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April 08, 1892 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1892-04-08

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See OUR Line of Spring Overcoats
Before Buying.

)rS~ill N(G and SI 'MIMER SUI' ITIN GS are arriving cdailts
We (lain] to have the butt seleced l Iine in the inarkel,, at tl~e Cwest
prices. l)o (let u a Suit. in letaut, or Spring Overcoat nntilI
roun lave teen ourtlin. A large line of Trunks and 13 la aas on
hand at
The J. T. Jacobs Company,
AN N \RIB 0 Id. -7 and 2.) AAIN STI EET.

T =T757Q A~/S.

1 1.11\ 1\ i11 +L 11 .1. d.

1=ID TO=T.177 STTTA.Z5~iOJ T-GEORGE L. MOOR E ,(I oec&i o)r
711' FI ISIKI TEA\CHFER~S' AGELNCIES. A Full loe] of*l ollege Text IBooks, inclodinog Leam)1ti Stotieat Bokbisthlen
C~-tnWB~ V. IIAO heaperst plce or erNletc ~os andFoetaeinPeil thesiy. Frershsotontrtestl inoneao'_6-0SW R I ,.{1ICAe
odfizcs 1 oto hosetsr entire stock atmsore ineseNO. 6 S. MAIN S'T',
OhtIhtOShTE )if IIlbsjjust received a fll linle If all Seend Semetcster Te'xt 1hltiids. l -20( G-TLI. STO'W'S
TOP kItT Iletldigarters fur (Germanlt]an]d frenceh pu~blicaltiotn.-.Sume . LIOrerYfortains, artes ]IAdltizlg(,
' ag0elt t uoitiitg itle Statiunery adIlffel A II STTE rIs trItly pttened ttdo 5se
1 ct 1(111 Essf'5, ex' j STREET. riphorpootlotott
.0 eehn 5. it N. Solo S., o(iot. ie . ll
MAIN ~ ~ (Celebrated BMattlemalltical ltnstrumttenlts. Sporting (Geods. jtxA Iuos H X
STRET BlnkTrops T Matager. Has all thte imtprttvedtmachtitter, and is pre
parted ttiurtotttrst clatss wronttshortno
_______________________________tire.LComtmercial worhktrned out soterdtay
- - _ _ 'Priceseaosstitttsonal n oth gtateds. No
TjL WLTEN 1lGAN(lLEGE K AN D A ii.L istsseso ,.ttL1'~'enle
ishots'sttet ttd ncrrted.itOtt. MARTIN,
NOTEID fits Is tti tATA'1uV 1 t lst:S. Psepotes sttsf ossanycellegor ttsceets LINR Clo i GOD 11th Caskets, Metallic
tteschool ttnttettotnty. ANTL COERON ANDIRT
Foti its (I islnt;;SC((('lSES. Pretares fote egees.antd]aimsat trodesotsltusire atnG ODdS)('155C~~IS
tte mossst i'tet' e'ttlts. 30EO s . ro Ste,"
Fo eitsNORiIA4I'At]] t'tSA('tnttltS' TP11.] t'n I~ftttl'l'ST. 5Secial attentionttgivtettRINSEY & SEABOLT
lee its .11('stlC (N i l ,, 't1 )EfAtlT.IEN\'1'.S, S,cotit Neo,it h 10 it ed isiStits N ltth Baersotndtdealerstitt
lee it, ltl3.tIlIC (lit,.t NJ) SHt(t' I I 1nt1tA(IT.tIlhS, tse ldingsschool of bhtsitss Q fl r T'K '. Groceries,ProviuionsFlour and Feed,
or te extremtely stso trotpsetsetudttett a~ttttndittg.'Thteexptettoacount tttca es ig~- SV COUA.1SE.and +. Wasohinsgtsonsf5t.
tie oe ith ts st s tirn t(oteredutnt l tstitttit e outtt ryttt and ttt]ttt te ITWILL PAY 1YOt. Shorthadhott ettlNess
Lan ielivt ele]tld sstfeetssle. FN erytie t rnis hed I
A. I-. VEREX, Presidlent, Btuildina,.20tSsooth State Streea. 7-R7 7


MIr. C'. IA.Nlitert, 't02s tii i s
en iet anglziellatta

l>'-Cliiel IJ isti ce Reese, f il ii I c aheaiclCluib eels
Ioln, N ebraska, is v5 intin it cn !Strdaina IlRoomi17, 55illshs ailaer
it. N.. Reese , 9 any. } 1n"luwtoit1Drain a Straight .Lie"
'.The 'tine ti)ft'hristianiity int'.by Nir. Mn , an d111p1robleistbiy
S. Ihistury" is tile suibjet 1o1)1PriiitMessrs. Coem, Lect oilandsiothers.
eil~uglillls Sundaisy onglc 'ile G eoiliogical Society nests
l 1 tre at tiheS. C. A. idsay afternottn at iSioluck, ill
By reasoniloidtile Webst elteer- Rom 9(, with a tamer liy NI r. I'I
stonian joiteb ilate the rettlirleb-i tt ),~1 s ~tl h
ster pretgraitoheulrrust ee~enig 'esilipis, or Ramllers it] Irclis-
will be postponeld stne teek.oso
By thse reqlliretmentts oflthts.ra-t b
The NI itiigall Schooitlasters'Clul
teriral ILeaguie rcotstittiotn, twvetnty-eet ttettieriy sttea
fitve copies of Ni r. Ruberts'torationt etI tteUivriy audy
heae betlsett ts ileseitelIt ofu this seek. iBesidles papers bty
teatchers insdifferetit high schouols uf
th Noritrt tIrtlrial a'nl thte state, Prot. hDemmnin reads a
At thte Unity Clitb (tonIMotntday
thtere a paper osi the "IHistory, .ims asid
esvetntng ntext, thre ilite aiectttre NIethodmls (It tniversity Extetisiotn,"
on Glmpes f renh At"ills-antdh1[r. Fss p resents 011 article oIt
trated by 40 Stereotptic'an views i he"cooso1Sizrln.
charge tof NIisses hFannie hisher,tte SsitstStierash
N ichtols, Alice I [ttx aned S. Gordner.-''" -
Nuicl viialso etl rnishted by thte Prof. XW.('. NWiinbson, ofthtitc
Lashy'shBattjo Clttb, oft AtntxArbor. EnglishLt iterature hDeparttment, (of
'This is to be otte of thte tmost itn- Rocetser Seemitnary, ante foreterly
terestieg tmeetitngs of thte year atne it a memuber of thte faculty of thte U. ttf
is htopeedtht a good atueience trill 1'N., trill hbe professor of Rhbetoric int
bte present. thtenesw Chticago University.

Nitrit i. Nleting 1)1 tile 2 ' iwinu l s oo
(lass Satu~rdaly , April 9, at 8 r romI -sP s l~
lietie ad thi oler matters tolbe ctz011
sitiered.h FI . PNs'htsIITS ARNOLD'S, - 36 Main St.
Ni-rise A-.t the ltctilsg ifthe ; 9= I f IIB i di f rf .
IndisepenettAssociationtiltnunpri19 Ittitlt.$,000t. Surplis and Prfits 1,()0.
thte following samletndmnt twill bli tDotssttueessl tttltsig tsssitss.Pyt'tt -
offereth to Article i, Set11)11ft. Its- ts'eessssssissBotepstfoset-Ht oe
steadh of '''he ts'fces of thte Lllitt- R. KEMIP ItPes.. I. 1I. BI,8t ht('tshi r.
rial hBoardshsiallcostitsofl atnag;- - - ---
lug Editor, a Butsitness NMaaerAn(~niTin'n
[w sts.\sistattNanagi t0 IEtitors e RArbyth Lw y
antwo asssistatnt Biitss lss ns]]-1 -_
ers, elected bty tile htoardh frotm its WORK CALLED FOR anl DELIVERED,
051]ntctetbers.'" 'he sectionssas
anetthshsel1rceh "ueOficrso SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS.
thte h'Aitoriai Board shtall cotneist of Office. - 23 South Fourth Ave.
a Nianaging Editor, I/irs c .Assistatnt ;_- - -
Mattagintg Ehitetrs, abus~itnetsNMats- I 0 . .BARBER SHOP
agter andtiwhoesassistt lbusinsess
Nianxagers, electetd by thte Board Ilat1t1ts11t11001118 s'it, es'tstio. PtorcelaitnTibs.
Sh w t al'th stonsettedttiths earls'l'ttt.
frmisonmmes"rticle 11, Section i. J. R. cTROJ BNo WSKI,
Strike outt thtetwordi "sixteen."'
5e'liss 2, ' .011. WashinttgtoStt5., AnsnsArbori, Siotssgot.
Strikse outt '"hoerer, a reirntcis-
tative true]atty of thtestthecr depart- Ann Arbor Savings Bank
ment ts y lbe chosetn at thte discrec- nt Aersor tsish. 'apital totk, $00,010,
tio fthse boardh of edtors adi ratntiedtunttr t'eGeneral Bantkinsaw s
sect, '"Eacih of thte otiher separt. o this tate. Reivtes Depoaita, httysad-
aells exchatnge Itn the priestipal citietsof the
mentts reisreseetedhit inte associa~tieoIUaitetd Statea. Drafts caslsedlapaonproper
iden~sTleatiNoff Oicerst
shtall be enttlesh to at least Ito]nte sta osCte
edior. W.as. 1IAC5I1MAN, Vise Pres.,
L Iaos. F.. Hittt,Calier

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