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December 10, 1910 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1910-12-10

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___ ___ _ ______ t IM sCHIQAN DAILY
rj ___UN(\I10 sE UiTiN

[d- c T cT e

Opening Display of

llassgyisg Idisi IElA Wisis iT.
Bus in essl ooIa \si Ciii II . 14111,.
Nes Editosr ........I aroid Titus'
Asssiant........i I arry L. Volz
Atileti d so... i ater K. Towers1
s isissi........ J. Fred Lasstont
M\l sic aiiiDrama......arl V. Moore1
Felsiii cis sod is ..lioi F Birnecy


Zany Aspirants Respond to Coach's 51 O MtCHIii is liii-
and Captain's Call
iiieriialiiiaiiui ndrediIi ert tii iii d toi brookis i hesi isi i Coniso isif lie-
igi fs j iie ii ssand i s i isCiailptai i ii s eei i criii iiin the iisui-
liy sig ifyeigthir intlentios toi try fi or 5 w iid ith stsudentis eni eis ani the
liiiqh c igans-s. ses listeam. iss h5 subec ight he acurately dterminis
ii sl


Fa'lland Xi~te Srtisur J.SiAisott. UGS basses,
l al sy G. 51sser. Maiuri~e I ooise.
iisnk Iieli. ]?i(wais Rblesi
FULL DRESS SUITS J siss_, Cx. F.I.I Shaw, Jr.
FrliKch.l Oscar Beckmisan.
A SPECIALTY iii si sBsrsos.s l".Si1.sWakesild
oh 1, I ssssslss. 155 acs c iseb i.
calsi J. lay. ississisiTaiylosr.
isC. Haol i siie. J. Selig Yi-lien.
hC. A. 1ioiall sei. A. R Dilley.
'r Rinlsss iles sc-sMUssoro.
. 1' isle i} J , l'c sssine 1r'. lsrsrsii.
Jo ssisislisucharsd.
AN hisisyC HGAN Press Bldg.,
a Oil'e flou siaaginig E-dior, s-a i.
' r. an 51z:o-z:30 p. so. Daily.
Cf S tsMaagrz5,7-8 p.ii., hE
Ls iiSndy.Boh phsisxs50.
-ierseeSuspply Co.OpstMaeic ei
L5i~t fzl5515 1I CI;,ii sli l o, s ic is .
The 1"d tOY--l lassisG. MYS is.

The r
19 11
P r i c e qur 2 5bo t cu
Magazine Bargains
University Bookstore

r r' ' -yp
.. l f, F N
e qql , Fi'

li r io lreii s lsc S psi-ireads, Isis-
Id~i'? illsll i ii:O .
?cc l r 13 I )r. S isgell i s Chrili
i-s w~i I rssss .S irahi-ascl i -

F~A~ an& Co.
it' okstore
I,:sj-isi dSck issMichigass
Second-Hand Law Books ;
iw aidNsedical lDictiosnaries
Q usizBooks, etc.
Comrpletes lisie New sod See-
Old books taken iss Exelhasnge
Sec sd Fl as Tel. 763

is -si i P iso iReial,
ris nis i hstsiNesw

i-sa is ontisisnsigueti te s i ddiiill
porisisrswsrkin th le- csge. lDossr liti
ihes.I EdmunsiisVerheyn i, l ,liot idiii
I resig stogehierswithitwl catheis
Fusisii i si s ihesad\\ usdhveben sitdereil to
reposrt lto Coachiikeyaccitsyee
"Prspesictss sesisrlookedl brightsir _
me"si Captinisli. -\Vc havesis-
sil e b hustiissfor sitos his n s-isi
seso'siii'S iieesis shouiiildisow ip
st rossger iitisis seser. SIsi lie -cssi
schedule- ibeanin entie forlhari
SlAN Iflidl[lIIA1EiI IS WA 5Nil-liD
Ti00I h okE 1C)1 7115ui 1sl t isis-
\Sssssilliopsnior D.I-ss dl w
shorteiss slyapintsomiessi ito takissiiisiii
of the tusbercuarpaiessfr wis
aiisstiiee iwill besen tothe st<
Tulserseslisissaniosf t ii.ll
\Mich., foriprelimsinaiyisictice
Lniis of litsti re- w reirac il
noi facilitieis at tse hispital forii lsi
caire- of esisonsuptii ssive saisents we-e
sir, r, if liey-slidi comes ierei urged
noi tii remi. 1y mensff ic
.shsack" swheli 1iichha eesll isrectIditwisir
th ree ise-sicaini le satisfacilyacom
miiidatiedianiiitis execiitedilthiatiasimilr i-
shadis sill lie ereced nth iin o
houisi s s iisingss aniwm i.helaiti-
are lee-l undiiieirigidi sed~iscilie ait
speinsg theirest ofiiliseir iminii the
"leshck isith s eeisisisi sll tile ii liii 5
-if th use tdoossr treatmensts.
"Duiisg the fill rndsisi riis.wegis
Dtr liuisilsi. "Thenis seils-l wessihe
iritates telisieseea te. iuli nifirsuas
ate v itis comse iii as foir iressi i -ii
Slur failitiies isave- amountsisesd1to 5pra
tically oiiniig hiiih eritoi, isit wearieisis
ablie toitake- aesofiiasifew isiissimis s
Tile iseilii isill clbae is ffy
itiirelaniviersairyiatitie ich eigansUisoniis
tsfs es-ensing. The folloinssssg tossill
lie giv-eni: "The Adlpi,"i Johnss SGut-
kniechtl :- Poelise,";eoi. Meltonisi"hs
Adelphii Spirit," ari lslackis Sitc-essi
or Fsilore, Which FJ. is Soilianis
"Cups Geo. Crasisi;-Alis I iaiieiss isKirl
lhlr; "Germss L. iHaller.
"A ineirlot ofBeHel Cps'ijustin. s
isiosser & Co., Sitte St." ,7-a'-1'.
Fuller & O'Connor, Tstlors andstgters-
ens, 61g9E. Williams St. s-if.

My iR
ifs sils

-s c 1iII -id si I sssI issd. .. ..
J(Isiss Alesi
. .. .. .. .. .. .. . IU t) W ( if
cisti 1 (s)r(I . .. . . .. V n Iss
c~( s t IId I. . . . \III I- I
(csis ar -- ... .. ... I l rki s :i

less t us'sne th 55 .is (m5i w ill ssit
kn~ingtheliea --iissio te sis iii ths-
s ive o tsu jct tsi oad in son-
trl ni gh doi th--is thing not sle-
Wed ibyute ii l iii Siieii;5uch issat
ofi aflaillsit appeacrsstils sessili ind
shoud dsaireatdua ins h igOe
isha sv sis i i s ticic ii us ii in
:ASE SI Ii ifSi tm.
iSi l)11 :\]lii 1;;x[i('.iiii iiii11 111 liii- huh1;
iii is i i msi cal rogr m, feisi-
tist Studenti i i s iiisbeiioieinsesvery
trato isis i ss Mary 1?iiiiiliii ii ii iii 1
readerI l(ll of Detr it. T eflloi ng-si

ri 17- Es

1 551 - o T c rtoia cnet
i 5 w i wr17 -j nk - i t luncheonsilitsti:30.
1 ic' iss iI, --io i I lil"h me r
AIcs an is iii 5 si 7:30.
ii paicvrr i sstmsan es-ert
rst'i Wl~t thatisdriiissn
a-m l oto5h timelcin i out Ithc
Ii ifv.% d n' m read5ingiiatisall;I
it if i eerd . P rsil ysou lwon'sti
i\ stlsi ioisy let iiti ia little no a d
thn urg sni- o those who seesd urg-
in to : eto stian rustle laround , giv e
a 1elo -1 eal w nstoiidosissti-
tin a - s--i - isioughtstoisliatkee
the tisiti iliasitter
insta lttl seish Hont sutrisalize
Ishis ta iiae d isng thatisitsmal
run he nivrsiy al 1y yu rel .i
Soen elseis a hae saleterisieai
than yo haveif youd onlygive huts
an5 p rn iy t ex rss it. Tinksieit
are oingtoo nucl. sins' Nerer get
-isis - yo s're Isisng sitoitch
iaiyhow.i You'rsills ts uitlie sill the level
wih - r lbea s siure isurstisig
oA - gt a clssc Just sossme t5511-
toolslooksandreadi. Lel the other fel-
isiswido astriksortii. (vhslim au

S1 "Il Cusiss h Iss 'l .r c iiit z
l(IIi -\s\is sushi a c lCIi iii hs-ist lils
Get Your
Gilbert's Johnston's
Alegretti Macdiarmilds
fle o ie sips Insd boxsso
isle usill isis it packdis d s i p -i
pied slit-ret IsilSini st e isittry
if yous iish.
Qexality Drug Store
Both Phones 118 S. Main

h llisi sistsatImeus? ,as
Ba tter than tEver
The broad ansd excinsiN-e it s sit
FANCY SITIN\GS we sire shsowi
isng today.
Frostsit every stan east iild a
fabric to stl iissusancy, qs be thi
light sand sisrk stixtres intsh le
Seasont'slitest pattersasrshois). i
For a Fall Snsit that' s right iii
Paittern, -iniQusality,- itsStyl iis-suis
its Mak(-Visit
Win. E. Dieterle
Varsity Tailors
11t7 E. Liberty Street

Purchasers of Xmas and New Years Gifts
See O u r W in ow
Finest Assortment of Holiday Goods in the City

Titere is a goodsitsse atoust
our Slot Cisocolate tisat silt
don't get any where else.
iWiith whipped cream attiiia
E. E. CALKINS, Druggist
324 S. State S.1

Mleuuliers sif the iwresilisig teasms at the MAYER, SCHOETTLE & SCHAIRER CO.
n~ versity if Wisingtonuus will ihereafter Stationers, Printers, BinderTs Students' Supplies
lie cuss ii ii the honoisrry atlietic rister. 112 SOUTH MAIN STREET BELL PHONE 1404


RANDALIL & PAC-K, Photographers

Phone 598

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