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June 03, 1909 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1909-06-03

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ITH E MICHIGAN DAILY. disisiiis itthiss toii ttre n thtis. If
WCe sre to ii nint stit nareptation for
41T C mp nyCelia, sptoetstosttlike athletics. twe mut
G.li Wild Coial /tnbn dsubonrdisnte our desire to Nvin to a feet-
('it.eNCe 1 s.iniztoc. to fiedlness 1N5towardt Ioiutrsoppoi-
15IECIINT tILOS I1 5 lar ents.Visiting teamsi are entitled to
JOHtN tF. \Ven. respect frons both tplaners nnd spsecit
tsit t., innting or lositig, let its see

Have received a large line at
woalens tar SPRING and SUM-
MER in (Mteniumn, Light, and Dark
Art Leather) Silver Drab, Grecian
Drab, Light Male, Royal Gray, and
King's Tan.
We have the Blarney, Hudsan,
Cusnberland, Chester, Orient, Pet-
hans, Australia, Cysmric, Bullion,
Federal, Empire, Raebarn, Irish
Boating Tweed, and London Wors-
Please come early and have
your Suit reserved.
G tH Wild Comupally
3t11 South Stale Street


Nets t-;,-Asi.,
ktill it".

11 Lisis.....
Jamsso KI. Witkins
(liatles Goods
tee A1;Vlhite
Walsiter K. Toieri
lIn RstaC Janses
Ii liet Dililiti
t;.ne c.5 11. Aori
1". V. thaiiii

FrdI. Goointg
W-lthur D. Elliott
.....John . Kenniy
.l S. Batter
.....Loris Kraft
s ti isisititShiafritl
G. S. b.ashter
is:. tIsiTiRS.
tFred Laswtoti
ItH. A. Milseselt
S.\V. Davidl
Paultt Greer
s V.T. InkEiilitn
ioIoi teie
harey Alysee

Order Your
Carids ..
script - - - $1.25
Block - $2.00, $2.50
Old English - $3.00
100 Cards from Plate
at the
Students' Bookstore
Shaehan & Co.
Porto Rican Canes
Ill ilt gntle sewlkitngntickn of natlive
W0(,orarigs,-,wsi-n otid. tain, etc.,
is t11 szs;--en$, $1.50and $2., pont-
pi( ist r 8nxtra is~sAddrssn
Mayaguez, Porto Rico Box 424


itrl l 5l . ). tAdam.
C. A. II iisnti Nourmain1I.111
A~ddress:illsCssscsssNtAIL, Press Bldg..,
Mayntartd Street.
Matnatger's Hours: -2 p.sit., 7-S p. stn
ditlyt exsettSussna.Botht photnes
ii ii , is
kith>llmcr Imig-t c)- clintdaynis
114 1illiart re oild st~isi if
: lic i an lsralte m tist esn i
c:Ou-seas he esul t~ th raidt list-
a s I s i t I iiiiiiictt e m is. li- t heil
st m csi liii c ia s ilium icsi nithe
ci t ry a ot i s nt issiltit stpids
pis ;am la'r io-ni iii itueist
1) Ite lif iith nllsthe i iii le siNvert
cihi ti () illi is i ii seiii ,bu
Dcl 111had 1x^(1 lit 1in tineItsuith

lie prestconition hisof ttieicampust
tinkessus tioleif swe asits ilviewntg
adestrttnihsmesteader's clearn tg its-
stesdfi-wiersityrouttnsis. PTtere tins
issin isiscliagitatsisis sturin-th te past
easioracamisitsseausttflt. Is is sot
ropeiir thaut therclaorsit oudittinotwm
case. .A stet)ini the-itdirtioitsof this
sttiesscmtts mttigttwell tbie taketn sem
y brinig more stu weasui e inorise asnt
rimintsitg thei grtnssylportiosit of mte
ittly neglectest latnstie.
tI,:PFlt-K tI 1t11C \tAIt5RF
Posbl~e timostiterstiing lecturee
istel tslen Its theFniiliisig ieityns
t cipt tis rw s tie oisi ons'iiilIte
Itisliss tridtgretsiitiei-. lby tPrsf. C. J
"Wll lsteenng Tlec ituitse.wits
sit. iin i ii prep srd fnditin oi -te
di noiii t taiiwithstr-e stith-icluse t
f's-islue. Pr f.nil ns oi nteii !i
t itihowi iridthei-aitsyconsif tititin
r. shnte1dihowe.-iI thti-siailtreitisldist
ace~l t certai its-s ost s-nine it
Mo itthebie its-oest. bil
AftrProf.Te ildenifsitalksumsis-tn.its-It
At the metinsofite- isiet ns-i-
inrtufolligte let uit steels amie-Ir-
tets ot he cons- i l s ti tut is-lt stere-vte-
is t smtigislist -ilts-it tt).\\tu?
Owiuntgii to tttim iits f aIts-
lls witi gttiniton-Saturdiysith efre sis
sitdscetohabenesis helitts at Gag
r's- tongt hts tbee c-siledsonfibythei
oTntte sstButir essf Pereshildn
tnl-teito e s itreet eavsssishes oss
etc tseigt all theytisisedis theirtnen
risqetr o 4-tS. FiCAllsde.anre

StA N ItOI .55 L iihAsW-
Sni Iti t x-i nsiat iii en l Z
55 d esa siss wti ttith ml ru sh, iiin1 si1Xstsn
ttrd I lttiitiniisniil fit i w)ii mrs
'I irs ire I i sisisuse i5 it> s nour)(] i
lemtlis t h ns taci i ri iS) 5 -
Ii 5 s ;Ii -tt i nueiiii -il k- I f5 -iissi 5 ito
isclec, t iJiliis.\/siullnVs ilt
Thr comi ttsi ee re( ss I Isill nilrt o i
-; thseitr invitItmuni s-ties -iii is Sa udylss i
t t isi nt t icst he sits «it th
utsi ties sue xi t ssisstssc
Ut is iEEDi mies 5 i 5ii''\ .
Dea-it Restdtl-ft W 'i-is-siso iIslti lim
t -liwh re le i ll pnt Ifittth
gitiin -, hIsts- i asoiate insilInst in
go ?tics iiil siHe is-w i l iiit rlt
The lici o si ors 111,t1 ,in li 5 i'11i ii
nfss o O iisi -iii - suar isl is si ]nill
1I) t nir .- t-li of nih u. iii i halii - I liiit
he gaf<lve sore ha; tr-, "i
"Ihris god, lic inatctr Iii
Ses it int lia uii (sismh . stcs
Piin itt tiedtit-esi se istf th
ClitisSots W smtNS. S
tstis to edeede n

Yous will hstoodtlem osoon-
Don'it pust oft otderittg them
unttl the last momnst.
Order Now
atnd y-ous will aSorely get tisemo
ott time.
fot too cords wills plate-Alt
xvorL guanrasnteed.
University Bookstore
G. [.o ARIN[[[
Iagti slStuck1in Micltigatn
Seceod-liand L aw Books
La -tod Mt tSeicaltDtctionaries
tuilLBoioks, etc.
Comt~tre lutie News asne Sec-
Od~r locoks ta in 1111xcI atge
Secend Floor ret. 761
Senior Notice
.Ill scits s cit te _e9i9
,Yois oil r~sss o le u 111



r aw

hlow About the Summer
Days ?

Do You Want To Turn
Them Into Money?

LDirect from the Manufacturer to Consumer
In order to introduce our line, for a short time oniy we quote
following prices on high grade goods:
I1(0 Sheets A No. 1 Carbon Paper $1*10
500 Sheets A No. I Carbon Paper = $4.79
Any sweight 812l io 81-552 x 13, inbtlsepurple orblactk.
3 High Grade Typewriter Ribbons $10
2 Doz. H iighs Urade Typewriter Ribbons - $7.00
For anymacahnet n purple, bluerrblaktcopy or recurd.
Above quotations for delivery throughout United States.
Factory Rebuilt Typewriters
OL.IVER, No. 3 flodel, $25 to $35
SMITH PREMIER, No. 2, $25 to $34
REMINGTON, No. 6 and 7, $22 to $36
Underwood and L. C. Smith at reduced prices. All Type-
writers sold by us guaranteed tar one year.

We hare thn prpi tio~n ethat ilt enable you to ito iitt 011ostr us i I ug 555 55Il5.O - JFtice $'.r ,,0CII
ao 11stk, We want 100 Student Canvassers this sltsstner toii iltici The /sit II i.
lousekeeper with a binpi-ensiusm offer. Good, clean. profitabltit sis-I. -lilsl 5 11]I/ l s issi e 101i oad.
us- mnssrs-womuen. By witintgnow iyott can g tI iroisett-e o s ritot . Voira h ss u cs
.ano smake from $1500 to $30.00 tier weekl. totrfalltpticttulartuitnuI
fstperintendent of Agetts. Wi/n. Arnold
THE HOUSEKEEPER, Minneapolis, Minn.I JEWEILER 2205s. Mat. St-





Sprirng Sxits are now on. display:.
Alwayt the right thirig at the right
time. ,





121 WashIngton E~. The Randall Studio, Randall d& Pack Props.'


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