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October 23, 1891 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1891-10-23

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AToL. I1.-No. 21.



PRESIDENT ANGELL TO THE f cristion and lofty aims of the high1
REGENTS. schools.
f The scope andf the variety of the
'Twenty Years Reviewed in an Inter-jiwiitss aehel ralyelre
esting and Instructive Repor. isrcinhvbengatynlgd
-- In 18711 there were 57 courses of
(ContineifroteeTsterday.) iistiuctioii iven. Ilntile last cal-
'-The collections fit' the scientific Intl- iiiai 00 less thau 378 courses were
euoiii havie quadrupledin i exteint. iie 'innounced. Ini every hranch taught
wihol(. exhiit whvlich the Chinese gov in 1871, there has licen a very great
eriilnciit sent to the exfpositiois at 'Nen ixpainsioii of tfie work;.For instance
l_)Iea coilsss presenitesd to us in 18.x, whereas then ont professor gave ill
11) cart fgallery has been enurichledbl filte iiistructioni ihEsiglisli asnd locii-
slaiiy gifts. Espe ciaillsy'isrthys' of lioii, lnow oiiefirofesor, thriee assist-
meioa-re tln caists ofi ill theiwoks 0o alit professors all dosie instrsitor are
of f lie sicufptor, If isiolpiiiRfgns, emilloyed;anid whereas osie professor
tnitiliefiar e i ohlctioiu of pictu iiiad tw o instructors gave all the iii-
1)I(1oaf foil lyi he lateii HeIry C.' strictioii in the modrerin languages,
l N-i."non twopofiessors aindlfivi- in struict-
tiu thflu hs Ii sn sthecrauge asdoil saxie fosundu secesary. A sisilar
iic. eneilunes ofinsstruiiitioni iseceven usucrease of the foirce anosif the work
morestic hrikiiig aimp ifortast thin husstakuens place is other tirasiches.
hin uerease ill fle huildinsgs, is teaich- The following susjects wichl were snot
ec-, studenuts andinu i the apparau taui-hlt at all is 1871 siow focrs a part
of the UInivsesrsity. The two prfes-h of the curriculums: The sciesice assd
siono i schoolsI th is o simedicise andilalt of techsisng, interssatiossal laws,
tha t o aw,ishads in s1871 twso cousrses msicse Sansrit, Hfebirewv, Assyriasn,
ofi ,ssisemothi s eh. slowsvthey as well Gthist Dansishi, Norwegians, olid
xi ill she otlier professiona~l schsool's, Irechl hugiessic assiphfslyiologiclal
liiii iteiss of ssiiie muosnthus. And a.5s chsemistrv, andi electrical esigiseering.
Iiu'siIis ereibesi fintseif nut, the sde- Othessisnowstreated 'withi great Iul-
iii ii ist iiifssedliie a-dsur ssgery issls receivedlonsly slight tteiution,
he'nceorthi to seqirse four years' study oins stansce, politicual ecnomuy asnd
ofumudcinsi sthu coniutionofcii - meuuchaunsical cengieerig"
aIiionu lIlchIssmnse dirill 'wosk ss dosse "Then-e'sva.s ituess sinlabuoratni'ylust
Iiilii fomrlyusn'sf1 the fpuofessiossal fluhe cmical, -whleeas snowv 'ic ha'se
shioss1. IInmesfdiie the lborators's hfi casleoological, tbotassical, liftol-
fleeOscs are resosrted toin is sssnss of igical, msorphsologicail, phlysilogical,
t li brnchs. Lbortores ae ue- s'gsenie ansd renginseerinig lahoratories
filch ifis thin sstrssctios in iilsstology, i fill to collegiate stusdessts. The lais-
lphysiology, electro-tlserapeutics, hac- oratory snethodi of teusluisugsciessee
seri obeyp'sthiology, matesia osedecshiso sv~ery irgely supfplemsenitedslthe
'uiiflnssclov ns~ocios 5 so on methsod of teachsing oserely hy text
ii iii sethods msaiinly didactsc usd ifs- hook 01rlsy lectures or tiy hothi m-
cripfilselutexper1 isestal anscieess pd.
Isnthse departmsenst of literature, "So alsoswsvhat is callel the semsinarv
science aid the arts, the changes made msethiod of instriuctions of udvaniced
in. t'sesty years amonotsalmost to a stusdests, assasdaptatioss to ossr aants
revolution. The requiremnts for ad- of thsetGermani 'seminar,' Isas heens
mssion hsasuve biessn osaterially ins- introduced and is largely used hy us.
ereaned. Fns- admnissioss to the course( Its advasitages ill promsotinegIsahits of
leadiisg to thse degree of A. I1., there ' research and independent -tusdy are
tee inaked heyonid 'shat wvas asked in a very greait. I am slot awvare that
1871, threee msore hooks of the Aenis-i. it aus so uealy introduced at aily
solid andilsphiesicashgeometry, fllshyiIsic lsotes Amsericass Usiversity oaslure'"
ifdlbotan's For estrance -0n5thIs Thse elective 'ystemuwhsichs 'sas sisedf
I'll.IB.coilsse the samse additiona Ire-.onl-ly in avery limlited degree iss 1871,
lfilemesents are smade, asnd also ti'so sashibssenc se'seral years musich more
'sie's 'sworkeisthier usniFrenchlor Gesr 'soiely aplllied, asnd, soas-ae fihe-,
hl.For admsissioss to the scientii to the g'seat ad's'antage of biothstis-
10511 ses thsereqirements have heessdesliaosdlteuachers. Speakisughroadl-
increa soed hy the additioss of Latiss a ly,'sic may say thsat except for stu-
mioderss lasngisage, physics, solid andildsnts of enginering, Iahout one-hsalf
sheical geometry, eleioeitary 'sork t ie studses requsiredl for gradulations
in hotany and in t'so other sciencees. ire prescrihed, anld ahout one-hsalf may
A nie's course letading to thse degree lie chosen. In sosne courses the ratio
of Blachselor of Letters has heen estah- of pirscrihed to optional studis's is
lispied. We may say that the require- a little less thsaa one-hall; is others
oelits for admission to this courses a little more. Tils use of thse elective
eading to the degrees of Ph. B. and systrio has conducerd to the iterest,
BI. 8. save been increased by at least heartiness and sncers of thse oork
a full year's work, and those for cii- of students, and so to their maisliness
france upon thse classical course, by antI industry, and to the
t'svo-thirds of a year. The acrone- good order of the Uliversity. It has
'plihmh rt of this result was possible also ' strengthened the interests and
only gthrough the most hearty co-np- also strrngthened the interests anil

friessdlyl'siatiosstwetsenii studoesit's al ('OF YOUR
professors."s' SOCIETY 31-DGE
"Closselv coneceted 'owis theuc ufopi'OUR -
tiou oiiflhs-li-ctuie s'sstemsuio sthc fix-urIsITBE
isc iip f aciiitiis amsunut 01fawork
garus t hanii Iherilsuitiof stuise ure Mailed tu You -
furusniCul ii sol ii.t~slo uhhiINL u--( Through Your
manuneru ias theic 5onditusionsof .s sihss I
tlionu. Tha t shaneasi s (made A y1F'cars I
a;oandshhiss iso'sed to Is'-lu-sch eull? -i- - -
.tlic a eunau-l-edufuhstronglt'ludentst'soiUpon --
compullceethueir cosuse in a suhister 'PI1ICE APPLICATION.
fperiodshafs ouisreoriso 'ithuout bhingii
huel hiaik Is'sthuoi so fu-10neiiiedh frideI
sireuf sios o iss thuausthus.'slI is's - 11 h tilk K4 il
hauN-e tustwillfbuenperitteditotus aloe upj1JLIST~
I~ t once graduhuate studieucs or enter 1 iluussituturers ot :FinerstPlin
iluonllrflriussioshhl studuie'.surfndt huus to j!suidhJew-elledSl oiey Badsges.
sueu tisue ini thusicru-huuucutinuu Ifcu DETROIT. - - MICH.
It is per-hapuss 'vocthuy ohfumscntions,
is subtstitustin-volsuntary f ou comnful-
sory attendanuce ons thu sersvsicr o
hprayer us thur chapel, 's'secha'see ori15
reasons to doubt that thurchuang-e 'sas
wise. Thur attendance if sometinses
sot as lurge as could lie dcesed, us
alwssay's oh those wvho avithirevsensc ut ___________________
spirit muare thue service us genuineu e n vu eswast the Ltsest Meropotn eistylSes
Comunsuionu willsGoof aud a smeahusa i lesa t ofafarrnhs uunus
iii devout refreshinug of thur soul. See-nSosa 0 o$ pi esta n ro
crush institsutions have huuituste-siour prcssedfrCtlge.o
exuaimple aud duhe attenduanupoueeF Q
praervounar."R. H. FG .FEl& 5
Somue chuanges ill unduegraduaute tis DEfTROIT', MICII=.
dlensois twsenuty-years are observabluhe.________ ___ ____
They 5re younuger tby a huffl'sear o oeo h vr01Sha hyeme C a3 ple
lure. Thur ahlity to enter theUu-j Uni vest-)sftes
v-erity at ass earlier age, ha spite oh thur21e C1 TT S. N l Ol
increaseed reqsuiremenets for udmissionu, Z _UH _TTES.,AN___ 3J~"
io due to twvo causes: First, thur Nck ea
schools use hetter than they avere; 1~c~ a,
anud oecondly, thur more prosperous Dress Shirts, Gloves,
condition o the parenuts snakes it
less generally necessary than it wvas for \ Underwear,
the youths to spend years iu cacning
thur means to gahin a college edusca- GENTS' FURNISHINGS et flrst
tions. This increaoed prooperity of
thur parenuts is manifest in a sonsewhiat 461FOO 1 -DiILI GOODS)
muore nenerous style sf life on the pact_
of mny stiudensts thou prevailed 20 Englishs lMackintoshaes,
years ago. Iu some individual cases Atisletic asnd .-
this hrinsgoits fperils to younug minu, -Gynsiis od,
hut happily thur general style of stu-
dent life still remusainss simple 11111di- _________E____ DESCRIPTION_______.
expensive compared avitls that of somenurTD A DI N T
eastern s ititutions. If this shuould SV IE 11 OE
he othuerwvise it 'svould hue a subjeet of
regret." ly IBuin-iurgsu
Continused louorowu. es

-Mr. 'hi. F. Livingotoni, of thue firm
of R. J. Fyfe &t Co., Detroit, 'sill
hr in Ann Arbor, at thc Cook Housc,
with a full line of thse cclcbratcd
"°Fyfe Foot-Form" sporting, danc-
ing and street shoes, for the inspec-
tion of students, Monday, Tuesday,
'Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 26,
27, 28 and 29.
Oberlin Tlo-morrow.

ot uso while we are here.-
114 Monroe St., Chicago.
50 S. State St., Ann Arbor.

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