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November 07, 1907 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1907-11-07

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The Michigan Daily



No. 3q.

------ - - --

PE K Y SE T S LE soin hor, all persons hodig tickts
ronm oo o 75inclusive shonld e at
GOES ON WITH RUSH sad oti mornin.At% tandr
an tis thogthat swhen the stock
Over 11,000 Tickets Sold Yester- of nusismbers i''nestat s o'clock is x-
,day-IlnterClass Championshiphaseteblofheaewilav
Game As Curtain-Raiser.__
-- ~In ordeIr that te tisie ieore the tse-
Openingiteproceedings with sa rshstsgissisisg of sheIig gasse will ot grw
-utiliing twss issanings of Isevwotrd teioss, Ise Atsetic Assciations has e-
snltaneosty-a lngtinsgue oh stsdenits ciedt to ilt the caspiossship gane if
patiently awaited turns tos get a csnce the isterclass series as a curtain-raiser
yesterday at the seat for ithe nsn"foritIe Pesns game'Te class game.
game, aisd when te Athletic Assoia-in5 wichssI it is likely that onlyt 20 or 23
tan closest sp shsopsfor Ite dasy 't a iis sts Isales will te played. wilt pro-
o'clock inire thsasn t000seats Isadt beeni ll itnIi iat s'clock, adais 5son as
sold, assil there si-rcismire ttssiss4io stilthe, clsssschaspioshsip is seided the
waitig for their turds. Wisthtsesex-tias i ih islet lst decide;te ti tersee-
'eption of the rushsisg thtstmnsredt the tisstiaspremsay sof tecunitr swil trot
attempt Iss secure tplacesin the lisse ait teseiis thfiItt
very beginning of the sae, teicilyis
isiseu loatng with sunptrecdetedtct sot- sScre t prascticc iiitprparations for he
ness andI with te igges etpIrtts game cotiiueiscvtera. Owing tis
sntchrndest it lioks as if theseasttsdete slppy cnditionisioo the fel, the
swoisti te conissedititshout anysitIof slitheor iswsilt isiste litgridiron. The
sissaisfsction tlosstIsss soisetimies beefs vaisiy iswas shoed throg a hard sig-
cts'rseteristie f the adacsedsaeibi-ist patic ee stetethe soss'field, ut
fore ig gaine.noscrimmsiissage was attemiste, s Coach
Direcor Fisiriladotsedt sinews-s stissdshes nitiw ih its gis ito the 3Penn
saugeisesitthis yia, anis far it hs °\isu is Ii'full srenigthTh'ets
prosvedl ciuinenitt'sast isfatoryies. Theien workit ye issteras- sli'i minarkedt fign o
ire east hasliositheotic m l ieacserssi.555cl mi'es ii helinisept, altif.tle svarsits
reservedt Isisstudsents adsuetyes-tt mo isisis n lg itothe sigia tprctice.
ters-anyonesf wsomiouldesisitscre os
seat isi this blocoe 'f 4,00 seats ia tst s'shsre'ari essistitle of stres tsat ar
redusecdl, price of 30cenits. Thsi "is s" ligoig -teiisssstsn sits oansid Isi iVl-
tin tegiss at the center f hefi l iiiscrins
islusies alt ofithecti css btween 555Iii (t,ernisSii culzt drgget Yist over
;r5-rd lhne ansI te endothif leacithi- sites cetofIthe gym teiter after-
it's" nonliii t i iit i f great mystery asi
tn all 6,300o sesat sere exemsptedsitfroii seccciescss 'Yost extected ts hear scisme
tie sate hest yesterdasy for the benefli i ito ofthe isigas'hail besisie knoswis adi
she pusblic, ndt 'f these 6fi00iio tice-s trossctt suoer widil eske, ut weiei
were telfor ssteits. fSectisonsJ ii iiiste o suwy Ifcriss te'cross-i, the 2 o-ouni
nirth tsleacheis conaisinssigs00et s o cntrI skdunit aisiwshiserig svoic'
reerveds-fi r iii eIvasitit t lyrss sit s ssi cleitsysuitrareciIt' oiiutis
'irc frisnds. le tboard o f rgnsiri- c-sor sftsr this-,
ineminersf tir' tress. .'Acrssss tild t i's i'is e smsatter'?"askes Yost.
in the southIbechesrs 5al5eiisitireihuble i"Well, ci sceni ct cii (Grmanasy,
etons st tsresentr of he ild-tt ii nc hswao ig thes' sslupiniiiIsisthroat, 'ccr-
hosnsatis-is tbeig sve 'feasis1Ic11i, itah-my gic lisks Isim gtiigtatid, asd
asnu jiudgiing froistewa I ets,'si-gStir w sant, itoqitswierisg thetisisg."
setlig insPhladlphtia, thesalltmnt '- "o '" ''ltiles1 Yost ''itstatss ass
hcsrs os' tosslarses. hIsir lieUfintsi
accor'dinsgl, asties' thestudets had t Asit poiois 'issis iwas uslft ii tic
bietss allowseditotitketir icki' of t5e. 5 puIllsedis iilt issnibsoreli'.
;0 'cent sets, threswere' lt ysitis
mossrning forte gsneralsale sit'sniiss" ' sr-ias lctrng te scud isilsthess
the niliorders-the folowsing sieitistsns: it itafter -i scrsismige
this esstirs- aesstsitf ifthe snorthi bliach-s 1 eeSireIi iellowsasidsiesr,"Iswast
irs, exlnsusie of icSo t as c5'55 ontainediiYiosiallstoisge"t ii bseiese' ight lefore
its SectionisJ; le essire sossitslaht 'ltcks 51 ii ire;isis dsIdon1 i t 'i esu is
exceplt thesecs'stionssgis-nsto Iii hu adh toui t anyt i it iis nsihtsteits''.I's-c
lie esidt bseachlers st te weticsd5 of sit hr ithit somesnofiysoisfelowsssasve
tts'heistd-aitotal ,of 'usoehs i ga ighst"anlithasi t uss ghsave
ithain thans i,005i5seats hniai n g i grea"sissstufttos, litst dn'
Is wiasst first fesiedit htu ssembeieveit.iYouisis tetver sdis snygthig
oh flinsg tsuisthe (si-i odercreet's'5 cousi ldisitlikethIsa tso Iou, s usselils?"
tie devised h uisles souldibetsastisfactr,' ( "No,.sir, i-- -,'r'pli'dtthe lg
tut the sassociationsiuatty sdeidedisponta inemn
haplpy semne, which hasismaisie a it 1 "D. ' idot, Schulz?
Ihie tectiosr ema'ininsg 'yesterdayugumsrn- " io sire. snot coii yousr life."
sg were hblockedi oftsoil the uailordsinti "Wissel, I ldit thistlethat yost is,
ad suduents were givecn their seats i isis I lust herrusos."
alternate sectlis. Fosr examiptle the Nosiristattes that "Geruany" ars
students isn line were aliusedl toicisose Cntinued on Page Four.)
their seats frostsSection sI wsilll Sectioiss- -
MI wnouiltic givensto hise out sto us 'tiwn l/0 . hhBE'IAt'TO'I'DLCTURE
patrons 'its the sordrisswhich. their IN TA'PPAN SAlL , TODAY
applicatiosadhuasrrired. Isthis isas.
its, - phuuusuianthstudiensts suitwishinssg o thes'condt numert'out the Cerce
st'n thte reducedt pric sectinsss wr. h'ais'satiqe lrascais series of free le-
giveneqiual consiterations srs byhi'i ssussrs of te Frcth faculty
Although us ,ooo sesats have beii soitwill hegvess iT'atutan ahittlecture
there are sill avsaiale aiut 6,om ood ooi m isius st :00 this afternoon. Thinsb-
seats, the miajorit sif shich ill soubt- jectis 'sit Pas hBasque." 'The talk
lss he sol today IDirectorBaisiru illt ticgisems hg Professor eiat All
isishedc' the systenm of nusmbehring muore sre invied to attendil
flly explained, in order that studuets Tlhuirsdaym, Nov- 4, the talk will e
swho have uot yet purchased their _tick- g-ems byi ProfI-Hugo P Thieme The
vs will not haseo standsilinhe fr susjct withlle "A travers a France."
hstourns t a timse. Yesterday numbssir

were given out to the msen itslhue, rust- ;studienats desiring to wait on table
ninug as highs mis900 Before shiv da's at time iiiganu Union Banqumet
swuck _endesh all numbuhers uto b5 oo hasds
heen cared for. Consequently at 8 cetport stin octinC, University Ifall,
o'clock this morning tumbhecs heginning Iranctl a or Friday, Nov.. 7-8,
snubh6(M will he given consitderafions, amid, frossa'4 to 6f. Previoua experience
Is it is possihle to dispose of abosut ra isANaifinag' sn table is necessary.

HOLDS 110111W

Robert Clancy Writing e1 Sut-
day's Celebration akes~-
Thy stormi of disctssion following
Sunday night's clebrsfions on here
tunsof she footisalteams frtmn Nash-
ville, has sut et subsh.ide. Many oin-
tousswere isoiced yesterday, ad the
-esss takens in thirstssema in most pare
toi te ufasorsihle to the semonstraion.
IHtet Chick president of the Mich-
igsan msUnisrpyig to a qtestion
whlethses theis utost ad encoraged the
celebraton, sait: Nos The Union had
nouthinmgschaevr ethisdo switsorganiig-
thse s chicbr usisnsof last Sunday night.
uAnyianmshaslt iprssins-to thu cotrary
sir' errinsis ansds' ist shout fouiation"
tiaC ooliese s noss iinsed for a ig
cs'lebration5suin vitorsy He says:5 "If the
teamssss lithcr s nsouesgreat necessity
for asisg clebration.s But if it is de-
fete her shy gumvethmcu a grad welcome,
ishIethisr usist isuday nightf or not"
Robers I t ll. miCsasu in eimmication
toi 1T s i inD ' gaiiousy- takes all re-
spiiity- fs ouriorganiing the eletra-
sits smithciiirects the upressions that
the ivhigan sUnion hid, auything what-
evses u teso itiisthc affaic.He inites
"h'Ir lusIbhatms.for tiecelebration
of misc Isistbsall t'ims return Sunday
ight histbeen laisd at thur dor of the
iictiga nuhsiosn. Please alloss' ne to
stateuha tnthiv rsponsiiiity for the whole
sftir lies siihsmus, I pannuedshfle affair,
csollectedh he misone, ought the fire-
wnsrsstund ditrbuted thens A numer
of felsw studentsiswere accessories, ut
Sheyt'scedh st miygrequeust Membhers of
the foostbal eam a sskdtsie to act on
tie eommuite thassi coslefed the money
fr tic scrubssand the Afhluetic Asso-
cisations reqtuessted se o ake sole charge
of thy repiorts of misc anderbilt game
its 'nisisersityital, as well as the wet-'
come t'ousthiv fosotbaltemnson Sunday
night. I sswss udetr cslor of this dele-
g'ste sdauuthosriy thiat I explied the
Sususlsi'night cleb'tinii idea and the
deficit inthie Scruubs' 15usd to the Audi-
ensce iniv ii esiy Hflal Saturday after-
noon. The stuents sands faculty mem-
bers whoss iere pesent gae liberally
andsu ntarhsusssiyi 'f sseir msoe.'So much
fr thus et-sf te case
Thse post-morustems spcislists are now
sut anduu 'cesting fle ton-ois
agistsftie Facuult, the Student Coun-
cil, the cergy std the police for not
tresvntisg the ceehration, and against'
'fig .VishCsssuAsss [DAsY for aidig
thiv affaireuiturialy By a strech of
tie imatsginsations, fle Michigan Union
was asoi dragged into tie affair None
nf the zealousu reforcmsers were fhem-
selves herdeinithtmuakef-place cryng~
osut against fle iiquity eoe it o-
curresd,asuit'ithey hdlusiiItll and ae-
q~uate notiiec thsat the event was to fran-
spire. 'fle freworks were not ought
untilitStu'diy nison, smithupon protest,
they ight neer hasve been oughf.
Onuthmiscfirs Sundtay evening of last
Jiune, hiv suduentsasuetfownnpeople we-
consent 'ich fle trck team from the
EasternIn iteriollegite Meef. Yells,
soings, es-in, the U. of M and, a
huge hoire nc sear the campus, and se-
eral doubleh-arreedsh totguns were used
to ctonvey to the track team the pride
ands gratitude of tie assembled hosts.'
ft sins Sundayiand yet no protest was
made Andsomafromo ftie immemorial
Michigsan's athletic feanms have been
welcomed houe on Sunday evening,
If fhe Sie hss come fo aoish Su-
dlay ceebrafins, well and good. Bt
let us do tar good deed whth less hard
language. RomgT CAe."'
Presidlent Harris of the Student Coun-
cil contribufes the followings
"The mriter of the communicaion'

Sgned VP, ta, i .in s. wo a
that Have ignor he quetin of Sun-
dy rsti iak , Why d .en'f the
Student Gbli act' . Is there no
authority wich~ can forefetd similar
,evets$?' Whd he Asked himself these
quesions 6fore gfrint notoriety to the
situation, hte woud, nodoubt, have called
the altetioan of the Council t, tha case
We rlalie that it is olyi witj the hxelp
and, supjra of thte sttdnt, individually
and as a hdy, thai exiting evils ansI
mistakes can be rectif4A. It was the
duty of E.,1P Unum to call the atten-
ion of the Council to' what be considers
a wrong state of-agits,at it is the dity
of all students infotrtted in the welfare
of flhe University Notoriety is oe way
of acconmplishing tip ent, but a leon
ipublic way is to call upon the Council,
This mst nt be ostued as umeaning
that puliity shopuld'tnot be giveun to
existing evils, in ouar euskst, but that pub-
licity should e ._fron thte'ivstigat-
hng comnmitte of the udt bdy, tim
Student Council,
"An error that this wier, tgethec
with others, has fallen inttwis shown by
his uention of-the Council's assumptions
of police power The Council members
are not policemen, nor ae thy uemners
of a court o try, police. cases, Thue
Council las only asserted tht in cases
affecting the fair name tnd interests of
fle student body or tht1 University i
will constitute itself as a court of in-
quiry' It has no legal right to try cases
in lieu of'the justice ourts,.-no matter
boss desirable that might be, but in cases
where fle welfare of the University or
student body is at stake it will investi-
gate and pass judgment, regardless of
court decisions.
The Council will investiate this mat-
ter of Sunday rooting at its naeeting
-,ext'Miwuay, stint if E. P. Unstn or
others having ideas upon this maer will
communicate with me or any othr
Councilman, their views will be care-
fully considered, B. HiARRIS,
The first 1f the series of Deutscter
Verein receptions to faculty and news
members will be held this eveing in
Barbour gym, 'Prof. Max Winkler, head
of the German department, will welcome
those who have just been elected to the
Yerein They are Messrs. Raps, Fri-
day, Willey, Moore, Monroe. Carstens,
Hebler, Marquard and Kat. There
has also .been a new sophomore girls'
section organized this year with twenty-
three members. The elections to mem-
bership this year, however, have not
been closed.
'The social committee, R. Schottsteadt,
chtairman,, Miss May Baker- and Miss
D~eardorf, have made arrangements for
a series of literary and social evenings
to be held throughout the year. Each
ncttgis to b devtd to a different
Jade' in Germatogtand litrature
T'he programs will consist of readings,
music andl informal talks by faculty
mnemnbers. The reception tomorrow
night, being the first one of the year, is
to be on a laer scale thns some of the
others., There is to be music for dan-
cing ad light refreshments
Carl Smith wil lead the reguar
Thursday nigh meeting of the Y M
C. A. tonight. At 6:5 he will give a
short talk on topics of the day. This
'will b followed by an informal dis-
Seveal delegares from the Suet
Association will atendtadhe General Con-
veto Df.tC.,Y M. C. A. at Washing-
D:Cconljtuauig from Nov. an to
a6. UP- coe' 4,tes intertational and

will be addreused by se'eerat prominent
met, Theodore Roosevelt, William jen-
niings Bryn, Amassdr Bryce, Gov-
ernor etlkt. jo-niR. Mtt, and Robert
E . Speer amongthew.

Clarence E. Eldridge, After In-
vestigation, Declares Adverse
Criticism Is Unfounded.
Clarnscce E.. Edridge, for 'i'n DALY,
tins saanit asnsvesigationi of the recent
sttsck, it a conmunication directed
agansst te Athletic Association, He
sets forth Iis viemws of the siuaion~ in
the foloinog afice:
Oswing tos the recent discussion regacdI
isag the satitudehcassussuesh hbyithe Ahh ti
Associatioma regarding tflsuebsnih, a suml
vey of mtsc situation, acked y a lit
ressirchl work. seims to e a propo
Like' Mr Rheinschild, Iantsnot here
graftfussthe AthleicleAsscaton, uts
like im Ius asm s ssusiug he duty-as
sptinug editoruofsit luthAt,s---of pre-
sseinug the is'deeof thus' seaker eemnt.u
It assst he admittedt that B's con-
munaiuosits a rcent issue of TE
DILYt wins ini large part tru-at least
truss'it sosumaricas the author said, "For
if so, then thins' ar a couple of
thsousansd cthrs mum lhe Uiversity"--
nanmelyhyold urh the sentiments x-
pressedh in the commnatication. "B" was
sincere in wnhat hems-oe; of tt there
is little dosu-HiIls nmaimn defense must
he tuat Isvsis woefully igorant of the
true conduiionu of affairs of which he
attemsptedt to inite
First, sands problyimo' st ismportant of
all cut theehalenges i shiito make to
Iis insicle is one regarding the financial
conditionssofstthus'Athlecic Asociation and
she hearnmg that financial condition
wouulIssue ini a master ike sensing the
scrubts tim Nasllehh. It is sell inown
in sa vaguse sit f way'uttthe Athletic
A'sssocisationthisisbesnci tssaatremendous
expsense tie past ess years it complet-
ing the imaprosvemsents on erry Field-
the exact amuont spent is of course of
little imsportne-ands there is not a
studesnt inthle hiUnivrsty who will not
poitsouut Fecrcr'Fiedt n.sweck from Sat-
urday to-muhus frindss as hiv finest ath-
chtic fiehldi America
Anoter itcm of a fiancial character
sihichs pays no incosiderahle part in
thse fact hunthiv athletic association is
'ionthle rocks"-ass B pus it-is the
disastrosus efect producedt y the Con-
fernmce actioss Not only dos the su-
sents get reducmeds prices for fooall
ticets-wiSch for the Penns game alone
will curtthSlasssociatiounore than
$5,om00-1111t thcesntire fotbl~al season is
affeced.sh F/onexamspse, it his always
Sure st omauryithischage $.o for the
Ohio Statc gassy This yar it was lim-
possile. Ohio State brought along a
crowd ofsit sudents and it would have
been manifestly unfair to chage visiting
students $uiwhile our own studtents were
admitted for 50 centn. To dimen'minae
hetweensiom State studets and their
friendts would have een impossible;
hsence she general reucion in price and
the resuling loss to the Athletic Asso-
Upoms the Yanderilt game and the
Peunsagsme mush: depend Michigan's ath-
letics fteflencuisieear Iithe varsity
sqtuasd were twenty-one players, and the
emntie pary consisting of coaches, train-
ers, and mnsagers consisted of twenty-
six persons who were taken to Nash
vible, at ass expense of more than $,30
Mtiichigain's shae of the receipts of b
gAmne were $3,40, leaving a profit to Ihe
associatioin of $,10, while it would ave
takenm nearly tie entie amount to ake
the. scrmubs to Nashville in the same
way that the varsity was taken. Does
shah appear o fai-minded men that

the scrubas' expenses would he hut a drop,
in the bucket, as compared ho the sofat
receipts of the association,"' as "B" so
eloquently pust it?
Concerning the claim that the scrubs
could be sent wish pant of the money
tContinued on Page Two.)

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