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December 13, 1908 - Image 12

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Michigan Daily, 1908-12-13

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[Lose Song in Culture Prepared
for Musicians by Bronstein-
Special Orchestra Organized.
Of1 all the (etails etatiledl iitepro-
dutlitoof a comic0pera5heris (7one111
teiihctributes11177gretyti 7 o he succe
of 117' '1ho7, 1b11 1w-lch Iha-rdli reeie
a tiought rom111the audience. thIis is1
the wooitk of orcetto . 011Who "C i-
turee isfpoy d at the Xiitohe'thstwee
the aedi ee will no doubt r 777 1'tt 7as
ttt it he orcestrapit, i goin 1lon
1m he ileat 1a tha t 0tui, 1117
helI I rutti fr ote r Tat'll'al it ilt
--reit d in' t ile gow. tl tor c lt t7
Ltt77117iod, of te S tthool71Of tau1sic lr-
it isMoortltastnthemeorsito bieae
piao ofnti apoe rfordtiarytire
Aoepaat pareisttotsinheniwrsitnofHver
pee forkiever ittsrttttett h M.ock-h
woohet di ootof teelCetra"tmtg. y
ittesarratedotiteaottett of rdlt orasWts,"
that t ae," donts te DiffermaeNw,'n
itNis'knowtha pt thgelcors toffle usee-
oyt archie st ,"equ arebotitt3"2tt
orsepa-ratiopatiofstte itgritte ofite
ball itmt"of teoro hichratithev
wThe WtSotng,"ei's'RoeSog,"aTI
1D1t711 ilig tat ifeniltll'ofeet
Irettr7attonorfte bitio al eei ofitthea
bseallyMn, forthe lsterofwshillbe aisyh-
cogmpeost eekhn inBontintwtesho
rtts Atbtdhrietdaylofs coty rt hefis
pilerdoiito ellitathIeettirely ofaeiiia
vttoiothe sore, s tineelin intit eatt
playced foro"Miestigedi"tvero pi. e
Toe Cotsuh Cttre" orc raiedta
'eelt oteshowtse wilieare"yo-
photestraiatifonon malsal.
Vtostbtsn patictintgieverait Jdur-
lusard periciloy thMe frsto
ellormact itilt S nirelyamti liart
oheshot. tnCoro hattaloeyathtt
tf oegKarlii.s,dtard otothettimanye
tte compoeithgend "Cul ltr"orhesti-ll.t
IThe1 membttrstileoflte tt"Cu flte,r~
Violins,-IWil -plaelhtttet, Jov er-te
naslrde.po-resr.r'lteMe rtacfa.rettt;
'cello CKennithi' S.iteMaertihamieHoare,
sF ; f~t l ui~g te tC.il ert L wsJ.

Thle great httiof "11 Ic 1 rdr 311hft ii I "andIIiI os S Jto int"Cture"iariepecteif to leu l-ften ii Nt IttaIls" it populaity.

'Te liniesitid lyrics171oftithellew1opera
are7 biy Dll)11. Ilinies, 09, ofIivKtla111-
btefoire, ,ttttith it e s too ." 71is 11a
711 'Cultutre" together li-ttspit;." 't
were-latier chargd.f7 Dur1171117'th u -1-
1 7711117a repter onl 111tihe 17alamazoo Il
I cittograpN.-arly till tte 17177s11777
ii int 77701111 ict wa~s tne oftese7.
Dl ii Ilaiti o andtiRoy NW'leh first
11177eachiotiher ilIg197 at itiform11a1 tmeet-
117gs held ice177 ireehkat1177111Seott
flitts r o1tiott on1 T'httver street.
After1'graduatttion lla11(1117expe17t10to
do mlagazinei'andu iramticte'orh. ife
tas 1110117 110 nte lans1( excep5titin 1-
slsts that ihe's g o 1 spe1nd1 0111 thum-111
me.7r "fiolintg tuundtpitcig 11711 lit fa trmi
niear -alaimazioo.
Roy ick insootn W'lehwhwttirot9e lie
111ltue1 lia17 itiba17171 itt Dnil le',tlew
NIrk, Ja11111 itt17)17His 111111rat1111
ethic-tio1711wavs 777111ed the 117it'' scho111
it 11111117 '711c77its ear7llythild1od 1My
111111"ch h1a1717 ken in iia111tie i 1171st1i
117nodepatment of illtile Sc11o711of Nut
puils.ii Ileo is i'1171llof tille1''7111on
2111 ofii"itth itfoi fatrnty

Also, One of Edna nlay's Gowns
Is Included in Array of Silks
and Laces for the Actors.
\VNd' 1 '77 it t he 117opie-iit 1acti of''Ciii-
th nilce still withouttitdoubt
,,l themst gorgeotusly co-stutmed
11711117111117 117evero7e11 IlAinttArbor.
The1 ,wa7111117e 171 t11 princ7ipa0ls 15re-
teete choIruso httissix eomptlete
ch 7t,, 1of 1cstum . Fotir (If itese
ch(li 1 I wiili e e- J' inthe11 firt i tc,
? ;ti 1171111orteriiwenttiplto tihe "Cul-
11-7 Costum117 etieadqttrters, wicheltare
locattedl abovte ite Ctaltitno Drug Store,
found111four latrge rootms overflointg
tit sirts nts 710 th iings. Sev-eti
110" dou1111be / siztruntks iwere filled swith
7117111117. lFromithie pte rtiil wichie,
ofi "the c r-tswit h int l111 e1l1p1tile broil-
ers t'11111dsh w girl ot11117 k1177 hit- retil
hn.Itnscornlersof171hi' roomi swerce
st,771,7 of 111rass -hieltdo, 1br'a'tt pilates,
arm(,r and 1el 17ts 1 gret1eapsof Roth-
er andls:dozns f ifctu1re' bats;
'''71ri .17t1a11d g (Is f every- style
;dclrInthe center of this tmedley
the , til 1ples of1 costumtes, sat i rs.
t7', -;1111u 1the1"Cul11e"911111obe'is~i-
S IW .1, lac iv , ' 1d ioll lie ot lt t 1111177
- 1 7 clici->ii a1tt7 -11(1 Bit itswc ttllay
;Y- 1I 1.t1 t'I t- Il th ( ('t1111110

I111ugh o i a iprofesonattl wartdroble
1117171 sill gto hefitte te footilighits a
w eli (qutippiedl11ls ny rofessonailipro-
dutioniIever77staged,"she stidl. 'Cul-
overage 7c1m1117opera.
''NWihoecpi 7771111o llthe tattire
that 017 1177fotr the shtois-wa11siarde
expressly for Ite operai. ibis excels
1tion is.the set of cIotumies;111olietuseid
ill theic' ini~g cholruso of ite 5second
"'Te cto tumestowe(e secured1fttr 'Ciii
11177" thtrotight the iinflteieofnIhir. 13. C.
WNhtittey,, tile Ietroititetrictal potuter.
'They arc- frth ie $50,000 pirodution~t
of QuoI Vaudis, titico (st the costumle 7(111-
ittittee 577711n itiuicredl colltirsrent for
the ivie tierfotrmtattces. 'The Nihoes ited
inI 1117 ope17rai were proculetredin iiNess
'The tpeninlig choiruis will hiid the hi-oil-
ers, swhichltare the .simaller itettblerso tf
-if the cho7rus7, dressed ini ohortin1111
battieidresses.'te stow girlo, 70110are
the 11111re conservaivre neitilers of lie
"fc'iitie" haggregtionl,still 777717rin-
c75e 11s to tutudpicture halo. Ftootbltl
nd trak 11171 still b ld7('11i11regcult-
11011 athtletic 011tir.,7whilie eollegitiis still
bte 11111971d011fttllretil ''rtil-rtii" elothtes.
1,-tir cotmptlete costumeii'chaniigesxwiiilibe
italic'uiniig tuhiath.
'1h1 1 p'ning71111chorus if the seconisiat,
5. iicli 'icnlustheo lid(7117ictitti ceremontiy
inthe Greek1771 temptlcilshiiowi Greek
soldhiers,o, mpe111tely' equtiii s- it tel-
lits, hreoLt te s, shtilsttnd7spears,
all 111117 nicel anditbrass.7'o Priest1s wiii
appieariniiityptil at11117;ivhile Gr'eek
dan~tcing gilhostwillwear01loing 11ro771177of
sill:. 'h1, 111171on011"77717,71whicht conies'
lattcr inii tiiatl iliilibe iper71a111 the
mist 17111lboralteilln 71th wle rdugh tion. e
111 171 11717711 tic'laoateh 11'iiin ef-
the7 C-lttlics w'il ii 1-1 1 g7(illtbriml-

"1117115si-ill hte gots-ied its rose dresses,
wh7c atel re write tuh trimtinecd x-ithpith
Ameia litb1711 eaties- . lhcy still twear
wte ieMatitdhiMtller tots, 11s0 triits ies
withr ri-Cs. 1F11 the costumes of, this
song119six thousand111s71117roses wt-rc- used,
usic liatdtttbeeniltmad~e'in Chicetgo 771177"
ittily firfr ecilsitit 7 etmittee.
Inianth11 er177scente (1ig11tif the shiott
girltlo 111 ppea17'r inigcssns of light titiu
datrk greets, ts-endier, andthluue. These
dr1ss7 areS17 triimimed ih 77111lietisyorieitl
17171' 'li,'sk1111s are tticee flosunie, atiitr
ti'e 'timedh witht velsvet.
OfI the turinciltstl,Hatl Ptteroni, wisl-
playso "Aliss Frollsfroit," hats a very' elb
o~rtesunarrobe, coiting, in puart, of
ititw lrtes' own1s an tut hriieelpicturle
11711. Pitt'of thie impttorted goswns isa
creation711of pi1th Briussels tiet, trimmedl'7
sst real7711Irish httce ansil withLoliifrty
silk. 'hue othleriso uf wse la ee t,
1117oideiredh i it iiltaiid tedtallions.
is hts ',areati lte LillitantRussell,
trimmiuedl withs violes;tiafParis ceaticon
ouf imatgnificenittiink ostilitplumuies ; andl
a tbtackt directolire. The uireetoire was1
miadie at h-tek IC Co.'s, under tile direc-
1t111111f M1le. Vtl', andt is vatuedl lt 11
hundeiuad illy dollar's.
iftrl-igliJacobst-, 17110i17"Susie," 11as
h owus.n1e17 tress7 of whtite si117net,1,
trilmus-it h-erls and gold heads, allth
1w1111 a pearl71belt. ils teond lguonIs
of1 in c11h tiffon.,'titdlis triimtied . with
re-ti ltace.
is 17.11 halter, 71pla ylig ''hitry,' has
1t11 ittgui luet "11wn117wich sere 7w(171
11y -Aliss i-Ill a l st71seasonu. P1ex-
17ns11 tex c tile, tttrismue 110inmothter it
itt-rili ty17111p77711t a tieylyihu-ttle tti
in thechett'o rk 11oif Pais etostumers77. 1117
whte heast1is1101111ri ggeii 1out1compihlete,
7111 eser, itit"isrruadvfor thir first full
drsseer sal -lt hSiutday'. Somett'of till
bolys area bit 711ncomfortaible yetin thteir
tighty laed(crse, '7 clhbe htting 11110-
iii--, 111111 ill:-tiC 71, 11,7atutuhigh hteeledl
1177c1ing tpump,. b11utby tie tic'uf thut
ti'll' 11.11thing;t-iteo 17mac fish ii' !

For Sale Wednesday at 8 1P. M. Telephone 832 122 East Liberty Street

The score will contain 11 numbers and souvenir nearly twice as
many numbers as last year, for the regular operatic price, $2.00.

Scores will be limited at first.

Telephone reservations will secure .the: first ones received.

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