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December 10, 1910 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1910-12-10

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Vol. XXI. ~~~~ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, kLl)YIikCli-s

Vol. XXI.

MAY GROW IN WEST ! )a .Clirc Usnjlrkjt 5ed RECEIVES SUPPORT!
]I-.,ofthecauithedaofil Svi lle, iic i-ste it
Attitude of Conference Likey,oly v. The Chaptertc here etot it toiiAnti-Tuberculosis Association
to Effect Others Seeking flttll- osteeed'It t oo iirl:iscas of Will Wage Sanitation War wt
rears to (t 1l1(1aidiand N itslittisil (lilt--tit.
Michigan Games n th fitet etr.o Sptigwl-Sldswtcsono alth getlwf
onnih Spittingom ]t h( prefa
QUAKERS WATCH THE SITUATION gothicstltiiidsthelate ioneiti theii tMUSEUM MAY OCCUPY BUILDING ;"v
tot ii ii I sit i
iThia t te ;"i ec i I itt ii i it aii o i l s iips1, ittiVllaidolid, the tti-,t iiitt osiiwhtolattendedi theimeeting t stu i ii-
t(tiiii tt t -tIiiatis fcn tSeilleiitntu th lhamb ait homai y thet1ic k it Sat A soiali-illiwlte
may- no belit lii1 idtoC nfr iwo ()-i t su to of t he ltuine s ut tracry liii s ii i t 5 clc if ~iicci(,,
le slitu< kkth nws wihi o theise lttr 50build 5i its 5 isc tru ted held 55 t t ernoon Iin r- i ;
t-stlats-is tilrtsa cii tlrg___ofunsualldurale__lstert--weltottel il, eesitu ~rcli itI
itllw'n tilt C - t 117L Slti C r- ahd oawodnfr siok oetoenterLLntoDtheSCEIICL:Ei-Sctusudesill
tht titifci th:tif 11.v o o i i Ifuec f En ls o rn h s islai pt he tuuuusuu euuu f sli t i 'rt 5 i
with ss i c i it i is t s 'lt its ^sthesit dtestSubjctbofcLcturehe sciltsmd I 01<<
-t - htou ii l tes NG LL TO D RE SCElEushmet o he oii p:i< N
lits i 5,ftit" chosettibingstchtros ilsilsicishei iiistic isitts -, is
thtAiigaioud uits isiss iftsom iSitblilt Lelsictre is-ises(.in siitsi-n i tpc h ~t'
atll ii iist(sterntsu-uuitcosi-mpitettsition utouhusit Is ofthei tu tu it
ite is iii iiof Citii Itiis th
te Coiee c nir it i lrt hcir c it hcro i ti-i-i its- itg h
b st- it s t l ita tr s o ls rt i uks l litsistIht of5 5nie Iciic w s (itt
best501itattitttt tote ' Otig m n
krsctor ltl-in i s."Iis istls itii tls itttlitilisiC-Ihatitt55555t5of55151515tiuistis 5 t 11(5(1 - -->
whits -xssttisiotisrlist i'St lslIsis. rii,
thsisl is lit t s im d >) 1ot (l :iii 55555 as t n sgttt
s-siti(sli lists its I (iii (ofit - iivisisi1 list
11)\0)t'., S o EE NXT sArttaAY a t els ri iY hestrk o o e - is is ittitiss-i
siti i -sil ts-i ni iiel-is ch igals t on tuit ii i t iii sis5-5- liirit i febittlis
55 ii 5 (liii (((itre iii i~iri':l)Iir

' l > Ii- t sto i- l it l- c t
-5--;I :w -l i lCt1a 1 it ' m t l, still

r t will t ir ;ei c, - sifaurday
t~viill --

Signor Bonci, Third Choral
Union Number, Pleases
-t t tcif r;,l t th icl i lisig-
t ..i ir il lit ic l i ii t at tl
it ill 1 ;ltu ilthe :sit ti il
it rl cl ) ii _;1 t :- I iic i t h is s t inis
th[ ~ic - i s o il-tilt~: l
o -in t-*i-
f t , h , l i - - Iit r s i es. li
5 5iti f 1 5 iic i ; it t : ig t I iT'S M r
; I i- i- l ite all in e lg l,
-lt I h - ilt , I - iiF inc i l i t willt~
-cii ~i -toiit t --~lwiibn
;ell lh1 l I ti tost isssil its-ns-i-s ii
ch rm -i -al h iii slit t] - - r d l
c.iri i rnc r t - ~r liatit its tsr5.
,mil--, i --t s1+ it -c ta
I -- - 5 c~k I- si i i i-
t l~a hip~i es:I~ t i llits itn
-I t ils l~ic Gituui-t t tc~sit
- si lor, ci t s t
i,-- t . lerf c a l c\5t its
-sif "l fiar II - I - li t- isi -
:lt tl- situ i; iirc a Atil et
- ii i a s itit ro sig s
hil- ~ iim c i t isalon
dill - 51 ii 14hall 115515I'M is i lea
,vil ,g ll a 11 lr ~ -,.M llbi 5 t -i
-a i Ir -s rh egtlli t i-li-tiog
st~i_; a ' tw wid di tin til
- il h mv inded, t eet
~gs kct lastc~et it s
s i~tl i ia l ; i a ii 0~ t~t it
s~inid l:lt [ i t ill ctit i fi 5l i-i-i-i-i
t r ii I T e ,ig i t tsiis tt'
- 5 pis . fr h iv " , i i c i it
osl i risi sa i ' ha, it -c It r asill
-s iurl 5 11:1 tutulit, tit(- i te p u s-.
- ist ii Hlx If is I t-il l it sith
,,Ilili ils i
\', tltl fteih i tioft heit conli-
- it 1 li il i e i t i-i f) hu c
9 it I. lits it-

ItsII.C-- i t ttiti 551st -I( I-Is p (Ian\
the i lumiisss en stilt stilt Tisismis
C i t ii 5 ii ii itita t()and I iti i l
Ish-rbue o ti h out- -e s I )p
i tebSlit onitIsis sit 1 1 -arc
Confernce ruigs ds b barrdills
co p tit sit liin ttit n. Tll 5 5 liiei
howver t t vensts d sit i;anr
tIiiL i it ir wti rn-itt--s iill' oi
gamewiththe uakes wold slitwr
il tt iand thatis the-re iii ii titte it real
possibiltitt ii i t s-ti Co -t ci i 1111
(silt b c hangs d is ftilt tset1its2cSis
son.lItt iseIiiitsisttstssiti Cit ii tiltlt
"sit adopIItilbthessCi i i is t pe
ventciic im O th acino C iag
andtiMit i linIllsais litlii1-i
Itoisesesnce teamslundrts list eenc
rling.iThlis ri ttiltism sil madells l bts-
Michls sl ui st 1an 1 itns ist )s ts s lit
gameitsis-it o i these- 115h5- lit it s object-
isitisl.lid ith ituthe5ruleishu lls-il.
itnit e55-ot'i t ht 151tiue t tia s lihititl
11 otisti i ' i Pace n4.1 prs


. I 1 1-() fcssm- 1"aws ()f llw law (I

itr tteo clt r n t ions I o-h us it lk ii is it 1 iki, if t Il-si %
it - - ledis aiitsttt rtls- kitscII iiio
M Ice s disaritos t(, -tls hertil l ititt -itl tI- I
sitlocelc1 ofi- lst Pts siluiiis Ii isAnti~~~~ --sp- l -I
Sis isi>stM-I kTheiI1 ll its-t Isisf-the
l~ it s Liteatur it list lists It ils i
ii~lw list-stittc sho
ii titlist situ ti stlttotmalic ico it1iitit I ii i
and twaslu t tl hNi t he d co ,w olls 5c tllc iis h lc 1
Pits-st tisesi-ssitaititissicisil siof sit
ill es s iii sitc al~lags I
tilt l'i iri titlist "Io led
itsm I -m riy atatil su ticttiwhen i Siiiss he ~ ili t i
it-ti-tt-- i)iti
The ic1ke1 IIo ktie Cerc l ,,r e i -si-- )r t ti tI-t I ti cr f 1),1--
its Silt k I :iI Irk 1il I .t.11sissi istitti
sit-itsil(o flct ureis admiisits tithist 11tut-u
its-cs-f Its . C o ttiswn, 1knd 1to te stis-
que1S t stltrs c l s oi swi chS kO I rte- i lt . l it 1 . Ii lr t, of I t E th
itudens, i-icetuIs liust ootesisitl

ccii ;,
a. i -l ;
1. i
t' i -'

blot < lit

Detroit N"ightti ~i LA at eThe
Saturday, December 17
Owing to the heavy advance sale, the management has decided to give the 1910 cpera an extra performance.

Saturday seats on sale Monday

no seats exchanged

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