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March 08, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-03-08

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'11JU. f c j Rc- n week of 1892. 1Each college oill lbe
of 1 ""i"J representecd by a team of three meni,
eacht of wvhorn is to play with the
Plished Daily Isltetays excepted) daring nine Men not Of ttis own cotlege.
the Colegetear, bc
The team making tite hightest score
THE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION sewill receive silver medals and the
-challenige cap that year. Severalf
tirriptiopricee$2.510 petr year, ittcariaby(estd oftecppeesumte
nadx-timt- gingie cesir3:1cente. on stile ieigat o hecp;vreshmte
ittocatm tn ost tftice ntetrs stand at 12 to the chess clubls tof the fottrcol-
o'lcno.Sutbscriptions may tie leftsattlge.Al eei aoro h n
he office oftie tIe LY, O (pentitotuse bleek, at lgs l or nfvro h n
siteehati's, at.Stoftttet'sor twiith antiofsthCe lpreseintedl livTiffany, aintd te cup is
citoro. io iit tae iwl tfu
Cotimtitcations shaolt reach the tofficerb hr bigin~e t ilcotfu
o'clockhi>. tt. it they are ta appeatr the tiext huntdredl dollars. oureliundrfcd of
lay. addrtest ali matter intenited Cite pablica- wihwssbcie yM.CS
ion to thte Managing Editor. Alt bsaittestwihs a tiorhe s .Gs
comneitiaatiottiud ito teatt the nitsi- well, a gradtiate of Yale, and the
tir IIs iter.
THE U. nf M. DAILY, rest was collected from the grado-
Ann Arbor, Xteta.; ates oif the cithter colleges. 'Ise
EDITORS. culp is tti le coittested for dluriiig
ivW. c tot so, 'ii, Mattaging tEdtittr. fryecitnsectitive years, the college

~8Greek, Ltttitt, Fretich, Germiant, atd Mathemtaaical
T xt, + Books, New aid Secondhtand at
00 University Boaksellera, - - State Street.
tsgthetLEAtING S CHOOL, otflit OIN
F oar depattmenti-Comtmercttt, No test-bo
- r maeusc~tnsotti-t'glS Sorthanasti
-_ - tnmanshit.Flegantilttditiginac iat
___ edit, ceffinten ttittucttr,ortt, i
ough, ttvingexpesoesaetatirelioto 2.2t
50 iiper-eeck, students asstoted to posttions.
var catalogue, addrecos P. St SLEtAtR Presidet.

Gi. t..CSEt, rices, 'it, Assist. Managitng Editor.
W. . ii. Sit tottE, '9i, Asst. Manoaginig Edtor.
F.. EiAttie, '9, tttsiestt.Iiee.Mna
tC. 1V.tItCKTmiTA, '55, Assist. ittoicto 'ttttt'er.j
Ft tJ. I i~ct wtt:, tit. toIltotte.IR, '9;

Siinstg it the greatest numtaser of
tinmes receiviag it as its ownt.
Friomt the piresenit otitloock Corniellf
ill sendiliout a teato whlichi soill lie
fully the equial cif the old-tinme
! nites is-len our coach Taylor stood


P-U",-~TT T1NT

biehinil the hat. Among the tirty-
''rte Editoris dtinotttuldtlitetitelves ecoiti onrue tmenti oitn itrainintg caii le
olile Citerteointieosotieatttewnts muf etceo-j
tistdetion tts peaitemtvittthe tDAtIY. fouindl excellettiaerial for aniy 150
sititonts the dliamotid, and vl ery-
Ti Intdoor Gaines or Athletic thtitng itniicates ai prospserouts seasotn
Conlest ivill take place March 2 yth Iifur the carneliatn andi white. Olue
without fail. The ninte lias need if feature piarticuilarly favoreable is that
a great ileal msore mtontey toitayiit s a great tiany oif the meit have had
expenises anid every effoirt iwill lie actual experience oni the college
mtadle to tmake this entetnalinmsent aI teams, whlichi gives thenm great nil-
success, fintancially ant tiliherivise. v antage leer the tiew canidvates.
Qutie a good tiatty entries tavec A v igorotis gamle of hatidoall andc
betenimadle, hut mtattynmore ouitigi to general gymnsiasiutmiwsyrc, tiogethier
lie miade. 't'iere is ampille titielior wihiplractice iof catching atidlbat-
everybtody to get itt goodl condvition.tf. hug itn the cage, tmakes iup the geti-
Blesitles hoxinig, wvrestlintg ,and fenic- c ral exercise. 'lie msent are fast lie-
tug there iwililibe a runtest lis the cotiinig tariletiecl to the ivork, and
ruitntg-high-kick, prnsitdeid a sitfil.mnihtint tore cctnscienstiouts tralininig is

'Tle IHlrvartd tinie lasyedl ,ut a
doiors last :Montlay for the inst titme. r -its
I Luther (try whio is nioti liviutg inii
ficago, hsolils tivelve chiamipionisiu5Jp Sp 1in9
ie tiiersity of ltenitiylvatiia Suitinqs,
hasi lately ce ited gifts amontingtip
to $2 ,o 00. P ntlo n
(Caruthiers, the lBrooklynliitchterP nal s
has lbcen engaged to tcoachi Ite___
Ptritcetoin iie. And
At a recent athletic meeting ait'
Willisamts the records for the high Fa
kick andi high jumiit sere hrokens. Fa c ''
The catididates for a haccalaureat
degree at Cornell, who have present-\estincts
ed thesis siuhjects, tiumbher ahout n
a o 1<Imit IExct.Axtt A)S(th-itti io
A omte a enapitdat (Columbitia to confer sith Prince-.1 E.Y.STjF _H
tonabohuttt a tradcktieetinig ti occur
in MIay.,. Ni9,ill tlli MiaitnStreel.


Toledo, Ann Arbor and North

ienttnitiitber of cntides tire muadet.
.\oiiiIromlthde financiiil pilt of
vieetcthe ltrnsliectofiithie hase-hall
teamtiare inte. Froimiinowvontheto
practice wvill lie regular aund syssc-
itiatic. Beosides the ususal practice of
thtrowintg antI catching, the ttens rtun
three-quarters cif a nille every clay.
Elvery imdication points to a strotng
team. 'Thie captaitn says thtat with-
nut douht, this year wve ill have a
strotuger hatting ant i helcding team
thiati last year. It remaias sithi thin
students to shiowv, by the suplport
they give the team, svhether this
year's success its hase-hall shall he
as great as last year.
Interollegiate Chons Totrnamont.
arraagemuents, have ahottbeen
'moopleted for a 'series of :intercol-
legiate chest games hetween Har-
vard,. Yale, Princeton and Colum-
hia.' The first tournament" will he
held in New York during Christmas

iseitigclonenv thuantiever hefutre.
Conach Taylor is cut haitI every- hay
to grive the mni a fewv practical
jhiltts andc feels as ccoufuudeustmof the
success of teuitie, as C'harlie
Coturtnsey dones of his cresws.-Ccor-
sell hily Suns.I
' Yato's New Ruin.
I Te \ale Facuilty has adopted clue
follosing rule conscernitsg exainua-
tions for remsoving conditions:
Wheanever any studetit is, withotut
exeuse, abseatnnt nat a appointed cx-
amiatation, aupon cotiditioats or fails to
pass satisfactorily such cotiditiotn ox-
atuinhatin, his natme shall be reportehd
to the treasurer of the Uaniversity. A
charge of $5 for cacti absence or fail
ore swill be made iaa the terma hill of
the studeant atid the amounts so col-
lected ahall be credited to the futad for
paying the tuitions of needy studenits.
]:. P. Smith, Amherst '92, has
broken the college record for total

tot i cesitnerlte. i thisacolumnt's te hittiMichigan Railway.
thet'DAILY oftitce.5 'mc ,irte in t ettit Jnu ar : 4,c 1692i
Lot-A tbltck Enuglishi setter mid mmArvl of reinsatctunntuitor nly
er retuirtint to 30Mtytrch.I
ILmOT - A lIstdy's gouldlHtii'cha inutuCIN(, N5tttit.
thoubhle strandthfasteuetdiii ctne chili- Nit.I1.tVtilatid Express. . .t. muI
Fiander huleuise retturn totim28JefteronNo. ,3t asccr. Atma Arbor At'cutmin..Itt0 it
satil teceive rewatrcd.talmismo . .5 .it
S inflats at ihe Two uSamtus.Open-Itgor
o.pri.tagl tasenmger.........tutumm. ni
tug cday, Marcha 1st. Mr. Y0tutiiututS, No. .tailtxprens.. .Sl40p. itt
M~r. Kanox aanc thus celebrated Sillser-I No. e.itassietnger,T'ledo Acomm. .. Icon0t.
tilat at itthe TwofSanits. TEelhehtoiie t Tranane5 td 0 runimbetwcenmlitAn tuboratd
No. l99. Tnledoammumy. Tie
Alt Trains Daily except Stindamy.
W. H. BENNETT, amR. S.tdEEN W001),
Ge.Pass. Agent. Loam'lAent.
NO. 12 W. HURON S. R
Rtepairing a npeiatty. dm6 SOUTH MAINSmT.
Ann Arbor Savingx Bank
et rbrcht. CaptalStoek, n50,01Ac,
Surplus, $1t0.000.__________________
Organized under the General Banking LawseN Q hssae eevs eois usadJ . T
setts exchange en the principal eitien ot the sJ iTMSN ijOI,
United Staten. Drafts canhed upon proper SteSret ro r.
identfcation. Officers:SaeSretGoes
CHnaSTaAN MACa, Pren.,
W. D. HARnaacAN,Tie Pres.. Studenhtspatronlage espeucially solicited.
CHAn.S. Ennieoca, Cashier. 2 4 S. STATE STREET.

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