Suit taIsIbrotaghatlay
tla trustsees stgainsat the exectors if ltce
aill isa deterineita- hthler alas-lbequest
tssitendd ttolasbesexclutsiv-e of thte
aastatat peviouisly dontedv. Judtge Ciit-
Silly adecietheIls-it in favtor saf the
astsetitt on ato tatttictty af wsitnesses
a : ltestconveraationts'awita thyeaticedent
ms hiatt tere haelIdtto ind icate liltiteant
Two dollars insures you against all
lass by fire, Gee. 3. Haller & Co.,
Real Estate and Insurance, 206 South
:Main street. tf


I i

Conklin's Self -Fillin
Sta Fountain Pen
Sold in Ann Arbor by

The new fall line of college gia+ods is tiow complete with thte
choicest and most varied new things ever shown. RECCE.I, CONLINo
& Ftttnttt. draw yonr particular attention to their superb display
of new designs in Manhattan Shirts.
Men's New Fall (loves of all leading makes
Men's New Fall Neckwear Men's New Fall Underwear
A Itull variety of new styles c-f these world-fartit- asluts tso
select from: Stetson. Carlton, Hlowards.
Men's Fall Caps, prices f rotmsoe oip.
Reule, Conlin (S& IFie el.


The new, most attractive and oleverest game of the alair
tn taco siues4
$1.25 aad $2.25

MACK ta Co.

Main S#.


ami~aa~se a~aaa~r~ (lit Watthtis Iii tatouuds, let ehiy, usat ills

~I~~h~FW UEIIIIUE 11h Ciassa ss atte anod CatheteralSessur
IVIUI~LI UF1I~LL us liness strictly confidenial.
104 ;Fmarth Avenue; opposite c ourt taue
Two dour.sash of C~ity Y. M.C.A. W. J. LOVRIM

s/v5 (s slao-u us autIs u~fa Mad ofblac Evrybdy is talking about our Shrewsbury oil
F,52 ~rchc calf, viscalized double sole tnBuhr. It is leather lined, viscolized, rawhide
at-ton aithi rawhide between soles and
runnuing full lengthu of shoe, n king it damp proof. btenduble soles. Prie $.50.
No rubbers required to keep out the water, Has areslonyaoustrad
flange heel. No. i 19 oxfored ina both black and tana lkgs heaI., are fully garanteech by us to
is made uip thae same as thue shoe described above, gie atsfctrywer
WAGNER. ft CO. State Street WAGNER. to CO. State Street
Sig ofthebigwhie soe.Signu of telig slewhite alta.
The Ann Arbor Bible Chairs Rowe's Laundry
THOMAS ROW, Prop. Gas Study Lamrrps
-444 South State Street 326 N. Fltir Ave.
Why the Jews Rejected Jesxs a Study of New Phone VAt Bell Phone 45-L Insur a steady, soft glow.
the First Twelve Chapters of
A special lecture by G. P. CocLitsM600soth state street
SudyNov. 24, 12 to 1 Classes Satwrday, 10 A. M. .d Easy on the eyes.
Sunday H.foderat. in price.
The eli~iozs ductio ofth.Assembly 9 ocock. Cheaper than oil or electricity.
A series of lectures by G. P. COLTER Chinese Cho-Suey Restaurant 06tTusa,710PM.p4 the bet fromt, fe larget asortmont.
Tuesays 7:0 P M.Chinese Faney Dishes, American Lunches of
All Bible Chair Courses and Lectures are free. Students alii ind. Everything first-chassr fr Ae ~l1A bo a o
and others are cordially invited. ainan gentlemen. jp tfl1J r oCo
Y ~Chinese and Japanese Bri-a-rac.
Up Stai, at dor S. Hans Oros~ 3145 State St
Will ,.Soon Open. MICHIGAN UNION CAFE Watch For It,

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