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October 22, 1908 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1908-10-22

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The, Michiga Da ily


He Is World's Greatest Mining
Engineer and. Highest Salaried
"Theyit have a miller1 (ver1thtere int
1111! 11111d m iesawa",is tte Ixvay tht
olle ofl thte.famou0s1 l 1111to tbrothers
charactelrized1Johnt Hays ttanIntittottd
)-a s a o int I this is 10 t ttt. tite
111111111), enitsr..teeis'ft toonthof
raret il i f t11111 c1ssul mtie(abe
ofil ty,11 0and 11.th 11e 1 tra e-edad iisttot.
plis mens 1ha \\oilfor Mr. 1tiatltlnlotd
11!1, PI,-551 IN RtI 'IIIAN 0P1110.
Mri IHammondl ltlis tainig a1 promtlinlet
part 11intrsenrS~l ~t mpaignass 11110of
taty lle it s 1 prilomtinet lyO spo~kentof
a> the emiblian nomiee1fortevie

amotng the sattetrottrockss, jptskIttIa
ctttttk of qutarlotzdsay, Tis ooeihss
a5 nutgget ll tt,"tnstsve1015seldomtl 5as
A sriN~t 11AT515 1
Hits father seenthe itnttterest of itis
son1ttsntttteralosty set h iimi1totsal,j
swteroeIte 50a15grasttultdfoots tteSitef-
Fieist Sientitec Schtsstt 1n11876.Fstt htr
preparations sas ohtaittettbpytreeess'
stttdy inthetsoRoytstSchttots f Minstt
Freiberg, Gertmatny.To nturtttttlit
tstde was adtted tite sest sof techitl
traiing. It tootsabosts tttellyeset for1
Htatttndts to actiee51 repultatio1111111
tmtsde Bartsato irothters, 1of Engtandistt
antioutott o 15secuestehint1s thirtsciets
IN 0110 OllORttO (lot SIlt 105
Rettrnintg frotttIFreiserg o Amer'ic01a
its 188olitows appotiteastIsptcitlex
pert ontthte U.. SG(esolgicat Sttrrey
atns Mitneral Censuts tosexomite t0gold
fietssof Casttfotrnti. itswen111oIVleNi
icoan sitsusperittdetsthe tt ar'ieo sisve1
tinites at Sottotra,'subseqnly rets turn-'
tttg to Casttfoti'ansttteiominttg- osult-tt
intg etngineterof 11111(s 111Grass o llw.
His wtas atss osonsulttg Oengineersfo1 theit

prstis 1111ad1his8filurettt sto (ecu00 iso (Ctolledont01Ptage 2.1
.1 11111io Is ndot edtit itl islue t1 hi
suportrs etinginthieldtt.so l5 ate.
Ills ont nes tm11111inttts 1111lite tOER8 1 iiLt.I t AMN MN[O
lie 111areitte1Nilt.IHammond151. I[toeFOR JAM [SON RAI.\t
sims tgisve11up lla $00,000psistionttfor tave gotte throttghttantrsy insg eoNr
tinc whch wuldhav putbut$120 10 50 i snetteir mtarriasge inttSit. Of
'T ls11111 ~l1otIl 11 011 tthettt Mrs. tHamndll ha tssais: "NOVe
tils 1ttt11lllt 111iII lisshsesle sstt 1)110-halesustfferesdlmany'hairdtshlips ill 0111-
thir th sus wichhe oul drw te totn and tdulrintgtttyearly life atth
I11rt 1ofeach lit Oi Vlt 5wou5ld tlt in sstess I tate kntowntthtt waIs1515illiss
iccllik t( b e~ nig $.33.33 t-3pe tundrfeod antdcotld. I htssse slept wvitt a
hy abysont sy' hreast, ttttter a1 cart1intheIls
Io(ll'ttetldttst of thte tighs roadss. We ohave tts'v-
11111 011111100 '~' elet togethisnevtery p1no1wn5'sor101 1f
Nitanygits r.I ltltt5tl tte is--
11111 ~t 11110 ts ~ft 01s~l~re 'hicies, butllock wagon0t, 01111' -lot .and
ucion f it ng11 the h.i hsiitttolaittdpotsvate Iuttttn.s Ftot'dst'atsa tim1e1
pln n hevvordil adiio t thspmysadlo tasibeetn tte o itos
1~wa 1111 s I111101%, gr0eates1t miintg ell- tilave os'toanttyttl p11l5'ow15'1I
beent mtyittsha's5omrtade, Ih iisi greastest
01111wrld iN reatlyindeb1'ted tit iTerdes110 ttimeloalfoilr thMr
has111inlte -C1ars1b0011sw1100ng 111111e0- the famouts Jatttsott ra1itoli 10111. 1111
siiVr 111e0 '111toun1151tries'If toe gloeisftlthespportbrs of CosiRhodelts, 1n1d
is bee du 111111ilp0111'11ill llet at oth aidltforthtitoreasots 'alonte,51it111t 111'eviI-
icras (5 in l the roduclstion11of1thold standItetctlo lthetofaottte Boetrs tiarnuimit
in-, medo'im. Titis Oliirap lIIOi t Isehs 'T'totught Ot itHsttttosdtstlottI lihffirmed
bee due tils1o JoIlay1115 sssttstttttndltmoreitis inntoc~ee, Ito 5555 arrested1 11111
isa 1to 111115otitert'ttsts. Fot' JohnlI ihays;'thrttst 1in10 prisontsitt Preo~ra. Promslis-
1 111 1111011''mell" sever1l111m5satsd itttg retu011011 vhett ealledi uponII to1stantds
ther1111 IctiscvIIIl'severali goldlin115110ri0115, ho wssperttittedtot oto IIICapes
mean Ilstat the ttidl wave o'1 (f iprospterityTp owsn to regaint his healtht,alsthoughlthiel
regaitnting of i en ta is old belt1
11111isg 11iu 11asinvsigo~raltedtr101110sen~tencteodedatht.
l=lt 1111ded t ntsial p~l~rgress.It hao Wheth e titmeo csatmefor ltimtts 1r001101
de ills11an1110actoies,~l0 t it sttteaser thdistttress of hiss wife oatsbe isoOill
1100of tlltlllso 1115 de imit. inted. Thseir friendls ttrged toorIto
cissttsde ther fromssatltoing toorthusbandtl
I;R'ttF l tt II0IN'11 1,11ODVIELD.11 to10retunito10certinitdoeast. Hoswever,
il Itslll1855twente gldbtexcitemtetlssastte totnor antcd hotnesty of idattllsotll
111gret i .Cliforialthere.111000s born tcotspellecthito refutse to leave Africas
10it SanItFranctiso whoills 11dsestitnedt attdescape trial. i-toreitrned ill Poe-
1'. 1d1sco15er11110 golld thant teswildiest toria, was tried itt a farcical ttatster
dream 11111a1nyll"forty-ntiner" eser gave atdstentsteedt to tdesth. Hatttttotss's
ise o. Tis ittd1111oldot 11hells hut tmatty friends itsAnterica got ishelie-
010te 0 dfve lon~tg switttestatty partment of state to take ttltte matter.
1'VII whtl oore0 enga~gedt it tile hutttsfor Pulice neetinsgs wore hlitnit stomeIof
1Ao ' th H sesd to sit and11sltemntlytyhe msinintg districts of tse west, atss
and1 thoutghtlfuliy swatichthtie gutltttitters ttere swere plans on foot to forns regi-
55 'shittldirt0'and gravel for gold. Whsenosets to tbe senst to Sostht Africa1 antI
ists abou 101111tIto h ttttself soothusnot- nmarcht uponS Preisoiandatscavoe Hats-
1,4- 1110 1t,11and his ehs 5 were55 t0uIsutally mntd frottiatn untjutdeails,wsethe11
More0 sttccssftlthathtss tose of tse old senttee was fttstlly conttsttedt to at fite
ines.ItO I le ou0111111 ot ltnd111lootkof $t25,ooo.


Centennial Anniversaryo
coi's Birth Will be Cot
Th 11 1111' il00' oniderltsf its
I nary fottil '51lltlhaving111101
1.111011 itt t111111c101110, ot
isceo t he cntita tti
Aliss 'irbl ti 11101 acivelI
the grea1 'st'is tolttich is still ilt
theword hte oligatinI toit
typica lld Net so1uitue :mllllIA
be 1e ilss"0'1 r. issl 'CarN
cote in 11n11l111111ppreciteIam
al l sitetelt Ilh itswort:its Iail
1511 hin ts'r illyt'most 0 11111 I
as11 for11the sympathe1t11111 sight lil
tnua ileloflthligreat Presi
Nls i llbl ht 1 og \o
111111111111 II lit rup til e Is l 'atfo '
is 111111 ill 11e1 lstsu1a11) 12
1011 isaddleill promss tllti hi
her1' 1.1111 11111Ftbluar1112.
111 1111ill1lifehIs ill11 111 m
111101ctiss of litrturea alpr
leriatsiasndl is llr' insictsh
lwr1 to51151 ss l IilI 'ld of iher I
biogr'lhy a sitis Miss
cIaracter iss'tn'sit which .A sssis;>
Ttit he1s1l1 for hesi wort: Il
11e1l1 af Iser 1;ol .1111duou s 'tdll' 1101
loriA11 111111 11 wentoll l ar.ist~
and Colleg1111111 ills 1 '1110
11hat 1sh 11b sstnilt) ]make t 111111
hisItrical i 111T1 at she 1mar0,
sIll astll shown b hes r sisti
ft'e m s til' netrat11 ig tsd- f1111
ca1111111111 Iftll.French 111 lt1
ofLi nc'ttoln," shltdtils slt Ifltl1 1111
is at r it it1d1 ill 1L tllse iest 1
tits'sist 8.c 1 1c111.lfn II i tttssHe
mss't ola eriod1111111 thisc
1110 Stitl 1-heits pen''titwo' easito t11
crnt n td igoigt'01 0 51 hi' 151il ill tI
for 111.1 iii. it oftlit sfhi tSalda
Cp 1theip i iisgneics he f st
f remndu ftmiouil ntpli ofll5 p11ain11

TH a ot e isiiofsspines'TAKAHIRA IS I
['IIOR wrte tsrs siith~ ios FAMOUS__DIP
of tin- t llilIudince tlog iethan atmtt1115He Is (lOne of Japan'sF
aniem- lii llisfhisiltits I iisi cesful Statesmen ai
dienhce wsishlol site allits hIteis sti s icas Great Friend.
111rry) 1111 twhoi sill heo asb'togis nto
t sb ifor'h 1t5111 he silo tIi dak-andslisdirs'ssi)ss s' r frosslsJapan to is
so ts - iiw ilhthIto 8.1iids ii e yesI n ina l 1 St e 110' a trac sed t se'gate
lii til of Iiertface /ail s in~tgrty.ll S11e is11111
nay te slt ittlifarlssexp' t lisin'sowessls'lic t[11 In hstgle I ihi wa> aI
1151 inistheI \gIILAO't' Neo
far-si hatN ofsiki ng itiis a rlssi' t t em n . thIn inSot e t ar b
Its ii ttll~imit j-i~~. ~- is 5 an sipa . o his I s> s s sl
15 111h111 i LAiI151 111 l iii tu\\O sNi. i re th u i ss of ill ] -i.
1 lis T HEi' Ii iisA'io'i 1 i tWsi"R n ca mlIcie
ii' is t lseak sill het sprin. ,tihas!onsii'p~-cll" ti i
hmeit NO tit, woikeitss 55 Isti)
grena e asm demaIllsds orhi mtucII
tel ha tsuchit t i noil onil ii n i hs l h ltl'' I'iskespic5sse mstuli
n a I t , 'i rit
dreshis'hrutols is'huts 'i hLiss' onIs II Is ie entre5th5-
ta Iiillkg i im illi vat or is I Ist s IsaIts '11,- t ;ia'
s l h-lt'llsi l i st ii itof O i i s'lasgesaidisncess lll lc 1o ,,,, ;
ih - tSi ti'ertt llttolit'lses( Ia 5- i s Oshe wa c l
I ~a I I hitait remembers it
not iltlfIascts fr ien sseat rC a eo f Mi' huh ss s etst l ls e d i il r ce ad fiin o t e tls th s o t' g ul M I k h n: Af ic s ring51 th ro"s 51 r
i~il11 i'ii ill Ii is Is ill Iiit110111
at te I Liton ereindl irlsdysi is
hits'r lnt-nelilit il i sl O lii ntisisc,
0711 s~ sstitwh o iso ti t 'toss' its.
ira cx rinal eme hss loil hin ss ga l l m sts siIx~rm II ii~
bes folmii iicny-Ill''e r
go1aI d l~~t ,( i ad ice, imitt bsl 010o 5151asll ,5coulhdlls
liosit ls t- itteIis iishs for im afer osten 1 ~~dci n s ,> I ,
llse 1111he t re11111 the11111 uits s ill1111
scores i vey t of ths 1111is c111)11 N ~ i otcgshl ~
n lito ie- B t m r h eh efr o l~tJ p . i siutil Ire wsl ir,
si ls Ii ttIitheSg nw vr itmiisilleveryitir-theI I I 51 igOicctoii~
as1 a Osi da11111 ha woma ,ssf hitss rtisii ]irect o ft erl' filtl e5555'iI'h'ss'','s's
hissr if ttits1l i t se hit1 h tituihiss 1 s 1 tr.I nilt0 t i s 0 111;a S
1 t]) Ii iohOS:s Isifetolr te si er,1 11111 11111 i s X)' o I8.h111111 r
lisit T fa ssLi ip-n to l isitilsi Rsissilt la esiis f \isiispR -1 ,fat o -
i, il'lhV'ii PssissiivsI a lng 'itiili fromliii sit hs IIiii ,blii:,c m
ill' niii .11 I in otuils a ma it s s's s r n f i :appo 111 'ssint sss = i tei
to sit a s lssat y 51' 0mi hit'sit h e cseid'tf'o t' si aIti 1.11st1rIs is I
10k as11.a 11,1 persotha'15als.ist i lhe ~h is sii meI Iss Coanlatrt \,,ra:
t ll he- tilioy i tim sikig shisscallon s ftormrs ivng rc c l ls s sa l
sspo'ten- ooinnd e of asttt1 teisi e tso f tio''aintsor i ts Ioo t oe ish Illsill ;n 'f
t ciit 'iu ht I 51 1 o ittss luls to i rt s s s
mlter" Ii lsitie11011111 it rtills sfnsV01111111t
11101e (Pit potSillce Ill,"I'IIVitils-t oo'ts-iius lttuis
ltii5I. not h its n1110 is iw P1 tolhilO fume.iI'5,los s it 1 mo1st IcIspab l ofilillo
st0sCstttsss 5 Is s s higihi t ype, 0 ioii'i ily Olils 1)s ,]1 Ii II hitsso itd w
(Ia'I hegeuiett~iiitc whh Hoextolp it Ish , inceslit ss 11,a

Mbost Sue-
nd Anmer-

II1( r Ii



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