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May 20, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-05-20

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C OfPublished Dily (Sundays excepted) during
she.College year, by
Subscription price $2.50 per year, invariably
iu advance Single eopiea 3 cents. On sale as
Sheeha's and Pes Office news stand at 12
o'clock, noon. Subscriptions may be left at
the offiee ot the DAILY, Opera House bloeh, at
Sheehan's, at Siofflet's, or with any of the
Cotmmunieations should reach the office by
7 ocloek r. a. if they are to appear the next
'lay. Address all matter intended for publiea-
tion to the Managing Editor. All businessj
communieations should be sent to the Buoi-
nss Managzer.
Ann Arbor, Miech,

already expended aconoiderable sum
in this enterprisc, swc feel privileged
to call uponi the .studenits at large to
contribute., Subscription tapcrs arc
being circulated. WVe il receive
the reports at this office and on
State street anid bulletin thenm as fast
as they comniii. A message bus
beels dispatched reqjuestinlg the re-
port by innings of the Pennsylvania
game, but wvhether the oilier games
(ansI how niany of them) shall be
similarily reported necessarily de-
pends on the subscription list. Mr.
J. C. Travis, business nianager of
the DAILY represents the paper on
the trilp.

Wrig'ht & Ditfen's Tenni Racket,
'0R X892_
Spliuldiigs Rackets and a Complete Litie of Sporting Goods.
S= = -nz z C a Dz,.\T
Wholesale and Retail Agents for Michsigan.

--Foor departmernts-Commercial, Es lest-book
or macst eriplsvorh-Englieb. Shorthand and:
-'Penmanship. Elegant "building. large as-
tendanee, rficeientiensruetors, work ther-
ough, living expenses extremely lowe, $2.llstI

EDITORS.$250' per week; students assisted to positions.v
FE. JANE'TTE, Lit. 'E3, Stanaging Edtor. IN another columin is a notice of For eatalogue, address P. R. CLEARY, President.
OFsTUIEnmBeCKn, Lit. '94, Assistant. the election of the Student's Lecture
J. G . Esi cLuT tvi'WI, Asistant. ---- pae i~LtYu aato etYa'
E. J. oTAsvAY, lit.'55. Aesistuot. :asocationl which will take pac etYorSummer VctinPay Nx ersExpenses. :.
J. 'foRAis, Liit5. Business Manager. next Saturday moirning. Of all the
w, xv. ov Imineo-ve, Lit. 'ii, Assistant. eetoso h er hsw eiv
A I V. Ji Fieai5, Lawe '93, Assistant, lcin f h cr bs v ilccBY TAK ING AN AGENvCY FOR
JI i. AsRELtiedic 'li, is one of the most implortant to
L1.. HI. I5'tesel, fit.'U0,; stutenets inlasmuceh as it concerns thle' [ ," 1j( °('' y {(4
C. w. soco rSc-sLit. a1.94, , T fC YKT l S-"'T ME1 TM.L F7 7f
IV. 51. Lv TS, IL.t+:; provision for a suitiable course of ~~-~
F. A. 5lssvY, Lit.'93.1 lectures at nlomnlal prices. Each -A T E .
C A. lENisils Lit '913 -s1111-lt entitledl to a vote oughts
LUC IA KtEVs-cLii '95" careftully to consider the qualifica-
IV. 1,liotJ Es,1 tLit .ioins of aycandidate wom llhema
Tile Edtorcs ill sottold theseslves rceston-.see fit to present or for svhom he
Bible fte t'optinionts Porstementseof cesit
pondeuts,. appet'rngintetDALY. may he asked 10 vote. .\lere pOpu- IICE', c$1. f0 Nlo Postage Stfsiips MAAILEI) I 'lIE..
en. mm. cutIn larity, least of all things, solluldI
f rve as a prime quoalififcationl. En-- -
IN reply to nunterous iniries, ergetic, deliberative, business like TELLS ALL ABOUT Biess Latw; htst to tdrtiteup legal paicrs, totes. doats,
see wvould state that the lectute ucs- officers are wanted. -Let these lbe ceckels and recetpts. counterfeit buatk notes; legul righlts of emptloyees, employers, landloods
lay evening is open to all, 11011 gen- elected and thleOtstdentOsill be pro- tentants; lietns: pattents; ie isurtanee; firo nut-once; hoto telIl gtood insttrance; hoo to col-
I ~lect debts; letter writittg; orderistg, sipping und rececivting foods; udv ectisioc; totw0 totod
tlclllen anditladies. ;vided sith as goodita COtirse of filter- msuttitlcre;so tlooS iteu;vlco sec ooy eiii it 110
- -- ";-- taittnlentO next yeair as they have sres; boatrds of trude, etc.; trttsts; coerporaltonlseanntl -odtels; otocks, botds, ftc.; rso r It
l aeo sasfrte ~ieihdiiurinig theresenlt,.i11111eareconduttctittblic mtointgs;wteathter signs; telpts abotlottseboiltliite;wehtt to dinltcese of
oil Mnsresst tir eenngiss-cyhltsiiy injauisgitthfbeievdltivnaeidotto 151 tttetbttotittttotehestebestllt-twetloshavetoo
large. 'te suIcess of thle psilanti ever hail. VOORHEES & RUDD, Blue Island, Ill.
enltertailnment is su5fficet gua~ranitee
of .t irst class shosv. tlease rentenl RUSINESS LOCALS. . .- - --

her aiso that it is a blase-hall benlefit.
se" ill be nticedl 111111co-eits are
adm~tittedt free to thef soph~omtore-
freshmnlf ield-dtay, tonmorrtowvafter-
niooti.'Tile contestants are very
es-fily nmatted, and class stiint
rimts high, 50 that considerable iii-I
terest may be collected. 'Ihesel
contests are of imlportantce as fur-
nishinig tiaterial for the 'Varsity
field-day, as wvell as establishing the
athletic suprentacy of the sophomore
ore freshtman class.
rx 1DAsI IY has made arranigenments
whterebv it will receivetegrpi
returns froni the eastern gamles. 'The
arrangements as originially perfectedl
included otnly returns at the curl of
thec fifth antI concludinlg innilgsqre-
spectively. We have been persuaded
that it is highly desirable to receive
the reports at the enil of each antI
every inning providing the neces-
sary connections can possibly be
made. Tils change of program wiii
entail additional expense. Having

(NJ , Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
iss yij{ icia(Riwy
5Nttisiero ted2it tisocolum t tott ef ate 1,Fjc I
01 10dcens tpelitne. Sptecitltraefor tone e boo_ yihgn awy
titttt' and exttaolnes furntitthediby-atlysingt < l j5k-
theO oof1c R-e-publicaniI1( Timets l'te1lin efbct'Jano~tty 4 00 2
Lo -A t hlptbleitill tqet. ~f X l.h,~. .~~i~j\' Aettvtl of ttrainofaton Arhor otnly.
Pel-sonlinintg fcan love teht itleft illGOING0NO(TH.
ifs pla1c by- callinlg at Twel o is, be- No. I. Muland Expees.......-22; u. m
fIr Ma r.Ann Arbor Opera House, May20 N.:5.ii aser ..A.. ont...1..425p m
1.ilCYf'tE FOR11SAbfLE.-\Tictor (cdi- 41p
narp, 54 inchl, swith cyclomieter. ArtdN.2 ul Psencer - IllTn. n
dress F. 1). Greenl, 6i.3 Fourbtt St., City. No. 4. MuilExpreoo- - -b...O.p.m.
1-b. THE I3ESTi FUN (IF THE ('01- No. 6. Passenger, Toledo Aecom. ..- 00 n. m.
POR SA LE-P~lnilltie safety bicy- Il.EGE1 YEAR. Transa 3 ad Seon bety. ett Antn Arbor asd
cle.Goo Sltpe.A t~rgall.Toledo only.
c~oo Shae. bargin.Centeal Stundurd Time.
It. S. (3ENvIcIwOOD. All Trains Daily except Sunday.
Se:'gill t AS. NEW SONGS! Ge.Pass.Agent. Local Agent.
In order to entable cue to get groulps,
andf all wvork out prlomp~tly, you atre NEW DANCES!
earnestly retquested to give sittings at1
nip gallery drinlg thle motithi of MA-Y. jQrTIT
This is impftot nitdill piove ad- 8N EW SPECIALTY ACTS.
valitageosls to till conceernetd. t
Change of Time. 'I2KE'IS, - 50 C=N2wm. "
TA.A&N.MIyCoilvlg No extra citurge foe reoceved setits. BlourdsQ
SundAy, Ap 2d, ns.I xii puo.,hngiven atwter'sptownstore_:Mondymorn____\
sarquired thle Frankfort & SouthiLase- tWit' tptingt.e ooa met
bertn Railwvay, wiltleclange tisne next l
throulgh trains, Toledo to Franlkfort,
making immediate connections wvithJ .S N Sp,
their etegant new boats for Kewannee, g ~ ~ T
Wis., and poinits nlorthlwest and west to StteSret rces
Pacific Coast. Wei invite the travellinig DU Vr LOSt teStret rocrs
public to give this nosy line a trial.Stdnsproaesecly litd.

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