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May 20, 1911 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1911-05-20

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- '~- '~HZMICHIG~AN ]DAILY __________

G. . ILD CO.
Opeingdsplay of
mer oolns of
EluveStyles J
G. . ILD CO.
.I ~ i;;zit5) Tec a t iors
5 tSerd$3-50
i,,if Shoes 3
I 1 il~hi 1)28StateSt.
Qutd oSudents .

Managing Editor-Lvc A WHITS.
Business Manager-NoRMaAN H. HILL.
News Editor........... Harold Titus
Assistant ............Harry Z. Folz
Athletic Editor...Walter K. Towers
Assistant............ J. Fred Lawton
Music and Drama ...Earl V. Moore
Exchanges and Files.... Dion S. Birney
Arthur J. Abbott. Paul Leidy
A. J. Wohigemuth. Harold McGee.
Frank Pennell Edward H. Robie
Maurice Toulme
Ernest Burton. E. M. Wakefield.
John L. Cox. F. E. Shaw, Jr.
John H. Townley. Wallace Weber.
Gerald J. May. Emmett Taylor.
C. Harold Hippler. J. Selig Yellen.
Lonren Robinsou Win. T. Daugherty
Robert M. Gillett.
C. A Bowman. A. R Dilley.
Myer Rubin. Kenneth Osborn.
E. Ray Johnson. Elmer P. Grierson.
C. iH. Kleinstuck. Joseph N. Fouchard.
Address : MICHIGAN DAILY, Press Bldg.,
Maynard Street.
Office Hours: Managing Editor, I-2 p.
m. and It :oo-It :3o p. m. Daily.
Busiuns Manager, I-$, 7-8 p. in., Hx-
cept Sunday. Both 'phones 96o.
S 2\ITUDAY, MAY 20,, 1911.
.Vightl idilur-ENEST R. BURTON.
May g 20-Art Exhibit, Menmorial Hall.
MUay 19-20.--Interscholastic meet, Ferry
May 20.-Cup Debate, Webster vs. Adel-
phi, roomisB, Law building, 8:oo

GRAND RAPIDS LEADS Greeni (Colliater), third; Wood (Al-
IN INTERSCHOLASTIC. in,), fourth; lDistaince, 103 feet, 7 iici-
(Continued front page ni). tinais hot pt-Clilsooi (Sparta),
tile young athletes all the ime to rest .ie~ esi lcic
that could lbe givei. I the malinga s;Co;( ye, eod lcde
biaseball game will le staged on ts e e i(Gran t lips) uthid;Eswards (Ann
ry field diamond etswecei the juiiioits Arbir),iforh;li sta'iie, 44 fe,ii
and the fresh laws. Neither f t.sinces
teams hare been defeacil s vet and the i.ntosipol ia'it-h-Losvelandi (Grands
game should e one of the pleasisig fri- Rai,iif irt; Wilson (Detroi Cisra)
tures of tie enerasinent that has beeii iiidArmsiirog (Deteroit Easern))tiei
provided for the visitors. The gte w5ill for sicos itlassill (Toleio) iandVai-
be called at 9:30. dinbrii (rnd' l.iiiraidis) ti-d for fourth.
Another feature of interest ill be tieIs iii n1 feet, 35 iiiches. I toss for
finish of the novice cross counitry raci. medatsii' tlon wonii for seondilacietind
Tihe squad will start from Wsatermn Vncuirtirg for fourii plae.
gym about 3:30, ans, after coveringa Ptials, i2 loutdthtanuse r thro-
course of about three and a -halfmiles Qfti ii(Ctoswstll), first; Chilsoit (Spr
will finish in front of the staid. on-i),sssitcod; or. (Muskegon), thidt
Ferry field. Wh~ethe more tiani Gui.sitt I, tiirisi .. (M\uslegoi), fourth;ds
of CCCs will be givein depends on le talce i28 flit
lumber who enter.
Trials too-yard dash: first hat-Corr FRI'sSif\tIN lDlSTROtY
ni (Bali Creek), first; Van Aken SIGNS OF SERFDO(M.
(Codwater), second; isle in 3-5 see-
onlds. Second hieat-Monetta (Toledo), (tnxtined toee Pae I
first; C. Smith (Bay City), secontd; t i g iiaisilloe oeall
time, to -5 seconds. Third hieat-Ayers utnc-lui , ssoifiauteIftlepho euils.dd~
(Adrian), first; Coimstock (Apeta), unwlexitmntfr hecows
second, tine, to 2-5 secusnds. Pourthli lie esh~en.utadu igtheInprioiessirsns
heat-Ashley (Muskegon), first; Skthe c tssmrhdbc oSaesre
lenger (Battle Creek), secoltid; time, ts1heresi ak isues.dcern otn
4-5 seconds.tidfrsvalhu.
Trials 12-yard highl hurdless: frt - -
heat-Armstronlg (Deroit hEastur),hitUST IINI \h' 11(,1NQ'lNTi
first; Snonsoii (Muiskegssi), seonsi; TT'5NI S H hCTIIIS .TODA)Y.
tinme, 16i 4-5 secondiss. Sconid hiat
Pond (Toledo), first, Krautheim (Mulss tIsis ss tliaths s in i tirIstisisstict
kegon), second; ime, 18 I-5 secondisssisiitocsi inetiot i s haeeitISense
Tiird ihea-Htarris (Alpena), first; ied ittis week aseped byri thisisevest
Chambers (Detrsit Cetra), sectn;igte otsr .will1 losrbyin sir).i.
tnme, 18 seconds. F~orth iett-MeadiThe detiniqtuet is)tchaes'sase:e.lriss.
(Reading), first ; Bruce (Detroit Ceti- R, C. iHall eersntivs. Nrris Mitii
tral), second; tinme, I8 35 scondss. birlvs. NMcViekr, Mhonsssvs. 1Fiters,
Trials 44-yard dash : firslhetie' ow0nsunisir s.-'Coosks, isis Reiser vs. 11.
Houward (Croswel), first; Aee ('IsisBogie Tess mtchieica'5e plad iti
do), second; Keye (Shehy) , tird; tsitmor sttninonteunverstycouts,aiter
time, 54 seconids. Secondilheat-Murphyilir si reporitig i to B. . li em inI vwho
(Hdarbior Beac), firsi; Brosvni(Toled) ill I'l'itt iFIe r r is1d nytit me 5 astier
'econid; Van Akeni (Coldwaer), Ithird:l8:0 aitn55
times, 54 1-5 seconds. Tie isusitu s f iserdsatchess tia' rs'
Trials20-yarid dashi: first lhea-Csorr.as folos:its
rit (Battle Creek), first; Strgesnt (Sihiia- Slmsti iii siraIi'lii stchietsr (t-2,
bly), secoind;,Mead (Reading), tirdI 62 iing t sit tos) I hs sittai -y,
tlle 23 3-5 secondsSeesnd heat-Coissit 2ii 6-3. . fiN Sitti e ifeatiirScittt
stock (Alpent), first; Kaiser (AtitiA-
ho), second~l; Gamble (Codwaie)7y5. 5
tiird; time, 24 seconds. ''hirid heai-
Kress (Ahna), first; Wilson (Graitd
Rapids), secoisi; Ashley (Muskegon),C O LA E
third; tinle, 23 25 seconds. IFour~th hia. i H O A E
-Vail (Toeido), first; Ayers (Adrin),
secoind; Bence (Detroiti Central), thri.
time 23 3-5 seconds
Trials sa-yard losw hurdles: first heatt - __
-Corbin (Alpena), first; Thurston (To-
edo), second; tinme, 27 2-5 seconds. See'
ond. ieat-Rakestraw (Toledo), first: Just received a fresh
Hodd (Aila), second; time, 28 3-5 see
onds. Third heat-C. Smith (Bay Ciy), sipm~lent of
first; Chambers (Detroit Central), se-
oisd tulle,a26 4-5 sccnids. iFoulrthi ieatt
-Green (Coidwater), first; Tilotsont(jC f
(Detroit Central), second; tulle, 305 A RL e t
Trials 88-yardI runt first let-Os-
born (Kalamazoo), first; Sou~der (Tole- JohUSOnS
do), secotld;_Lunley (Detroit Cetital),
third; Vail Aken (Codwater), fourti;
time, 2 minutes, 6 3-5 secons. Secosnd ]M ac r i '
hea-Henshaw (Kalamazoo), firs;i: .I tIIL a
Campbell (Muskego), second; Copler
(Alma), third; Dow (Detroit Cntra),
fourth; time, a minutes,5 seconds. I -- "'-
Trials half-mile relay: first heat-To-
ledo first; Detroit Central, econld;Batle
Creek, third; time, 1 minu~te 34 sconids
Second heat-Alpena, first; Ann Aror 7
second; time, I minnte, 38 3-5 secnnds T e
Finals, discus-Blacklock (Grand Rip
ids), first; Beaml (Shlelby),sconid; Druls t Scre 1179. Main St

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Old book, t t'.ttnitt E'xehanige
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i.OOK nIst l
Vise comin~g yetir is one of the utmost
p rumse lurtehue M\ichigan Uionl; it is
ikewi5 sse u f tic utmost respoinsibil-
ity fssr this mientwh110are to be tnamed as
ofheer'. this morning. The raising of
she utndtts ton the new cltthhouse, and the
puesputratioinls for tile actual construction
ot tucbuiludinug will he suatured. It is,
tserefuore, niot)mlenely essential bitt im-
iier'uiisethsat ilimen of calibre be elected
tIp tsuffiers of the organization.
TheinIomiiinatinlg commititee -has faith-
fullhy douue its work, anti has presented a
suorntiy array of caiididates; but it re-
muains for the msembers of the Union to
sauy ini whose hands shalt be the immedi-
te destinsy of the inlstitution.
Wei have 110 dout as to the ultimate
succeess of the enterpirises in which the
Union is engaged. It is obvious, how-
een, thai the developmnlt of the Union's
titus may be retarded by any lack of
ecaity, cnergy and thlrift Sitile corps
of( m1e.1elected,
And the point of these rensarks is that
lUnionu men should be out ibis morning
Iti note, single hearted in the purpose of
ehosing mseit fitted to occiupy responsi-
let positionls.
Itf youl arc a member of the Union
lioi'ttuail to exercise your right to vote.
I f I u)il are tnt-well, it wouldn't be a
batud time ho show your spirit by joining.
Tounight, the ien-departmental de-
batuiing chansiionship will be contended
lute in tse ainnal Cup Debate. The re-
lpective teams , representing the liter.
'ury acid law departments, have been well
trinlediaisd a hotly contested debate may
hue extuected. This is the mont represen-
ttive fornsttic event of the year, and
should b e well attended.

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