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May 23, 1909 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1909-05-23

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S1 iTH I
G. H. Wild Comfpanly

Have received a large line of
woolens for SPRING and SUM-
MER in (Meniom, Lighf, and Dark
Art Leather) Silver Drab, Grecian
Drab, Light Mole, Royal Gray, and
Kings Tan.
We have the Blarney, Hudson,
Cumbserland, Chester, Orient, Pet-
ham, Australia, Cymric, Bullion,
Federal, Empire, Raeburn, Irish
Boating Tweed, and London Wars-
Please come early and have
your Suit reserved.
G ,H Wild Comupally
311 South State Street
Order Your



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Ci zxcKI. ~iitcsso*e ted assd stpilaueshul et nin IciVIisN
Btese j Pss 4iages sptt siosn for thsese organzossst'eso take AJESOTIC THEATER.
Jots i. to zthq place. these sholic cussespy in i- Y ris thetevr goers tiec sanis
versits ieto 1be truly ttuniecrstit sti-lissess n ie-Veigh is familia rosessig
certs, ikti hIte senior' sisstrm' s imari nnttet irsetl metit prodsiuctiossis the
.l:rtssi E. Gooding event si tse stimstellationst()f a itst 'sieesi Ie gcsts t-~l ie he o n
slisssr. .. M.13 IC Eliott . . .At hs. t.thez~nd ofteepitt oa
1. Kisy sato 555thr siris etewic s S u mnstecet. ISe s hik) e 1eit thii e s t s ti sss h at od stg tt
Jtetstisseicsalleth sitsn sti e'tt. I ess t l c i i n\etsvau eviel e ndths t i st
. ii.... . oiiis S. tdaker tttt 1eeii ltes i st ee i ttt ie it te cc iesisr ci sia lteoee psr seseti e
.lette.. ......1o is Kraf etepts leer a handsitstaind, isesMien t e t t 5 Ntic. es~it eeiltfers's -il a
steveoA, 'i~:. bildtin feritttts tiese opp timtetie~s it sites. acingi.tsc e i st abv f 5pcells O rder Now
K. Wassitskin s rrisonetSihafrosthItis ffletrid sten isltdel iites s'cc r ottti c]ti 5 i mttc-c ies. eAs tsose 'tris hle eentttt anid yottwill sutrely get tltem
14Caoc . S. 1lateler etettetts, ndthe t stissic bsei isi ldsetee ithesis such1 comp555ti 5e iis s tr Savse on time.
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A.tct't,5, tlttt't' t.as thteye reect tiedy anii capp.edttl b>'tt tt I it fartee s looks aste t e co ene d.tee
NN hisis Freed Lao t heoite io ne of tthecir contcert in ts of mot e'g teatee wil lhee c ta of
rK. 'loweeres H. A. Mikesell Unsiversity Hail. Ci ci sindWlltiesstearsmusicaec$1I2
1E. Jone's S. W alde - rs scsi iave (e ofts the smoeeststr- for too cards with plate--All
listlessi Patti rer 1 cii ,me be sf itl'as o 1ciat. ti aueisltle siaee A work gtuarantceed.
cl11i. Nmitse Vc. 'I. 'onktltin 1912, ntstie st it lie ul- l e el .'tm- t crk i se eeplaye~is st tat
Willso lciion Birtey leers etf te uivere s i ly e t ils u t1 c eis cotes
Shi , cc . 1ilas'ry ilyser asitu riiselatiis o o r eda t dy crl.h s te sis ic
_ sta e ctsu setter \seis''ich i est m e c.t c is f 5''e icng t estit're'pr5e'sentative o
Carl11i ()i da. ii.ac. Ic >slciet. ih slii)AS'1 'l'N 5 1?I1 IN ii l r'\I\N icli
see assn Normeasn it. Hil. uu~e i1. i:flii.~ ~uetn:
('I' :' 1 N II T NN l N I I is it' tete
-______ ste'i,, ctes ofsetscce ieKo5treaes ill University Bookstore
_ss: M IGtia A ttAIY, Press Bldg., Niesies ssi "tel cc tis 'c st tetsecs" scs1ceerese, esIct
'lm es a d g et f te ''at . neetn n ntutva d te iard Strret. imassters' cliiib eni icyee c h tog ni ts se'S ct ci cii ibeta ec elic te uu lsa
Icr's Hoors : -2 p. i., 7-8 p. Il-tn. lee h s uits s outi nget1 andess" teel 1 cl ase tead. el i lit 5 155tt(5 announcettstet it ec tc'
y esxcet SuntdaY. Both Phones NN'itisitr e La.Saie tiesay.sit) ivte epeilc tra5mtee ts sill b iei< t thIaea o ,atramrmfodi,:ly o clc i ehoerss f l A R M U
sr Aite ees' rborcese tle forttensat isttst f ,' aiin dy. A s, iii 1regular
Isu ies .titet ct' t-t 5' 5 il lAtts t.i'ttit DLI I L
In .ter. ris r'ds..ni 111-1 maie s i,ll Isb 'e Fe'tt \N'ednc sdaye tanld

ice A5
C. A.


Script - - -
Block - $2.00,
Old English -


S i. ilF SN.ATNI FSN tlA. tsc
1 t2:I Is 5 '51.5 111 le5.'. \Nsssr.s .
cc e nl et t i 4tle ettee ;L1
'cc c m ite sye ttcc stet's u l.
rot r sscittr'ccdeand' itte iel btsset
t c'! rtn I i ste ettft'is charactert isi10 tgiti.:
'sdtc Ich ha s t al ess .t N'eist t t iise
rl'lY, the au lal Icetei s tf i li :'
t Iirn )I~icl- Wil asete e , an''ttssi t
whch shltl rcive e s iouiseco:"'
sut cii testiteit iereli e te e ao ftel it
Ycrwhc loi est 55555 fortei i it
cc setteiseities itt est
[II c c l ec ts c lcc Nilis hould t 1 ice t'5
55 sitIti V l t If thest adi date test h ee'o
resoute ttpta sNid e ss sins-,netostis
(ic t ci e ci e5 " his chi s es I n''"lst
fo tl t s ery i otan1e5 tof te issues
tlc~hed o etyplittica smthodisse
me its a tt lt cit''eel s tc judeittrtom
this ~ llt()f ,siW itsr

inthe lie'sort's moe.Duliste e s-t
noosae silinig 'tid lssats' i tg- s 'reel cf"Il
tie patron'a'ge' cofsthesats tel stieteel
aptteis fori'anit nsuallys platabl
deii'r sit te C lito s i s
Alier te esit it", NNItel issettett
asto smsert n'ti enmeii it ttls oftsi its
clubi ilusted hyiit'wi s senam'.
The venig Cl setwtlhcifomlclan-
s'isssr. 'h'i t s stte ssisse :
''Cle'gisits e ss distests " 1ilansse Isi istct
''lssimssissi's.'' JohneC . Hills: '' \iseie
ildise'ss,' N 'atsmse i.'e'nnss': ''.'Cllegs
.51rests.' Sidiney iissi5'y:t "'ige r Cr' it-
tee'. lss i. 1 t' l insts'OurtP'epaain
S. Ai Pac.'re.
.S4\'lIOS.--C'sliinge cards shseseiilbee
crdere aiu5 tee'. NN'rk'nsh ip awstis
tics fises; 'ices ee's' l' rtest. el-
lifl'c & /c'e'asi' S. ;isse'Si. Istf

Lots of people
never worry about style,
just buy
and hit it right.
j~.Is iellt \alic h Eo '. 36-eod

11100 lards from P late
at the
Studentst Bookstosre
Sileelan & Co.
Porto Rican Canes
H -hwwa sinsti sit Reoet ative
tettetie seetttgc. xis steelos(i, ialie ek.'
ic isc)c ee es:$1, yl .50 and $2,Itohe-
paicI, icilst Soi~xrseAdesstlcc
Mayaguez, Porto Rico Box 424

Ii steeltile yoterseptical ti ork slot
itI sflier'esec.ts exvill be satisied. iI-l
lee's Jestelry Store. 2t6 S. Mait St. e


Ctlegiiti clotes'sler cestein ets- t ies. hisery,.locler sirthe
elrimlig styles sets sae Aeis nii's ' l fiscise .p ci'a is ese. se ie .s ra , or a e a Sliest's
Shop, Nlciss Si. l5sf C'iltes Shops, iMainSt S. fl

iBiseball spplsies eel

sli f lesils sel Ice Nll & Scs' Mstic s Ies I' iss' t
.101 'lesseerie55.'stie Sessi litils. R


f ice Suo plies
Direct from the Manufacturer to Consumer
In order to introduce our line, for a short time only we quote
following prices on high grade goods:
100 Sheets A No. I Carbon Paper $1.19
500 Sheets A No. 1 Carbon Paper - $4.79
Any weiht 8 t12 x 1tor8t12 x ,in blute, puirpleorblack.
3 High Grade Typewriter Ribbons $100
2 D~oz. High Grade Typewriter Ribbons = $7.00 Fraymcie nprlbu rbak oyo eod
:Above quotations for delivery throughout United States.
Factory Rebuilt Typewriters
OLIV ER, No. 3 nlodel, $25 to $35
SMITH PREMIER, No. 2, $25 to $34
REMINGTON, No. 6 and 7, $22 to $36
Underwood and L. C. Smith at reduced prices. All Type.
writers sold by us guaranteed for one year.

Ever Noticed Our;Windaws?
If not, you will niake it i pount t do so lieeinext
time yost are itn ouirnighborhccod
It wilpay you, w
Here's a pictnre of onear;
of the WALK OVER shoes
in our witndow. Conte andtI a_.
see how nunch better tie<
shoe looks thou the pictnre.1
$3.50, $4.00 Woman's Out Metal Caif
lucnher'Tie, Pomp tlodel
$5.00 Pricer= a =$3.0

Largest Stock ini Micitigatn
Second-Hand Law Books
Law aid Medical Dictiottaries
Qutiz Books, etc.
Conmplete line New atne Sec-
Old looks takentinlitExchtange
Siecond Floor Tel. 761
Senior Notice
'f.4(11 )iii's 015sisp I/see llti
Stivse Oi e~tesled ho /s-avr
attdfie testis'. Th-ic'r 3.1. .1) iii
Ie s/e ilts / ier 1,910 ott/
Wi7n. Arnold
JEWELERI 220 5. Stain Si.
iTwo New


No. 3 Special
-R. R. Lerus aad 1lxlb
Sh'.ttes - $11.00
No. 34A
Post Card Six.. $10.00
8 Differcnut Browunles
$1.00 to $11.00
324 South State Street


Ann Arbor, Mich. CO PN 1



121 Washington t. The Randall Studio, Randall,& Pack Props.

rhot c598

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