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May 13, 1909 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1909-05-13

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G. H. Wild 'Comfpally
Have received a large tine of
woolens foe SPRTING assd SUM-
MER in iMesiain, Light, and Dark
Art Leather) Silver D~rab, (;recian
Drab, Light Mole, Roryal Gray, red
Kings Tan.
We have the Btlarney, Huon r,
Cumbhertond, Chester, Orient, Pet-
hans, Australia, Cyricr, Bullion,
Pederal, Empire, Raebsrrn, Irish
Boating 'rweedorrnd Lononors-
Please come early and have
your Suit reservedt
G. H. Wild Coipally
311 Snuth Stale Street

''lE ThIIC III I IGLI. I S1 CI 111", 'I il"t' Ill III' NI Iv,'i CI,\I a. 1 lIPnt'
C 1 l . ci'srce.I e i c til 3 :30, the srts C\1111, jut o ss's tti' 7,, 51551 ictc';ught rcis cc ion cth
i s ta r c, c'7rsernrri at Ireh c rc n r'irkrbo r ot5,1 osc si. ssr itic tr Io ,r'' m ofitsri I F \I va
I 1 I N.\t / .sea's rwell .- ertte s ic 1 r'I~thcls rtries midt iit Fl ii fit i t r rticrthlthIe rnfsr'
sisrclrts. T' lc stal exhiit, w!"Ichit s t" siciiri ,slcUlvcsty 1I'
sc(wr of' hec fletlt andcr5501 irrsrt ,csicir'ieersrc S'ernio r romrcr ll deparrtmrrent s till
hed ill Anns r bot'tr', is csi t's'sis's sitlis ' s' srantthe1set osrsrss ec h s~c h
Fred II:,. Goodscintt st' rssir I cirss;r tr 'ts c r s ' ci "rtis ' 'St)s '1'11111'stirs
N I.Nell t he na~ ton l i rr'ttsplas tc t 'scsc i i s tiarc O1 c'-1tttade tsr 1oftI i
.. . . . . I l :.' I) I issh It l srorter s h ea, l~ tth tu t tl cthe svao, ityisbairdg toslayiss'
It{ . .,. . t 1ur it', P lIs t t rc ts tr 11 cc c cst ' '5 It'0 ccc '' sit c s'lsct
cc 1 cc cc ossirt its , thit sin:; il be th
I'' i FeatPiuttcct I, re s ccc fsrthe exhib itsare'intheln nit .i~iiu vr ;rrn cl
1 1Is . P Bakcoet rislays of t ar' sets ti stir s i llg cs nd c omhisthe Ian t isiiss ie't witht itttc
crisoesserctiocn lrso adyI ; m'css scsccrc t is troe s r p rvet theirt't
555 ictccito.1Av1. ifselrrrstv ensod u 141,wl bc i: t fstnr o ihc ampus.c
M( tc r ri tl Shar e rm lUtssiritaftrts c Iss c 1iss A i iace : if t e rtlutoirs
;"<ii t' slsestist 111) tt the si llti ois ii i s1 'sJtc7t i t ls 1'11ii c cit rcbcto sbecI ti le
I ~oscrI are oneoby ies 1rac a t ~(k nevl itlc m cee e
NI N ' Itc CrtdrLw r riton n o t xre 'tssient'ci ictstvcti 1v , rl, 11tlt -rS o h ls l
it ttx' ttt11 11N1 P ul .Gter ef is softhe o s t it Ir cci 5-- oftthei5 c1,scc cc lscccc r c 55 .s
1 : 1<totl_ ar ls r st tttr ih o npis <nd n icsi civ d n shc'ims'cen its '' 1.ee
BUtSINEcSS s rAFF lTeexittis o pen dascisy adc i leisc c ic
I _salsdctall I

c strrr crL I S
our linis tiutlicesr
Prim - $7.00
Sears - - $5.00
Longwood - $-3.50
Spalding Gold Medal
We guarantee tar Rack ets.
Tennris Balls
Wrighlt C&Iliton, and tiotdrith
Sheehan & Co.t
Students'- Bookstrore c
Porto Rican Canes
tsr titter ot/s"$1, $1.30 and $2.,ps
Mayaguez, Porto Rico Box 424

Ic j, fcc).4

KIal ?is w'I o il'c n tsl
55) 55'; '5 lc .ss at(). thr
PS ,, r\ sicl g s t l inte 5Al555 itii-
MAd 'c, 1 it }.ctcl y i po e ,
5 ls s .cllc lt iletlsct g o
! (,, ' \c . '.(\ cc~l i us ltcnu t e i re is ii
a 5fair \\i0) 1fil i tlse t ci l ct, ii Ity
ci 1 li 11 ate ,t gv he afir
\ )cs ' ccc 'iia) I ll trill e rcs -c on-rss
stitli~ , f do te , cillioit rtsIrowtt
so e () he ta Is dal cciitnre of tril
t s cai rs \\ier c tidstocmestl csi-
d ccHs Itt i bs lee, th ir l(# ill
tittwithithe situtire'
S it ' 5 !)re ente it toe csI stit
A mi "Or t lest t "o vec 'If.E


Pl"O Rliil ,IPS 1CIiisi,'llt' '' knit" cuclt'wr's s, 505 cents.
(W CS IN t \P N I , agnr 'o M te tre t.t j0-02
triylterslsrnoonthsc' or ]it' ci de iig sles on sale ia Nliti'" tCloct''
(mr thiclassthu ttectrin i, incc tlittsc ts oip. Nuan Pt.PO i
tics aeii siglitis e. o idedrs on loiigou leic of lieis P eet a iNc
hir'dotr o t t enwtocisial libetoy St l 5, lvi
'sil ing O itite--ii i
tie are'itg ritas n5ons hr w s ig i r es osbl e is. l.
lian t t tc'rlt list lost tsy ccly tso " k lgs Ilis - o c lte ae
voe. hi ayin c thenctiss'd sping ls cc'sale'atries rCh'okes
ti mcstr marthecas''tco't cd'gown, s 'vry da,"a tttt',yo wll Ice satii'edi. ilt
ina o th sa s hvcsig ih l hei lr'sjV c toreis, 216 S. ls ho t. eostid

Tennis Rackets
sir suttliis.
Thre tewss ' i tics St')
RackseI is a Iscrti -)lts Niir
leads fthioclIi troit;elive of
Racketostare' the 'Tim"r''thec
Everyone Guaranteed
University Bookstore
Ntl sit odaltric
I "t o s tit N (%ii ' ti 5 5 1 c c
l::i rrI \tIm l Nch~ l''.
rt.porti lio 00N
senior No tice


iltititit ret dittlto c . lii i p tcc's'5ts55- - - -----
(Ieie pnaclarss stric iis, tobiccli Springycc "ts"tihe' ticdthatl pease
lire' iature if a5pitreisI' ofi ic 'csthe c ps. r ci s it 'itc , :NiSi t. tif
tbll leaim, thre imasnagert' asunto r it clit IN . .c'atccictidrs er andssr' tric
irto bud nres'basebasll sppl ti ect c clrstis to. N''cgccci' I c('ii,:Pits:
sl rect. i)-6

Dleititi, tti;Ne Yrk 1 N(iltoi
Btositn, 3;:ItCtl'rictsI ' (sCccic nd
Spen''r:'''BIergertanut 1.1rie li
Wa'shrting'lt, c11-, I(Pitit
stru Pt reel ; OwtersanttdStiltsvcui).
NAtletics, Is; Si.Lisr55o( Iisssclc'r anic
l'hitctrsoGrham and ic 1Sitephen s).
Pttostir'' I;ltPhiladc'iats. 351ciiel
andI GibsntAortt isiist duolic N).
ChicatriuNewsiVNiric, i tilterall
St.iLot"sio; IBrooktlynr, oit tiltan
C ineinniss;r 1; ltstcsir, 2 ( Kamer' scnd
M~tc sir:\McCarthly 'snit Graham)it

si1OF IN>ZitPNIt N iI)il CR1=51 '11,5
aid i t -ctot ato" ,ci cci s P tc s P c

Ic m' i. Iis fPt.

-C( c

"'o 's as"g' (non' ire h"itoer made't)
ccc I s;ic it cr- c'Ilsitlit Phopi, NMain
St. INStf
II N\ihIt,l, Sninili'rcciofnllikins a st
i'tsirttit s'. tf
Rent1 ai itltiSlfor 555o'cnoti pr inN
I r tits sic
WN' m'akisaCsipicisltyli nf nduplicatting
lessin our' optisstcals'epar'tmenrt. Ilt
'to - s eleIr PSte,2 16 S. INiai P t. roil

Direct from the Manufacturer to Consumer
In order tro introduce our line, for a short time only wre luote
follotwing prices on high grade goods:
10 ShesAN.ICro Pae500 Sheets A No. I Carbon Paper=$49 $1.19
Any weight y 1=2 xi i or 0 1=2 x1, i bute, pu nirpl rbak
3_High Grade Typewriter Ribbons $,0
t'oz ,ig r ae"y e rtrRbo s = :7.0r any imachtineo,in purple, tblue or btact, copy nr record.
Above quotations for deliverlitrroughout United States.
Factory Rebul Typecwriters
OLIVER, No. 3 fModel, $25 to $35
SMITH PREMIER, No. 2, $25 to $34
REMINGTON, No. 6 and 7, $22 to $36
Underwood and L. C. Smith at reduced prices. All Tyre=
writers sold by us guaranteed for one year.


oo"i'i s otins
isC'i alosotre
s Ime's.1

o"t tt'isloilrtitiliii i/!/0!/
tie's i1'niOc tint

Smshirtsoroldn ct:; usalc sitANl- Xii'im. A rn old
lclsCl~lc hp M it St. tf E EL R2201 iS t ain Si.





Sprin~g Suits are now ork display.,,
aAlways he right thin ' at the right
time. .0 ,'





21Wsnton Te Randall Studio, Ran dalP& Pack p rops.11WsigoE. Phone 598

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