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November 19, 1907 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1907-11-19

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The MiL


AN-N \Rll()R. 51 l'I 1IliA , t, i1-I' 5A ,-,\c

Board of Regents Decides to Be-
gin Work Soon--Money Not
Yet Appropriated.
-X new emteistry building il the ne
Itttire i assured by actin taken by the
Bloardl of Reget at last Frida'simee-
tug. It was then tdecitet to goah d
with plans firsthte poipsediilbuilig
The architect hus not yet been coeni-.
Wito this will le or low-e will hi
ettoset, is gtn ion. Ile will, lhow--
ever, e selecteilatd authtlorizellto e-
,it work intiia fenw teks
It was rettored yesterday that $350,
otoo ail teene approtriateed for the beile-
inte. The rutmtor is witot fotndiatiotn
A edefitite stinthis nt yet beetse
asid'. lTisdelitail, it is touetgt, eil
e delayeduil ttuarchitetuiralestittcte
f the applroimaitteametitettecessary t
bined stc ieed ifice is isdemeatded In
thelinivtierite neds, lisve betttmtde
Whenthee builitgis eceettletee, i
addeitioneto tle regular -chetitr classic
laboraoyore-iket-- iieletrotlerapeui
tis elysitihitr, ateiletiteia eiliestil
lx, asiged-Istae nter,- tiereiee lee
tote 5stion t e lm-edi-icl laortorie s
'Te sitt f tee-builitg thas etueyet
beenctenet. Several of lergetan
mtany f the facuity, litwtever,-carc kowete
tiofaev-etcgreuniteliiithe- teigtteerteeeed o
te-ptetetidetal bultdhig eeldtpsycot
logical hhteleci rie, 'e tins rite
ters, ligether wlihe ti'ahlele ithil
is eetiee e teiemhaelonbgee-itBgeti
scoally regarded s campus eye - e
Their dletructiontoeiv ele ltoia lew
atndllarge- chemtisre- lbuilietgitill ii
lbtlive-i s-elit--iwithleneraitt claim.
1100 tLI,51I TH 111StI lN's
tidtihti ethitiictiiovtertesntitls-li
(of potsesinig a ,tititiicicluthouste,
apptear, is juis1tickiltititigt e e liei
by a dlisirs e ttel perfetlyet hm
Almtosti a cenistnt sreameofstuent
flows ineand-etee ttf elthe Uiontutu hltlluste'
antI althettughle tscra~tis renot ise
cmnpleted, Ie etheon esits of opinioniee
thaIte realizatioetceeds-il the epcte-
tiot. speially is tistle ntrgrdini
the (]flietg rotoi.
Ne-isplns for ts'eccomttutatitln ieof
fe-ttttetv isitoir-haiebeen Is art cranedgs
-eand it tiill ntitte etoissibleltoenrai
laedies a editneeer ec icltitiuptoinigetsst
this-v Per their ciueeietcc Mrt- Kuthil
list gratedtleute teof etrcpialr',-,i111)(11
fitest days. poe thesethys a - iee-
coutrse icebele It liteeditteer itill ee serie-e,
t cost sevently-fi-es-ints. jeciltaIbl-
d' litl nheoleets itill lee sr-d Sti-
[lays fromttI2t 3, aneett siltcistei ft-
'fleedititg romweill clso te oeliitfet
laneleets oeelaseawndeelall''thertiti-
versily- organiatieots. Air, Kuutitletiill
alsoecotteutt aetilusides-caeritgbusieess
Whichiwilt ntelemitetoelte e-stettt
botdy. A listed ititter eel regelcr
boarders tiill le acctmnmoeatedl at the
cletbhoutse atestecial et-ek rtes.
Cared tabletten eteteeeroesttherpees-
f frtittre, as wselI as rgs, dratperies,
hacll carpets aeteel Ier deceeratines, ate
leeen ordered, het seeunttexectede deay
atIreventedee their arrival By the first
of ext tmoth the special cita ordered
for the cletbe eil1le ready for us.
.Michigan Ution stationery till soote
le provided for the use of all members.
It will bear te appropriate insignia of
the orgatnizatioen.
Progress this year itt the practice cortr
cf the lair department has beeno rater
slow and it is not probable that aty of

lhen cases will he triedl on their tuerits
beefore the Thtanksgivitig holidays. To-
tmorrow is motion day in the court.

IN I, \lON (IA'tlOL'SI
Tlee 5 eclateuieotnlubihtoiuse-oen
its ceiee ot uiviersite-tcl eent
thitlecinitg islentheI ianiaems et o
Tt'te Sheieee s ItDstsyitill glvee ae dit-
itt- te to ilmersi ofiites sta.l iti- ltS eo
te ee ardeel coetro el entaeellt- eeeut
rere--ettiiuts CeI t e ll e te ClirsClit ee
a ofte iigaitering-s orccivieritv
eees-tere .Pof cl, ceailriteai
Cft e teeti-ed f cotrtl.gil itl ee-e tes-
usitster aedte Cllilig irepne;w
ACritic s it pint--ulProf . T'lma
'le lttublshe oeNt tee tlie-et-ank
G.. Katie
Sugetio;to ee('iles' A. 1". itltiie -
The- ailys, etlcy--Ptti etSut T ile\
'fileeDi~lyandte Li- tieenite trt
W e ley
DIII, SINS 1IltiI 11,11,' A -l
'lo eew i-s-ecerds fler te ut-s Cuene
ry c-leb's eaeenseal handeicapce wtcters- c.
illist-celbyeGaleA.e S Sti ltte-i
leys tetet Ili ee otoly t ieerel etIN set
-etleseesecoendti-teerecrdetime- othe
wsent, made by 1-lyd I II lastyea-
rti-ee won flst feeboh im- at
J. S. See, sth ceeteteitit[tC haltee l
leistecel secuetl Irt eiee n eteel t u-
real, wth tilhlesaetestllitce inse
hiiiIird. Ba lee-, hainge-it n
elf tmtnite ts ehandieapecaeille'seon
Cit- p'l'acceleit
iii eawrdede, bet .hull's etainaelteti
tet eseedelueett fou.tee
isthist Ctime'illithe hso~ ffl
ar teenrb th foritimet e l plce.
ses tmitettels 'aend ii}tnttitc - etee Dll
settee I( ran ithe rae is el eet
foemee intee , iee- t e t i' l -le e icsit
nig t ti tlcu s f rti te e-tC eel )[1ell t ill
le ititiooe lii-tee-aigo i av
leo t e 5\\,IIliC , i isCo.(i roCe Cn se
A lere ii-tuilistof metee nd u
fori tiesrun, nit ofsC the onn ni
,ndcaii ttitiSe me 5iCititt t ater ial e
iiex -ete e to \iii is lCl e a o do
ouCatl o ccu tC tuuCrap IC
('a h: ._ D l sra c) ie:C tie
eteet thee'Timte 2C'2,I
J. S See Ii eeeteeCe h ndC et l t , t-seeond
Roer Tal teetete handticpjtil hed
leeeialsateC eet(oeedllet teenut
lie,. IlT'omas I1. 55 ill eseccr tie o e
AmiericanFoe eeylasoiatitiwillde
lier i-' ilecture' inilee "Appaetacia e tenys
Ceii, St eltstet esN-i20 ~cwl
spektlinthle eesphtil teibo 1 or
letu e re tetets ,, o'c teetteeer.eeliti
comeslee iherI tsteeasieso h
it-rstytclub-ti isectureiis ar o
tyferet lpriteserattiefte frs
reere.I e as ieee of iii' lre t--l
the -tethandeinete Ci.et til Iitillicit
sttes-onetthis mtisin, adinllI plce'
lihssbeeettiel1 receiveed.
ilt.NltER (SOF ' ILEl'IC IlOARDl
Thee greaducate membeier of the Ipredie
cess Bnared of ControlofAthlietics iili
met, as fermuerlyt announeticed,te'apteteee-
ed by- theeAthletic assciation. lie wisll
le chosenct hy the directers sf the Alumitne
asessociation. Te earlier anntitteetete

n-was lite to aisteingraphler's erreer in:
copyitig thee resolutiotes passed lee the

Il E R nion Production to Have n M uich
L ocal Color--Pictures an Ideal
College ILife.
a1iii e ie o hcc i- C; I
o c1i C°i ." ' l i

"M is- 1IX1 l

1,1l, 11CC,

lilt21; lt
C t 1 1 :iit C ii

~ ie )tt 5 fCite -l:
tif-+i-' ,1' k".ptllCvCC e
t tliie h e cai Chi
an halfofth ,CCC wi" CC '
CC C - ~ll I of ll ' iwinill
big h s I)iviiII' -& in IN ii
o- fCr b-C. r,- Cil
Cc l iii( tC 1 ili : i t - E <
ethIi Cts us I ie- Ci1 CCl
hed ' Can Ctt l i e121" i _I "C,
tolll' l a, ti o ils 11it
wl 11cci e C(f h pa \
tinteast ithiis is ci uCthats
listo e itst liel iihe csa) he i
lee 11opctth t(', (Cci tt y II
chesseplects li')It-it' cuts inct
in e. ()nt-l lee'lu-I hyi i M (c iiCl
It iinlfe turci-eltiearCs tduaIce

Nie. 49,
"Commercial Interests and Ex-
otic Ideals have Delayed Pro-
gress," Says MacKaye.
NotisineeClue time elfSopocles ics
threbena etelroppotuniitty i t e-
'Iccue hetetioal rauthan lcumthee preset
). ie"s itrnc iJacKayc ii thee
n heuetcofevis whi Ihlee'deelveired
5,-er-elin at-Ccselbegel hall
heehi~r'e l hic utmec 1s rpecfor
ii etll hji utictia lccr aa to come
m c sci' "it ceusht ' i t-hut of
i> lr~ula intl CC-en hue See A crc, the out-
ti_, w l of urte' ioa l e culia ites teet
etch tutu-an on i hilthi til apeaucl tee
'l~ci~,'.saidC M r SI uusee, si'
'1 cl - :a it lacitie thi leu facu -l -luat
e-n 'ru-c -C ci cues cutd e ts hIdt oo
long Ccl tc-' I-e'et eceu tutueIsi.,Grante
i} c hi peel, s ethic hsitscud acultshe ct
bru ipadtt ci' ccs bu t technr
u IS cauetill eender e cii i c inCittc-
X i , A wican sClf-ChnilC iehs not'
C, t e tied i cite'
C \' ni- C n 55 - wh t e Ii oh-Ccu
t '-t', ic-i ci t <° r~ tee £
-ci i itddrma i ricicle. comerialee
Suiteapii- r, es, ' ie
th sth e -hitic i ii'ioiou
1 ii. o ' id nPaisa lou erf l-
, - C I lr ut i cltsri Ihci C ilttut u
- ' hcnf r t i t n i - C
n.e PlueilnoCt et co sd hit,
nC i1 s il t wici s Cnoti l in e ice_
C S allt i s ccTh e n cci i le' hs cee ct
- Tl isccis -t 'etil nhui IC lii do
It it Ic cl C oi ci- u
s , I-_, . e m s c al w
e 11 e ill S( 'tINlY 1,5oNlardemnd'
''t heiccriatedc. 'hI-ll bgaltsi s
C Cl)i-AI lC, e t c 't the nlI e res rc i -
end ris, .- (Iritt-s le lin st gie
Mli, Ii ii c e ehrt years lii'ecuuo -
). ?]cue 5 1 - eu-s-euaeandum de rnh te ari--lcuu
si col fees t u l scetut, ofslighem ii-
c c, is litle 't widchee'i e ofs a !tete-
'cc he 'i i Eeeiia s et lul ime i
l tte r si plae dhe hwi ll outsa girst
ice mi a itacesri titei beIlull, nicsv ani il-
cngindhisltms linu-tipurasdlo
- t a iee l ittFor c ielears h e i olrl pntm-
us ,ouihasteeni-compseeditodissian
atil te sfoo'tbalI seaso'ntowint o n
C i c 1 te stits adthe itaciess aiplatee.
" lie i ll plas e euuitecesandluon ceacgo rsd
C1I faclute s isetaeet enagleet ittay etai'nuue it
roomstuin clugill Hle-l. ewandthu- e
Ch o c c - sion uand eaeu sctthhelcipro et-
.x w i 'hbe su itt ive e t s isens sses-lr ,
- i I c tuit ' eeuuulu'' i ie ttu

it s htinutih, IL. I4' b-,.ures spocke
ice Iri-ilye aiClue-cheese eelthoee' cu-tiug ini
Cw' e lie it:eisis cci the 'ilt'il-cit tetiioi,
it-i ueuessil g uponuu eutesh C It-titime-irt'yite
10 h-it c uturl i tutu cenutdh itieu Ih1ud
dckefo chtt.

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