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May 16, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-05-16

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,-~( f ,-~ ~'94 Class M~eeting,.
______ 'rie class of '9~4 hel~d an enthus-
ublished Dally (Sundays excepted) during iastic mieeting last Saturday usnorniug,
the College tear, by thse attendlance being larger than at
THE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATIONI many previous meetitsgs. It was de-
citled to holil a clans social next
Subseeiptin price $12.50 per year, invsariably Satiurday nighst is Newberry Hall,
iD ads-u iverSingle copies 3 rents. on sule us
Sheehasn's and PusOthieersestand at 12 ansI arrangetietuts for it was luinD
i'elick, satin. Sutiscriptions may bie lefts at the haiiis of a conismittee of ladies
the olliee at the DAuIt.,((peru House bloek, at
Sheehito's, at Stottlet's, orswith antiofatshe cotmposed iif sorrorites antinmde-
eiditoes. pendeits.
letstmunicastionso should reach tir oftice by The committees arranging the
7o'clocku P. st. it they are so appear thc next Sophiontore-Freshman field day fur
lay. Aditeess all mtter mtnded tue puhlica- netSurare red etpo
tion to the Mitnaging Editor. Altlibusiness ie) atray rtotdgra 1t'
communicatios should be senco t hieBiusi- gress, anid lookeid forsward to a one-
MeZacnge. cessfnl meeting. Entries to all
THE U. of M. DAILY, events tiave lieen received frotm both
Ann Arbor. Hieh. classes and the rivalry will he spir-
E TQS.ited. Atnatdtmissiotn of twvetty-five
P. E. JAsrETe, fait. '9i3,StassagingsEdittr. cetits will be chargeid.
GE itanit lse tes.Lit. 'lid, Assistants Sonte tronuile wtas expterienceed in
J. G. Esitit te, I wtsr'" Asssttil. getting the Atthletic. Field, atnt the
E.J..ol-es n.a, l it. 'S, Asistaii 5 greatest cure must be takens by all.
J. C. TRVIn S, il. '9l, ltsinesttattigpi. sfr as psi ltecrowd tmtust
wIV 5. 1 U~sst~iilt. '14, assisaant. rent-ilin the ;adsty d ndke
It 0. Attstsstu.. ieaiis 5. off thetfe ld1 ansd trk. 'Thiis will be
. ln.'e~~iss.t .I'ivday sports Itndllmerits it largie ittendl-
iv. t.hi ,lt vattec.

Wright & Ditson's Tennio Rgekeit3
Inc)= X892_
Sp aulding's Rackets ansd a Complete Litne of Sportinig Goodts.
Wholeaale antI Retail Agents for Michsigati.
- - - bear departmenst-ComneialtsiNo text-beelz
_ ormausit nhsosh-I n ltsh .htbtandaui
'- - t enmaship. lrgant buildiglarge at
rw - tetndareteffcint istruts wosekl ths-
-_ - - igh, living expess etrsemely lass $2-5 .to
$2 5 petrsteeh; students assistced to possitions.
bar cataalgeaddtirees P. tO. CLEASRY, President.
' Let Your Summer Vacation Pay Next Year's Expenses.
BlY I itiNisA--AN .tsNi' -til

c ti Sils0, itt-nMeit' 'li. . At the lanstlleelllls if tile 01 tosi- tA.
t. .0Dti sssos, Lit. 'SP
stec IAit EstsLit 05, cal clitss of the Iliswtdepatmtiivlthe
As'.R 1itZs i~tt 'i95. follitwing iquestioni usas eety tiotly
tisutssed: Ase tilts'dietrimnistllA OO O' 1oPGES, 1301
'rie Edlitors 'litnt held tltrst-lesvsest-! to commneriatl prosperity? 'T'heA
sibut forsthe topitionstiorsstatemtof corrli-ies-
pnetapai-inthe DoIY. speakers it suppl~ort of the a'tIt 11111'IIICE , $1. i) -
sat aaa;~atai~a,.amI-Live were I)unbauigli ChInrsch and
-mlPinkand tNitkrn.tti Ts t question
Osi Isistot some hitch bin thie nr s isasleidevdlin Its-or of Ihe .iftiimat TELLS ALL ABOUTT ritess vLe-i
rsllleiiells wsitsh IIllisdlch 'I)-{f's tsv.isesan td recet's ; ou n 'ittlterfitankt es;ti115
teami ditd nt play ther' Saiturdayis. J ' - tentants;litesiatents;lifinttsirace; ire ini,
BUSINESS LOCALS, leest: tsie lttelewriting); ed.eristt.slniti ia
commsvi uiiii'niclationl hias beeii LNitissinseted ini thii s citit t h atetss-aa' tiress: oastti t radeii e tc, .; trusts; crporiattiolt
rt.s'ivil a) lb ftiofetht1us 0mvi i i sptriline Specsialerat'stferlnt'sr icitnsucitngs' 51 ti lts titis a15 at sasigs;lit
recivd t hi ofie ha tuc es titus, ttund t5 ex s~tra n s t shitilbitaplyiat i
tither up)1114feeliiiss tiat rise 11o 1aut satIf ttheDLY t i is stiltaccide tind 1011otheriniii.s thastonetslotsnis
0.'i osr-.PIriutvo tamlasi, goldinkhulafti-
compelstitioitllbevtweentwo buihtsiiiess butiyoun I' si--is esl iilils,. I. Ii 51. RHEES&; RU
me tanuona isvrsit) to i1i Rtii 11t1)1lii litlta 'I'llital House'anit
111' thll 1311 njtt vvvis 5 ii 1 is) I 'l(f-mt.
It cuv t 'ippeari tli 1151iin thel); 1,i'andor tsr-A vaid ''ii)fountain'ue
isstoail1 lvii . a~ts al it )iilj f t~u
ini a maitter in wh illhIit15shioiiIsuldvcti i stts("ts Of hIl)siiiils losri's-
svli))y lllv~iililiilisvirsiet il p1iposes.15c b ieachi.1 K. I'., ArnArbor Opera House, May 20
thlyideednl. .Ui vs. 15v3.
131sr'i'1551Sll.- 51 seot srir)-
Sourl tiuse sinve u commnicatvuion niary .4inich, usills vycloitmeter. Ast-
applearvvd in the ) all x in vwhichi thy rs .I.Gen 5Fut t.,Ct.r1,l[S U FTEC).
I 1. t.I LE YEAR.
wrriter argiiedh thiat thle price of adv- 1 Memiory antI Phiiettology ltgt in 1
msission to tionmeha)) gamses wvas tvo sevest lessotns. 1'lhrenological exatmii-
hih.''i iieo tnisut em nationss5stomiiil fees. Investigsate
hig. heprceof dmssonsemsthiso tt 17 fi. Staite street. 115613t. NEW SONGS!
to many to be -not itt prophortion to V'ol.Sai .Pneumasstie safety kiev- NEW'lM US IC!
othter entertainmensshere. It is fair ce. Go Shape. A bargain. NEW DANCES!
to presiumse thsat if the price were re- I.S 1 -Aol.Suite to retit, also otie sitigle rooti.
sluced hereafter, it beviing too late Cheap. No. 474S. Dlivisions St.
thsyata sn sr uda-ILOssT-FOisntaith 1en11(Sackett)otn 8 NEW SPECIALTY ACTS.
thsyer ta mn mr wu eit lcmunsis, ITuesdtay aftertnon. $2 re--_____
tende, ansd that tlsere wusl be ats -ward.
absence of the spectacle presented N. K. Cotx, 2 E. Uttiverstty ave. TIOT=2'Tu - 50 CESTww.
b by lare auienc on ence andDetroit, will sbowuv ~il hea Ge complete aite of Na extra charge tar reserved seats. Boards
trees otide thte athletic field whlen- wsooles at Ite Cook House, Tuesday, orpeu 05Wahr's Op towns stare, Monaday marn-
17th inot., it will be to thse interest of____________________
ever there in aq ganse thsere. all thtose intentdinsgordering anyeclothea
" - to see this line. Yolleats plaee yoursr
The main building of these Minus- order sow to he delivered at any time
sota Slate University was hurst a you desire, attd as thse season is nowy
fgwt days ago with a lost of $25,ooo. draw'iig to a clos it is high time to-
An asater ply ws inprogessplace your order. You can always savePLO
buat no one-was hurt. $35-worth $50. - NO1W.HJ NST

UPII)- IN'1.0TA.
,it Poiia teSlIlIls11.SII1I1 jl ;tsb
hoi t dr tth lp lesliiapery, sntes, di ii..
sit-tne; hotisstell godinisusraince'; l itocl
oil t'seeii-ine-ens; sdvrsisin-; hut- tesavoid
r;-vilueo os-ikrei-n money; '5'5 i'slts andmeas
elpls aboiut litulsebtililin. swlitu it t oitn casero
'DD, Blue Island, Ill.
Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
j Michigan nailway.
Tirn'itCadin iseafet:iJaiufsay e4, i-i.-
'siiialsftasilait AAll s nlnsy.
No.s1. MailladiEpsress ...'a.m
Nit. :3. 's-si'r. Anntt Arbior Art-tutu-00noo
Na-a.. Milt Passrenger-.........1l8a. su
Ns. 4. fhail Expiress ...-...5... 1) 40p. m.
Ms. b. ts'ssseee, 'Teledo Aessis. .. (100a. in
Teals's 3anstd un uisbetsseseiAnnssArbor anid
Central Standsardl Time.
All Trais sDails' exeplt Sunday.
W1. H1. BEMMEI┬░.'. l. 5. GREENW5OOD,
Gsn. Pass. Agent. Local Agent.
StMate Steet Grocers,
Studentsapatraongeespeeially solicited.
4d',. ,$TATF:5TSEET.

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