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May 13, 1909 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1909-05-13

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FOR SYRACUSEtoa:teitrls,1<
Blanding Chosen to Pitch..First ph icsi ll'ls
Game for Varsity -Fresh En.50semi-fOinas. hilltt n
gineers and '10 Medics Win. eirIwsno i-
\lch ~ ill' tSv-'cs 4:5foeit is tcitcl 00 00
this olftcrot o n er i tt in tfirttst ci cst umetttt s . t
gam tat te ateninaer lat ilts Ot Intattwellti tyoti gall
ttroocgraounds. ccotngtoo theto re- iootrsidefeateto i t 0
oictitooto of the 0 Sv ttoss Jpapertteibase- dipato t yetsototdy-1
haolittt totemneilttitoitool3 liBoth soides ttto
t\,o co test hi y ar.a i o e foot- in g;, ut fo h l
at S tor'0u00e lasttfaltlhhisitot~ Os jInsoileit ou
Coch Ntolite tkl snd l1a00 ittt b sone of theot' l ass
daysconest. If he bg f ltlocnt timeloo ke dIgc
ho s s lt~ly a le id teOtto i t m le.o'ioo 1 olitO
ItIo 1,stt 1010100 tosl1t;-ilst,
I'c ,itse t a la o s itb t o i t(, i.tO I: oitit. I oo to
of tei ecto s I a d it er attrool:soal -[
P~l c'r, h, has een 0oti t 0000-0 I1' t 00 ,'n rlc
in h 'v . lo . t 0 st l dito.t hese ,1 02 to tot 1 ' s oo t it
illln -(0 0lIL ;sir ' otutstrs wil t:o l sot halot boos I t t

N\ AR11)}i., \IIt'1IIt .1\. TII['RSDAN MAY , tyc ca.

aNo. T c).

5 ill In R L EY' AT T IS' lhotn \rorooautdiencs, tr ill bethey
us i:rcr "' oloits. 'hhe00001n " its one of
It1 W Ii 1! t? P1ht E F RMED[1 for iitto is tonot e imtpittiortanti vent
Pi'1141 I JOOlot:OV s. oftefs1ai.
to c oiltTh lato ltcstiooii that lroogtogsi its
o nyig of Miss drlraret Keyes Icooiolitti os'' o iit
l< ' \s 1oirand i soicirsits IHtll tros fthoe
Pleas es Large Audieince; ''The ls oiiito
ll iil ' Seson'' ('is en lTonight.___

It 51'0 f IIv t ] 0
0h ~ t 1 ? ttcf


uieCcrseo 1000 Committee Announces Names of the
(1vtdt 1 it Successful Competitors.
t sehit tofo'eie'\'it
1; or.l t hc idtoot ar t mleoooo tion an is rout
t o too 1 0lic iiiott .0 ote tis r'0 it i} tootc dIecidedti pioil
ilett o 00000)I t o oo - t 0 th'c ii cc m d aformaol an-00
ofc0~ iitis 0'~t t ct 1 1 oi htooot o -it sorc'sland oatd
s~iti w ~ cidv ~rlV..Arlr0wethe ooor001sstiocoos-
oa 000al0000 te Ottisic. 01w0o000r It-co'
00' 11000 otrtiin crs rcit i n ito be100 -
toot arrtic n~
cidcd tipoto
'Ih 0lrcs frthoop erat soill lbt' 000000
l 0t 0o ill sill0 thtit 0 Oto be o re
to socthee w clb ostop"of
I'ttot001ll000shacly 00000000de
tJott it iii s alo-to (%doott tol it
" e .tn v toh <omtt it thco mo
ototl g 1 1 oooooro- o stiit 5 o riii
1i o ors tllt dscrti too c' o l Stioo
to ltc tootmusic tolomili the10101oera.-t
tL~ ok will 1 tioibei s t Itey lci l
t c1'ot . t t cr ' toos fatuitors.ooaveotsbtoo
0000000' 1.01.0 00 00V itttotit sta g it sace ottouccess
o oiin t oil a i;th11 'o1 0 o ac01
tc~es t" istotaBB TlT DR iiIoSfROMe RAt cEo

Officials for Events Have Been
Appointed; There Will Be Two
Tug-of-War Teams.
010 rro a0fterotitonii tt ) the0 iii -
.otol sprinotg tontesshtot 000000000s1st nt
0wli w~~1sillbticeidlatithoc tottal ptic ott
ito Iittoto rivets ' phi10 s toat-, loots 0 0000
toosire iswil liibe tto teamso i n osteadtt Itot II(
lonl. Te toheavy1too tlstos s 1 000
itico.of sideos a o r I the secodt..
too sides wilb1000000ersed. '01(0 00
lave been soelecteor lot thour 10000010
0000t illo ttos ted oothe lo t ootl -
T101 folloosittg ioo'o will ha e c1 0 0~
tlerIc 00 I CS Iren tooVel Oh
'Iolos, Patton, (100000 ; ftol Ici s I 11,
0. ille1r. lootol000 Is ott 0, Ir1 s r
tItliol. Jo itisotO Patrickt,0 Is 1
I Frioo atosocl0 ,tl.0
)(t)t sin Clas10100 will t art00 00 1 1c 11
~weto' s 00001 001 tto 00000 I t o l'. t
0 it totgsit1 (As
0101les ooelrequs ioto ttoreo t a
Ftoil 00000001000 toolia : erltooJ,,
1 0 a ki s lotllo, os ott s M IIW
- tWiggis, h'o soooool 1 otc t el 1 )r
0000000 Arh urtot 'Marker, It i'''tso t )'o)ttt
t ltt'iinog ltttst, Idbob , litItoc ;lg'l
sac. 'Woh'ooosooo II totoot KIriw
e ;lsoooooooos. (Crawfolordt , ll til. 10 0 I
Baogiuct, I1100100
't'h1000 1000 clsse t 0'] 0 0l 1 otlti1
Sooa otoday iiornin i t ttlb ii -s 'to 0 0
0el 00)I1 Drry lid, lsinningoat 80;,o0

wito Nihigto' , t t t oo il th iptto' 1000000 c ixhW
rti l o it nSrt~cyfr h Ga cn fr e ctoilm 0 0 t1000 0
000 oot oo% i )1 0 1te is yrcu0000 a n hef100. T o
tip for 1 - 0his, -nd f 0e o p t A 10 toos. o o ().
capain an heis lu o tstaof000L. L.BRYSON WIC
teto w to' 00 soenbts ass-
cnr~ ityMiciganin'he0gme ih 3Field Poriue (liven to Po
Sdocs 0" Fery 000 lstyera " Andrea's Morn
unlss th. olvrie. sow ini~w - Owhe \olooi i 1o l oi t
tow ovr h i o r a1000t0;othi stolltsb otto toord od to ,is It
to lose out. itlttio elt0 I 10000 000 toot
01010in to toe it too001 0 iltooth o s wth Rt ki000001 ed the 010
il t Irt n tsc n ,a d Il-i.t the00 0lt mt ing;tot f00
role in eft held 'bns o«orlooa iithe conte-l'st p 0000'- d~
shou0000000 il(-iashon it sohosu, oW W Ito lei Wilt
00ng ord ri sfis:T oe100000 00hich «o
_haol llian0c f. 1ahottito aibou t e ii r inei i
ito: 1ttais .: 10 e s 3 . 0- 00e1t 00000 ' nf e,' "Ats
tya us - I 3+.Thc. ; e00000ard0 i sit aw tot t
Scull; iiooiTs er .o .;o to l, .s. ilei ft es n F ed
Pwr2b;Tn ,r.Q WN c:tenieri},ad%-sstottrll o oistryr, c. 1 es 01m0 o to'c b

oems 11titsol
to 0
li tl1 ito t 1 ti,
x11 0t 1\l()' pc

~ ( Thcre- will be forte ciglit mcii rtimm

I 100000.

0001000 00 000 ()0 0 *0000 tt ko\i000 00.
too eWOft- tttefatothii t 0000rloisascote
sr)00itllsw I1u h bslI ae
hisoytarthOto utoItiboardIailtoamte-
to oo V,il 0 00.ecied o app it ll0
ofiia tffof soltotsters. It swil lo
theiolitt 000hseIne o v be
cosell oiom00000tnonthe seonoioors, too seo
tht thereo s sttttti00000dotngoll toe
time. '.'isoafOtero (moiJohnnyoot Whliting,.
Jmmttoot 0 o111 tSi ooll1 \iill loos
chrg oosteclootrot 0 an0d itillidot
evertin in ithei o wer0o'to1ke00) till s~
0011 gallthetull 000.
1 \'itR t,. 0000 A0 'Slls 0000 '00
to oolcsd solt iootcrclooss itffsrisogs hots-
OisttodtlittlII too li,,aysof e00. -citonttto
siode fromtote100attempooit ol so o''t'ol tAnno

A .0) 0 tIis, m m ~ otf t hte0 0 t
partmenoot. IFolsy ts year ho«
prie. otoffredil teI eachtot lt
horitho tronsooiooot ,Io 00000 lost 0 n
col I tilisti
10000000 1wich«.ol0th ree 0
te to ol ril tsioto ith 1 0 0
001 teIGa000001 0
LAWS00NO00000TE10 OootOIV 000 00T
R. ]1. Ja0000,5 J. J. 10055 10eslie'1,1
A. . JO1)o(0101000ntoolIfoototoot h'.S
000000 000500i1ttiti astt 00000diodateo l0
dailse-edioos0000 too ltltichiart o o
000091 0, a tmetin~g ofthe it j0000
closs Wednesday lto'ro-o no. '010
theses sil1lose l~4c totbybloth td
Rot0o111(, oot 4 tcotict.

1 te 'tc Presidential Candidates. too thrss resof otsixteen mtt ieac
5i 1: 0 , to 0 0 out ii.i T het li colass soinntinog tto o~f to 0h'-
0Itoots tot It -it'uo races50(0ai s i tw1000 po0tIs. Ai ts ua hO h ll005 zr lcp eie c f l( '101
drOto ,Mr bott i d :ool I boost' ti- tto scostfotolharricro. of 0 5 050n
0 os-lis ill couryt- ho clas o rl ot~t-iflat;o il
tided1 thattotr te plou tot I sooth confinteu
ri entirlysit-fouot. slthf.
;soc Otto ottIntoltoohu1000000ug-of-waso, usoorlo,
tooa tkettoomut eattuosssh d ,'
0000 0 ioaoii galsill to.tli conutst atoon i1otto 1s Ii to h
a0s0v00 etaotn myttatto eot andt' al l ilo's Otuodownhost hoc Otoyat toott, n0
tonsi 0000d 005 100000i 00001i ltoire-go ilh n hry ll
Ito it tuotfor whichitusitourventlisoesl
the Un oir slidency t is year.tIto. eclut e lito s00-'u 1
to ii allIe-tthtomiit iin comit'o 'oor iRSoo'soho 'olt's 'uoA o;, (1'0 of 10, I I
iii ita flt t ot olc tot coustnoot'lil' t cl
out lohitot ous o 0000 at lo-st,
100001 Otto u' iou cO, tit' doss 00' .0 ii 0 sI t
t1 11trtdcrick o ott O in to thisut so- so 01f1 ilut o
tooltoo i )1 1011 1/010 1 0100 'J~fo///0 o tot ohclass od tooth thstyct Ito to ito
tooa wok Ict tht ay cilasot us c i torgo 1 10
preid nt ofthOCpi00hi00a
oii1h 's- ic itoe 0ot. hpaid hooootcoleiruetheoclassrchooss cooooishos
tollitiso yleatrlo l ox'11,111ouutdeficitil .totuto 5' 00000 000 poillted 00011
Is hitchwort /10 iot' - -Olc dues.', Slt li TheSile'iso-Oh tta~lusloS'ge fever
c0 I ottt / tcna -t11 d 0 jt(t l tu ii010 . t. bo o(t i01 00 iolfogtae an t itopt 000 i Ot otm

l S?


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