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May 23, 1909 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1909-05-23

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The iily

NO. 168.

ANN AVK CiI Pt it-


; UNl)AV, Pt 23, t-1909.

MICHIGAN LOSES a >;ith l1i~t O~dt ll:))-1tt l'or
IN FIRST INNING add h iigtills otilll1le'
Comedy of Errors With Wet Balltatlooe odfr; ii ltth
s'CO~l baciallmad i r t Stop) itd
Olives Penn State Early Lead tlrttDine out t frt. 'arsge
of Three Runs. anti "Stlly" walled, btt fll it was
lit out t sootilsitIclloi ' t 500i't
Pllihig'tit lost titi m siu Stat. Stu t o iistcondat ar t~a ippd atiithe
clay, ititi l-the iicore of i t cilla he r.- pattn 19; II1
liii I--iel"} Povd i sef i1
h al ii o l l til, isi lit f1wtich ws 'i
ithninhim ig ''l(icnes wsTlta rdtdti~ nyoei.nt u
Putt n iii i i tiison''ico tot-hP er ii i' hind oce p le f,( e ,-Mli o rl
im, d nis wil li rgi stre. rliiida otlftr nit)itth-itlt
thrcclimt.t o ntintiledting h
m i i i 1 t/ isn ] eti' tr l tc , Il n Ii1 uli n f . . . . . 1 _
l I i ll, t it .. . s tst ts o s -
reetledi it-o ti ti''klloi T h t wo t uriii
1lirs11tilt lit liiIi. Sn il's rror
is ttitss ho t ioe a l ted Its ri t 5nociii ."i . LC.. t.... t.. Y.
sc r , a~ lirshwI ii itt l \Ii( la , I. . .. . . . .
the I' t t in ii lit li L t tly i I ii \ ;.1. fli, A. I;
If i i n t1hee foi t ha t ])lI ta tc e , e ... . . . . . 1 1
N l e il i t l t u ii tt ts l h te w' r Pits 1 .. .. .. ..
PPr tilt \itt ltiti c tti tti fo nd si'cii ttil, lin I ...... .itt_
lio i tlcheirli i iwit ~t ough-ltfr" slt.....it..tItts
7 i f il iul s t uci .. c iii'
1 cn\ ti h u ~ittuo h r c isuol totit
piirs iatchil le\ n tc a ofte onedileril gl ingi
icsigt'itsiitillsh w''s me ohi hell itu ititItttttii
srthv ,it ig bllilbases Iil \licilitl i l itt ii Ietti_,i liii' ,,
iii ilt' Sd iitit 'sill S1 unlit it toil iss' 'i
tlys tohrtee i ttltl titt rtd hcii lii MAJON- Lit, I tGUI' uco.uos'l
II, s\ liigasminct'iiillio s tiin uilt saeI tOf Atue:is I T

lorst. 'lTis eci ti lhitssotoin liiir Pitch- Niw l - - --(amig -.c]lar
-i itt, iathlitton o bththetutu tK-ln' tltNytus
ale sscodt wosuit olt yitng uptti th 511, - tit

New Records Set
Two-Mile Event
From Western P
PI ttslot ;rst 's Is istitti0
c i c tk 1i1I l~ c

1 mh ill: l i
11-l/t sit lo til
1c , ItsduI
'tid- il g th

-ie, ioevr adhld iiit th Ilto hsh
ofi -asl spectcl-riace
The i ut er otitas issisetaottlaitas the
tilo tthe rcs, Cntili otf ltisko ittaksi-
iii' iii-c ii tt ln lrm 1ei olilofisl ni u
on t tthunitottheii Ito is 3aniibti g.ti
Lout thitDotroilt runnetotosonwttstoii
ise isasitndstasositherts
Thin iidutal stats o ittIt it I scot-
Kstitscae onsa olw olr
I, n ino t;oSl il iifr M(sklm titit it1
I-,; W id mm .Ccntal. lo; je slit ii
Park) fou th. i :1 - S.tu t i i
5ra ). i-w ottii i it ''i(1ii dc Pak) tiid
(u r -e i111 ttt i (Mu i ti its



c rt2ii f ci lc' ( 11tt k
:\t ati r t Ann .1r1)m
i ( I;rt'aks old rcct
lititiclrccl atld twc"iit
(C ,11tral first : Ivttlc
r (5ltclhy). third: Fo

itti), tscon

nrth. lrnrc - .23 2;.
Two htltidred and twcntY %
Craig WvIttra1), first ti ,m] 1. 'frond : Shaw c rt } I <ic I'ark fourth. T
II dS mile riitr IlcuelIyII
first : 5ulli%.alI ((.rand Rai i(I;
Icy ( \Iti sl< )n), third: Ilk
Tc>>rl. f aurth. ritTc _ : ) 3--
:\1,2r1« C I>c1 rit), second ; Gil
fati cttc), third ; I Ic rderskrn
fourth. T 111c
l.df-mile rc];Iv I)ctroit
l] n;i. scc 'ld : .1ntt Arh(

iMs- sk
ir5;- o


i)'-'' (\



iiI ll t i i -t i iS i I I c ttt ' ; fe

-ilctoCil. it
Ittlulis. Pillt
\ootes a1(1 ii

11 io t. t
it2 - i
Irtt it

ith Appropriate Ceremonies,
1912 Men Burn Their Caps and
Become Sophomores.
Thiriscapt1burnedotIadiltheir tprid itf
-~ ion ovr ntoary a toutsttandl ueu-
,rf te clss otl 1912filttut of
toepy IHtlloitt last us-cnng. Wild switht
tiltisiasiintitcheseritg mtaly, tey
tilt 1-litup utnisteet Ito Stae
iii theou sthtth le campiuss, reracig
tccuso-ithy lhtilditeerleri the
Shly s-aftr 7 o'cl, the setiors ill
p andt goiwi, hetadedl lypthe ad, left
tc Ocamtputs forthit scene of the cte-
ratiu,,theothtter clsses following it
sil. The reshmentwiuhitbrtoigt up
is orear, iatdlof cotrsetos its greatest
ubrini lue. Thinhe of mtarchx wa
-Il i'losslighe ithro i r. Whletthe
sissosroachedi the hltlosw they foutitd
is' gtot-stn1iralreadsuy butritng.
Aftert'clossss hdtaisket their
liesont-oeast sopte oil the holtow,
ms PWattkins, mtaser tof coretoiies,
ooklcargs.tof thuts affair Tomt 1Carty
itmuteduttoihle imptroisedihplatform
tspokeltofii"Ctap Nigtl fromtt a Seun--
o's Standpin tt" lit tuldtfiesl--
tout thusut"tu0toey twe tssno sittthe endl
,thprid itt sluiciad tioilte
,ltiltof toteratio" ho charms f
\tiu tAbrl hicssh helisnirs mutst
Hav tlteitsucssostswere felitgly
cfrco. ltatti provttiiahle was
All -contmitsa s wltt1as a sit, whettn he
die itoeresito asot Gattgot's
miny esven- s-intg's Ile ethsismntof
it- great audienceitt brk tut contiutally
iIIycomnsior apauts.
Cliii Is :V.I lis tso si anouce
aoeo' titlst ppuplato tunuii the
-nirrn tiu uu" eli-atotlit t Itet-ttptel a
I hntin of olegeospirit 'College
sprt, ie ad isiarfie. The
mo ityu saciic.ustftr yourusitvietsity
the greaotsr twill lityoutr rwsrd. 'foil
itill sii ucceed tcaseou ittkstools tmtbe-
caueyn ac Iodloktin g trlhae-
P. :IiAbbott iPt tichigatsiirit
fro a-t smiwtit d i fileront victwpoint.
Ile phitced utur otance tontuitthe out-
itauth maitttfos ttiss f srtnthlandid
uti.A ic a s imasiltfor a istger
Uio tuuciults tand fo asit ie it-
ierst i s campstutius affairs ott the part of
the us i .
PrfP ikr wo spoe last, was
"itrit1tewitgeat ettuisast. "St-
deniut ttits"ht sad should not he
sntot u s trsrooke publtic hostility. :[
touevtat iatn apipeal to th good sese
sand shitiaslrp- of the sutdents is all that
ititoc5sary tt irevut trouhle. The
sitiznosftte.i tosate of Micigatn are
behtind ul 1in all te uenterpises tat
tukeltorftsmumatnliiss .,id aru agaist all
thas ttutases fits disorder or rtwdyistt."
Betwesoot htusitechets, te bstndt played
theuoo usansuig, anttiul Stlivanltell iithe
p ilted, thto freshmienc circled the greti
trtsig thitir cp ito the blaze,
suisd tmrchedmifromttieuthotlow,"safe
muw intoessphtoimre class'
In hicscomuntttfiiieilimitidilcahacity of
Uniss'ssity' insl, thu Scntae Cotnil htas
teeni mfooted tot iass sa rsoutiot limting
thoe numibor of tickets wshih any seior
cotahisti for tie gratduaing exerises
to tut. Ntot ouly is the nuttbser ths
limiled, bmtt nttne t all will be gvet
uless thio applicats satisfy te sec-
tar stttey arc for the use of their
ititiotlisto relatives. As sooi as the

miay Ite obtasinict front the seuretaries of
the varimous tdepartmtentts.

lcr_ ri

-' I(' th suiti


it s) tl '-h tilt li lglit v--
,wr ktrcand s it-as
I7 Wd u ht liimit ltio-
c r l tl l- ls-li i titus
sissuitisi hiin ths- niis-
ital Pitu Pou st

i' l l

titus hi
1,1c tuui

c althus
ittush itt
tr i it ii
hurc.lt hi
tch suaIts1mut

fir st liplt ll>.
illivu, Grand
kthus Is sitearly~
tep ytitus sitthus
c 'aksiall-

"Poiim (lll rinr fth- P
State t m msm-u-Iinspectd Ferr A-li t riiu
dav it tusmiths ih Dieto ji
suitnn Stte Phsi 1 l oldeni allt
tuaueititeiliunspec uting te mM ield
al tvr ih out iths e auits t ihh
pl-ns'forth. ti-i-ve -insteIehumahit
salutahlt hits I frottm itt itspslushonm of
ber cl. It usis undub dlhi th e is
atl ti.filt i tet m't s -Wer
itse t i n6 sum 5- an - 'ic ar
uais hut rP Varstitythums stt s lyt ios li
utsohulriuitldsits thr ursitcas sta
th ile t 1 i eP tituitSe . () rr-
Olh'-Mic-igaIsthmI litt ermiif's iltis fori
i mume liu i tht es tan h s miy theusil
'1 ,nm i eldmmm atsuinn ;Statis ltoil tl-
cot-i sttm ulti. .1he i b sb llcn
andtlm limit poA illhe Ilt 1ad
-I ted W- ,vatrp M o

iiiy te-
ts II bot

- e14 t 1_lt i d l ay o this
Ce tal W ii) the lsitithuit let k i nls
cllcter th us lu l f i h m
1'a 11 itt ial l im tad lead ih mt" limi-

- 1lLIHey.

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